Chick-fil-A Cedes To LGBT Pressure In Move To Pull Support From Christian Organizations

(Tea Party 247) – The pressure from the LGBT crowd has apparently become too much to withstand for Chick-fil-A. The chicken company has historically stood on the side of Christianity, conservativism, and traditional family values but now they are abandoning several Christian companies in favor of secular ones. It’s hard to imagine this has nothing to do with political pressure despite the fact that Chick-fil-A has actually seen massive success in the face of social and political adversity thanks to their unwillingness to compromise.

LifeSiteNews reports:

For years Chick-fil-A has risen the fast-food ranks thanks in no small part to its proud Christian identity. But in a stunning reversal, the chicken restaurant announced Monday that it will end charitable donations to several Christian groups branded by pro-LGBT activists as “anti-gay.”

For years, LGBT activists have attempted to brand Chick-fil-A as “hateful” due to CEO Dan Cathy’s stated opposition to same-sex “marriage” and the company’s donations to social conservative groups such as Family Research Council and Focus on the Family. But while the company has no shortage of detractors in politics and media, the complaints have fallen on deaf ears among actual customers.

Chick-fil-A enjoys tremendous success and an overwhelmingly positive reputation due to its service as well as its charitable bent and volunteerism during tragedies and disasters. Furthermore, for all the “anti-LGBT” branding, many homosexual employees and customers have attested to positive, welcoming experiences at Chick-fil-A.

The chain’s steady success in the face of left-wing pressure campaigns – its sales have actually doubled since the boycotts began – would seem to have closed the matter, yet Bisnow reports that starting next year, Chick-fil-A will stop donating to Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), and the Paul Anderson Youth Home in favor of refocusing its giving on the causes of education, homelessness, and hunger, through the organizations Junior Achievement USA and Covenant House, as well as to various community food banks.

All three of those organizations have been attacked as “anti-LGBT” for taking traditional biblical stances on homosexuality.

Chick-fil-A is claiming that ending support of these Christian organizations has nothing to do with distancing themselves from the companies’ beliefs and values but rather a movement towards “critical issues in communities where we do business in the U.S.”

“There’s no question we know that, as we go into new markets, we need to be clear about who we are,” Tim Tassopoulos, Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer, told Bisnow. “There are lots of articles and newscasts about Chick-fil-A, and we thought we needed to be clear about our message.”

They are most certainly sending a clear message despite their efforts to appease both sides of the “social aisle,” so to speak. A Chick-fil-A spokeswoman explained to Reuters, “We made multi-year commitments to [Salvation Army and FCA] and we fulfilled those obligations in 2018,” but did not disclose whether or not the decision to cut ties with these Christian organizations was as a result of LGBT pressure.

Not everyone is buying the narrative. Matt Walsh and Jon Schweppe took to Twitter to express their skepticism and disapproval with the company’s move.

Todd Starnes seems to have a personal experience that would reveal a truth contrary to the company’s story that they are simply fulfilling a “much higher calling than any political or cultural war that’s being waged.” Interesting how they have had no problem being at the center of this “cultural war” up until now.

Starnes retells his experience on his website saying, “So when my new book, “Culture Jihad,” was published – two Chick-fil-A restaurant operators asked me to consider doing signings at their establishment. At the time I thought it was a bit of an unusual request. Typically, book signings are not held in restaurants.

But I thought it might be fun and my team was more than happy to accommodate their requests and my publishing house and publicist moved forward with planning.

However, a few weeks later we were notified that corporate headquarters had pulled the plug on both book signings.

It was unfortunate seeing how the owner/operators had extended the invitation in the first place.

It was not that big of a deal — and so I decided to keep the incident quiet. But with today’s news about Chick-fil-A’s change in values — well — so now you know the rest of the story.”

We’ve all just gone along happily supporting Chick-fil-A as they have been brazenly assertive about their core values and beliefs in the face of intense opposition from the LGBT crowd. They have enjoyed unwavering support from millions of Americans who believe the company represented their voice in the “cultural war” and who have viewed the company as a loyal ally. A friendly safe-haven for conservatives and Christians to gather without fear of being mocked or degraded.

Now all of that is out the window. How many people will continue to support this company after what seems like a major concession in the “cultural war” and a betrayal of their strongest supporters and the company’s own supposed values?


