Cardinal Burke Calls Out Vatican’s Globalism, Says They’re Promoting “One World Religion”

(Tea Party 247) – Cardinal Raymond Burke is denouncing what he calls the Vatican’s push, in the words of Pope Francis, to “create a new humanism,” and is urging faithful Catholics to “stand up and give witness to the truth” of Jesus Christ’s Kingship in the face of this anti-Christian teaching as well as the rise of Islam.

Cardinal Burke was asked by the publication The Wanderer in a lengthy interview published December 25th to comment on the May 2020, event the pontiff is hosting at the Vatican with the theme “Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance.”

“In launching the initiative, the Holy Father said: ‘A global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism.’ What is the impetus behind this meeting and what is likely to be accomplished? It sounds like an event to promote a one-world government,” The Wanderer asked Burke.

He replied: “It is. All of these things are connected. With the spread of Islam, especially in Europe but also in the United States, there is an effort to dull people’s consciousness about the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ as it is proclaimed in the Gospel. This is an area where the faithful must especially stand up and give witness to the truth.”

“It is my understanding that there are other initiatives that are attempting to teach the Abu Dhabi document in schools. This is troubling. It is similar to what happened in the whole area of sex education in recent generations,” he continued.

In September, Francis announced that he will be hosting a 2020 initiative for a “global pact” to “create a new humanism.”

Life Site News explains:

According to a Vatican statement issued at that time, the Pope invited representatives of the main religions, international organizations and various humanitarian institutions, as well as key figures from the world of politics, economics and academia, and prominent athletes, scientists and sociologists to sign a “Global Pact on Education” so as to “hand on to younger generations a united and fraternal common home.”

“This,” said the Pope in a video message to launch the initiative, “will result in men and women who are open, responsible, prepared to listen, dialogue and reflect with others, and capable of weaving relationships with families, between generations, and with civil society, and thus to create a new humanism.”

Quoting one of Hillary Clinton’s favorite sayings, “It takes a village to raise a child,” Pope Francis asserted the need to create an “educational village,” in which “all people, according to their respective roles, share the task of forming a network of open, human relationships.”

The Pope continued in his message that in order to reach these “global objectives,” as an “educating village” we must “have the courage to place the human person at the center.”

Such an educational “village” would “once and for all destroy the family and the human race” as Mother Miriam, the foundress of the religious community Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, said in a September 2019 podcast.

“The Pope said that in order to reach these global objectives as an educating village, we must ‘have the courage to place the human person at the centre.’ Isn’t that what is wrong with our world today? Instead of placing Christ at the centre, we place man at the center,” she said.

“Some of these words sound very nice. And the demon appears as an ‘angel of light.’ Am I saying the Pope is demonic? No. I’m saying what he’s proposing is demonic,” she added later on.

Cardinal Burke was clear that the notion of a one-world government is fundamentally anti-God.

“The idea of a one-world government is fundamentally the same phenomenon that was displayed by the builders of the Tower of Babel who presumed to exercise the power of God on earth to unite heaven with earth, which is simply incorrect,” he said.

“What we truly need is a religious conversion, in other words, a strong teaching and practice of faith in God and obedience to the order with which He has created us,” he added.


  1. @Steve Earle: That’s the spirit! Good man! Now, if we could only get a hundred million more of you, I think we’d be ok. Hey, I’m with you. Your indignation is coming off the page at me, in four measly words. Just imagine what you can do with that power! Thanks, for restoring my faith. Peace

  2. First “love your self” so that you can “love your neighbor as yourself” and let the Creator take care of the rest. God created a beautiful world for us to operate within. We have beautiful souls within us – given by God(Jesus on earth) The name we are to pray to is Adoni (Our father which art in Heave hallowed be thy name. Everyone is on a journey give them human dignity in the fight and share share share. If we are all working on ourselves to receive for the sake of sharing, we will not have time to worry only to praise, trust, obey and accept the peace and joy that the Creator(Light) means for us to eminate for the souls the gave us. We are all part of the Light..

  3. The “Poop” had better remember that JESUS CHRIST is LORD of all things. The Catholic Church had better remove this Pope(?) before he destroys their church by removing JESUS as the head of the church. There is NO compromising when it comes to our KING and LORD! They refer to the pope as the HOLY Father???? There was only ONE man that was HOLY and that was and is JESUS CHRIST!

  4. We Christians really screwed up when we lost the Crusades! Afterward, Christians were forced to convert to Islam or be killed!

