Chinese Military Making Preparations For Huge International War Exercise

(Tea Party 247) – The Chinese People’s Liberation Army is making some preparations for some serious war exercises called the International Army Games this week, a pretty big deal for many countries around the world.

There will be exercises held in ten different countries including, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia, and Uzbekistan. More than 6,000 troops will be participating in the games between August 3 to 17. A total of 31 exercises will be held.

Here’s more from Prison Planet:

A PLA Naval Aviation brigade will be participating in the Aviadarts drill, which involves 11 aircraft performing en-route flight aerial surveillance and aerial attacks of ground-based targets.

China Central Television (CCTV) reported Sunday that a recent war exercise involved Xi’an JH-7 fighter bombers flew 62 miles and launched an attack on a target zone.

“This will be the first time the Naval Aviation troops step out of the country’s border for the IAG, and we value this opportunity,” naval officer Feng Xianzheng told CCTV.

Overnight, we reported that three Russian military planes (two Tu-95 bombers and one A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft) entered South Korea’s air defense identification zone off the country’s east coast. South Korean fighter jets scrambled in response, and fired 80 rounds of machine-gun fire and 10 flares – what they described as “warning shots.” Two Chinese bombers joined with the Russian planes on Tuesday and even violated South Korea’s airspace from the Southwest. It’s not uncommon for Chinese jets to wander into South Korean airspace, and there’s no indication so far that connects the incident to IAG.

Wei Dongxu, a Beijing-based military analyst, told the Global Times on Monday that the increased number of PLA units participating in IAG is more evidence that the Navy is becoming increasingly confident that it can conduct exercises with other countries.

Chinese and Russian fighter bombers will conduct bombing raids during IAG, will allow Chinese Navy pilots to gain more experience since Russian pilots have already been combat tested, Wei said.

The Xinhua News Agency said the PLA would send marines to the Seaborne Assault drill in Russia and, for the first time, divers to the Deep Sea exercise in Iran.

So what, exactly, is the big deal with all of this? Well, let’s take a moment to see who is missing from these games. That’s right. America. So who do you think these nations probably have in mind during these games as an enemy?

This could be giving us a glimpse at the nations that might be making up the forces that Washington will be facing down if World War III ever breaks out. That doesn’t mean for sure that’s going to happen, but it’s a possibility we all need to be prepared for.

Fortunately, our armed forces are the best in the world, hands down, so if some sort of awful situation like this were to ever break out, we can rest assured our men and women would be able to rise to the occasion and defend our liberty with everything they have.



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