  1. We should have seen this coming. Chick-fil-A didn’t just turn on their founding Christian principles unexpectedly. Chick-fil-A put a left-wing Obama and Hillary supporter in charge and had already been giving way more to left-wing causes than to the Salvation Army or other Christian organizations. They had been building up to the big betrayal for a long time. For more detail, the following article is a must read:

  2. Elaine, I love Chick-fil-a, and will not leave it. The fault here is that some groups feel they have the right to force company’s to do what ever they feel is in their interest. It is a business, they give to students to help with their education, and other charities as well. It is not anyones business what they support.], or give too. This law suit should have been thrown out of court. It its harassment and should never have gotten to court. Maybe it would be better if loser pays them bills.

  3. First let me say I am Christian and 2nd I have not ever eat a chick fil a. I do agree it is VERY disappointing that the WAY the ceo’s handling of the situation to change up where their charitable donations go is “alarming” to some Christians and loyal customers. This is just my opinion. The ceo of chik fil a has openly and boldly stood for his Christian believe for years. In my opinion, I think he definitely made a poor choice on how to have the “changes” announced. I don’t believe the ceo should have had his spokes person announce any thing in this situation. And since the ceo knew when agreements were ending and knew he wanted to put charitable contributions into the communities where new chik fil a were being built. The ceo himself should have been the one to appear on BOTH a conservative AND liberal news channel to announce that deadlines to prior agreements of charitable contributions will be met soon. And openly and boldly stand his ground for his Christian belief, however, and not but, (as the word “but” erases the statement before the word “but”). And explain what changes are going to be coming and how he believes this will display God’s love more. Yes the lgbt has put pressure on chik fil a for years, basically saying chik fil a is “prejudice” against anyone who doesn’t believe in God. The ceo donating $25,000 to the local food bank in the city they open a new chik fil a in, is showing the spirit of love, caring and feeding the hunger. And the last I knew, all people with different beliefs are helped at food banks. Hum, to me as a Christian this action shows God’s love. Which I think in the Bible, Jesus states that you are to take care of the widows, orphans and desolate (aka homeless/ less fortunate) And on a personal note. I have a child who was homeless for years and chose years ago to follow druidism. This child of mine informed me, while i was reading this article and some comments, that chik fil a had employees they send to parks to give the homeless people lunch. My child was staying at a park and chik fil a employees showed up and gave my child and others in the same situation “sack lunches” which consisted of a sandwich, fries and a bottle of water. Not 1 homeless person was asked what their religious belief was. The chik fil a employees were there taking care of the less fortunate, as Jesus commanded. Did anyone stop and think, just maybe chik fil a is still standing their grounds on their Christian beliefs? Everyone’s looking at this actuon negatively, try looking at this situation as a nonverbal stants. Godly actions…. Display of love and caring for the less fortunate.

  4. I was so disappointed to hear that Chick-fil-A is changing its standings and standards. I really think Mr. Cathy is turning in his grave!

  5. You people are ridiculous. Who chooses where to eat based on their stance on politics? None of you eat Indian food? Chinese food? Wow. Your bigotry has no limits. Bet you are all waiting till slavery is legal again too. I mean the Bible says it a-ok

  6. JimB no more chick flay for our family due to you anti christian stance re lgbt issues! Is you turn you back on God changes everything- I would quit as a chick filet employee- chick filet leader may be that anti Christ! No more chick filat

  7. Shocking!!! How can you turn on the very people who have supported you from the beginning by continuing to patronize you, while being verbally harassed and physically challenged by the leftist radical bigots you have now surrendered to? I some how doubt that the radicals you are now trying to appease will show up to purchase your products in enough numbers to replace those supporters who now WALK AWAY IN DISGUST from your weak kneed attempt at appeasement!

  8. Agreed, why care what the gay organization thinks/protests? I’m very disappointed as the Salvation Army is one of the most helpful organizations to many, many people. They stand for Christian values, but I’m sure they don’t discriminate against gay people. That’s not their nature.

  9. Whenever one gives in to the bully, it only boosts his ego and resolve to conquer bigger fish. I believe this is the absolutely wrong approach for Chick-fil-A or any big company. Give the enemy an inch and they will demand more, and more. Shame on you folks in the corporate office to give in to the terrorist group of malcontents. Guess I will have to find another place to get a chicken sandwich. Domestic terrorism is gaining too much ground, and shame on the elected congress malcontents for not putting a stop to it.