  5. I have read every comment and it is alarming just how quickly we are headed toward a One-World Religion and it is happening quicker than the speed of light. I am in my 70’s and this is NOT the same education system we were exposed to 65 years ago. By far the same outlook on the transgenderization of the world. This is also being filtered into the education system sweeping the Millilionist who are so called free thinkers and many of their thinking, speaking, anti-God and dress (Yes they way the young people exposing too much skin) etc., Are headed toward the One World Religion and it’s happening quickly. When Pope Francis started sharing prayers to Mecca and inviting the Islamic Inmen to come to the Vatican and share prayer mat together. I am not Catholic but this is becoming a unification so quickly of the RCC and the Islamic faith. Back in the early days of Mohammad when he expelled and drifted from the RCC. Now Pope Francis is calling all Islamic Nations to “COME HOME TO THE MOTHER CHURCH” and there we have it and true Christians will be tortured for Jesus Sake.

  6. I believe Cardinal Burke is correct and the Pope is not in God’s will with this message. Such a shame as many Catholics follow his every word. The only Holy Father is Creator God who gave us His Word… if only we would read it and follow it.

  7. We have to agree with Cardinal Burke.This is a conspiracy for a globalized world, enslavement of all peoples, conversion of all peoples to Islam or death, open borders for all peoples. All of this the workings of soros and obama and Saudi Arabia and their terrorist organizations isis and all who have shown allegiance to isis and all those that have been brainwashed and hypnotized to this way of thinking and acting with murder and rape and kidnapping of children in their minds and all the sick throughout the world that have become easy targets for their sick behavior. Yes we must stop it and destroy those that will destroy us and our God’s will.

  8. It sounds good but it won’t work. The Book of Daniel states that many nations will try to unite the world but ALL will fail.

  9. Directed from the Vatican today’s Catholic Church is an arm of World Government. What’s needed is the formation of a Catholic Church outside the Vatican, a break-away from the Vatican and the establishment of a new Church location. Years ago the Vatican did away with the Tridentine Mass, which was part of the Church from its inception and should be restored. The Vatican has become to bureaucratic and corrupt. Breaking away will save the Church, which has harbored too many pedophiles.

  10. I have not liked this Pope since he was brought in as Pope. He seems to want to change the church from the bible to the new scene that has come out of the closet and goes against what God said in the Bible. I am glad we have a say so now in these days and can say how we fill. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. And don’t try and change the Bible to your way.

  11. This pope was predicted 1000 years ago as being the last pope and he is evil and he is a communist and it was said that their last pope will be a black pope,And he is a Jesuit in the Jesuit order is considered the black order. This guy is a communist and he is no good

  12. This Pope is a fraud. Obviously, Lucifer has been having a hayday in the higher etchelons of the “Universal” Church that they would choose a Marxist leaning pretext to lead the congregation–he will cause many to flee and many others will lose faith entirely leaving them to fall victim to other lies and deceits from the father of all lies.

  13. I wondered when the Cardinals and priests would begin to squawk about the Pope’s globalist/humanist desire. Glad to read that they are concerned.

    I’m not for global anything. .brainwashing at its worst!

  14. I wondered when the Cardinals and priests would begin to squawk about the Pope’s globalist/humanist desire. Glad to read that they are concerned.

  15. I would like one elementary school, one middle school and one high school in Arlington Virginia and every county in Virginia to be designated Christian with Jesus Christ as the head. And this would give parents a choice as to where to send their children; they can then say no to transgender education and Islamic education. They can be taught creationism rather than the racist evolution theory.

  16. Yes the Pope is demonic, he brain watch all Catholic that there GOD is Mary they know very little about Jesus Christ, just a few years back they started talking about Jesus Christ WOW I was in chock, I figure it out a lot of Catholic people left the church they are waking up. (Religious Conversion) to what? CathoMuslim that’s not going to Happen OKAY (educational villages) means brain watch the people (Global Pack on Education) fancy title to brain watch & come out with a new GOD, (dull people’s consciousness) again brain watch to your new beliefs, bring all the Christians which we already believe & praise Jesus Christ to the fancy demonic titles like CathoMuslim it does not matter how fancy with words they get Vatican is getting pretty desperd with money, they need money they need the Christians & Muslim want to convert the world to there GOD Allah, We will fight back that’s not going to happen.

  17. There is a great difference between education and indoctrination, and the only way that the prophesied “One World Religion” and “One World Government” is going to be accomplished, as this Pontiff wants, is through indoctrination disguised as education. When education is proffered through the parents and family, instead of by a world bureaucracy, then GOD is always included, but in the latter GOD is always banned. Has the “Smoke of Satan” invaded the Vatican?

  18. When this article is qouting the Pope, I see three sets of quotation marks in a single sentence. Is this partial qoutes spliced together out of context? I believe so. I think what is actually being said here is the Pope would like to see all of God’s Christian Leaders come together and make a real positive effort to pormote Jesus Christ worldwide. Seeing to it that the whole world is being properly taught of God’s saving Grace.



