China Has Just Deployed 40 More Mobile Incineration Ovens; They Say They’re For The Disposal Of ‘Animal Corpses’ But Is There More To The Story?

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in China right now and every bit of it is focused around the path of destruction left behind by the lethal coronavirus which has left over 1,600 people in the country dead.

Just about two weeks ago, it was reported that there were “cremation vans” going around the clock in the city of Wuhan, deployed to take care of the massive swell of bodies piling up that had officially backlogged the crematoriums in the area.

Well, it seems that China has now brought out 40 mobile incineration ovens to destroy what the government there is calling “medical waste.” In photographs of these units, you can see they are supposedly for the disposal of “animal corpses,” but there could be a lot more to this story than meets the eye.

Here’s more on this creepiness from Natural News:

The deployment of incineration ovens, combined with the grotesque violations of basic human rights now being routinely committed by China in response to the pandemic, has invoked memories of the horrors related to the Holocaust of World War II.

As reported by the UK Daily Star, these incineration ovens are built to the size of 20-foot transport containers, and each can incinerate about 30 cubic meters of material. “Reportedly the incinerators have been sanctioned for the use by the Chinese military after a test in Golmud, Qinghai in January,” says the Daily Star.

The words on the side of these incineration ovens say, “Garbage and Animal Corpse Placement Receptacle.” (Our staff reads Mandarin Chinese, so we have confirmed this.)

Each incinerator can burn up to five tons of material per day, which equates to about 16 dead human bodies or large animal bodies per unit, per day. Multiplied by the 40 incineration ovens which have now been deployed, this adds the capacity to burn up to 640 human bodies per day, even though they claim these ovens are for animal corpses and medical waste.

Well now, that’s not creepy or sinister or anything like that is it? Why in the world would the Chinese government be so desperate to have these bodies burned up? Could it be they are attempting to cover up the fact that, either deliberately or by accident, a biological weapon was loosed on the people of Wuhan? Are they wanting to try and hide the evidence of some sort of wrongdoing from the prying eyes of the rest of the world?

Right now, we cannot say for sure, but this definitely seems a bit on the shady side.

According to “official” Chinese government data that no one believes except the incompetent World Health Organization, daily coronavirus deaths in China are hovering around 100. It seems we are now supposed to believe China has an epidemic of dead animals that’s so large, they need 40 incineration ovens to burn animal corpses.

But people inside the quarantine chaos in China are so fed up with the lies from their own government that they are risking their own lives to speak out.

Now, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that this crisis is bringing the nutjobs out of the woodwork like cockroaches in the dark, so without absolute proof of what this woman is saying, we should still remain a tadbit skeptical. After all, we don’t want to join with the tinfoil hat crowd until we’re certain they’re right on the money.

Here’s a bit of what this woman had to say about the situation going on there:

Only normal citizens are suffering. The government does not care about us. We can’t buy medicine with money. We can’t go to the hospital with money.

And in Hong Kong, I support your independence. I also support Taiwan independence. Tibet and Hong Kong, I support independence.

Not a single person can speak freely. If anyone speaks about the truth, they are detained, If they decide it’s 10 years or 20 years then it’s already decided. Even lawyers are useless.

I’m gonna tell you something. 1 person’s sacrifice 2 people’s sacrifice is a sacrifice that is necessary of a revolution. I will make a sacrifice for may parents, for my family, for our free lives.

I know it is dangerous for me to speak out. But I can’t take it anymore, I cannot.

No beds, no medicine, all the news from TV is a lie.

In this evil society I can no longer keep my mouth shut. No one is willing to speak out. I am going to stand up and make a voice. We really have to resist my fellow citizens. I can’t live like this anymore.

Whether or not the stories are true, this virus is truly frightening. A lot of evidence exists to back up the theory that this is some sort of biological weapon, however, that doesn’t mean they released it on their own people as some sort of test. It could’ve been released by complete accident.

It also could be a man made virus that was designed for medical research purposes and got leaked outside of the lab somehow. While we can’t and shouldn’t rule out sinister plots by communists in the Chinese government, we also need to be open to the possibility that this is simply a horrible event unfolding naturally.

Guess we’ll find out what the truth is eventually.

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  1. 16 people wound weigh a ton, ton and a half in China, numbers don’t add up.

    I do strongly suspect China is STILL not being AT ALL honest about the extent of the coronavirus infections and mortalities.

    We should do a COMPLETE and IMMEDIATE shutdown of ALL trade with them until they let in our health experts and others to verify this IS winding down there, rather than still winding up.