  10. I am disappointed in Chick-Fil-A. This just shows, that if Satan pushes hard enough, he gets his way! It is written to LOVE THE PERSON BUT HATE THE SIN! And that is what Chick-Fil-A has been doing, but now I feel it is accepting the sin.

  11. When Chick-fil-A dumps the Salvation Army for the LGBTQ, then it is time for good Christians to dump Chick-fil-A for dumping their “Christian” values. I sincerely hope enough Christians follow my example as it appears that MONEY guides Chick-fil-A rather than Almighty God. I hope an embargo on this pseudo Christian group has a large negative impact on the CEO of Chick-fil-A. Viva Christo Rey!

  12. I keep hearing some say ” we know how they really feel” which is no different than what Peter did to Jesus the night of His crucifixion! Jesus was denied three times just by not standing their ground is no different. They need to remember what ” Luke Warm” means. We know in the last days we will be tested but to stand firm and I pray that I can stand from and not change out of fear like they have. Just my opinion.

  13. Chick-fil-A, you’re free to do what you want, and so am I, nice knowning you but I’m going to make my choice just like you…bye.

  14. Bitterly disappointed in Chick-Filets’s cowardly reversal. There will be a well-deserved backlash — financially not pretty either!

    • Here is the truth. it’s sad to see how the fake news hurts good people and how others help them without even knowing whether it’s true or not. I am seeing petitions made up to attack them.

      Our education system needs help from good people badly and the homeless situation also. I was really happy to see where they prioritize their donations where we need it the most.

      As Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos told Bisnow, the company had initiated multi-year charitable giving contracts with the FCA and Salvation Army a number of years ago. Those contracts expired this year, meaning Chick-fil-A was not contractually obligated to donate money to either organization for the first time in years.

      Chick-fil-A used this opportunity to restructure their charitable giving model, instead focusing on local nonprofits in individual communities, moving away from multi-year commitments. Starting next year, Chick-fil-A intends to donate $9 million dollars to Junior Achievement USA, which supports local education and Covenant House International, to combat homelessness. In addition, Chick-fil-A will donate $25,000 to a local food bank every time it opens a new location. They did NOT do what they are saying, fake news.

  15. I’m sorry to hear this. Their Christian view was a large part of the draw to Chic-fil-A and I think their success. That’s what’s wrong with America today is caving and going against our Christian beliefs. The Salvation Army is a terrific organization and Chic-fil- should be ashamed.

  16. We ate there because the food and service was good. But mainly because Mr. Cathy stood for conservative Christian values. We’ve eaten our last Chick-Fil-a sandwich unless they make a reversal on their policy.

  17. It’s very disconcerting to see Chick fil A compromise to the
    Immoral philosophy , beliefs, of the the amoral LGBT organization. Maybe they feel they feel conceding to the pressure will show them to be
    Open minded, not judgmental. Likely, it will result in loss of the great support they have enjoyed by their many Christian customers.

  18. I feel so sorry for the gutless CEO…this person is forever branded….
    I will not boycott Chick fil A but I will send the CEO and Board members my disgust as they deserve

  19. ” several Christian groups branded by pro-LGBT activists as “anti-gay.”

    Why Don’t These Groups Turn Around the Table and Charge The LGBT as Being ” Anti-NOT-Gay ” ???

  20. Wow! Never thought I would see it! Chick fil A abandoning their guiding principles, and the ones that have made them so very successful. To abandon The Salvation Army is an extreme disappointment.
    Guess I won’t be waiting in their long lines anymore…just another fast food restaurant.

    • We all make mistakes. Chick Fil A is making a big one IMHO. However, being two faced is accepted by a large portion of society. I guess they are seeking a new customer base because there actions have cost them my family’s business.

  21. I’ve eaten my last meal at Chik-fil-A. This means no more fast food until In-N-Out moves to the Kansas City area, or I visit Phoenix again.

    Who said it doesn’t cost for one to stand up for their principles?

    That’s the way this alphabet faux gender people (<2% of our population) keep pushing and squealing until they get their way.

