CEO Fires Back At Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Ads With His Own Ad

(Tea Party 247) – Companies like Gillette have been demonizing men for some time now in an effort to cater to the sensitivities of “woke,” angry women. Apparently, the answer to women’s issues is the degradation and devaluation of men. Or so it would seem according to advertising messages like those of Gillette who claim masculinity is “toxic.”

Not all men are rapists, sexual abusers, bullies, or violent yet that’s what the progressive left would have us believe. Somehow women gain integrity and value by making all men into villains.

One company CEO has had enough of this negative messaging aimed at tearing men down and has made his own advertisement in an attempt to refute Gillette’s allegation that all masculinity is toxic.

Check out the advertisement made by CEO and founder of Egard Watch Company, Ilan Srulovicz:

Srulovicz also wrote a piece explaining his reasoning behind making the advertisement, which we think is just as important as the ad itself. He explains that he made the ad himself, everything from the voiceover, to the editing, to the financing because he, and others within his company, were concerned over negative backlash.

“I considered releasing it anonymously but after some thought, I realized an individual releasing the message wasn’t going to have the same impact as a company doing it. I decided to risk it and post the video.

I think what put me over the top is a quote I heard that says all actions come out of either love or fear. Releasing it anonymously felt like fear. Putting my company on the line for a message I believe in felt like love.

I went with love.”

If you watched the video, you can feel the love he put into making it and you can feel the love of the real men in the world. The ones who work hard, never quit, and support their families with everything they have. The ones who run into burning buildings and towards tragic accidents with the hope and intention of saving someone else’s life. The ones who would lay down their own lives to protect and save others. The ones who work excessively long work days to keep our society going. The ones that Gillette seems to have conveniently forgotten about, or rather ignored.

In his video, Srulovicz cited several statistics that really shed some light on the fact that men are, in reality, not the toxic members of society the left makes them out to be.

He goes on to say, “We are so polarized. It’s all about “taking sides.” I am guilty of it myself because it’s all we are fed all day long, but I don’t want to be a part of that anymore. None of us, no gender or race, has exclusivity on being terrible or wonderful. Individuality is the measure of a person, not the “identity” or “category” to which you belong.”

Thus the problem with identity politics. It completely negates the ability of the individual to establish their own character.

Srulovicz makes a really compelling argument when he says that the Gillette ad does not inspire men to be better but rather indifferent and closed off.

He says, “My belief is that if you want to “make men better,” as Gillette claims it wants to do, then the best way to do that is to show the best of us, not the worst. When I see a man risking his life running into a burning building, it makes me want to be better. When I see a father who will stand by his kids no matter what, it makes me want to be better. When I see a soldier putting everything on the line to preserve my freedom, I want to be better. That’s what a man is to me and they represent a far greater majority of men than what Gillette portrayed a man to be.

I don’t feel I want to be better when an ad starts off with “toxic masculinity” or a bunch of boys bullying each other and portraying men as caricatures of sexual deviants. I simply close off.”

We applaud Srulovicz and his video that shows men being what true men really are. Share his video if you agree!


  1. Nobody believes all masculinity is toxic but it’s good to see some men are idiots. Mostly ones who have a problem with the Gillette ad.

    • So you have have no problem with the feminists demonizing men? You are part of the problem where you cower behind women because you have no balls to be a man. I’m sure your liberal wife tells you what to think. So before you smear your negative BS about this man’s attempt to share the truth about men, please just watch the View and eat your yogurt.

  2. Let’s celebrate men for doing the morally right things. And ignore all the bad dehumanizing ways those men treat women. Let’s mock all the women who are murdered, beat and ignored because men can’t handle the truth.
    Nobody is saying all men are bad but to many are and no woman deserves to be ignored because some man’s fragile ego.

    • What about the women who kill men? What about the women who kill their children? Women are not angels either.

  3. I don’t put all of the blame on Gillett. I start with the parent company Proctor and Gamble. I never heard anyone from P&G saying that enough shut it down and resign you position. Nary a word . I have spent the past year purging my house hold of P&G products. They are not the only game in town. Tide was replaced with Persil, Zest with Dial, Gillette razors with persona and so forth. If the parent company can’t control their house of companies then they shall not dine on my paycheck.

