Check Out This Disturbing Unreported Video Of Police Brutality That Shatters The Left’s Race Narrative…

(Tea Party 247) – If you want to protest police brutality and corruption within law enforcement, that is a cause most Americans can get behind. The claims, however, that this is solely a racial issue are not entirely honest and just proves how much the media is fueling the racial divide in America, and unnecessarily so. If “black lives matter” why don’t they seem to matter when it comes to black on black crimes?

George Floyd died as a result of the police officer’s aggressive actions but when the same kinds of actions are taken by black officers, it just doesn’t seem to fit the left’s narrative that white people are just racist.

Currently the George Floyd story has dominated news cycles on all major leftist media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post and the narrative we’re supposed to be subscribing to is focused on white police brutality towards blacks and how it’s effecting their communities but a video of an extremely aggressive black cop out of Mississippi that has gone viral proves just how shallow this narrative truly is.

The Western Journal reports:

The underreported video shows a Jackson police officer, identified as Myron Smith by the Jackson Free Press, with his hands around an apparent suspect’s throat. The footage was first seen on Friday.

The cop and the apparent suspect seen in the clip are both black.

With the young man pinned against the car, Smith yells at him while bystanders urge the officer to relent. Like Floyd, this man also complains that he cannot breathe while being restrained.

Disregarding the complaints, the officer continues his actions.

While this suspect did not die, like Floyd did, the disparity in the media’s coverage of the attack, especially when it’s a narrative that is dominating the news cycle, is shocking.

Meanwhile in West Jackson 😩😫😩😫😩 we really need more officers! These guys are over worked & don’t have adequate back up!

Posted by Big Mama's Bail Bonding on Friday, May 22, 2020

So far, it appears that only local media and a few national outlets are covering the video.

Site-wide searches on the websites of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post show that the clip has not been reported on yet.

The video is more relevant now than ever and could help the nation have a real conversation about the direction of policing in our country.

As the new clip proves, police violence is not simply a white-on-black problem.

This is clear evidence that the left is looking to divide the country along racial lines. In regards to the George Floyd incident, the left insists the problem is white-on-black police brutality and that blacks are the victims of white racism. The truth, however, is that the focus should really be on the problem of corrupt law enforcement officers and how to root them out.

Excessive force and brutality must not be tolerated no matter the color of the victims or the aggressors. If the left actually cared about police brutality and the victims they would be insisting that all incidents be reported the same yet incidents like the one in Mississippi seem to be brushed underneath the rug.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong. What happened to this young black man in Mississippi was wrong. Until we can be honest about the real problem, stop with the race wars, and come together as Americans, nothing will ever change.


  1. I don’t think Black on Black crime is high on the priority list of our so called leaders.
    If we (Blacks) chose to kill one another don’t expect them (Whites) to be over concerned.
    Until we (Blacks) decide to do something about our own problems they will continue to prevail.

    The Lord helps those who help themselves!
    Let’s do our on homework first 🙏🏽

  2. Say Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. CNN, MSNBC, The LA Times, The NY Times, The Sacramento Bee, The Chicago Times and other News Papers of today would NOT even touch what happened in Jackson, Mississippi, just recently! But the journalists of past times ( that is if The Telephone Wires were invented back then) The News Of What Truly Had Happened In Jackson Mississippi just recently, would be On The Front Page of Every News Paper Across The United States Of America, (Like The LA Record and Mirror, The Californian, The Beverly Hills Post, The Hollywood Citizen and Star, The San Diego Daily Journal, The San Francisco Guardian and Call and Evening Bulletin, The Florida Clearwater Sun, The Sarasota Journal, The Chicago Daily News and Democrat and American, The Congregational Herald, The Metro-East Journal from (East St. Louis), The Baton Rouge Gazette and State-Times, The Baltimore American and Chronicle and Patriot and Post, The Boston Chronicle and Courier and Daily Advertiser and Evening Post and Many Other News Sheets And Broad Sides would have this kind of News either at the Top (if it happened to be only one Broadside News Papers) or on The Front Page Of Multi-Paged News Papers, especially during the late 1920’s and early 1930’s and before (The Depression Era-Years) even on the Front Page of The Progressive Liberal Democratic Owned News Papers! Back then, All News Was Printed! There used to be REAL AND TRUE JOURNALISM, when Some Person/s Relative/s Happened To Be Arrested Or Murdered!!!

  3. I am surprised no one here sees this: this Officer was trying to maintain control. He was not choking the suspect. Look at where his left thumb; it was dug in to a pressure point that can be very painful. I see no abuse here. An officer has right to escalate control measures and this suspect was resisting.

