Check Out What The Portland Mayor, Who Previously Gave Feds The Bird, Is Now Demanding As The City Is In A ‘State Of Armed Insurrection’

(Tea Party 247) – The thing with leftists and the whole political correctness nonsense that is corrupting the very fabric of the nation we all love and hold dear is that at some point, the values we know to be self-evident and true clash with the insanity of the progressive ideology being pushed by the left, thus forcing individuals who are liberal to choose between holding a logical position or denying logic for the sake of furthering their own political careers.

This was the position that Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler found himself in as Black Lives Matter protesters and Antifa thugs went on a merry rampage around his city, destroying property and committing acts of violence and rage. For a long time now, Wheeler has been silent as the city burns.

When help was offered to Wheeler in the form of federal intervention, he gave the feds the bird. Now he’s singing a different tune and wants to have an “immediate” meeting with the Department of Homeland Security.

Here’s more on this from BizPacReview:

The Democrat mayor joined Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty to request the meeting in order to negotiate a “cease-fire” even though just two weeks ago he thumbed his nose at any offers of federal assistance to restore order in the city besieged by protests and rioting for over 50 consecutive days.

Wheeler had declared earlier this month that he would “decline” to meet with DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf even if he was invited.

In a phone conversation with Wolf just two weeks ago, the Democrat demanded that federal agents “stay inside” or “leave” the city. He also reportedly added a jab at Wolf to clean up graffiti on federal buildings left by rioters that Portland’s officials refused to control.

“I told the Acting Secretary that my biggest immediate concern is the violence federal officers brought to our streets in recent days, and the life-threatening tactics his agents use. We do not need or want their help,” he related in a tweet.

Of course, Wheeler is not going to completely abandon the typical left-wing talking points just because the light of a little common sense poked through the thick blanket of fog coating his brain. The mayor is still blaming President Trump for the mess that is Portland. I mean, come on now. A leopard can’t change all of his spots, right? Even though that leopard could identify as a woman if he chose to. That’s totally possible.

“Commissioner @JoAnnPDX and I are calling for an immediate meeting with Department of Homeland Security leadership on the ground in Portland and with Acting Secretary @DHS_Wolf to discuss a cease-fire and the removal of heightened federal forces from Portland,” Wheeler tweeted.

A spokesperson for the mayor’s office responded to a question about the reason for Wheeler’s change of mind.

“He wants to put an end to the violence and destruction,” the spokesperson told Oregon Live.

Hardesty, who oversees Portland’s fire, 911 and emergency preparedness agencies, has criticized Wheeler, who is the police commissioner. In a statement last week, she told him: “If you can’t control the police, give me the Portland Police Bureau.”

Just last week, the city of Portland put a new policy into law that bans all police bureau members from working in cooperation with federal law enforcement. The new request by Mayor Wheeler to have a meeting with DHS leadership is coming right on the heels of an order by the president to send an additional 100 federal officers to the Oregon city to help protect federal buildings.

And for any of the clueless individuals who think these protesters are “peaceful.” If that is the case, why did Portland Police Bureau officers find loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails? Hardly seems like the kind of equipment needed for peaceful protest.

Wheeler should’ve been all over this a long, long time ago. Instead, he, like all the other Democrat run cities in this country, chose politics over the safety of his own people. Too worried about being viewed as “racist” by the sjw mob, he decided to side with the terrorists destroying his city’s streets and the livelihood of residents.

This will hopefully be something he is held accountable for by not being reelected.



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  5. Portland is no longer a city of roses, but more a city that has lost the safety of its business and property owners. Even Starbucks is now a target. That’s it folks it’s a hot mess. The losses of up to $500 million for the city are not diminishing. The destructive activity is funded by non-citizens intent on harming the country. This will not end well. Troops on the streets may be required as it seems the terrorist mobs escalate to bombs and various weapons to to cause damage and injuries on a large scale. Arrests and confinement are becoming the required response to the stupid destruction of parts of a formerly proud city.