  4. I was a Gillette’s guy and admit it was the best blades for me until I was made to try Harry’s because of Gillette’s going leftist. I found it much better! A win win for me and all men.

  5. I actually had tears by end of video bcuz I’ve felt/observed the EXACT same way for quite some time now. It staggers the imagination how the “progressive left” has demonized men (whites especially) lumping all of us into a category. To borrow a now popular phrase, “Gillette is cancelled “!!

  6. Gillette’s just pizzed because HARRY’S is taking all their business……..

    WITHOUT any sick agenda pushing crappola………just a good product and good marketing.

    Gillette, I fear, is the past, unless they get off their ass and get off the liberal agenda crapwagon.

    Just my humble honest opinions……..

    Go suck a rotten egg, Gillette, if you can’t get with it………

    • Since I went into my teens during the 1960’s & watching far to much TV, I saw & recognized what I even then saw as “The Madison Ave family power” rankings:
      #1 – The man, woman, and/or voice-over in any commercial speaking for the company &/or product.
      #2 – IF there’s a know-it-all actor/actress spokesman or goodie-friendly neighbor, though not necessarily smarter than she is, just in some position to know…ie: used the product earlier, had same problems-questions & now knows EVERYTHING about it.
      #3 – other people (usually women) agreeing with #2, who they may be.
      #4 – THE MOM, WOMAN, possibly even mother-in-law. She might not be knowledgeble re: product, but listens to the info intelligently, & MAKES the right decision to purchase.
      #5 – Any kids, esp if they’re mom’s. They’re cute, maybe a bit tricky…[esp boys] a little ‘devilish’ in that cutesie kid’s way but still “boys will be boys” lovable…girls…what can we say….either perfect or a bit tom-boyish.
      #6 – Just about any animal, esp: their cat or dog, bird, fish, etc.
      #6 – a goofy/funny male neighbor. Good natured but hopelessly dumb, who MAY HAVE also previously learned the lesson of the product intelligently or “the gard way”!
      #7 – If there’s no one (or thing) else, the DAD! He may be the one who already buys other products that don’t do, complete, sell as cheaply, aren’t even for the purpose but’ll “do in the pinch”, may have fallen in the pool-lake-mud-wet concrete-been hit by spilled paint, powder-etc-made to LOOK ridiculous…FOOLISH! He MAY listen to “HER” explain why he was wrong & continue answering with questions/objections/etc, but ‘might’ LEARN FROM HER (& possibly the actor &/or voice-over &/or any of the others (incl the animals) who might be in the little laugh at the end. Everything’s right in our little world. JUST REMEMBER…you will NEVER SEE…unless she’s an especially good & willing sport…a woman (especially a housewife &/or “THE MOM” in a commercial made to look as stupid, comical, ridiculous, bumbling, etc as “the dad”. (Since it’s 50+ years later, I’m xxx? Years older, I watch little to no commercial TV, & recognize society’s changes I’m sure much has changed with those rankings, but suspect they’re still sneaking in a little backwards-sideways & between the lines or images, especially if right/left political…or left-wing (mostly but not completely) agenda driven.

      A last BTW: I could/would swear that years ago that Gillette was exclusively a mens’ products co. Shavers, blades, soap, brushes to apply soap, then later for shaving creams, etc. It might’ve been as late as the 1960’s that they expanded the product line to include the other “larger half” of the species…& who might even be the one who shopped for HIS supplies anyway.

    • In MY & I suspect many others’ “day”, we’d have come up with telling them something other than an egg, rotten or fresh to go & especially to ‘suck’!
      [A friend in NYC would often say, “Take a bite a dis!” He was just WAY ahead of his time.]

    • Harry’s is a left leaning company donating to left causes. Do thanks for supporting good stuff, even if you’re doing it out of stupidity.

  7. Every commercial I see on television 99.99% of the time portrays a bumbling and cumbersome man/husband/boyfriend/father….usually a white man…..Kinda getting old. Looks like I’ll be getting a new watch soon.

    • What aboiut a new razor?

      Gilette, after all ???????