  2. China is the model of what the New World order is striving for all of us. Orwell’s 1984 is our end at some point. They are moving quickly now to the rules set up on the Georgia Guide stones. We are being duped; Trump isn’t the answer. They are on the same side people. This is the biggest deception in American history and I voted for Trump last time. Seriously our only hope is with getting right with God. The rapture is next and then the Tribulation – which is God’s plan for draining the swamp.

  3. 5 tons= 10,000 lbs.
    10,000 lbs / 200 lb. average = 50
    50 x 40= 2,000
    There, his math explained. I concur, something
    is afoot here.

  4. Why is no one making the connection? No one is remembering that in 1979 China enacted a law which allowed couples to conceive only one child because of concern about population control. From 1969 until 2015, China restricted births, alternating from one to two children maximum until 2015 when the plan was abandoned. Was it abandoned because they had found a more efficient and effective form of population control in the laboratory? 2015 was five years ago. Have we only just begun?

  5. Amazing that China just had a major PORK/ PIG kill from a virus in the MILLIONS of animals and they didn’t bring out the FIRE BOXES for them to prevent spreading the virus. Since it wouldn’t spread to humans, but to millions more pigs. Kind of questions they are are not telling the world the truth. Maybe the NWO way of reducing the world population? If so I hope they get it too. Get ready as this may become a global problem for everybody..

  6. My Chinese friend informed me that yes, the figures for the number of deaths from the Coronavirus could be way off because people who die at home are not listed. China has no system of keeping track of people because they have no social security payments and of course they have no voting so there is no listing as a voter. The family of the dead person is in charge and they can arrange a creation on their own.

    Americans keep careful records of the population for a number of reasons, the census is only one of them. The Chinese have few credit cards or driver’s licenses, most commerce taking place with cash. Passports are only for the rich who can afford to travel. Few people buy online. Most people have no land line and the TV (which is a waste of time) is all free, but then the Communist Party controls it so it doesn’t have that much information, and what is may not be true or is skewed.
    It is simple- Living people are not worth much so dead ones aren’t either.

  7. China has been screwing spying and infiltrating our systems milking money from the US I beleave this virus is there baby Biological weapon that got out the corrupt must pay the price.
    Drain the SWAMP Trump 2020

  8. Humm, I am thinking that with some minor tweaks and adjustments these ovens could be converted into really great smokers. I can only imagine how many racks of ribs, briskets, turkey legs, cheese, chicken and pulled pork BBQ or anything else it could be used for as a lunch time food truck. Maybe when this latest human world wide catastrophe is over and done with might be able to pick them up on the cheap.

  9. China has a disproportioned male population due to the last generation’s policies and beliefs. As they age, they become a cost of their society having a less younger generation to care for them. With the failing G8 cover to allow unlimited pollution and growth of their economy maybe the writing is on the wall for their leadership. As America becomes great again, America reclaims the dream China seemed destined to assume. If Trump is in for 4 more years it will reverse 20 years of their hockey-stick progress that the global billionaires has nested there in China to profit from Chinese slavery of the peoples republic to this model. Is it ironic that the virus rapidly kills off their eldery, sick, and weak? Is that purely coincidental ?

    • Or, as the woman in the article asserts, those who voice out against the regime simply disappear – up in smoke. Is someone against the regime labeled an animal? If so the virus situation could be ran in parallel to cover for a genocide – a virus that spreads rapidly – but its also strange how they blocked the WHO from getting involved to curtail and study the virus internally.

      As for math – I would guess 125# per person is more realistic for a starving China. So 10,000 / 125 * 40 = a potential of 3200 incinerations a day and about 100K a month. A very gruesome statistic. In Austria once we toured Mauthausen concentration camp saw it had one double crematory. So 40 might equal the number in use by the Nazis at all camps. I recall the Nazis even published a similar story – that it was to burn the sick, to stop spreading sickness.

    • I lived and worked in China, leaving in 2008 and I am glad to see more and more Americans understand what happens when communists take over a nation. Behavior is quite predictable.

  10. Apparently there was a widespread rumor in China that dogs and cats spread the virus. That led to people slaughtering these hapless animals in the streets. Don’t know how widespread this activity was, but it would certainly create carcasses. Whether that prompted this crematorium rollout, though–who knows? If you lie a lot, no one can ever believe you.

  11. I haven’t heard of ANY animal casualties..none.
    and if this virus is contagious airborne wouldn’t the ash that would be airborne be a double whammy?
    It sounds more like Genocide. China’s evil dictator has decided to eliminate his population by the thousands. AntiChrist spirit alive in China.

    Hitler lives in China, ya’ll. (No not his flesh, but the spirit/demon that filled the flesh years past)
    I don’t believe in coincidences. This was malicious! From the creation to the presentation, escape, and spread. Now the cleanup. I don’t doubt those being burned may or may not be infected.