  6. Portland voted in these yahoos, and they get what they deserve. Next they will come crawling to President Trump wanting money, and he will probably say what he said to the other two cities – no.

  7. The city of Portland used to be wonderful and beautiful. Now it’s nothing but a cesspool. I say let it burn to the ground. Then the Moron Mayor and Gutless Governor will go crying to the feds for money to rebuild. And the feds should decline the request, because Moron and Gutless ordered them to leave. The State of Oregon needs to grow up and realize they are responsible for the damage because they elected leaders that only care about how much money they can make for themselves while in office. Doing something else wasn’t part of what these swamp slugs signed on for.

  8. Idiot Mayor of Portland Ted Wheeler deserves looking like a fool. He should be thrown from office for being such an ass.

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  10. I loved the POSs that were laughing and joking when on camera about a cop getting an explosive in the face. They will be hunted down and then others will laugh and joke while they suffer.

  11. Interesting that all the work from home schemes were clustered in the first hours of posts. It’s clear that they are program generated and not from real people. Site administrators, the ball is in your court.

  12. I am sorry for law abiding people of these cities but they allowed Soros and others to buy their way into these positions. Now they are eating their own while burning down everything around. BE CAREFUL WHAT YA WISH FOR.

  13. The democrat mayors of these cities remind me of the Roman emperor Nero. He played the violin while watching Rome burn. He wanted to rebuild the old section so he burned it and blame it on the Christians. The american cities are burning people are dying and lives are being ruined for political purposes.look who or what they are blaming. No difference is there?

  14. Change your VOTING habits or get MORE of the SAME until your SEWER is burned to the GROUND. One Wary Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  15. wheeler wants federal law enforcement out but if they leave the courthouse is burn to the ground……this mayor created the problem let him solve it…. feel sorry for the people of Portland but they voted for this

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  17. The voters in Portland are reaping the results of their folly. ” Nero fiddles while Rome burns” Change your voting habits or become a perpetual disaster zone.

  18. Great once cities Chicago, Portland Ore.,Seattle, parts of NYC,, Baltimore, St. Louis, Phillie, lately Atlanta & Minneapolis all Dem poorly run for decades are sinking deep into calamitous havoc unless their inept helpless Mayors are roused from their clearly failing liberal mindless socialism back into serious civic consciousness, law & order, adult gravitas to serve it’s citizens, protect property, promote commerce & responsible governance.

  19. Really does anyone care about Portland! That city left the United States years ago. The only large company they have is Nike and that company uses slave labor in China and other Asian countries to make their sneakers, great company! Wonder why these socialist communists aren’t burning down Nike in Portland.

    • Nike is a good fit for Portland. After all, their chief spokesman is a dude named Kaepernick who openly hates America. By extension, Nike must hate America.

  20. You get what you vote for. This is such a tragedy what’s going on in Oregon, that being said these rioters aren’t that stupid, they went to a state where they knew they can get away with it and they are. Seattle has been an Antifa hell hole for years and look what’s going on there too. To think that these democrats say the violence was stopping until the Federal Officers came in is a down right lie but lying is like breathing to democrats.

    • Bingo! You get what you vote for. Yeah, he wants a “cease fire” because they’re getting too close to where he lives.

  21. What we are seeing here is not an about face. It is leftist-speak. In order to blame the feds for all of the violence in Portland, indeed, anywhere in Oregon, it is necessary to first tell them to get out and then to tell them, since they are here, to quit causing all of this mayhem and get out.

    This is perfectly logical to them. They are trained in how to do this from birth almost. If someone refuses to give a leftist their stuff, the leftists immediately claim the stuff has always been theirs, not the owner’s. Then the leftist calls for the police to help them take your stuff away from you because you are a thief. While the police are coming to the location, the leftists enlist a few friends to witness against you and the result is that your stuff is stolen away from you.

