Candace Owens Destroys Critics Of Kentucky Attorney General

(Tea Party 247) – Candace Owens is cutting down foolish, racist narratives from the left yet again, this time in defense of Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron, who she says was “racially attacked” because he didn’t fit the progressive “prototype” of what a black man should be.

Cameron, for his part, gave very well-reasoned, sensible comments about the grand jury decision on the Breonna Taylor shooting this week, explaining that the tragedy of her death is in no way eclipsed by the decision of the jury that the police involved did not commit murder.

You’d think that this take on the case, in which Taylor’s boyfriend opened fire on the police officers after they knocked on their door to fulfill a warrant, wouldn’t be unpopular.

But no, it’s 2020 and the left can’t reason their way out of a paper bag, let alone that not every single incident fits into their perfect narrative.

Speaking with Fox News on Thursday, Owens said that racially-charged criticism from black leftists is similar to reactions she’s gotten when she’s challenged the progressive narrative on race.

Carlson began by pointing out that Cameron had “certainly made a rational case” as to why the officers would not be charged with homicide considering the evidence the jury was presented with, which included eyewitnesses.

“And then you see him attacked as a race traitor,” Carlson said.

“For me, it’s absolutely infuriating to watch,” Owens explained in response. “I’ve been on the receiving end of the same sort of attacks. Here’s what’s so fundamentally wrong and backwards about it … if you actually look at what they are saying and what the deeper implications are here, it’s there is a right way, a correct way and a wrong way to be black.”

So, she says, this means “you can look at me…and say, ‘Candace Owens is black and therefore I can assign a bunch of characteristics and expectations upon her based on her skin color.’”

Yeah, that’s actually racist.

“Ironically Tucker, that’s the very definition of racism, and it’s coming from the liberals who like to say that they see racism everywhere but they can’t recognize it when it’s coming out of their own mouth,” Owens continued.

Last year, the 34-year-old Cameron made history as the first black attorney general elected in Kentucky and the first Republican to hold the post in seven decades, as BizPac Review notes.

I don’t know about you, but I think that makes him a role model, not an antagonist, to black America and certainly conservatives as a whole!

But the progressive left wants to keep the wool pulled over the eyes of black voters, and it’s getting old.

Retired Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey declared on MSNBC following Cameron’s news conference, “Let me say this as a black woman … he does not speak for black folks. He’s skin folk but, he is not kinfolk. … He does not speak for all of us. This was not a tragedy, this was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself.”

Louisville attorney Dawn Elliot, who is also black, sickeningly declared that Cameron should stop “eating the coon flakes the White House is serving” and pointing to his association with the Orange Man.

Even if this statement was remotely decorous, it wouldn’t even vaguely resemble an actual argument against Cameron’s performance as attorney general or the decision on the Taylor case.

Owens says this vetreol is due to the black “prototype” progressives have for black Americans as far as how they should vote, think, act, and feel.

“I’ve often said the Democrat Party has built almost a prototype of what it means to be a Black American,” she told Carlson. “A black American must vote Democrat, you must react emotionally and not rationally and not pause to think. We must be faithful and abide by cultural icons” like “’King’ Lebron James, as he is called, and ‘Queen’ Beyonce.”

Cameron addressed just this during his presser.

“There will be celebrities, influencers and activists who having never lived in Kentucky will try to tell us how to feel, suggesting they understand the facts of this case, that they know our community and the Commonwealth better than we do, but they don’t,” he said.

“This guy should be commended by both sides, and instead he’s being attacked racially by the left,” Owens declared.


Video: Tucker Carlson – Candace Owens On The Kentucky AG


  1. This is typical of the MSM and some of racist black leaders to attack the system if it don’t work the way they think it should. White folks didn’t riot and protest when OJ was let off for killing his wife and friend-he was guilty as hell.

  2. God bless Ms. Owen’s and Mr. Cameron. Two brave and intelligent people. God bless President Trump and the USA.
    I know there are more than these two brave and intelligent people. I just hope they wake up in time and do not vote for B/H ticket.

  3. Ms Owens is an intelligent black woman who can think for herself. That in itself is a modern day miracle! She is right that the left progressive movement has a set type of person you have to be to be black. You have to think, act, and respond as the progressives want or your kicked to the side of the road and smeared as a anti-black, black. The black community is being led by the nose by their slave masters and they can’t see the chain loop in front of their face. The Democrats fought for slavery, and they still are, but the difference is now the black community fights for them too. Who in their right mind would ever think to see slaves fighting to stay slaves? Ms. owens you have a hard road ahead of you, but keep up the great work you do cause someday I hope you succeed. Then the house of slavery , the Democratic Party, will crumble and die.

  4. Given what occupies the space where LIBERALS should have their brains namely MASSIVE AMOUNTS of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER and nothing even remotely close to a brain cell trace LIBERALS could not find their way out of a paper bag with all sides and the bottom cut out.

  5. The AG made his decision BBC based on facts and eye witness evidence as every case should be, not because he’s black. I’m sure he expected a great deal of negative feedback from the elite members of the leftist black loud mouths who are quick to widen the racial division that is such a furry topic. The democrats created this division and they are using this incident to ignite it even more.

  6. 1xt you and Atkins are a pair of liars , u both need your heads examined ! Get off the this page as people are talking things that make sense, not your lying gibberish !
    The Attorney General spoke truth there was no murder , there was an attempted murder on the part of the young ladies boy friend by shooting a police officer!

  7. Candace is the best and very intelligent her reason I right way and makes sense that’s why this racial thing is dum people are really educating themselves. Worry about racial that sometimes it doesn’t make sense

  8. Candice hit it right, the Democrats have degraded the black race as not able to think logically but follow the master Party ideals


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