      May I recommend Harry’s, I use it, it cuts close without blood, gets rid of those tiny little hairs and all.

      This is more than watches, for those watching…….

    • This is simply not true in reality… Most modern commercials are movie ads, or mixed race families with typical father figures.

  8. Yes yes yes! Keep up the good work ( and show Gillette how it should be done) – no men are perfect but they don’t deserve what many want to put on them …. I’m tired of hearing how bad our men – particularly, our white men – are …..

  9. This is a beautiful video and a very positive representation of men. There are good men and bad men but ultimately it’s the experience one had growing up. Fortunately I had a wonderful father and the men in my family have been exemplary and worthy of praise. I believe it’s the minority of men who don’t want to step up to the plate and be the men God intended them to be that have created the negative image some extreme groups want to use as an excuse to undermine men.

  10. Exactly. We are done with Gillette in our home. This ad was truly inspiring and uplifting as well as educational. Compelling – makes me want to watch it again.
    Thank you Mr. Srulovicz!

  11. Democrats are in the BLAME game. They encourage women blaming men, minorities blames white, anything bad that happens to the country are the conservatives fault.,…… It never ends. Nobody wants to be adult and take responsibility for their plight. Very easy to blame someone else. Want to go to college-study harder and get a grant or financial help, get a job or maybe two. (I did)go to a local CC for a start-cheaper Want a better job, study, look like you want it, hustle, .work hard at it……

  12. I used Gillette products for 60 years. But I will never again buy them because of the hateful messages. I have had friends, neighbors, and classmates who gave their lives in military and police service. I know and have known hundreds of men who were decent, loving, caring, giving individuals. To paint all men as toxic jerks is beyond belief. I’m tired of the hate and divisiveness of current society.
    Ilan Srulovicz is 100% right. I love the video and his honest forthright comments. I had never heard of Egard Watch Company before today. But you can bet I will be wearing a new watch as soon as I can save up enough money to buy one. Thank God for brave men and women who are willing to stand for their beliefs and promote the goodness of humanity.

    • The ad never once painted all men as toxic. If that’s the message you got from the ad you’re stupid or a blind lemming following Fox.

  13. This video needs to be seen, world wide! I detest the women who blame all their troubles on men. I detest companies who make their living from selling products to men, but who denigrate them anyway. I will never buy anything from Gillette. They’re despicable.
    I applaud everyone involved in making this wonderful video!

  14. What a beautiful and honest testimony about the other side of men. I think that a commercial should be made about the other side of women in order for balance to be established. The behavior of the women involved in all those walks and demonstrations should be highlighted. It’s the rare woman who can prove to be a 100% madonna. Even Sister Theresa, now St. Theresa, was noted to be fiery when she felt the need.

  15. Good for him. That type of advertising is exactly why I will never purchase Gillette products again. I prefer to hold onto my “toxic masculinity”.

  16. Let a man be a man and a woman be a women. For those who want to be otherwise, that is their decision. Let’s stop putting everyone into “certain classes” as established by the wacky left. I myself will no longer support or buy Gillette products. Let’s top trying to make real men become marshmallows.

  17. Markedly over drugged, testosterone fueled, ignorant, animals have become the “standard” over the years, many supported-with their actions rationalized away-by Kraft and all his other multi millionaire buddies. Now, they can’t stuff these boys back into the box(!—their box….). But you have to keep those razors sharp to keep all those oriental ladies’ legs smooth!!!!

  18. I have to say that this video really speaks to me. Men have been portrayed as horrible people by women and by men alike. Everyone knows they portrayed bad men then there were bad colored men whom were hated the most by men and women alike. I love this message because of the facts listed and the message that men especially men of color have been saying forever we are not all thugs, prisoners, rapist, murders, child molesters, deadbeat dads, crazy gun toting nuts, school shooters. I love this ad because it shows us in a good positive light. ( and yea i did cry…but only a little) it’s time for us men to unite. What are we at odds for anyway?? Im no better that any other man out there weather i have money or not. It’s time for us to define our lives instead of society, women, or any agenda that’s out there. We do fight for our families, fight to save lives, raise our kids (more and more by ourselves, and doing a good job at it believe me i know). We are educated, ambitious and driven. We no longer need waste our lives chasing after women. There is nothing special about them (which is what they say about us ) focus on yourselves and be the absolute best you can be. We are not defined by how many women you get ( that’s just stupid and deceptive as thanks to the left you don’t know if the women you meet is in fact a women) so just be you and stop the hate amongst us.