    That process is being used in Portland. The mayor has decided to support the damage being done to his city by the rioters in order to divert attention from the failure of his administration. The rioters are leftist goons claiming to be ‘protesters’, including those women who claim to be mothers and bring their children into such a situation, hoping to get one of them hurt so that it can be blamed on the feds. When the feds won’t leave the building and let them burn it down, they bring in more people to do the job. And the city refuses to partner with the feds in protection of the building. The feds turned out to be pretty well trained and didn’t fall for the tactics for the most part. So the leftists claimed that they did anyway.

    The Portland mayor now has a way out of his situation and blames all of the rioting and looting and burning on the feds who have stayed very close to the building that they are supposed to protect. First, he tells the feds that he doesn’t need them and won’t talk to them, then he says he will talk to them in order to arrange terms of their surrender to his wishes. Hardly an about face!

    I guess these folks did not hear about the Civil War (federal government was determined to be more powerful than the individual states) and the actions of Eisenhower (R) and JFK (D) in the 50’s and 60’s regarding segregation when they forced the Democrat governors to accept the ruling of the SCOTUS regarding laws passed by the Congress. No, suddenly states are responsible for protection of federal property and are the sole arbiters of what determines their failure to do so (only because the President is a Republican).

    This pile of BS is so smelly that even the stupidest Democrat understands that the feds are in the right here and the officials in Oregon and Portland are derelict in their duties. This is what you get when the leftists are in power. They will not act against the anarchists because they are in league with them. This is not a riot, this is an insurrection – they are attempting to force President Trump into declaring martial law so that they can impeach him again. It is their only hope for defeating him and they are willing to do anything – anything – to stop him. That has been proven over and over.

    Every one of these seditionist leftists is guilty of treason, but not a single one of them has been even charged with the minor crimes they have committed in the process. Their minor crimes are abuse of power, attempting to overthrow the government of the US, lying to Congress (repeatedly), etc., etc., etc. All of these crimes are documented and submitted to the AG for process, but nothing comes of them. The Deep State is in charge of the government functions so they are able to stop every effort to punish these guilty people because they are all Democrats.

    The only ones who can be convicted of such crimes are Republicans, so it ain’t gonna happen to the leftists who are Democrats. Hillary Clinton – knowingly set up an illegal server for email and when called on it (even though the State Dept knew all about it) destroyed evidence of the server and of the fact that there were confidential documents on it. Then she arranged to be protected from prosecution by illegal acts on the part of several higher echelon FBI and Justice Dept employees. (Some of these employees have been punished by firing though their acts were criminal.) Hillary and her cohorts did all this to hide the fact that she had been selling out the US to whomever wanted information and was willing to pay for it.

    She also was party to the sale of a large portion of US uranium reserves to the Russians. In the process, several people were murdered. One was a Nevada rancher who had discovered a way to stop them, LaVoy Finicum. The rogue FBI unit along with the Oregon State Police arranged for his murder by using an illegal roadblock and shooting him with rubber bullets until he lowered his hands – then they summarily riddled him with bullets, claiming that he was going for a gun, which, of course, they knew he didn’t have (they had an informant who was with the Finicum’s right up until a few miles from the roadblock). They knew that he was unarmed and that he was going to another county to turn himself in along with the documentation he had to the Sheriff there. But the crooked Sheriff of the county that he was in could not allow that and had arranged with leftists Hillary supporters to have him stopped and killed. They tried it after the informant left the vehicle in that they shot at the Finicum vehicle a couple of times while they waited for the informant to return – of course, he was not coming back. When the Finicum’s left to continue their journey without their friend (the informant), they were driving at the speed limit and came upon the roadblock which was illegally positioned so that he would be forced to run the roadblock because he could not stop in time (an illegally positioned roadblock). However, Finicum managed to maneuver the SUV he was driving to avoid smashing the barrier, going into the snow instead.

    Finicum got out of the car and walked away from it, hands held high, yelling at them something about shooting him. As he did, an FBI agent was seen (on video) skirting one of the FBI vehicles, going to one knee and aiming at Finicum, Finicum flinched when the rubber bullet hit him, but he kept his arms up until the second rubber bullet hit him which hurt enough so that he lowered his arms to shoulder height – then they riddled him with bullets like a common criminal resisting arrest. This was nothing less than MURDER!