  22. I am going to sue everyone of my civics teachers and school districts because all through school they lied to me! They said that I lived in a country where the majority rules but once again spineless leadership lets less than 10 percent of the population tell over 90 percent what to do. I am absolutely sick with this decision my Bible says that God is true and every man a liar and I thought that they were a Christian company but actions speak louder than words. The Bible says you cannot serve two masters for you will love the one and hate the other and they have shown where their allegiance is. I cant believe that some of the most beloved and trustworthy organizations in America are forced to suffer because of this but that appears to be the case. Record breaking revenue and growth and an extremely loyal customer base when we are obedient to Gods word. Hmmm let’s see how things hold in the future but I can spend my money where I choose and it will no longer be here. One last thing. Don’t be deceived God is not mocked you will reap what you sow! SHAME ON YOU CHICK FIL A

  23. Won’t be doing business with them any longer. I stood in a two hour line the last time they needed support. But since the original founders are longer around I guess there beliefs are no longer important.

  24. This company has turned its back on its supporters and the values that they said they were all about…..for what? Tell us: when will the drag queens be holding court in your stores where the hurting and hopeless USED to find warmth and a good meal? You have turned your back on God Almighty, the TRUE source of your success. Now….reap the whirlwind.

  25. I for one will withhold my support and no longer eat there or use them as our first choice for school or church events. You have betrayed your supposed Christian beliefs and given in to less than 1% of the population. Where Evangelicals represent a much larger polling group. If I were you I would recant and repent of this decision. I think revenue wise this will cost you.

  26. I was so proud of Chick-Fil-A for standing strong on what they said they believed…….. Many people were standing behind them,my husband and I being two. There is a new Chick-Fil-A being built down the road from us and we were thrilled (they do make a good sandwich) but now we feel let down. Please stand strong for what you believe as many people will support you!

  27. Not me! Always enjoyed their food, this cave to “political correctness “ is too much for me. Hence, NO more Chick-filet for our family!!

  28. BUT we all know how they really feel and isn’t that the point? Actually, why would anyone admit to their feelings or leanings in this socialism political climate!

  29. This is a year old lie! Don’t let this mislead you into buying into this lgbt bullcrap. Just because they are trying to force their way of life down our throats doesn’t mean we will allow them to tell us who we will or will not do business with!

  30. Tim T., you’ve been filleted by the radical left and left your guts on the front door! Shame shame shame! I was proud and happy to support your past unwavering stance on this decadent current dystopia. Now that is lost. Many of us probably will.
    So sad to see you drift with this demented tide.
    May the Lord steer you back to righteousness.

  31. We will find another place to buy our chicken. it might be a secular establishment and that’s fine, but it won’t be chick-fil-a

  32. You can’t have it both ways. The Bible says that you cannot be a Fence sitter for you are neither hot nor cold. Choose you this day whom you will serve. The founder of Chick-filet would turn over in his grave if he knew what headquarters did. He would not stand for this and heads would Roll.

  33. I will no longer eat at chic fil a.
    And I believe many many others are going to fill the same! Very dissapointed they felt the need to compromise there beliefs and values!!

  34. I am very disappointed in your recent reversal of your founding principles that have been responsible for your success as a family business. It is always easier to compromise our beliefs in the face of much opposition from the world than to stand for Godly character and integrity. There are so many Christian/Constitutional non-profit legal organizations that could have helped AND the Body of Christ would have continued to support you!!!!

  35. I am disappointed in this policy, no i won’t quit eating at Chick-fil-A but it was the one place the stood up for Christain values.

  36. Dear Chick fil a – I am very disappointed! I always looked up to you as one who stands up for their values without wavering. I also looked up to you because even in the face of opposition you had continued to support Christian organizations and employee and demonstrate kindness and love to people with different views. Now you have caved in and it is very disappointing. I will reconsider next time I think to purchase at your establishments. Sincerely, One of your many Fans and Customers.

  37. Very disappointing to hear about Chick-fil-A’s decision to stop donating to the Salvation Army. This is a political choice made by the restaurant that I hopes backfires on them. As for me, I won’t be buying anymore of their food products, which I have always loved (especially the sandwich).

    • I too, am upset that Chik-Fil-A is leaving the Salvation Army,
      but as long as their donations are redirected to NonLGBT
      places, then they should be let alone. It’s their right!

  38. What a shame……to roll over now. Let the People Roll Over and go else where since We The People do not count to Chic-fil-A….A. The lbgt pressure (2%) of the USA only twisted their arm How!!!
    …..Let the 30% of Christians Boycott Chick-fil-A for turning Yellow in the fight For All US Citizens Freedoms. ..When will the madness of no morals, common sense Stop.
    Stop giving away yours and our Freedoms to the miniscule lbgt% that stand against Freedom and they sprew hate in action and in words.
    Stop It Now!!! Boycott Chick-fil-A Now ….11.20.19 Until!!!