    • Real women love our men! Nutters have been trying to get us to hate our men but we don’t! Don’t give up on women Steve, I’m hoping our society will put an end to the war on men which has been very bad for women too!

  19. I agree with Frederik Armayor. I quit buying Gillette products after I first saw their toxic adds. I now use Harry products which is much better quality at any rate. My wife & I were shopping at a sporting goods store today. After we found what she was looking for, we both agreed not to buy Nike products for the same reason. Thank-you Egard Watch Company – beautiful add. I’ll look for your product.

  20. We need more Americans like this gentleman who wish to unite, not devide, our country. With the help of men like this, we will Make America Great Again.

  21. It is about time that a guy stood up to the whimpering, kowtowing spineless American companies who let the miserable left, push them around, and finally cause that company out of business, which the goal of the Liberal Left.

  22. The thing is men have been being put down for many years in movies and reality shows some writers in my opinion of these shows are women and given the opportunity to write the male lead as clumsy or unable to follow instructions, one of my favorite all time TV shows is Tool Time making Tim Taylor a bumbling home improvement TV show host some show him being a bumbling idiot again probably a woman was responsible for some but not all of the drummer things Tim did. If I’m wrong I apologize but that’s what it seems like a woman who has a chip on her shoulders would do.

  23. I don’t care if they used Black men for the commercial.The black community has taken the brunt of hits for father less families for years.It is time to show who they really are and I applaud Mr. Srulovicz for taking a stand. I just hope he doesn’t follow chick-fil-a.The vast majority of men regardless of race take care of,love and work hard for their families. For most of us that is our foremost and primary concern.That is what we live our lives for.. There is a truism out there that goes,”NO SUCCESS CAN COMPENSATE FOR FAILURE IN THE HOME.”I only hope that is our primary focus.

  24. Companies are pushing each other aside to bow the knee to the loud-shouting, radical and politically correct crowd. Part of it is gold and silver, but part of it is that a certain, probably active coterie of their own employees, including those in top management, really believe this crap.

    I too once used Gillette products, and had done so for 57 years. (Anybody remember the ’50s when Gillette sponsored the televised professional baseball games, and they had a catchy tune and song they played, known as the “Gillette Look Sharp March?” It was so popular that they even sold sheet music to it and our high school band played it. They have fallen far since then.

    Since the “toxic male” nonsense, I don’t used Gillette products any more.

  25. I applaud Mr.Srulovicz for his commercial. This did take courage, and I as a woman agree with everything he said. My husband of 40 years is the greatest man I know. He is sensitive, loving, loyal ,helpful, giving and true. Thank you sir for showing that men too are human. Women, take note,this could’ve you as well. We have to work at goodness.

  26. And yet with toxic Race-a-tivity, the ad “has” to choose two black males for the main photos, with no other race allowed, in order to avoid accusations of “privilege”. Yet the “Race Card” privilege is clearly designed with a “reverse pecking order”…so no Asian or Hispanic or White males, only two Black males in the two main images for this ad which allegedly fights back against political correctness, but only does so partially. The proper way to correct this is to throw candidate images, selected proportionate to representation, in a machine (similar to a lottery number machine) and let the computer pick the images to be used.

    • A man is a man regardless of race. Who gives a shit what color they are in the video? How do you know they didn’t put that data into a lottery machine to pick? They could have and still ended up with this result and I’d wager you wouldn’t be any happier. That’s randomness for you.

  27. Gillette is a also ran brand. It is no longer owned by GILLETTE, Proctor & Gamble own it currently. Harry’s is kicking their ass in sales. Boycott P & G and also COSTCO warehouse for carrying all of P & G products. We conservatives must start boycotting left wing companies.

  28. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! For years women have hated us for being men. They have damned us because we are men! And yet they simultaniousy demand that we BE men!!! For years now, women have demanded that we , (the men), become women, and now they hate us for it!!!!! Thank you for an ad that exposes that hypocrisy!