    The FBI agent was brought up on charges for this, but I doubt that he got much punishment. Finicum was dead. The FBI then called out to the people in the Finicum vehicle to surrender, but they did not answer, so they shot at the car for several minutes. Then they called out again – still no answer so they approached the vehicle to find two women and a young man cringing in fear on the floor. Real dangerous villains – innocent of any wrong doing, yet slated by the FBI and Oregon State Police for slaughter. The FBI could no longer make themselves look innocent and the video they took of the ‘arrest’ and murder were used to discover the truth of what happened along with an audio recording of the whole event. Heads should have rolled in the FBI for this, but it was done to protect Hillary so it was ok.

    This business was part of the looting of the US that was planned for when Hillary became President, but when she failed, they had to cover their tracks quickly, leading to a seditious attempt to overthrow the election – after all, Hillary had won the popular vote, but the votes are counted by state, not by individual. This is not a democracy and never has been. It is a democratic republic. So the people who were acting on Hillary’s behalf, arranged for the skirting of the law, leaks to the willing and openly hostile press with regards to the new administration, spying on the new President’s campaign, and continued afterwards, manipulation of the courts, manipulation of the administration, more leaks to the press and more lies until they finally got FBI Director Comey fired (Comey worked very hard for a long time to force that to happen) so that they could get a special prosecutor to try to get ‘the goods’ on the President. All of these people were part of the scandal and played the nation for two years.

    The result was that the Democrats won back the House of Representatives and now had the power to stop a large portion of the President’s agenda. The Democrats operate in lock-step and are not even a little bit interested in the people that they claim to be so worried about. and then there was the AG under Obama, the Home Land Security Director Brennan and the CIA Director, Clapper, all of whom lied to Congress repeatedly about what they had done. Yet all of this time, not one Democrat has been made to account for those criminal acts. Even Joe Biden, whose quid pro quo was obvious was never brought to account for it. Yet President Trump was impeached for something that was so obviously contrived that it looked more like borrowing a cookie from the neighbors cookie jar. That and a myriad of other charges which were so inane as to be lunacy to the eyes of a reasonable person. Things that were routinely done by other Presidents were complained about vehemently if done by President Trump. The Democrats are clearly willing to do virtually anything – lie, cheat, steal, lie some more, make things up, falsify documents, etc., etc., and kill people just to get power. So what’s new?

    • The united States is a republic not a democracy. Democracy only exist on the state level. This was done so small states could have a say in choosing the president. Since votes for each state are based on representatives. Both democrats and republicans have benefited from this type of voting. That is just history. Another way to think of is compare it to the UN. The different countries send Representatives and is the representatives that decide who the next leader will be. Only difference is we the people of each state tell our representatives who to vote for through democratic voting.

  22. Cease-fire?…..i think Mr.Wheeler is seeing things through rose colored glasses…wonder if his utopia is slipping away!!!….what a pudding head!!!

  23. It’s very hard to believe that all the people who live in Portland agree with Wheeler’s actions to let the city of Portland be destroyed…When protests turn to violence, then it becomes a riot, and riots should never be allowed to get out of control as they have in Portland and several other cities…The “logic” behind Wheeler’s decision to let these riots go on for over 2 months is mind boggling …
    Mr Wheeler, don’t even think about asking for Federal aide to help pay for your stupidity…This is 100% on your dime.

  24. So now the mayor of Portland is singing a different tune and telling a different story! No matter, as he is STILL one of the dimmest of the dim bulbs which make up Democrat urban administrations in the USA today! To be so intelligent (supposedly), Democrats in general and Democrat governors and mayors in particular can come up with some of the most tried and tested ways of NOT doing anything right (no pun intended here) that this old man has ever borne witness to! To say that they are all INSANE is an understatement! The EXTENT and DEPTH of their insanity and depravity can NEVER be OVERstated!

    • So Mr Brown please enlighten us poor deplorables that get to see the riots on TV.
      Are you just a dimbulb troll for your Commie masters??
      My friends want to know about the “REAL” situation!

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