California’s New Law On Medical Vaccine Exemptions Should Scare You

(Tea Party 247) – Parents in California whose children may be at risk to medical complications if they go through a regular round of childhood vaccinations will now be forced to subject their children to this risk or lose their right to send them to public school.

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom (D) signed into law Senate Bill 276, a highly controversial bill that slams down the hammer or families seeking medical exemptions for vaccines.

The reasons for medical exemptions vary widely but may include factors such as a history of comas, chemotherapy, or life-threatening allergies, according to the CDC.

The Huffington Post reports that SB276 requires public health officials to review exemptions at schools with less than a 95% vaccination rate. The law also requires that any doctor who grants more than five medical exemptions in a calendar year be placed under review by public health officials.

Worst of all, the law now gives the state the authority to revoke any exemptions it deems fraudulent or medically inaccurate. Because the government knows children better than their parents and even their doctors, apparently.

Gov. Newsom also signed SB714, a bill of several revisions to SB276 that, as he had previously indicated, he would not sign the bill without. The changes in SB714 allow for a delay in the state review of some medical exemptions and allow for all existing medical exemptions to be grandfathered in by Jan. 1, according to the Los Angeles Times. SB714 also requires that families obtain new medical exemptions when their child enters kindergarten, seventh grade, or changes schools.

Prior to Gov. Newsom’s intervention, SB276, as first introduced by State Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), would have required the state health department to review and approve or deny all medical exemptions, a terrifying prospect.

Families in California who utilize public and private schools lost their right to personal belief exemptions to vaccines back in 2015 when then-Governor Jerry Brown signed another of Sen. Pan’s draconian bills, SB277, into law.

Naturally, these bills sparked massive backlash in the state as the law goes beyond the pale in violating patient-physician confidentiality and giving the government an inappropriate role in private medical decision making.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Capitol building in Sacramento in one last effort to show the state legislature the faces of the families they affected with the bills.

Several demonstrators, including mothers and grandmothers, were arrested for blocking entry into the building:

Three more mothers arrested. Erin Massengale Jaslynn Ball Crystal Shreeve

Posted by Denise Marie on Monday, September 9, 2019

This should frighten each and every liberty-loving American, but we are glad to see so many parents so passionately defend the rights of parents everywhere. Pray these mama and papa bears don’t lose this spirit! California needs much more of it.

The state of California has given itself an obscene amount of power in the private, personal medical decisions of children, parents, and their doctors. If they can do this with vaccines, why would they stop there?

Please pray for the families of California and every other state whose government takes such massive strides toward utter tyranny.


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