Chilling Testimony From Las Vegas Massacre Witness…Five Men, Dressed In Black, Armed With AR-15s?

(Tea Party 247) – Intellihub has obtained FBI documents revealing several eyewitness accounts of the horrific Las Vegas Shooting in October of 20177 that give positively chilling images of what happened just moments before the deadly shooting.

Of course, nothing we are told about this massacre, the largest mass-shooting in US history, makes sense.

You could say the only inconsistencies in the official narrative is that it’s not consistent at all.

These eyewitness accounts reveal that several individuals say a group of four or five men, appearing to be Middle Eastern and between the ages of 20 and 30, dressed all in black and walking in a single file formation towards Reno Avenue, just east of Las Vegas Blvd at around 11:15 on October 1st.

This was just before we are told a crazed lone gunman named Stephen Paddock opened fire on a country music festival, killing 58 people.

One of the witnesses that gave this account to federal investigators told them that he was near the south side of the Excalibur around 11:15 when he and others saw “saw 5 foreign guys heading eastbound on Reno Dr, just west of Vegas Blvd.”

He describes that all the men were wearing “black” clothing and “walking in a single file line, about 5 feet between each person.”

“The 5th and final guy had what appeared to be a black assault rifle and shoulder strap across his chest,” he explained.

On October 2, 2017, another eyewitness filed a report confirming this account, explaining they’d seen men in black at the same location, at the same time.

“… we saw about 4-5 that looked Middle-Eastern… walking in a single file line dressed in all black …,” the witnesses said in a statement. “… [the] last person in line had a shoulder strap on AR-15.”

Who could these men be? Could these accounts be true? If they’re not, why would two separate witnesses conspire to give the same account? We are told Steven Paddock worked alone, so if that is the case, who are these people trying to mislead authorities?

Of course, what’s more likely is that two eyewitnesses saw the same thing, in which case, there was something else very fishy going on.

Of course, we have heard multiple such accounts from the 9/11 calls, bodycam footage, and police reports that have since been released.

What really happened the night of October 1st, 2017, and will we ever know?


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