CDC Data Reveals Total Coronavirus Deaths Is Way, Way Off What We’ve Been Told

(Tea Party 247) – We’ve been beaten over the head with the coronavirus death rate for weeks on end. This week, we’re being told that over 66,000 Americans have died to date.

This is more than the were killed in the Vietnam War, to the delight of those who are trying to use the virus as a club to beat Trump over the head with.

However, according to data from the Center for Disease Control’s website, this number may be far lower.

What will the media do if they lose their ability to compare the death rate to Vietnam?

The CDC website reveals, as Infowars is reporting, that roughly 37,000 people have died from the virus.

This means that the media is over-reporting the death toll by 60%.

That’s a rather significant error, don’t you think?

As of May 1st, the CDC website stated that 37,308 people had been reported to have died from the virus.

This includes confirmed and presumed deaths from the pathogen, so, realistically, even this could be inflated from the real number.

The data also shows that the virus peaked in the US way back in the week of April 11th.

Since April 25th, the deaths have been decreasing. What’s more, about 93% of the coronavirus deaths occur in individuals who are over 55 years old.

As Newsmax’s John Cardillo has noted, the data reported by the media and the Worldometer is a “scam” as they’ve likely been attributing deaths caused by other means to the coronavirus, thus inflating the numbers as we mentioned.

Infowars notes, “The new set of data further undermines health experts’ coronavirus projection models, which claimed in March that over 1 million people would die from coronavirus in the U.S.”


  1. Folks, this is NOT accurate. A previous poster did a good job of explaining. These are numbers from a different agency, for a defined time period, and using info from filed death certificates, which causes a significant lag. The CDC does have this on their site, but it is well-explained on that page. When I first read about this (on another site), I immediately went to the CDC site, and saw what was being misinterpreted by the author. Trump-voting conservative here, and not a fan of the government or the madness around this virus. But, spreading this fake news and donning the tin foil conspiracy hat does not look good on any of us!

  2. No Covid19 deaths are NOT added to the pneumonia deaths as pneumonia is a different icd9 code than Covid19. Presumed deaths are such as autopsies haven’t confirmed cause of death. You cannot add pneumonia to covid19 and inflated the number as pneumonia causes can be secondary to many clinical conditions ie sepsis, urosepsis, complications from trauma, surgery and in house acquired pneumonia, ventilator assisted pneumonia (vap), community acquired multiple drug resistant pneumoia, thoracic surgery and open heart surgery complications etc. In 30 years as a critical care RN, infection control RN and trauma nurse I’ve see it all. So don’t listen to people who pretend to know how to read these reports. The numbers will go up over time because of time but are inflated in the media at present. They presume to know a number and report on an area that they have no training in. I laugh at the media yet they scare America with fallacies. Refer the public to read the CDC report and consult an expert or someone trained. C.Ross RN,ADN,AASC, CCRN,ONC (ret,)

  3. My dad was in a nursing home he was supposed to come home mid April he died because direct result of covid 19 reason why the nursing staff didn’t clean his catheters correctly and died from urinated track infection and his blood turned septic in 2 days in the hospital so he was going through this a long time he call the police multiple times to go the the emergency room nursing home was locked down and my dad couldn’t get help he died with strangers cause they unplugged him before we could go in the room anyone who dies in the nursing home because they can’t see love ones who notify the staff they not doing there jobs is direct result from covid 19

  4. This country is in real trouble when the media loses credibility all in the name of politics. No media anywhere
    in the US is fair and balanced. CNN and MSNBC are the worst. They spin words like their knitting a
    sweater. The editors of their stations bend the truth so far so uneducated people can agree with them for
    more votes. Sure, portray everything worse than it really is. Then, blame it on the opposite party.
    What a joke. Even the most highly educated people cannot rely on what they read and hear because one station says this and another says that.