  4. If George died of an infection from a toe nail, it matters not, he was murdered. If he died of heart complications, it does not matter, he was murdered. If he died of fentanal poisoning, it does not matter he was murdered. Intentionally the officer kept his knee on George knowing he was on camera and did not let him up. Taunted him while holding him down, perhaps bec/ he resisted arrest, but for way too long, get up and get in the car, plus reported they worked at same place. Everything done wrong, deliberate and ended in not a laugh but in murder. Perhaps he meant to just make him faint so he would be easier to handle but with all the complications it ended ‘different than intended, but still murder.

  5. This is a criminal offense. This criminal with a badge should get the maximum time allowed by law period. Fired before jail.

  6. Trump have broken all types of laws. Tax forms ? “Law and Order”President ! What’s good for the “goose” is good for the “gander” !

    • Rufus King – There is no law that requires a President to release his tax returns. With him being a businessman (and a successful one), his returns are probably books that you wouldn’t understand anyway. And President Trumps IS a “Law and Order President”. And the best one America has ever seen. With all due respect if you care to refute this, please feel free to let us know just what crimes he has committed. I will be waiting to hear from youl

    • omg, Rufus. I did not know Trump did not file tax forms. Please post your source of this. The IRS should be notified immediately. It is amazing that Trump has been potus for three years and YOU are the only person that mentions that Trump broke a law with his “tax forms”? What exactly was that law? The only reason his tax forms would be against the law is if he did not file or file fraudulently. Guess the IRS is a typical gov bureaucracy that is worthless because they d o not know whata you know.

    • Babs – Just what do riots accomplish? Nothing except make you look stupid and leave the owners of the businesses and homeowners with nothing. What if the tables were turned and the riots targeted your personal property or business? I know you would be just a little bit upset. Calm down and do something constructive. This is the United States of America, not Iran, Afghanistan, or other 3rd world country. Try doing something to help solve the problem, not make more.

  7. No surprise here! It’s called “selective reporting”. Been goin on for years, if it doesnt fit the narrative, it doesnt get reported!

  8. When a person tells you that they can’t breathe, doesn’t matter about their color, use common sense. He needs to get the death penalty, because he deliberately murdered this man, while he was handcuffed.

  9. This whole fiasco started with a crime. Then a further crime when Floyd resisted arrest. Followed by another crime when Chauvin manhandled him. One thing led to another. Are we to deduce that any person bring apprehended by law enforcement should be of the same race as the offender. Because this is what it all boils down to. I also have to add that excessive force was applied because of Floyd’s resistance and that he is physically a powerful man.

    • Could all 4 cops be able to catch a man with hand cuffs .? I don’t get it. Mr Floyd may have resisted arrest ok but at some point they hand cuffed him . So how does putting a knee on a humans neck justifies the resistance.

    • Watch, crime suspects especially blacks will use the phrase “I cant breathe” when being physically handled while being arrested.

  10. Any body look at why George really died. The coroner said he wasn’t strangle but he did have a heart condition coupled with medication and under stress at the moment, died of heart failure. He was able to talk and you can’t do that without air flow. Because of the spinal colon it is extremely difficult to choke someone kneeling on the back of the neck without breaking the neck. Not being able to breath is a system of a heart attack.There are a lot of questions that aren’t being answered. Why were the cops called, what was George doing that required physical restraint and Did George know of his heart condition. Those three and a bunch of others have to answered. The cop in Mississippi had his thumbs on the jaw and therefore was not choking the kid.The trouble with these videos they are edited in order to play on peoples emotions. To get to the truth a person must eliminate prejudice and emotions. Then examine the situation analytically (or scientifically ) with all the facts in place ( not theory or hearsay ). Then and only then can you get to the truth. If you can’t do that then don’t judge.

  11. From what I can see the officer had his thumbs on the young man’s jaw and his fingers on the back of his neck. The officer was using his body to press the youth against the car so that he could not kick or run. There is no evidence in this video that the suspect was in any danger.

  12. You trivialize serious issues because some of us a incorrigible. I think there is a gully of difference between “compare” and “contrast.” Did you look at the footage of the incident that took the life of George Floyd, and make this same argument about black-on-black police brutality? How can you juxtapose both?
    We must all pray that God helps to tame our racist leanings.
    Whatever the Mississippi cop is doing in this footage does not compare to the heart-wrenching action on Mr. Floyd by “officer” Chauvin. I urge you not to trivialize evil, but to be courageous and condemn it.

  13. Exactly it doesn’t matter what color you are. If the law is broken it should be dealt with no matter who was involved. Bringing race into it does nothing except keeping the division going. The exception is if slurs are used or just because of your color. Laws are written for people not color, religion etc. apply the same rules to everyone.

