California Considering Extreme Measures To Control Coronavirus Outbreak

(Tea Party 247) – If anyone is surprised that the state of California is going into an extreme state of lockdown amid the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus outbreak?

The Democrats will take any excuse to exercise the might of the state’s power, and it seems like this is no different.

During a press conference on Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom stated that his state is considering declaring martial law after 12 deaths due to the virus were confirmed.

There are currently 500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Golden State, which has an overall population of over 39 million.

Fox News reported:

It’s all part of a rapidly escalating reaction that saw three more Northern California counties on Tuesday follow the example of those in the San Francisco Bay Area that told residents to stay at home and go outside only for food, medicine and other essential needs.

At a news conference, Newsom did not announce a similar requirement statewide, but previously told bars, restaurants, movie theaters, fitness centers and other gathering places to shut their doors as the death toll crept to 12 and the number of confirmed cases neared 500. All people 65 and older and those with underlying health conditions have been encouraged to stay indoors.

In readying the National Guard for action, Newsom’s office emphasized that it’s for duties routinely performed during natural disasters and other emergencies. But Newsom grimly added that “we have the ability to do martial law … if we feel the necessity.”

Imposing martial law would take the extraordinary step of replacing the usual laws with military authority, with the possible suspension of civil liberties like freedom of association and movement.

On Tuesday, Orange County announced severe restrictions on residents to “minimize the coronavirus outbreak.” Several counties in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, announced a shelter-in-place order, requiring that citizens to remain at home and avoid unnecessary travel.

The chief health officer in Orange County also announced a ban on dining in restaurants and ordered bars to close. According to the Gateway Pundit, they also threatened to jail anyone who walked outdoors with anyone other than members of their household.

According to the order they report, those who do not live together must stay 6 feet away from each other.

In San Francisco, residents can only leave their homes to go to the grocery store to seek medical aid or help a friend or family member in need.

It gets worse, however.

In Los Angeles, the homeless are exempt from the orders and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is releasing inmates in response to the outbreak.

Only in California!


  1. I look at this —demonrats rep goes to Iran to secretly confer with government officials in early January, China starts reporting on the Wuhan virus, China and Iran are buddies. Looks like a coordinated effort to force another coup against our President. I wonder if soros started the ball rolling.

  2. Is anyone seriously surprised that California would consider martial law? And if they do declare a militarization of their ridiculous virus response does anyone think the courts are going to do anymore than what they’ve have done to curtail California’s assault on the 2nd Amendment? California has become emboldened because the federal courts and even the supreme court have become negligent in holding it accountable. Respect for the law starts eroding at the top when the courts acquiesce to curtailing our civil liberties. When one part of the Bill of Rights is deemed not worth protecting then why should any of the others be treated any differently?

  3. This event will disrupt day to day operations for everyone. Panic wont help. We must come to terms with the FACT THAT THERE WILL BE CASUALTIES. Attitude is what we all must control. This aspect of human behavior determines the outcome of an event like this. Remember we CAN get thru this IF we stay calm and carry on in our own situations. Nobody has all the answers to this yet. We must allow the government to do what it CAN to address this situation. We as a nation must do WHAT WE CAN DO to insure minimal damage to our people and country. YOU have to depend on solid thinking and restraint and deal with YOUR OWN CIRCUMSTANCES DAY TO DAY. Blaming others is a waste of time and energy. AS WE HAVE DONE IN THE PAST WE MUST HELP EACH OTHER MAKE IT.

  4. It’s been the democrats pushing for the martial law. I think they got together with China and created this. Remember Bill Gates is major contributor and owners part of the lab. Not to mention he predicted this in 2017? Mmmm. This was only way they thought they could beat Trump and are now making their power moves. Dream come true for them. Wake up people!

    • I look at this —demonrats rep goes to Iran to secretly confer with government officials in early January, China starts reporting on the Wuhan virus, China and Iran are buddies. Looks like a coordinated effort to force another coup against our President. I wonder if soros started the ball rolling.

  5. Wonder why he didn’t call them out for the flu. After all more people die from it than the corona virus. Seems to me he’d be all over it. But then he ignore typhus, and all the other nasty diseases due to illegals and the filth in CA.

  6. Where are all the bleeding hearts demanding, “Open Borders”, Sanctuary Cities, Free Everything
    Those who are Conservative were/are called, RACIST, Selfish, Privileged, Ignorant, Uneducated, DEPLORABLE. Those of us who want a Secure Border are now suffering because of the Leftist Democrat Regime. Instead of working together for our Country’s success & safety, they resisted and maligned us every single day. Now the most Liberal want to exercise Marshall Law, for order & safety. I bet those cowards are hoarding Toilet Paper & Lysol. Damn Communists.

