Canada’s State-Funded Broadcaster Uses ‘Home Alone 2’ To Diss Trump; Here’s What’s Going Down

(Tea Party 247) – The “Home Alone” franchise — well, the first two anyway — are holiday classics that are on most people’s “to watch” list when the Christmas season rolls around and for good reason. The films are truly hilarious, not to mention they also contain a strong family message which our current culture desperately needs to hear.

However, it seems the radical leftists in Canada have decided to weaponize the second film in the series, “Home Alone 2: Lost In New York,” as a political attack on President Trump. For those who don’t know, Trump actually has a small cameo in the movie.

Well, the CBC decided to cut that cameo out. The reason why? They claim it was for time, but some are saying there are more political motives at play.

Here’s more from Summit News:

Canadian state-funded broadcaster CBC deleted the scene featuring Donald Trump from their Christmas broadcast of Home Alone 2.

The scene from the 1992 movie features Trump telling Macaulay Culkin’s character how to find the lobby in the Trump Hotel.

The reason behind the deletion of the scene is not known, with many on Twitter claiming it was a political decision.

“CBC TV in Canada has cut Donald Trump’s Home Alone 2 cameo out of their broadcast,” tweeted Ryan Fournier. “They’re so triggered by him that they had to edit him out of the film. Absolutely pathetic.”

However, the broadcaster asserted that it was edited out due to time constraints.

“As is often the case with features adapted for television, Home Alone 2 was edited to allow for commercial time within the format,” CBC told

The fact that the scene is only 24 seconds long means many are treating this explanation with a hefty dose of skepticism.

Here’s more from Fox News:

Viewers took to social media with mixed criticism days ahead of Christmas as they recognized the American president’s noticeable absence from the 1992 film, reported.

“You guys are the biggest bush league ‘journalists’ of all time. Editing out Trump’s cameo in Home Alone 2. What kind of state-sponsored bulls–t is that? #Defund,” one Twitter user wrote to the network.

“Welcome to the liberal government-controlled media,” another tweeted to the network.

“Don’t love Trump, but come on folks – Your hysteria over this man has risen to evangelical fervor. Guessing he’ll be scrubbed from history books too?” another tweeted.

The edit was described as “petty” and “pathetic” by naysayers, while others defended the CBC’s decision.

“TV channels are allowed to remove scenes with known criminals :),” a Twitter user responded.

Another social media user tweeted: “almost clicked to watch Home Alone yesterday, but I didn’t want to see Trump, so the CBC option meets my consumer choice.”

According to, the CBC provided a reason for the removal, claiming the edit was “to allow for commercial time within the format.”

The CBC did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

In the iconic holiday film, Macaulay Culkin’s character, Kevin McCallister, walks into the Plaza Hotel by himself as he is separated from his family. He runs into a passerby played by Trump and asks, “Excuse me, where’s the lobby?”

“Down the hall and to the left,” Trump responds as he towers over a young Culkin.

Amid the snub, President Trump and first lady Melania tweeted a Christmas video on Wednesday.

“Wishing you all a very #MerryChristmas! May your day be filled with peace, love and happiness!” Melania wrote.

As far as editing the clip, it seems the original intent behind the cut was for time purposes, but is that still the motivation for not airing it today, or does it also, perhaps, fit an agenda the Canadian government, which is no fan of Donald Trump?

Guess we’ll never really know.



  1. Some idiots that live in Canada can’t leave well enough alone. I don’t care if the CBC censored it back in 2014. Also, on “Hockey night in Canada” and they fired Don Cherry. Cherry told the truth! Our American culture is fading away without one shot! Thank you Libs and Progressives for ruining our countries! When I am dead and gone and if this happens, I will be laughing at Progressives for all of eternity!

  2. Screw Canada. They only produce two things and nobody want’s one of them. Maple Syrup and Canadians. Which one could YOU Live without?

  3. Talk about being triggered, settle down, there’s bigger issues than this at hand, like socioeconomic injustice getting worse under this administration

  4. Last time I checked Canada was a separate country and had nothing, politically to gain and/or influence, anything going on in the United States. So, who cares that the edited the movie for whatever reason, let’s not forget we’re talking about a country whose flag has a maple leaf on it…

  5. That scene was not filmed in the “Trump Hotel” as stated in the article. That was taken in the Plaza which is about 12 blocks north of Trump Tower. I’ve been in both so I can spot the difference easily.

  6. CANADA, the birth place and home of malcontent pu$$ys like Michael Moore and Jim Carrey. We need to build our next WALL along the US/Canadian border. Let the Canadian sociopaths and Socialist wanna-a-bes rot in their own self-made Liberal HELL.

  7. Kanada is a lost country! A true liberal socialist sharia compliant paradise that tells its subjects what to to think & say.
    Owning a firearm for self defence is not gov’t sanctioned & forget any concept of concealed carry.
    The CBC is a government sponsored broadcaster sucking up C$1.2 billion tax dollars every year to bash everyone & everything not Liberal. Little chance of President Trump getting a fair shake here. Hell, Kanada doesn’t even spend 2% GDP for NATO defence.

  8. That’s is how communist take total control your life. Don’t believe then go to China & any communist country you find out but don’t let the communist take control over your life in free-world.

  9. So what. Who really gives a damn. The Teaparty247 must have nothing better to report on. The article is disrespectful and a waste of space on the web and the time it took to write it. You journalist need to get a good job or find something interesting and important to write about. This was from 2015 when the movie was being made for TV. We all know that movies are cut to fit the time slot a movie has. This was not the only part that was cut. So for TeaParty247 to even bother to put this on the web and to DISS or disrespect the President is a joke and means nothing BUT YOU JUST HAVE TO make something out of it there really is not there. Disappointed in TEAPARTY247

  10. Good try but this is an example of stoking RW rage with a lie. This movie had been edited in 2014 for CBC TV. If you remember, this was before Trump was even a candidate. But truth seems in short supply on the right.

  11. The fake leftist news we are hearing today is nauseating, disgusting, horrible, scarry and causes me great concern about our continued freedoms in our most wonderful Republic.

  12. “Tea Against Capitalism!” should be the title of this article. It is an unnecessary scene that was deleted to allow more time for commercials. is going communist!!!!!!


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