CEO Of Google Accused Of Lying, Yet No FBI Raid Rousing Him From His Bed? What Gives?

(Tea Party 247) – One day in the future, when our citizens take a gander back through the annals of history and examine the Obama administration from an objective point of view, it will be clear to all who are serious in their studies he was one of the most corrupt leaders this country ever had. It’s already a well established fact for those of us who haven’t been hogtied by political correctness.

While a lot of truths were revealed through Obama’s presidency about the corruption in the federal government, one of the most disturbing was the fact that we have a faulty, two-tiered system of justice in America. One such system exists for those who are wealthy and hold prominent positions in society, the other one for the rest of us.

The proof of such a system is ample, but a quick example would be Hillary Clinton getting away with the email scandal which presented clear facts that she used this private email server and passed confidential information through these messages.

Another example of the corruption in our justice system is how Google CEO Sundar Pichai has been accused of lying, yet has not been visited by the FBI in the middle of the night to carry out a raid.

Via Evil.News:

According to former Google engineer Mike Wacker, Pichai lied to Congress during recent testimony, given under oath, when the CEO claimed the company doesn’t intervene to manually alter search results.

Writing at Medium in a post titled, “Google’s Manual Interventions in Search Results,” Wacker claims that Pichai was being dishonest when he told lawmakers, “We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result.”

Moreover, Wacker noted that Pichai’s comment was in response to a question from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who inquired about why pictures of POTUS Donald Trump were returned under the image search term “idiot.”

The CEO said that Google’s search process is automated and based on ranked results including such characteristics as “relevance, freshness, popularity,” and more. Specifically, Pichai stated unequivocally and on the record that no, the tech behemoth does not intervene to change certain search queries and results.

However, Wacker wrote that just a few days after the CEO gave his sworn testimony, Slate correspondent April Glaser searched for the term “abortion” on YouTube — a Google-owned entity that uses Google algorithms — and expressed her unhappiness with the results, even composing an article about them.

Wacker wrote:

She would later receive a response from a YouTube spokesperson. However, this answer was different from the answer that Sundar Pichai delivered to Rep. Lofgren. Instead of explaining how search works and how these results were produced by an objective, automated process, the spokesperson “stressed that the company is working to provide more credible news content from its search and discovery algorithms.”

Upon reading that, Wacker decided to begin his own investigation. “I eventually found the smoking gun: the exact change where Google had altered the search results for abortion. My initial reaction was a mix of excitement and shock,” he wrote.

He then described how YouTube actively manipulates search results, noting:

To reference the infamous phrase “alternative facts,” the change essentially used an alternative algorithm that delivers alternative search results. A special file named youtube_controversial_query_blacklist could be used to manually trigger this alternative algorithm. For any search or query that matched an entry on that blacklist, YouTube would blacklist the normal search results, switching over to the alternative search results instead.

In other words, certain terms were placed on an editorial blacklist — a list that has to be compiled manually, of course, and then inserted into the algorithm programming for reference during searches.

Wacker said the “smoking gun” he found “was a change that added two entries to that blackout: ‘abortion’ and ‘abortions.’

“As a result of this change, searches for those terms displayed the alternative search results,” he said, adding that the blacklist was updated with the new terms within hours of Slate’s Glaser contacting YouTube, via email, to express her concerns. In short, Wacker concluded that Pichai intentionally mislead Congress — but, unlike longtime Trump supporter and confidante, Roger Stone, who was charged with that crime, Pichai hasn’t been rousted out of a slumber in the wee morning hours by a heavily armed FBI SWAT team.

Once again, the hypocrisy of the left has been put on full display. If you have the right ideology and make the right set of friends, you can practically get away with murder, a fact that should both disturb and disappoint us all as Americans.

If the left wants to be taken seriously, they need to be consistent in the application of their principles, which means applying them to the folks in their own party.

Probably won’t happen anytime soon.



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