  7. Methinks martial law is good idea as it leads the way for Trump to do martial law over whole country and take over as de- facto Emperor
    Vive Le Trumpo

    • Mr KAJ- the homeless don’t got no home. So how you can tell them to stay home? Better idea to gather thems all and put hem in camps far away in the boonies where they can do some work. This will solve homeless problem even after Corona has passed. It is being travesty that the richest and most powerful country in history is having this problem and is spending so much moneys on other countries who is biting the arse that is being to feed them. Worthless ingrate varmints thems alls. Phkk ‘em alls sez I. America first, last and every place else in- between.
      God bless America and no place else.
      INygvos, the Oracle of Manjayree hath spoken

  8. California has got to be one of the most ignorant officials making these obsurd requirements. They’re threatening to arrest a contributing citizen in their state if they leave their home with someone other then a family member but rules
    and the law doesn’t apply to the Homeless and the brilliant idea to release criminals from jail to minimize an outbreak is ludicrous. The criminals now running the streets will acquire this virus in or out of prison. That’s a Democrat’s Logic! 😂

    • The idiots that live there keep voting for liberals so they get what they vote for. Stop voting for democrats and things will change for the better.

  9. Leave a reply…for what? However I’lll try. Borders to the world closed
    … & what about ours to “Mexico?” And no report on Mexico … their ideas, their situation … but we needed Canada’s. What’s with all you Latinos &..nas, what governing priorities (my mother was of Latin heritage, and, a good catholic at that) … loverly mess we got into with all these loose border ideas … as well certainly not helping our housing and homeless causes. Sorry Ladies and Gentlemen, when it comes to our California’s “government’s engines” I am no fan … for plenty of personal experience. Most sincerely.

  10. They should get all the elderly to stay home for 3 weeks and deliver food to their doors and those with low immune systems, I will bet those are the ones that died just like the flu

  11. …and while you are at it “governor” RESTRICT traffic across STATE LINES…No in or out traffic whatsoever…thus CONTAIN YOUR citizens to YOUR state thus not allowing YOUR problem to spread to the rest of us…WHY?.. because your citizens will have the “not me” attitude and continue to do as they dam well feel with no regard to others…and while you are at it, have members of your government go to the streets and clean up the FECES that YOU allowed to happen because of your policies dealing with the “homeless”…don’t expect to get others to do this job for you…YOU created the MESS…now you and your “holier than thou” colleagues need to CLEAN it UP!

    • Do you say the same for New York and Washington. They both have way more cases than California.
      PS Seattle has a poop on the streets problem also.

  12. The mans is a idiot but what do you expect from a governor of California can’t fix the homeless problem decades of incompetent and liberal democratic socialist leadership now the idiotic moron moving to have the National Guard stepping in? Where’s the Common sense has Californians lost all touch with reality.

  13. Newsome and democrat leadership is reaping the whirlwind of allowing San Francisco
    to turn into a cesspool…Naturally they would be hit the hardest because of their liberal
    policies towards the homeless

  14. Has anyone else noticed that Newsom always has a fake smile plastered on his face? When he was discussing the wildfires, he was smiling! Creepy guy!!

  15. Sounds about right. More people are killed every weekend in Chicago. And by all means don’t lock up the people who are spreading the germs, and please let us release the rapists and murderers on people who no longer have the ability to protect themselves. Thanks Gavin.

  16. What would expect from the Communist state of California! Always punishing the working class and let the homeless run rampant!

  17. Does anyone wonder why democrat controlled areas have the highest crime rates.This is what happens when you allow the inmates control the asylum.For the democrats its all about government control of every aspect of our daily lives and they know once you put something in place it is hard to remove. The democrats do not care about truth and the peoples health and they don’t mind shutting down our economy to do it.With the panic caused by the politicians and media maybe in cases it might be warranted. In Ohio there were people killed at a Wal-Mart over toilet paper.Side note, these grocery stores have been providing for our needs for years and we never had a real problem picking up the products for our needs,why the panic buying? People should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for allowing the government and media to whip them up into a frantic frenzy that has lead to deaths and panic buying.

  18. We have heard about the EU shutting down their borders, Canada shutting theirs, has anybody heard about the US shutting down the worst border? Mexico!

  19. How completely absurd! Just when you think it isn’t possible for the liberals to get any crazier, they do something like this. I am all for trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus and doing what we all can to do our part. Martial law? That is going too far, even for a leftwing liberal nut!

  20. have citizens to stay in their homes but invite illigals to cross the border even the ones with the virus how stupid can people get


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