China Is Slowly Taking Over Africa And No One Is Talking About It

(Tea Party 247) – The Chinese are dominating the continent of Africa, and hardly anyone seems to be talking about it.

While Europe once dominated the continent by force, the Chinese are doing it the same way they are attempting to spread their influence elsewhere around the world: by importing people and businesses.

They’re building giant, self-sustaining cities right in the middle of the most strategic locations on the continent, populated with some of the three million Chinese that already populate Africa.

Newswars notes that “Today, more than 10,000 Chinese-owned firms are operating in Africa, and virtually every major road, bridge, railway and skyscraper is being built by the Chinese.”

This has resulted in most African nations finding themselves deeply indebted to the Chinese.

Many people believe that the endgame for China is to make a whole lot more money and to gain control over a whole lot more resources. And China is undoubtedly pursuing those goals, but as Forbes has noted, ultimately what this is about is turning Africa “into another Chinese continent”…

The reason Chinese corporations are in Africa is simple; to exploit the people and take their resources. It’s the same thing European colonists did during mercantile times, except worse. The Chinese corporations are trying to turn Africa into another Chinese continent. They are squeezing Africa for everything it is worth.

In fact, it’s hard to find a major construction project in Africa right now that is not being orchestraed by the Chinese, which has enabled Beijing to leave their mark in some of the major cities in the continent.


  1. China has been in the middle east for years. To read they are working their way down through the rest of Africa comes as no surprise. The Chinese are good business people and they are avoiding the politics of the area.They are willing to work with the African nations,giving the appearance of siding with the African nations against the western influences.The Chinese are taking their time building up business so they appear as no threat to the African people. When the Chinese reach the point they are looking for they will bring the hammer down and the African nations won’t know what just happen.

  2. US gov’ts have known about this for years!
    Where are the US embassy bureaucrats sitting in their cosy offices shuffling papers and doing nothing!

  3. Given the history of sub-Saharan Africa, China will have its hands full. Lots of luck pouring money and manpower into that bottomless pit.

  4. This is all about the African leaders who are only if u give them money will show/give you thier hole resources, I wonder what a foolish leaders, they will never ever come to study the European colonies.

  5. China doesn’t know what their getting into. If they think the Muslims in China are a problem, wait till the crazies in Africa start slaughtering them. The Zulus will run them out of there in a year.


  7. The Red China has been taking over Africa and slaved the poor Africans for decades during the past three Presidents, and people just know about
    this evil act of the communists when clear and strong minded President Trump took over!
    The Communist China is invading Vietnam in the same robbery way! And the Communists of Vietnam
    are the puppets of Red China. They took everything Vietnamese people have by force to offer to their boss who is Red China! Communists are evils who come to being to destroy mankind!
    Thank you President Trump for not letting the communists fool you, like they did around the world!

    • Ha! Communist Red China is fooling us here in the good ole USA. They just do what they want in Africa. Spears are no match for a Chinese army. Here in America, in order to defeat us, they had to infiltrate and take over the Democratic Party!

  8. This take over has been going on for years. Since China became wealthy over western ignorance they, China felt as is they will go into African nations, those nations rich in gold, diamonds & oil. They don’t barder for the property they invaded they just invaded & took them over. They do have internal security protecting what they have stolen & are stealing. Chinese also know that no nation especially any African nation will front them, after all they are China conquerors just like the British were hundred plus years ago.

  9. I wonder if some of Chinese projects in Africa have North Korean laborers doing the menial tasks? Or maybe captive Uighers for workers?

  10. Who l owns what to believe. All I have been hearing about Africa is Islam is everywhere. I thought China was persecuting Muslims in China. What is worse Communist or Sharia Muslims in Africa?

  11. What is next “Taking over the WORLD”???? This is something to take very seriously. I think…just saying!
    any comments?

  12. This plan started so insidiously back in the 1980’s China sent 100’s of doctors into Africa to help the poor people(how wonderful)many Africans trusted the Chinese with their promises.So through deception they take over.Did you know China has many Africans living in China?Many with expired visas,many are in Guangzhou. The locals call it Chocolate town.China allows it because they want to keep “A Harmonious Society” As they rape the planet of its natural resources.

  13. What’s worse is these people as a whole have absolutely no care/reverence for earth. They eat virtually any non-human being, or convert them to some product. The native people are already wreaking havoc on the Africa’s natural world. The invasion of Chinese means extinction for most, or all of Africa’s iconic species.

  14. Those whatever there color is supremacists. But that’s OK. The Chinese empire will (if not already) become over extended. If and when the big war comes and it probably will, it will hasten the downfall of the Chinese worldwide empire kinda like the German empire crumbled after 1943.

  15. The Chinese are struggling to control Hong Kong, wait until they try to run the Congo or Nigeria. There will be must loss of life and revenue to do that. The Europeans found that having colonies in Africa is not a winning proposition They are not S**tholes now because they were gardens of Eden once. China will have to deal with Muslim run states, corruption, disease, uneducated folks, ……

  16. It’s a win, win for China. A whole nation full a black guys who wanna be Bruce Lee. Martial arts studios will be popping up everywhere.

  17. This is also what they have in store for Guatemala,Honduras and southern Mexico.
    Wouldn’t be so bad, but the Democrats in Washington and the world Bank are seeing to this happening.
    Just like in the movie” The Filabuster”. Force out the locals, flood the vallies and create a tourist industry.
    With HUGE Cruise ship docks for the invasion!

  18. India has had extremely strong inroads in Africa especially eastern africa along the Indian ocean. They own and run a lot of small businesses, construction firms, etc. This has been going on for decades.

  19. I would say Carol,, is right. We are being invaded, by Chinese goods because of Greed and IS, be cause we are toooo GOODY -TWO SHOES. They are all THUGEES as in the 1820s of India, Our corrupt leaders are being BOUGHT, and as long as we are happy, no one will respond. We filledf the pockets of the African leaders with money that was supposed to go for rebuilding but was STOLEN, by them. Time to send the HIT SQUADS out and eliminate them and get the money back. Same as Haiti, Baby Doc ran off with lots of loot and the FRENCH are protecting him from being sent back to justice. And Stupid countries like the Franco-phon of Canada keeps sending more LOSERS MONEY.Because of the French Connection.

  20. Well, had China taken over Africa some 58 years ago, Obama would have claimed that he was born in China, not the U.S., and he’d be China and Chairman Xi Jinping’s problem, certainly not ours…

  21. I have seen exactly the same in many Asian countries. The government leaders allow it because their pockets get filled.

  22. The Muslims are doing the same thing to the U.S.A. and every one are as quite as a little mouse. You had better worry about that before you become concerned about Africa.


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