  14. Police brutality must always be condemned. The rioters are just that, rioters that want to use the death of Mr. Floyd as an excuse to harm our country, and bring down the Government. Just like many outsiders that flocked Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, from other countries, especially from Venezuela, sent especially to create chaos and bring down their governments. Wake up time for the USA: the world left is against democracy, they want to impose their ‘new normal’, and won’t stop until they are either defeated or reach their goal. Time to defeat the leftist ‘progressive’ propaganda. Time to teach our children the values of democracy, the rule of law, and the religious values of love, compassion, and respect to one another.

    • This has been a long time coming and it started in our public schools. Our laws that were passed to protect kids have caused this problem. You can no longer spank you child (I’m not talking about beating I am talking about an open hand on the butt) then the schools were not allowed to punish a child and then children were told if a parent or teacher lays a hand on you REPORT IT to the police. Children stayed in line when spanking was allowed in order to not be spanked. Now there is no reason to obey because they know a parent can’t do anything about it! I have seen this happen more than once when a child becomes a teenager. I have seen them threaten their parent if they lay a hand on them that they will call the police. Then we have a police force who are told they cannot control an individual with force and they fear they will be fired or brought up on charges if they do! The reason we obey laws is because of what would happen if we don’t. We don’t rob banks, take items from a store without paying for them, speed or run red lights because we know what will happen if we do. This younger generation has no fear of authority because they haven’t been taught to respect authority!


    • Yeah, I agree. Policemen that use rouge should be fired. Rosey cheeks on cops tend to make them look less macho and cause them to lose respect.

    • Duane Batchelor – I agree 100%. I also agree 100% with Jeanni but there is no reply button. Children run wild at school because they know they are protected no matter what they do. Also, some (by all means not all) parents expect teachers to do their job. So sad. My brother was a teacher and he said it was hell sometimes because the kids know everything there is to know how to get around the rules or laws. I talked back to my mother once, and let me tell you, I never did it again. AND I LOVED MY MOTHER AND THANK HER TODAY (R.I.P. MOM) for the values she taught me. I may not have liked it at the time, but sure do now.

  16. The problem is there is no law and order!!!!
    The majority of criminality covers black people!!!
    They get away with almost everything but once in awhile a frustrated arresting officer.. black or white… becomes enraged that they cannot stop the crime!!! Hands are tied.
    What to do ?? Help the black community’s miseries through education, healthcare, and uplifting activity . It’s poverty ! Whites are not privileged they work damn hard to get what they need!! Blacks have had handouts from the Democrats for too many years for the black vote!!!!
    Damn it . Instead teach blacks how to be more self productive. It’s getting better.!Look to the many young students today and black entrepreneurs. Our president has done more for the black community than any other one!!!
    Blacks are extremely emotional and are not philosophical enough to understand that People of other colors different. also have hardship which they never get help because they are not a minority!!!!!
    God made people different for a reason.It is HIS plan to make us all get along and pave the way to heaven or hell. It ain’t going change so get over it!!!

  17. I agree that both white & black cops are the problem. If you have been put in harms way by a cop it needs to be reported. Need to clean out cops that are scum & corrupt. These cops are a disgrace to our society. HOW ABOUT FIXING THIS PROBLEM NOW!

  18. We know truth it’s the democracts making this problem white liberals all false it’s done on both sides nothing to do with race . Where r they with all the murders in these cities of many black ppl. This is a outpace to take over New World Order

  19. The cop has probably dealt with this animal 20 or 30 times already and the kid looks like he is in his teens. We need to stop worrying about abortions and help pay for more. Or even better pay for spaying and neutering people.


    • Watch, crime suspects especially blacks will use the phrase “I cant breathe” when being physically handled while being arrested.

  21. As long as we have all of these corrupt and crooked Democrats in office and they continue to spew all types of hatred towards the President or towards all of the law enforcement officers, then there is always going to be this reporting of police brutality towards black or white citizen’s.

    There are some police officer’s that have the good and right intention’s and then there is the one’s who don’t have the good and right intention’s.

    In my opinion, both side’s need to be reported correctly and not just about white police officer’s brutality towards just black citizen’s. If a black police officer is treating a black citizen with brutality, then it needs to be reported as well. Don’t just report about a white police offer treating a black citizen with brutality and expect everyone to accept the video’s of any recording’s by any and all by-stander’s.

    The better question is, ” Why wasn’t the police officer’s body-cam on to record what was taking place?”

  22. Yes there are a few bad cop’s Most of them are GOOD people trying to help the every day citizen’s..99% of the time when a black is hurt bay a police man it is when he has commited a crime. the news people lie all the time so they can have a story to write. If the black & the white parents would teach there kids not to steal,they would not have to worry about them getting hurt. Always blame some one else !

  23. It’s not disturbing to me. Many punks, both white and minority have an “attitude” and should be dealt with quickly and forcefully. Nobody seems to know exactly what started this.


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