  5. Once again groups like the Tea Party grab up data, without context, and run the numbers as though there’s a huge conspiracy to dupe us. The fact that it came from Info Wars is no surprise. The table shown lists the Provisional Death Count numbers on the National Center for Health Statistics web site. These are the results of the number of death certificates received, from the states, and processed as of that date. As it can take up to 2 weeks or more for the death certificates to be received, there is a considerable lag time in getting the final results processed for that date. This table can be accessed on their web site. Also note the other columns. The column “Pneumonia and Covid19” is considered covid19 related and would be added to the covid19 numbers. Just as “Pneumonia and Flu” would be considered flu related and added to the flu number of deaths. The information on the web page explains the data in the tables and how it is received and processed. Something the Tea Party and Info Wars neglect to tell you. The numbers on the CDC site are preliminary figures sent in by the states, and this is disclosed by the CDC. The CDC states that the NCHS stats are more accurate when finalized and provides a link to their site.

    • Thank you for the information. Please explain then why the CDC reported 67,000 Covid 19 deaths……And, since you are so informed, how many of the CDC’s 67,000 died because of Covid-19?

    • I”m not going to do your homework for you. My guess is that you’re not going to believe anything I post, so take it up with CDC and NCHS. They have been candid about their numbers and methods and have explained this on their sites. You can easily check their sites and read their data and methods for yourself. At the very least, you can get more information, in context, than what Teaparty and Infowars was willing to give.

    • What happened to the million of so deaths that were originally forecast? Was that something the conservatives dreamed up? You are an excuse maker for the liberals and the lying press and media.

    • How is Biden doing as your representative for running the country. Would you vote for a person
      with so many holes in him that they are beyond belief//////////////////////////////////////////???

  6. my sister who was in a nursing home got the virus and was moved to a hospital. after a period of time she was declared clear of that virus and was moved back to the nursing home. she died last Thursday, Apr 30th. they ruled her death was due to the virus. now you tell me what is going on

  7. Over the majority of the deaths were not even Covid-19 related. If this really investigated they judged the numbers. Democrats and LWNJS used this virus for power to destroy America’s economy. To transform America.

    • Yes, the Democrats want to “fundamentally transform America” and are using the pandemic to get Americans to readily comply with “lock down” measures. Americans need to look past the political posturing and see the deep state bureaucrats want to introduce Socialism and this is the instrument they are using as the first step. Americans agreed to isolate for “their own safety” all the while their livelihoods are destroyed. Democrats do not want to reopen the country period. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the economy, steal the election and begin inserting Socialistic policies. Deep State despises Trump as he does not fit into their elite Washington mold of “leaders”. Washington’s hatred for Trump further extends to free thinking Americans. They certainly want control and power. Real Americans need to wake up. This elite group must be stopped. Whether or not you like President Trump you must vote Republican for a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism.

    • since federal $ will be paid to the hospital there will be an audit and adjustment of the money payments later. Possibly some people going to jail for fraud. will the CDC numbers be adjusted then? – its a good question. folliow the money trail. thats what the hosp admins are doing now….

  8. Why are there no pending law suits against the media for false reporting. They must be held accountable and people who have falsely reported must be fired as has happened in the past.

  9. Would be interesting if it were actually a reflection of the situation, but of course it’s not. What a joke this whole Tea Party 247 “movement” is.

  10. This coronavirus “crisis” is less and less about public health and more and more about a grab for social control, political power, and money.

  11. The whole virus scheme is turning out to be another hoax played on the American people and the rest of the free world. Lets fight back and stand behind our President and a republican majority come November

  12. Confirms what I knew all along; the democrats were using it for political reasons. In the words of Joe Biden they created fear-mongering. The media wanted to act like Trump was ending the world. Idiot people who watch CNN and MSNBC or any other China /Bloomberg owned outlets believes them. I said all along the numbers were way overinflated where China’s are under inflated.

  13. From the CDC website indicating death counts that were supposedly cited in this “article” (look it up for yourself), the coding and delivery of death certificates to CDC so that they can report them takes time, specifically: “Our counts track 1-2 weeks behind other data for a number of reasons…” Estimate the current number of deaths by updating the CDC numbers “reported” here using the daily death rate over that 1-2 week interval. Viola! You get an estimate that is pretty close to the #s reported in the actual (instead of make believe teaparty247) media.