  29. Thank you my Brother!!! The constant attacks on ALL men has been devastating to our nation. Parents need to quit trying to raise their boys as gender neutral castrados and let them be boys! Teach them honor,truth,the value of honest work,courage,consideration of others,and above all acknowledgment of God.

  30. Powerful! We need more messages like this one for our men today. As a mother of 2 men (35yrs & 31yrs) I see them struggle with toxic social messages and the women they come in contact with on a daily basis. My men are good men, their father and I raised men like the ones in your message willing to self sacrifice for their neighbors, family, and friends.

    Thank you for your courage to speak out and to put your company name on your message.

  31. The “woke” need to wake up and smell the roses!!! Start living in the real world not your progressive delusion! Political correctness won’t allow the truth to be told and Identity politics takes away individuality!!! All people of any group are not the same!!! Stop pretending they are!!! This was a beautiful commercial, I hope it gets lots of airtime over many channels!!!

  32. Mr. Srulovicz,
    Thank you for your comments and your point of view. My wife and I have two wonderful sons, who have given us three outstanding grandsons, ( we also have five beautiful and intelligent granddaughters.) Since the Super Bowl adds that Gillette put out last year, our family and many, many of our male friends have decided to BUY and USE Schlick products. This small move from us makes good sense. SHAVE ON my friends! GOODBYE GILLETTE.

  33. With a little research and work, our Gillette problem was easily solved. I am an EX-pat living in the Philippines for seven years and counting. When Gillette first began the add campaign in question, I vowed NOT to purchase any more of their products and we certainly carried through on that. Few of their products are on sale here and those that you can find are expensive with sales, VAT and import taxes added on. My beautiful bride found a very well made handcrafted razor manufactured right here in the Phils. She had my name engraved with on the handel. She also found super sharp, stainless steel double edge blades made in Korea, five ten packs shipped to your door for one money at a great price. There, problem solved! On a side note, if you want to have some real fun, purchase a share or two of Gillette’s parent company stock. Proctor & Gamble owns Gillette, so you will need to purchase PG stock. That will give you voting rights and even admission to the annual shareholders meetings. You can personally attend or send a representative to speak for you. Now, excuse me while I go check out Egard watch company

  34. Advertisement by CEO of Edgar Watch Company is great and what men should be shown as not testosterone freaks that people want to make into being more emotional feminine like creatures. A brave, respectful man with chivalry is what we need and want today!

  35. It’s about time!! Have been disgusted on how men are treated with abuse by making them out to be either too stupid to be on the planet, or too violent to tolerate being in the same room, even when they’re doing nothing at all either way. Doesn’t make for a great environment to raise your sons! It also sends mixed negative messages to your daughters that affect how they treat their fathers and their brothers, let alone anybody else. Rape, murder, domestic violence is intolerable, obviously, and at this point of “grooming” we now have women who invite and incite this behavior, as well as some who do it themselves. It’s a no-brainer that seeing positive messages on the TV shows, movies, and advertisements would help create a desire for our children to become “leading characters” in their own lives, and would also reinforce those good actions and good choices for all of us to follow! Amen to Srulovicz’s above actions AND reasons for it that exemplify his good character by taking this plunge, and thank you SO much, Sir!!!

  36. I love this ad.
    The CEO did the right thing to combat lies and deception of the leftist anger brigades.
    unless we stand up to them and be firm, with truth and positivity they’ll get worse and worse
    though they still want our cash!! we need more CEOs like this to hit the left into the dust!!
    I highly commend the CEO for his courage and truth.

    • What lies ?
      Men rape women is facts
      Men commit 95% of violent crimes facts
      More men are killed by men then by women facts
      Women are killed more by men then by women facts
      There’s more single mothers then single fathers facts

  37. My grandfather used Gillette straight razor blades, as did my father. I used Gillette razors and blades for fifty years since I started shaving. I loved the commercials featuring the Gillette worker talking about the pride the employees take in manufacturing Gillette blades and other products. But, when the company pivoted to the male toxicity theme, I looked for another brand. I tried them all and was surprised to find that Shick’s Hydro was an excellent alternative and have been using it for a year.