  39. I have lost all respect and admiration for your company. I am ashamed for you. You have lost my business, and my family’s. You sent a very powerful message when you stood with Christian values, and we responded abundantly. Don’t expect to see the same response with this decision. You, as a company, can decide which organizations you support. Supporting the Salvation Army and many other organizations, truly helps the clientel in the areas you serve. They bring core values to the people and help in whatever avenue needed to all, regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. I do hope you will reconsider. So disappointed.

  40. I’m so sorry for ChicFila! I’m sorry that they no longer stand for what they made us believe: faith is stronger than greed, lies, destruction, and theotd prospers those who put their trust on Him. If the foundation is removed, what is left ? Sorry! I’ll pray for their restoration. I’m sad but not not defeated. Another business with faith guts, will be lifted up and prospered. And those who haven’t bowed their knees to Baal, will be the overcomes! Now ChicFilA is one more of a kind. Hope they come to their senses and know the truth that will set them free. Fairwell!

  41. Disappointed in company. Definitely a betrayal of strongest supporters and caving in on company’s values. Will no longer be their customer.

  42. I think Chick-fil-a is shooting themselves in the foot big time with their major policy change. A lot of us go to Chick-fil-a as they stand for something – now not so sure.

  43. I never did like their lousy chicken sandwiches anyway and I now have a good reason to boycott them! Shame on those who give in to queers

  44. Chick fil a , should not waiver . Stand with God, he will not fail you .
    Your customers expect you to Stand with God .
    Not doing so will not be good!!!

  45. Chick-fil-A you are no longer my number one fast food restaurant. I have gone out of my way many times to go eat at Chick-fil-A because of the Christian Values that they have stood for. I have been proud of them and have done my best to support and defend them for the courage that they shown. IYes, I may still eat there at times, because I like their food. However, they do not have my respect and loyalty anymore because they have become a Chicken and sold out to the left.

  46. So you do not respect decent law abiding citizens , families , no respect for our UC Constitution all rights for Religion. Guess what more generations should find another place to eat. You could put nano tech ology, dirt, freeze, poison in the foods.

    Graciously will not support you , your business, share holders, suppliers nor poison or enda get or anxiety riden you to them.

    Audios, Senior, Seniority.
    Freedom of Speech and Religion.

    Androids in this chicken rooster crowing place. Like the warning Biblical for Jesus Christ and his Deciples.

  47. The liberals and probably some LGBTQ’s have infiltrated the Chick-fil-A upper management and then down the drain goes the original company platform and goals. It is the same scenario that is happening at all levels of Gov. in our nation . Once these people get their foot in the door; then it is just a matter of time that all goes downhill. It is happening in our public schools and universities as well

  48. i am disgusted with what they did. I always defended them from people who wouldnt go because of their beliefs. Im done. I will go elsewhere. By the way if you like spicy chicken sandwiches Burger King and Popeye’s are better.

  49. why should I support a establishment that is not like minded in my views. So when people stop patronizing these businesses, guess what? Yep. Lets see if the people will discontinue there support of them and see how many will have to close there doors. Another problem,,, un-employmouglasent and individuals out of work.

  50. I really don’t think that Chick-fa-lay is making a different political stand or support. The lame stream media has made things extremely convoluted, that some of the public is somewhat confused. The extreme left looks at this as an opportunity to spread more insanity. God speed, Gary

  51. Even if chic fil a was moving on to other sponsorships they should not have done it at this time when the gauntlet was thrown down. It sends a message that they are caving to outside pressure.

  52. Sad to see them cave. We are ardent fans of their product, but this news will put a damper on that.
    Burger King; here we come……..

  53. Chick Fil-A is Awesome and what they do is awesome they love everybody.
    No matter there sexual preference.
    They wish God to bless everyone they do not hate people that are LBGT however they do believe everything the Bible says everyone has sinned and come short of the glory of God.
    All different kinds of people
    Including Atheists eat at and are welcome at Chic-fil-A

    A W E S O M E ! ! !

  54. I’m not surprised because it was a matter of time before Chick-Fil-A caved. Anyone can talk about standing for their beliefs, but when that pressure comes, you see what most people are made of. Pressure busts pipes, and the pipes exploded for Chic-Fil-A

  55. Chic-fil-A has backbone and doesn’t just cave in when other non-Christian groups, such as the LGBTQ, who are against their beliefs demand they get attention. They stand up & say NO back in the LBGT’s face & MEAN it. Not like 99 44/100% of all other restaurants stores who don’t have the tolerance, willingness, or courage to do so. When the say it, they MEAN it!