    • Broad is the road that leads to destruction. Narrow is the way… and few that find it. When they are teaching broad roads… run. Run like Joseph ran from Pontiphars wife. Run like you feel the fires of hell licking your toes. The OWO is not Godly but anti Christ. And yes it will be based on humanism…and not the Almighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    • @John Shaw: What’s wrong with freedom of choice? It seems to me, our rights and freedoms are slowly being whittled away and we’re more than happy to oblige. I’m sure we’ll appreciate them once they’re entirely gone! This push for globalism is everywhere, these days, and it disturbs me, to no end. The whole climate change nonsense is just a globalist ploy to get all countries on board, by signing agreements to lock them in. The U.N. is a big part of this, along with the euro royal families and all the elitist puppet heads of the EU (Macron, Merkel, Khan), who are letting their countries be overrun by muslim foreigners. I’m so proud of our president for standing up to all of them, in spite of the fact that he gets ZERO backing from anyone in our government…he knows what they’re up to, that’s why he got us out of the Paris Accord and TPP, among other agreements that push the global agenda. He’s even trying to get the U.N. out of New York. He’s trying so hard to keep our country a sovereign nation, while the democratic party, who are already on board with the globalists, fight him tooth and nail. If the globalists get their way, and have the power to control the world, we’ll probably revert to kingdoms and serfdoms. Frightening to contemplate an aristocratic oligarchy, with a virtually limitless pile of money, a huge, well-armed, fanatical army comprised of hate-filled muslims and the power to hold life and death in their hands! Pope Francis is such a staunch member of the globalist club, and I’m sure all that crazy, tax-free money the Catholic Church hauls in, will be willingly turned over to the cause. People all over the world are beginning to take notice and are taking a stand for sovereignty, however. America needs to join the ranks, before it’s too late.

  20. I don’t support globalism in any form! What globalism in US means “okay working people we have more people and ideas for YOU to pay for.Get at least one more job so you can give give give!

    • @Jennifer Sword: 100% agreement from me, Jennifer Sword! I like living in the USA, not the EU+. Thank god Trump’s having none of it! He was the only one to say no thanks, as he gave all the euro elitists a giant, red, white and blue middle finger at the G7 conference. 😆😆😆

  21. How is the Pope’s quest for mutual civility represent a call for a one-world government when we can’t even get along with our neighbors? As we become ever more fragmented, there is little desire or interest in an over-arching government or order. Never going to happen. Instead the Pope is seeking a world where we can get along with one another without ending up in fisticuffs (as is occurring this very moment). Unfortunately the good Cardinal Burke is putting words in the Pope’s mouth that are far more divisively “demonic” than anything the Pope is proposing. The Cardinal is actually uniting us, one against another. So sad.

    • @Ronald D Solberg: You should do some research into the globalist agenda 21, as well as pope francis and the vatican. Don’t listen to their words, look at their actions. I see the pope rubbing shoulders with some Hollywood, super rich types lately. They’re all pushing the climate- change-or-die-policy, yet they do absolutely nothing to lead by example! We’re not supposed to use gas or fossil fuels, but we have politicians making multi-billion dollar deals with sleazy foreign oil and gas companies in corrupt countries, getting rich using our tax payer dollars as seed money! Movie and music stars flying in their own jets, cruising on yachts, owning multiple gas sucking vehicles, wasting resources, yet still having the nerve to force their climate change, green new deal (with the devil) lies on us? Oh, wait. I forgot….rules and laws only apply to peasants and serfs, who are getting way too uppity and demanding! And how can they possibly get anything done if those filthy serfs still have weapons, for cryin’out loud?! Yes, that’s a big part of the plan, and boy, are they becoming very insistent on taking our guns away. While you’re reading up on the pope, look up the Club of Rome. Oh, and a job listing on the web, put out by the U.N. recently, for a position in New York, Job title: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer. why on earth would they need a DDR officer in the US? Pope Francis is a hardcore globalist, make no mistake. When you do go and research, use DuckDuckGo, NOT google. They’re a part of the agenda, too. You’ll be amazed at the info you can find beyond the propagandized, biased kingdom of mainstream media!

  22. typical ber-gobble gobble. he’s a captive of the globalist leftists. we must pray, pray, pray as Our Lady implores us. rosary, eucharist our sure refuge.

  23. Unless the pope reads the Bible and is BORN AGAIN, this heresy will continue. Better pray if you know Jesus . . . This sounds like the VERY end of TIMES. This One World Government is TOTALLY Antichrist. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  24. Thank God Cardinal Burke is speaking out on this. It has been a gut feeling for quite awhile now. We have faith in what we believe but afraid that many will need a universal miraculous vision to understand. God help us.

  25. Cardinal Burke is right but because of his insight he won’t be a cardinal too much longer. Just wait until the pope finds out and Burke will be banished forever from the church. Time will tell.

