Child Protective Services Corruption Forces Abused Children Into Sex Work

(Tea Party 247) – So many systems are broken in America. Systems meant to protect the well-being of children, namely. Pro-lifers have to admit, more could be done to protect life after birth, a lot more.

The Texas Tribune reported through a series of articles on the problems of Child Protective Services and sex trafficking:

“Eighty-six percent of runaway children in the United States suspected of being forced into sex work came from the child welfare system, according to a 2016 analysis of cases reported to the National Center on Missing and Exploited Children. 

“Of the 79,000 child sex trafficking victims estimated to be in the state, the vast majority were in foster care or had previous contact with Child Protective Services, according to a recent University of Texas study.”

Those are alarming statistics. This issue is being systematically swept under the carpet and widely ignored by the mainstream media. If they actually had an honest discussion on this, they would have to pretend to actually care about children. Which they do not.

Is this system broken or is it corrupt?

If the so-called “journalists” with mainstream media companies were actually out doing what good reporters do, they would be reporting on the fact that most children that are removed from their homes are taken on grounds of “neglect” versus abuse.

In a recent report from Connecticut, for example, we see that 90% of children entering the system are NOT for abuse, but “neglect.”

This is generally true in every state, and “neglect” is such a broad category, that we have seen children taken away from parents for disagreeing with a doctor over the care of their children, allowing the children to run around outside barefoot, taking a child out of school to start homeschooling, having a dirty house, etc..

If this isn’t an indicator of a corrupt system, I don’t know what is. Why are so many children being taken from their homes and forced into such an abusive system? Without children there would be no funding and if there is no funding, social workers would make no money. Humans are capable of doing absolutely deplorable things where money and power are at stake.

The common story spun by mainstream media sources is that the system cannot function adequately with the high rates of turnover they see among low-paid social workers. Therefore the children will suffer. What about the social workers who stay for years or even their entire careers?

A CPS whistleblower has come forward alleging the system is not set up to protect and help children but rather to protect the agency, at any cost.

In an interview with Attorney Shawn McMillan by Tammi Stefano:

The good ones only last a year or two, and McMillan said that when he deposes social workers in a lawsuit, he can usually tell within the first 20 minutes which ones are new and will be gone in a year or two, and which ones are “lifers” who will stay in the system long term, and he states that this later group is “rotten to the core.”

That is chilling. What appears to be happening is that CPS is taking children who should never be taken from their parents to begin with and imposing them into a system that is filled with “rape, abuse, psychotropic medication and instability,” according to U.S. District Judge Janis Jack.

The system takes in these children and destroys them, leaving them feeling hopeless and broken. They end up running away to escape and find themselves with nowhere to turn except the sex industry. This is an epidemic and one that needs to be addressed. If you call yourself pro-life, heed the call. Find out how you can get involved to help fight this corrupt system and save lives.



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