  56. Eat at Chic-Fil-A if you like the sandwich like any other fast food dump, but not as a backsliding Christian organization. Compromise is compromise no matter the reason. Good bye one more wimp. Can you say boycott.

  57. What a shame the devil got his way again. Caved to the lousy Democrats again. When are we going to get a backbone in this country?

  58. Dan Cathy needs to stand by his beliefs and not be pressured by these organizations there is plenty of Christian people out there to support Chick-fil-A that they don’t need to be pressured into doing things that are against their beliefs this is America the land of the free

  59. I read somewhere that they’d changed their minds but this article leaves us greatly saddened. Two things: 1) Why have principles if one is not going to stand by them? And 2) “I am the voice of one crying in the Wilderness.” (John 1:23, quoting from Isaiah.) Another voice standing up for GOD has been silenced.BOB MAGUIRE

  60. Chick-fil-A leaders are cowards and have turned there backs on Christians and those organizations. They are liars when they say it was not because of pressure from LGBT groups. They are forgetting who help make them, which was Gods blessings, and now they are kissing butt, to be politically correct, and becoming more worldly. The chick fla liberal leaders will make this unGodly decision, and will pay for it down the road, when God removes his blessing hands. They will start declining at some point, because of this decision. God will remove his blessing from them. I like many have already said, will stop eating or supporting chick-fla, unless they reverse there decision

  61. This is a prime example of why these people are gaining power by surrendering your beliefs to appease their beliefs, very very sad.

  62. I am saddened to read this news. I love Chick-fil-A because of their Christian stance. Guess I need to reevaluate if I will continue to support them and eat at their restaurants.

  63. There are no adjectives to express how disappointed I am with this decision. It has always given me some home for society becasue of theirs and Hobby Lobby stance. Their success will not continue to the extent they have enjoyed to this point. God has favored them because they have stood for the Message. It seems to me they have bowed to the idol of money, now, fear of losing and not opening new businesses. They were always my “go-to” because I wanted to support un-waivering faithfulness to the gospel. They will not be any longer: they are no different from the world now. Sin is sin, I don’t judge homosexuality any differently than lying or stealing: God says they are sin. I am a sinner so I am no better, but I don’t embrace lying or hatred, I try to not do them and sin, but, I fall everyday, repent and try to conform to the image of Christ. God could make Chick Fil A electricity bills be lower, trucks go farther on a tank of gasoline, etc to extend their profits on only 3 stores if needed. Faith in Him and being a light to the world….

  64. The Salvation Army is an organization that does much good without the siphoning off of large salaries. They are entitled to their beliefs as are we all. In fact, I never even knew they had any bias against anyone until these media reports. Live and let live but please do not stop helping those in true need of help.

  65. When is the LGBT community going to step up and start helping people like these Christian Group do? To me the LGBT community is all about people accepting and endorsing their life style but don’t want to give other the choice other people. Typical of liberals it is our way or nothing. To me the LGBT community actions show that they support Pedophilia because they have not condemned people who claim to be LGBT and support Pedophilia. I mean if one person is opposed to LGBT program the whole company is against the LGBT Community. If this is the case if one person, in the LGBT Community, is supporting Pedophilia or practicing it then the whole is bad and should be condemned for it.

  66. I am extremely disappointed that Chick Filet has decided to cow down because their being pressured by mainstream RADICALS that claim, If you don’t believe as they do, you hate them. This is bull. It is not my place to judge others, but because I believe the Bible, I am being judged as a racist. One day it will be popular to receive the mark of the beast. What will you do then, Chick-Filet??

  67. When will Christian or Christian leaning businesses learn there are more of us than this tiny minority of hate-filled fascists. We spend more money than they do and the businesses dropping their support for the Christian causes will NOT gain any endearment from those haters.
    Jesus said in Matthew 10:33
    33 But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before my Father in heaven.

    The Salvation Army? Really?

    Bad move Chick.