  12. Why assume or seriously hypothesize that this is a biological warfare Issue? I surely believe that when the media is only full of lies, evil (what else can we call it) is suppressing everyone who is not in power. But science is truth discovered (by God-given gifts or hard work inspired by Love of Truth) we should not shun in favor of fantasy. God is truth. And science using His mental gifts to us shows genetically, YES GENETICALLY, that the virus jumped from BATS where it was once limited, to people. Viruses ADAPT by taking on genetic characteristics that can be studied to show timeframes (how many generations) and previous host’s genes. Science shows that bats, known corona carriers, were the host or vector for this virus. Then it jumped to humans. If if jumps to a new species next, it would carry the evidence in the genes of bats and then humans and take on the new host genes as part of itself. It jumps by adapting to the new hosts, which shows in the virus’s gene changes. Viruses jump and adapt this way and thankfully the CDC and World Health scientists can study this. There is no reason to think this is a lab virus; what would be the point! We need to stop being like China where myths replace truth and science. That allows leaders to use fear of unknowns to hype the public. It ushers in a dark age and stops the gifts given brilliant and honest men like the scientist who tried to warn the public early in China—and died of the virus he discovered. We need to adhere to truth in all areas possible. Spin often breeds lies and very harmful here as in China. Myself, I believe God is Truth and seeking Truth in science or geography or philosophy are ways to reach God. He wrote his truth and methods of creating on each gene and stone and tree etc.

    • You must have missed some reports Emile, this WAS a LAB CREATED VIRUS! Not a bat infection. It is a combination of viruses such as HIV/SARS, etc. MANMADE!
      You give mankind too much innocence. AND with the Chinese govt too.
      There is EVERYTHING to believe this is a lab-created virus. It was proven, not just by those in China but USA officials HERE in the US. Maybe go back through the reports, a bit.
      RESEARCH THE TRUTH.. what you’re spittin is in fact opinion. Though in a make believe realm would be nice. But we are speaking of China.

    • DONTMESSWITHMOMMABEAR- you are on to something there. Remember another story recently about Chinese twin girls that were gennetically modified to block HIV/Aides using a gene splice form neandertal that happens to be present in the population of up to 30% of some Western European countries. The gene is present in 0% of Chinese, until now. All dependents of the these girls will be HIV resistant. Sounds a bit like hitters youth, right ?

  13. The real horror and sinister aspect of this is the initial creation, in a lab, or this virus. For what? Why did the Chinese create this? Unfortunately it’s not just too bad for them, it’s too bad for the world. No way of knowing how far this will travel. I’m fairly certain that they planned to use this, but not unleash it in Asia. Whoops. China is loosing it’s economic war with the US. Actually loosing is just creating an equal trade, etc., agreement. NATO thinks it is getting shafted when President Trump demanded that they pay WHAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR YEARS. That’s THEIR mindset. I don’t have any loved ones in those piles of dead bodies, so I guess its easy for me to say, but what else is to be done? It’s just a gruesome solution to a problem caused by a truly despicable and sinister group of “scientists,” directed of course by the Central Government. So sinister that mobile cremation units are actually a viable option. Keep your focus on that lab, who was running the show and just what exactly their intentions were.

  14. Communists are horrible!.
    Persons’ life means nothing to them, as long as they can still control by force to keep their evil Party

  15. this sounds like history is repeating itself here! Hitler gave the jews the gas chamber and the china government is going to probley kill people and put them in there and then burn them up and nobody will see them again!

  16. Whether it be animals or humans they both have to be cremated if they are dead. If they are not there with be more people sick. You just can’t leave dead people in a pile. I pray that China and the surrounding countries get everything under control so there are no more loss of life 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😪😪😪💔💔💔😇😇😇

    • Do you offer a better way of taking care of thousands of people that died & are still dying of a disease? Do you think their family will come to visit them in a casket? It is very sad but they have no other alternative to control the the immediate disease and others that will come from the dead and contaminated bodies.
      It’s already starting to come into other countries.

    • When one buys caskets from China, the standard quantity is 24 caskets (mentioned above) per 20 foot container. I would assume that is packed chock full of empty caskets. Sixteen caskets per 20 foot incineration oven does seem reasonable since I suspect you would want some air space around the caskets to facilitate combustion.
      If you are a conspiracy theorist, you can use these figures any way you want.

    • There is a problem with your math and the article’s. Using an average weight of 200 lbs (well on the high side), a unit that can burn five tons per day means 50 bodies per day could be burned, with at least 40 incinerators, that is 2,000 bodies, so, at least some if not the majority are buying contaminated materials (hospital and otherwise). I do believe that the number of dead exceeds what the PRC government reports.


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