Chaos Erupts Amid Hong Kong Protests, Here’s The Aspect Of The Protests The Media Doesn’t Want You To See

(Tea Party 247) – Americans need to pay attention to what is happening in Hong Kong right now. Although it’s easy to live inside our little bubble here in the US, it’s vitally important to see just how oppressive government can actually be in order to appreciate the freedoms we currently enjoy. Protests escalated yesterday in Hong Kong as police used tear gas to disperse crowds.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

Chaos again hit Hong Kong today as demonstrators marched against surveillance cameras and the possible introduction of China’s social credit system.

Police fired tear gas to disperse protesters upset at facial recogniction and other forms of monitoring that they believe is being imposed by the Chinese government.

Hong Kongers fear the social credit score – which has been used to ban dissidents from buying plane and train tickets – will be introduced there soon.

Hong Kongers should be worried about China’s social credit score system. It’s an extremely oppressive system which literally forces people to live in a type of social prison. People who have low social credit scores a.k.a. people who oppose communism and authoritarianism, are punished with the loss of certain social privileges like the ability to travel or find a good job, school choice for their children, and even the loss of family pets! Yes, this is real life in China.

The Chinese people are monitored 24/7 through an intricate network of “smart” devices. If the government sees something they don’t like such as someone showing support for ideas like democracy or free speech, they give those people a damaging social credit score. This is literally ruining people’s lives. Yet, here we are in America sitting back and doing nothing while Big Tech begins to censor conservatives and silence us.

Big Tech is the left’s strong arm. Anybody who they deem to be a “dissenter” is censored, sometimes even losing their platforms. It’s really quite remarkable the level of tyranny these Big Tech companies have reached and yet Americans can’t even be bothered to stand up and protest this.

What’s scary is the left’s push for socialism and how they have managed to convince millions of under-educated, ignorant millennials socialism will work in America. It will not and it will only lead to communism which will bring about a society much like we are seeing in China today. Will we remain complacent?

You might think it’s crazy to imply America could ever turn into such a controlling, oppressive place. Did you ever think Americans would blatantly and openly have their First Amendment rights being taken away by private corporations? Donald Trump has vowed to end this and take on Big Tech, we can only hope he succeeds. This is also why Hong Kongers are looking to Trump for help and support.

Hong Kongers see a hero in Donald Trump. Someone who boldly stands up for democracy and freedom. They need someone to go to bat for them. The Chinese government is on their doorstep and they are in a vulnerable position after years of China slowly chipping away at their rights. It’s exactly what’s happening right here in America.

If we aren’t vigilant we will end up like Hong Kong, fighting for the freedoms we once had and desperately trying to stay out from under the control of a tyrannical, power-hungry government.

Check out the videos below and take a minute to consider what you’re willing to do for freedom.


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