  68. This is just sick, for I don’t know who these LGBT think they are but they have no right to push their agenda on anyone!! Chick-fil-a should of never caved to the LGBT no matter what kind of harassment they put forth!!! The LGBT can only carry signs or speak out from across the street from any business that they are against, they are not allowed to block the entrance to any business nor allowed to threaten anyone or allowed to harm anyone, anytime these people are protesting the police should be their to keep the peace and be ready to arrest and bust heads if they have too!!! The LGBT should be completely ignored for nobody cares about their sexual identity or their ideology and these sick perverted people need to learn to live and let live for what use to be the straight people use to beat the crap out of LGBT if they came around straight people and in today’s world the straight people have learned to let live and accept the LGBT, but now these LGBT people are going to far and you can bet that these LGBT people are going to end up right back to the way they once were treated and really nobody wants that to happen, but that is just what might happen for either we all get along and accepted or let all hell break out!!!

  69. I never really believe in boycotts, but I guess I will not be buying anymore sandwiches from them since this cave to how much percent of the population? .01%? Popeyes is the winner I guess.

  70. I will take my “chicken money” and donate it to the “red kettle”.
    And I’m betting the 80% that have been backing Chic-fil-a will be looking to back The Salvation Army too.

  71. mr. tassopoulos, you are an ill-intentioned imbecile. I do not know if your board (if you have one or are senile) ordered you to vow or if it’s all of your doing; you have just reversed the company’s success. Bad luck to you, you really deserve it, your Customers do not.

  72. Well I believe they have just lost a loyal customer!!
    I won’t support them if they can change just from pressure!!! May as well be open on Sunday also!!!

  73. I will now donate money I might have spent at Chick-fil-A to the Salvation Army. It was the Christian community that boosted this company and they have betrayed us.

  74. Back in the 80’s/90’s as blacks destroyed ‘Denny’s’ ; I was fasly acussed of an incident that DID NOT happen. I refused to bow down and lost a good job for standing my ground, hence I have NO respect for these radical fascists.

  75. They’re giving the money to smaller charities that will actually use it to help those in need instead of financing the CEO’s vacation. I don’t see the problem.

  76. Since the LGBT crowd initiated their assault on Chick-fil-A for their founders fidelity to his Christian values and beliefs, I have gone out of my way at airports, malls and other venues to give Chick-fil-A my business. My wife and I have also used them for catering platters for family events. Now, they will no longer be a preferred provider. It will be interesting to see how their sales are affected now that they have caved to this minority commerce bullying group.

  77. I can’t say I would never eat there again but I’m extremely disappointed that they’ve succumbed to the LGBT community. So sad.

  78. Hypocrites…this whole society in these United States. It is about right from wrong not based on political correctness. It is against God’s law and not of any religious one, for LGBDQ to practice their way of life in our face, is wrong. To teach our children that it is ok to practice sodomy is WRONG. . LET THEM DO THEIR EVIL ,SICK WAYS IN PRIVATE. They will have to deal with God in the end. This is as bad as abortion …another sin against God .

  79. I USED to have a lot of respect for Chick-fil-A for their stand on Christian values. That is no longer true, and I will not be giving them any of my business!

  80. I use ti be so proud of this company for standing up aginst evil…they must of hired some gay idiots . Be careful who you let through your frount door.
    I’m done with this company! No backbone!!!

    • They are based in Atlanta. A hot bed for ” social change”. It is altogether possible CFA has bent its ear to the left.
      The one day boycott by the LGBTQ a few years ago…conservative Christians walk away for a day with a stated purpose will do more than this blog…. choose Chicken alternatives- zaxby?? Or pack a lunch.

  81. Where is the Boycott list.
    Seeing as Chick-fil-A seems to care more about there bottom line than standing for the values that we all supported them for- I propose a Boycott until their back bone and physical manifestion of their professed beliefs returns!! SHAME ON YOU-
    Next time you drive by your Local Chick-FIL-A ask to speak to the manager and tell them of your disappoint ment- Then CANCEL your ORDER.

  82. What does screwing have to do with Chicken I don’t care how you put it If men wants to screw man and woman want to screw woman go right ahead but it still is not right!
    God will be the judge!

  83. Why aren’t the LGBT groups focusing on how they can help others instead of worrying about how Chick-fil-a chooses to donate to help others. If all these groups would take a moment to reflect on what they could do and not what others are doing, the world would be wonderful for everyone! They are always yelling for more freedoms as they try to take away freedoms we already have – explain this.

  84. Can anyone tell me why we care if LGBT doesn’t like something???I don’t care what they do in their lifestyle, but stay out of the name calling,harassing, and downright bigoted attitudes. It’s annoying and downright counter productive to our freedoms.


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