Chris Cuomo Gets Slammed By St. Louis Man Who Defended His Home From Violent Protesters

(Tea Party 247) – CNN’s Chris Cuomo, aka “Guido,” made an absolute fool of himself on Tuesday night when he invited on the St. Louis man who went viral after he and his wife defended their property from a group of Black Lives Matter activists who threatened his home and family.

After giving the predictable far-left spin on the story, Cuomo accused Fox News’ Tucker Carlson of spinning it in the opposite direction (Lord forbid a cable news network present a view that is anything but far-leftist, right?). He also vehemently defended the violent mob that had threatened the well-armed St. Louis man, Mark McCloskey, who McCloskey said was “screaming death threats at me and threatening to burn my house and kill my dog.”

“How do you feel about becoming the face of political resistance to the Black Lives Matter movement?” Cuomo asked from the get-go.

“First of all, that’s a completely ridiculous statement,” McCloskey said. “I’m not the face of anything opposing to Black Lives Matters movement. I was a person scared for my life, protecting my wife, my home, my hearth, my livelihood, I was a victim of a mob that came through the gate. I didn’t care what color they were. I didn’t care what their motivation was. I was frightened. I was assaulted and I was in imminent fear they would run me over, kill me.”

In reference to riots in St. Louis last month, McCloskey declared, “I realized at that time we’re on our own, when bad things happen they unpredictably turn real bad real fast.”

Cuomo, trying to recover the mob’s reputation, asked his guest if anything had happened to him or his property.

“Yeah, it’s called social intimidation, terrorism,” McCloskey said, adding that, in the aftermath, his life has been ruined.

“What is the definition of terrorism, to use violence and intimidation, that’s what happened to me. That’s the damage I suffered.”

Cuomo, amazingly, tried to defend the mob as people simply walking around and looking for their point of protest.

“You were the one pointing a loaded weapon at a group of people who were walking past, looking for the mayor’s house as a point of protest,” the CNN anchor countered.

McCloskey put this to rest promptly by denouncing it as “an entirely false concept,” and that no one in the media has reported that the mayor’s house can’t even be reached through his private neighborhood!

Cuomo was appalled at the use of the word “terrorism” to describe the actions of an unruly mob who, according to one video of the evening, crashed through a gate leading to the private neighborhood.

He also took a cheap shot at his guest for having his attorney present and suggested that, since no harm was done to his family, all was well that ended well.

McCloskey promptly noted that perhaps all was well because he and his wife were standing there with guns.

McCloskey’s attorney, Albert Watkins, also noted that America needs to listen to what Black Lives Matter has to say and that there is a secondary issue at play here.

Constitutional rights.

Like any leftist, this idea shocked Cuomo. “How does that justify what happened here!”

He then tried to draw attention to the fact that Trump had tweeted about the incident.

McCloskey also said he was “reluctant” to come on Cuomo’s show (who can blame him).

Later, Cuomo tried to change his tune.

“I don’t like that you have been weaponized for political means,” he said. “I’m not saying that you weren’t within your rights to do what you were doing. That will be judged by the system.

“Listen, I think I’m fair,” he continued. “I’m not going to use you as a pawn to advance my own agenda like the show you just went on — which is where someone wants people to see Black Lives Matter as inimical to the American people.”

“You have been used and politically weaponized as a face of white resistance to that movement,” he said of Trump’s tweet.

Watkins replied first by saying that the BLM movement has a “noble message,” but that this gives no one “a license to rape, rob, pillage — bowl over all of our rights.”

McCloskey, with the last word, dropped a bombshell: “A guy stands in front of me, pulls out two loaded pistol magazines, snaps them in front of my face and says, ‘You’re next.’ If you were there, Chris, I think you’d feel like you had a right to defend yourself, as well.”


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  5. I wonder how he will feel when BLM walks up his driveway and points Guns at his family. Then the narrative will change!

  6. The Cuomos are a total disgrace to America in general, and to Italian-Americans in particular. I know of no Italian-American here in NY who sticks up for either one. They better watch out. They may be getting more than one “Malocchio” (evil eye) from people in Brooklyn.

  7. God bless Mr. and Mrs.McCloskey.They had the courage to stand up for their rights.I have a fear that many more of us are going to be in the same position if the left isn’t stopped.As for Chris Cuomo,I imagine him cowering in his house,terrified and crying for help.

  8. “Guido” or “Fredo” (WHATEVER!) better get his head outta his f*cking ass and get a grip on his sense of priorities! Good on McCloskey and Watkins for standing up to him! I would not have done anything differently!

  9. That’s what Cuomo gets for putting an intelligent person on the air. He will always lose a battle of wits to anyone with brains. Cuomo is use to belittling the conservative caricatures that he can normally browbeat. Unfortunately, Cuomo isn’t half as smart or quick as he thinks he is.

  10. Chris Cuomo = Another Democratic educated idiot. He needs to move to Venezuela or Russia with other communists and see how that works for him!!

  11. The left wing idiots still continue to defend the mob, and that’s how they are getting away with their rioting, and looting by calling it justice. Cuomo is an iddiot who cannot see what ‘s going on, or simply refuses to see it.

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  13. Those of us who look to alternative media have seen the pictures and videos of people in smaller towns just outside of the big cities, coming out, lining the streets, visibly armed and ready for anything, when the blm / antifa / etc. thugs come pouring into their neighborhoods trying to intimidate them. And the result is always the same: some fair amount of “verbal sparring” (lots of nasty name calling and threats from the “peaceful protesters”), but no real violence or looting occurs, because with so many visibly armed locals lining the streets, the price for violence is just too high. Good enough, problems avoided for another day.