    Gillette—I’m sorry, but your primary market is MEN. Your job is to sell razors and blades, not try to get us “woke.”

    • Crazy aren’t they. Biting the hand tht feeds them as they used to say.
      I loved this article and had tears in my eyes. It really toiched myheart. Even threw in a few AMENs .

  38. I agree, and what they have done has been devastating to their company’s bottom line. They deserve it. By banking on the BS from the woke generation, they may destroy their own business. As a female, I say good. Not all men are bad, not all women are good. Some have proven to be outright liars to get what they want. Identity politics is Un-American, it is a socialist invention. Without it they cannot comparmentalize people to control them, you know, “for the greater good”.

  39. Thank you for your courage to make this video. There are still plenty of good men left in the world today my husband and sons included! My husband has made many sacrifices to insure our family had everything we needed and our 3 sons are doing the same for their families. My husband proudly served in the Army National Guard for 10 years and both our fathers served in wars. Both of them wounded defending our freedom. Wouldn’t trade any of the men in my life!!

  40. Ad men, politicians, lawyers and journalists have all come from the dregs of our college education system. Hence the flourishing of the snowflake mentality of identity politics in our everyday living. We need to put God first in our lives and let love determine how we define our fellow human beings and stop putting them in selective boxes to support our biased screeds.

  41. I am a customer who went to Harry’s because of the Gillett ads and I like the ad Surlovicz has made. Gillett has seriously missed the mark by getting into politics!

  42. That ad is the perfect response to all the negative feelings the liberals try to force feed us. I am the only daughter in a house of five brothers and am so fed up with the tearing down of our men!
    I also have five wonderful grandsons and could be more proud of them.
    It makes my heart ache to see this get the attention it does. Bravo young man for a beautiful tribute!’

  43. I agree! Gillette and Schick are both irresponsible companies with OVERPRICED products. I support Dollar Shave and Harry’s all day everyday. No one in my house is allowed to buy Gillette or Schick.

    And frankly the WOKE part of society can suck it!!

  44. Notice how the video doesnt bash women but somehow gets its message across, this is all you need to know about why Gillette is pandering only to the fringe left.

  45. Absolutely beautiful video, touched my heart as a married father of 4 daughters and one boy. Now, what the world needs is a video of what is a real woman.
    A woman who is truly attractive to a man. Because of her endless strength to nurture and her warmth and loyalty to bring this strength and love out in a man to provide and protect his family.
    There needs to be a video of real woman.
    Not the fake beauties from Hollywood who seem to determine the pace today..
    Thank you again for making this beautiful video.
    Gunter Karg

  46. I ask why can’t men be shown as we are strong careing hard working provideing for our families . Being an example to those around us of men who care , and love God , we love both God and our country . Perhaps we should send all products back to them !!!

  47. My father got us up, fed us breakfast, did chores with us and packed us off to school every day because mom was mostly bed ridden.Raised my two sons after their mother ran off. One of my sons did the same. Never had a sister or a daughter or grand daughter, but from my experience the men in our family have demonstrated far more caring than toxicity.

  48. We never make ourselves better when we belittle or disparage others. Gillette lost the men in my family many years ago and this latest push on “toxic masculinity” confirms they were right to stop buying their products.

  49. Basically, this article isn’t really about Gillette but how men are thought of throughout our country. Personally, as I view most things that affect my life, I reared two sons and helped rear 3 grandsons. I also had two brothers. All are fine family people who are well respected in their communities as are most men.

    Behavior comes from the heart and the home, not particularly from the TV screen or other advertising venues.

  50. Gillette Once had a positive image but no more. In the past I purchased their razors, their blades and shaving products. Gillette Management knows it has lost its edge and now resorts to disparaging ads to advance their products. The CEO of Gillette knows his ads are misleading but his worships at the altar of silver & gold knows no shame. The competition from companies such as Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club are damaging his bottom line. In my opinion, false advertising is indicative of a company with questionable integrity and its investors need to take action.

    • I’m 59. I’ve used nothing but their products my whole life. Haven’t bought any since thier rediculouse commercial. Nor will I ever again.


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