  26. This is the same crap that the Obamas pushed on us. This is the major reason why the Democraps hate DJT so much is because he is pushing America first and NOT this one-world order BS. That is what the EU became and the Brits are getting out. After they bale, there will be a bunch more countries that will leave.

  27. Show me the scripture calling for this globalism action.

    As far as I am concerned, the ONLY universal solidarity is going to be in heaven, NOT on earth, except as Christ makes it so.

  28. Jesuits and this Pope are not to trusted. Neither are lgbtq?? lead religions such as the new Methodist church and any other like it.
    Global religion is the downfall of man.


  30. Faithful Catholics will ignore the efforts of this papal Jesuit Order member and advocate of liberation theology to lead the church into master schemes of the Globalist cabal.

  31. God bless those who want clarification on the Pope’s global objectives! He needs to know the Bible and understand Jesus’Will. II Cor10:4,5 ” The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds and casting down every high thing that exalts itself against God and we likewise bring every thought to the obedience of Christ.”
    Correct the Pop where he and all are wrong Lord, in Jesus nameAmen

  32. Pull out the Bible and read again, Genesis 3, God breathed words.

    Christ is the only way, the center, never man and certainly absolutely not the man made anti-Christian terrorist governmental process called islam, which has it’s foundation on ‘killing or converting all infidels—-described as non-believers’.

    The two mix like fire and dynamite.

    Prophesy is being fulfilled!

    This crazy political correctness, destroying God’s word by the false perception that we should just ‘all get along’ is not what the Bible teaches. One cannot serve both God and man.

  33. Not at all surprised given the Catholic church has been embracing Islamic teaching, communistic values, one world order. Not that it is alone many Protestant denominations doing the same thing due to influx of middle east money. (30 pieces of silver)

  34. Wow! I am not Catholic but some of my family is. This is a total shock to me that the Pope would even think of such a thing when it is warned over and over about it in the Bible! I don’t know what to say except I am not falling for it. I sure hope many many others do not fall for it! Same things goes with all this talk about everyone having a chip in their body to eliminate identity theft, etc. Mark of the Beast, another Bible warning!

  35. Cardinal Burke is right. The gospel of Jesus Christ has with stood the passage of time and many challenges.It has, because it is truth and truth doesn’t need to change, nor will it.Here you have a pope who is supposed to represent God,and who is caving in to the way of the world.The Pope should be an Icon that stands out and stands stalwart in his teachings of Jesus Christ.He should be a beacon of light that guides the people back to the paths of truth and not the ways of the world. My belief he is only going further the disenchantment with the Catholic church, adding that to resent troubles the church has been struggling with. The Catholic doesn’t need any more hits, instead the church needs to become stalwart in the teachings of Jesus Christ and to its principles.

  36. This Pope is now more then ever showing his Socialism/Communistic passion. He is bent not
    only in Destroying the Catholic Church BUT Christianity as we know it.
    America and other Freedom Loving Nations. Beware of the Wolf in the Chicken House. This man is becoming more and more Diabolical.

  37. Same old “I’m OK, you’re OK” crap. In fact, none of us are OK, but the mohammedans are sure as Hell less OK than we are.

  38. This is absolutely the fulfillment of prophecy regarding one world religion and is completely demonic. I pray with every fiber of my being that Christians in ALL denominations will recognize this for what it is.

    • David my brother, you are correct! How do I know? Jesus our savior has visited me in the Spring of 2019 and instructed me to tell all his children that time is short and we are approaching the End Times. I asked him when this will all end and he relayed to me he didn’t know the exact date but it will be in less than 50 years and only the Father knows the exact date. He instructed me to relay his love to everyone I meet and to love each other the way he loves us. We are to pray to him because he is the Light/the Way to the Father. Praise Jesus

  39. Thank you for publishing and raising the awareness of this dangerous doctrine from the Vatican. All this smacks of the “Liberation Theology” which was born in Latin America. South American Jesuits, whom Pope Francis is one, are the leading exponents of this theology which is counter to God’s sovereignty.

  40. The Pope is clearly contradicting the Bible and has doing so for a while now. The Catholic church needs to wake up before it drags innocent people in the depths of despair. get rid of this guy and get someone to actually preach the word correctly

  41. We are headed to a “One World Religion, ISLAM”… The infiltration throughout Europe, the USA and many other countries where the Muslim population and influence will continue to grow. There are many NO-GO zones where infidels are not welcome. We here in the USA already have anti-American Muslim politicians wielding political power and the media and liberals embracing their rhetoric. London has a Muslim mayor disarming the citizenry of all weapons because of terrorism against civilians. Laws providing protections of the invaders over citizens rights. Yes, “One World Religion” is coming and progressive globalism is responsible.


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