    The first 13 words of the 2nd Amendment are quite clear: “A well regulated militia, BEING NECESSARY to the security of a free state,”… (of existence)… “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”.

    If you are an adult American citizen you ARE the militia, should you see the need and choose to volunteer. Organize with your neighbors to create your own neighborhood watch “militia”, and coordinate some basic plans for how you can help to look out for one another and police your own neighborhoods. Be sure to include at least some basic First Aid into your plans for in case anyone is injured or suffers from whatever health issues due to all the stress. Simply being aware of exactly who has what health issues – and what medications they may need – can be a tremendous help in saving lives. This frees up your local police & EMT’s to deal with real problems if/when “peaceful protesters” and/or organized crime comes around to make trouble. Predators always look for easy prey, and smart predators never take unnecessary risks, so do not allow your family or your neighborhood to look like – much less be – easy prey. Between you and your best most friendly neighbors you can figure the rest out. 🙂

    God Bless America, and may He grant us the ability to defend and keep it free in these troubling historic times.

  14. Chris should go back to his plush basement where he can easily converse with his older brother the fool who is killing NY State especially those elderly needing nursing home care. They can jointly fawn over mom and dad and all the good they thing was accomplished. These rich lefties are from a different world who care nothing for regular people and only hope their progressive agenda wins out so they can remain part of the elite class of fools.

  15. Guido has been, and will always be nothing more than a leftist swirling turd in the democratic toilet. The dumber he acts the more the democrats love him.

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  17. Take these communist left people and stand in front of the violent mobs that are being allowed to do whatever they want and stop them. These are the same people that live in exclusive, white neighborhoods or communities, and spew their leftist crap. What would they know about real life? They hide from it. I applaud the husband and wife for defending themselves against an ignorant, uneducated mob of people that have no clue. If this same thing had happened to me, I would not have been talking to the mob, I would have done what my military and law enforcement training taught me to do, and that is to shoot the attackers and leave the names for tombstones.

    • I agree with you! And the only way to deal with a bully is to stand up to them! Thank you Mr. McC

    • Let me finish my statement. Thank you Mr. McClosky for your stance! I applaud your bravery in the face of oppression.

  18. Guido is one of the biggest JACKASS want to be news person in this universe. His employer only hires JACKS and JENNYS.

  19. I’d like to see how Chris Cuomo would handle the same situation – he couldn’t even handle it when a gentleman in the Hamptons shouted at him for not wearing a mask when he was supposed to be at home in his basement recovering from the Corona virus.

    I would love to see what Cuomo would do if these protesters came on his property threatening his wife, children and a dog if he had one. He probably would have actually used the gun!!!

  20. Why is it that when I end an article on these Teaparty sites I get an invite to ‘leave a reply’ but I never see anyone else’s comments anywhere? I can’t find any way to view anyone else’s comments? Where is the comment section and how do i find it?

  21. So let me see if I have this straight, Chris “FREDO” Cuomo is attacking a man on his show that was defending himself, his wife and his home from an unruly mod of protesters that broke down the gate to their private community to get in, they were carrying guns and threatening to burn down his house and in the end no one was killed or hurt in the incident but he defends his brother that KILLED 6,000 INNOCENT SENIOR CITIZENS living in nursing homes. Yeah I got it straight journalism at its best. FREDO you are such a joke

    • Fredo failed to mention that Mr McCloskey and his wife face charges while no one from the BLM Mob has been charged with trespassing and destruction of property. In fact during theses riots the police have have not killed one protester (that has been widely reported). A number of police officers have been killed and injured during these protests. Business have been burned, robbed and looted and nobody has been made to pay them back. Everyone tells us that they should have had insurance. I am becoming one who thinks that the police should watch the protest given them a warning that once it changes from peaceful to violent that they (the police ) will use all necessary force to arrest everyone there. We should also have a law that states during a riot anyone caught will be considered a terrorist and treated as such. They can be held without bail and if convicted could receive up to life in prison if they are proven to be one of the leaders.

  22. Como is a dangerous individual besides working 2 destroy New
    York as a tag team with his deadly
    Brother kill grandpa & Grandma
    First, most of the seniors were
    Republicans so it fit into his overall
    Plans what a fukin WASTE

  23. Chris Cuomo is a proven liar. He is lucky he didn’t kill his wife and kid when he lied and didn’t stay in quarantine.

  24. Guido, his brother and De Blasio are wanting defunding so they can continue with their rampant illegal deals mobster type antics and politically protected thievery. Hopefully they will be reckoned with once President Trump & V.P. Pence win the 2020 election and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for Treason, Terrorist activities, Racketeering (Investigate their background’s & history of corruption) and other illegal activities…

  25. Matt, Cuomo might scream for the police but no one will show because there will be no police.

    We still have the right to defend ourselves and our property. I prefer the element of surprise. Anyone coming in my door to steal my jewelry will lose theirs. My crimson trace will be focused right at the groin.


  27. Need to go to this lowlife Chris Cuomo house. Let’s see what he would say then. People have BIG MOUTHS when it’s not happening to them.
    Another CORRUPT piece of shit.

  28. Justice in America should be equal for all….not one-sided for those who are in agreement with your views.
    What is happening in our country is that newscasters are giving an excuse to those rioters who destroy and threaten others. Mr. Cuomo even said, “who says protests are supposed to be peaceful?”
    Well, Mr. Cuomo, the constitution says. It says Americans are entitled to “peacefully” protest.
    Those who don’t agree should not feel bullied. Perhaps enlightenment can change opinions but threats and heavy-handed insults will only strengthen one’s views.

  29. Cuomo is an idiot.

    If he were threatened he’d be screaming for the police to come defend him while calling to defund them!

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