    It’s fine to disagree about what we should / shouldn’t do. That’s healthy for any democracy, but conspiracy theories like this “article” deserve the 12 seconds it takes to debunk them. Ridiculous.

    • lets run with that.
      You’re saying the CDC numbers are 1-2 weeks behind.
      As of May 4th (today) the numbers on the CDC were 38,576. For the weeks of 4/18, 4/25 and 5/2 (this week), we have a total of 14,585 for those 3 weeks.
      Take that away from the ~38k total, the numbers as of 4/17 was 23,991. This is over 2 weeks ago and according to you, would be 100% accurate (since they’re about 2 weeks behind the official count and this is over 2 weeks ago). So take that away from the ~69k being reported by the media and we have 45,930. Remove the 14.5k the CDC got reported and we have a disparity over the past 2 weeks of 31,345 deaths. So you’re trying to tell me that the CDC is being underreported from the last 2 weeks by over 31k, more than all of February and March combined? Come on dude. You claim it takes 12 seconds to debunk this, but can’t even bother to google search the CDC’s numbers yourself being cited here….

  14. @Evaa, please take your spam messages somewhere else instead of interrupting serious discussions with this nonsense!

  15. Was just reading the stats on corona virus deaths by country. The numbers from China are unbelievable. For all their millions and millions of people hardly anyone has died considering how big the populations is. It seems we over report and they barely have a problem at all. HMMMMM…

  16. i know someone that works in the hospital and they said that anyone that dies they put in the covid virus as the reason because the hospital gets money for each person that dies from the virus

  17. Do these lower numbers also contain those that were put down to Covid but had no relation to the virus like traffic deaths etc. If they are then this number is even lower. Time to open this country up before we don’t have a country to open. Democrats don’t want to open because they want to ruin America as shown by the fact that they are backing China instead of the US. If they love China and communism so much let’s give them a one way ticket to China, no return, leave your passport behind. No funding and no security details from the US.

  18. Aside from articles like this one, in a conservative news org. will the truth about the death toll get out? Will the CDC make sure the public becomes aware of their mistake? The MSM will assuredly leave this of the air, and for the print media, it will be in the back section in small print. How’s to make sure it does get corrected for all the U.S. to see, for all the world to see?

  19. Gee, I’m shocked. You mean the democrats lied to make Trump look bad? Who would have thought that was a thing? It only happens every single solitary day since they found out he was going to run for president.

  20. The real problem with finding out the truth about this virus is that you cannot have any input from Democrats! They lie. They all have inflated their numbers and Democrats do it more than anyone else.

  21. Statistics don’t lie…but liars use/manipulate statistics! What else can be said. Did Fauci and Birx collude with the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates to “reduce” the world population??? An extreme crisis would be needed to get the majority of US citizens to go along with a “temporary” suppression of our rights!!! Some Americans will not give up our rights for little promise of safety!!! If it can be proved that this type of conspiracy exists the the members need to be found and prosecuted!!! Our DOJ must prove to the American people that justice is truly blind or they will be responsible for the destruction of our nation…from within!!!

    • In fact, there is a book by Darrell Huff titled, “How To Lie With Statistics.” Disraeli once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.”

  22. What’s a little lying amongst friends (Dems and Main stream media) as long as it hurts America and our President…like this is first time that’s happened??

  23. I believe it was a trail run by the government to see how much they can abuse their authority and to see what rights we are willing to give up in the the name of safety. I am glad there is some one else who seeing it. A lot of us have been saying the numbers are skewed and the hysteria is media caused. It is not a good way to die weather it is the the flue or COVID-19 that help trigger the pneumonia that killed the people.I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.The numbers have to be right for us to give the attention it needs.

    • …and how fast, we were willing to kowtow to their whims. We buckled way to fast. Even now people are still running around in gripped by fear.

  24. Like I have been saying all along. This is just a test to see how much of our freedoms the dictators can take. Before we stand against them.


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