China’s Concentration Camp Survivors Are Speaking Out About Rape And Forced Abortions And Sterilization

(Tea Party 247) – Women survivors of China’s concentration camps for Muslim ethnic minorities have spoken out this month about the horrific treatment they were forced to endure before getting out. They have given several accounts of systematic rape and forced abortions and sterilization. It’s amazing how no mainstream news outlets are covering this story and how the world seems to be turning a blind eye to what is really going on in China.

It’s estimated that there are about 1 to 3 million people trapped in these concentration camps, the majority of them being Uighur Muslims. In order for people to survive and escape these camps they have to count on surrounding countries like Pakistan and Kazakhstan to intervene on their behalf using dual citizenship or marital status and not everyone is that fortunate. Even if they manage to escape, they are left with lifelong trauma and some are even permanently sterilized.

Breitbart reports:

“Any woman or man under age 35 was raped and sexually abused,” Ruqiye Perhat, a student arrested in Xinjiang in 2009 for four years, told the Post. More recent survivors say that the camps had made rape more systematic than in regular prisons; guards would “put bags on the heads of the ones they wanted” and take the women out of their cells to be raped all night, returned for their fellow prisoners to see in the morning. One human rights activist told the Post they had documented at least seven cases of women being forced against their will to receive intrauterine devices as part of their entering the concentration camp, presumably to keep them from getting pregnant through rape.

Those who were arrested while pregnant – often for “crimes” like downloading the messaging application WhatsApp – were forced into harrowing abortions.

Gulzira Mogdyn told the Post that Chinese regime officials slashed her open without anesthesia and “cut my fetus out.”

What is happening in China is absolutely sick and is an open and deliberate attack on the people’s human right to freedom of religion. China does not tolerate any dissent from the state and the Communist Regime. Is it any wonder Hong Kong is so desperate not to fall under the control of this corrupt government?

This is far from the first time disturbing reports have come out about the concentration camps in China. They have long been violating human rights through violent sexual crimes and forced abortions and also atrocities like live organ harvesting, extreme torture, infanticide, slavery and killings. It sounds like hell on earth.

An unnamed Kazakh woman testified of the horrors taking place, telling the Epoch Times, “Young girls are taken out and raped all night long. If you keep resisting, they will inject you with something and kill you,” adding, “There are usually 40 to 50 people in one small room, but five to 10 are regularly taken out and they just disappear—they never come back. People are being killed in tens all the time.”

Another survivor, Zumuret Dawut, spoke to Radio Free Asia (RFA) last month where she described her forced sterilization. Despite this awful abuse, Dawut escaped because her Pakistani national husband petitioned his government to intervene.

“The family planning office gave me a letter and said: ‘Come back on the date stated in the letter and we will offer you a free operation to stop you from becoming pregnant,’” Dawut told RFA. “On hearing this my husband pleaded, ‘Does she have to undergo this procedure?’ … They said, ‘If you don’t comply it will effect your entry back into the country in the future, also your children’s schooling.’”

“On the day of my operation, I was taken inside the operating room, all I remember was that I was given an infusion. When I opened my eyes … There was no medical staff, doctors or nurses It was a very cold day, and I was covered with only a thin bed sheet,” she recounted. “No one was allowed to visit from outside. When I looked around I heard other women moaning from pain. Once the effect of the anaesthetic wore off, I felt a sharp pain in my lower abdominal.”

In her testimony she also added that while in the camp, “she was forced to strip naked in front of multiple male officers and forced to take drugs that made her ‘[become] numb emotionally’ and prevented her menstrual cycle from naturally taking place.” She also said she was forced to undergo organ testing so doctors could determine whether or not her organs had potential to be profitable.

It’s highly disturbing what is happening to people in these concentration camps. When will the world powers, like the United States, the EU, and the UN, decide enough is enough and step in and intervene? How can this be happening in the 21st century?

You would think liberals would be concerned about what is happening in China and take note of what happens under communist control. Perhaps if they were actually concerned about “equality” they would rethink their ignorant support of the adoption of a socialist system in the US.


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