Busted: The Globalist Billionaire Behind The Dems’ Mail-In Voting Scheme

(Tea Party 247) – Well, well, well.

If it isn’t all the usual suspects.

This week, the Democrats began making a lot of noise about increasing a “vote by mail” system for November’s election out of concern for the coronavirus epidemic.

You can probably guess their intentions there. This is surely something they’d love to exploit for their benefit.

“The things they had in there were crazy,” President Donald Trump said. “They had things – levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”


Well, this is right in the playbook of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, as Breitbart reports, and they’re at it again now:

Soros’s Open Society Foundations have long sought to change the way Americans vote, also funding groups looking to expand the use of electronic and online voting systems nationwide.

Leading the mail-in ballot charge is the Brennan Center for Justice, located at NYU School of Law. The Brennan Center is heavily financed by Soros’s Open Society Foundations and is the recipient of numerous Open Society grants. Breitbart News previously reported the Brennan Center was listed in leaked Open Society Foundations documents as receiving funds specifically earmarked for “litigation to expand access to registration and improve ease of voting.”

Alongside the Brennan Center are a slew of progressive groups tied to Soros money that are working overtime to push mail-in voting. Some of the groups are using the coronavirus crisis to advocate permanent changes to the way Americans vote.

The Brennan Center released a blueprint for voting reform, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, that has been widely cited by news media as making a central argument for a universal vote-by-mail option.

The Brennan document was spotlighted by such outlets as the New York Times, Washington Post, Axios, Politico, the Guardian, and Reuters among many others.

Sure enough, Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar (MN) and Chris Coons (DE) both cited the Brennan Center’s coronavirus voting plan in a letter to House and Senate leaders which called for extra funding for these efforts. They join over a dozen other Democrat Senators who introduced a bill in March to allow for widespread mail-in ballots.

Meanwhile, in the House, Democrat Reps. Suzan DelBene (WA), Earl Blumenauer (OR), and Jamie Raskin (MD) introduced a companion bill.

Breitbart continues:

The Brennan Center’s plan calls for a “universal vote-by-mail option for all voters.” It advocates for “inactive and recently purged voters (who may have been improperly removed from the rolls)” to be sent provisional ballots by mail if they request a mail-in ballot.

The Brennan blueprint calls for expanded online voter registration and allows for mail-in ballots to be processed prior to the close of polls on Election Day.

The document lobbies for polling place modification and preparation including “same-day registration, real-time address updates, and provisional balloting for certain individuals.” Brennan doesn’t define which “certain individuals” should receive same-day registration.

Brennan also advocates expanded early voting, with states offering at least two weeks of early in-person voting or a minimum of five days.

“This would be a massive undertaking but I think it’s absolutely necessary to make sure that we are prepared to run our elections in November, and I think all the problems we have been having in primaries in the last few weeks is evidence we need to start now,” said Lawrence Norden, the director of Election Reform at the Brennan Center and one of the report’s authors.

The Soros-funded Brennan Center’s mail-in ballot plan was weaponized by the Stand Up America activist group, which launched a nationwide program urging Americans to nudge Congress to fund the voting changes. The group’s activities reportedly resulted in more than 19,000 calls to congressional offices in one day alone.

Stand Up America is funded by the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which is managed by the shadowy Arabella Advisors, a for-profit consultancy funded by far-left donors. The Soros-funded Democracy Alliance recommended that donors invest several million dollars into Sixteen Thirty Fund.

The massively Soros-funded American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which routinely partners with Brennan, has been pumping materials urging coronavirus voting legislation that pushes mail-in voting.

Soros’s Open Society Foundations donated $50 million to the ACLU. The Brennan Center has been the recipient of numerous grants from Soros’s Open Society Foundations totaling over $7,466,000 from 2000 to 2010.


  1. Do you see why we have to change the laws about funding sources and how much they can contribute? Anything from George Soros funding is anti-Democracy and intended to subvert our constitution and rights we once fought valiantly to secure. He is deep pockets for democrats hence the push by those well funded politicians and lobbyists who push this agenda. Truly the Supreme Court needs to readdress the law that allowed these huge donations to be made to political campaigns, lobbyists, and politicians. Our government has become so corrupt you can smell the stench all throughout our country. Please demand voter ID and the right to vote to US citizens only! This has become a true battle for truth,justice and the American way. Superman would be crying.

    • You are right , ignorant Americans got us to where we are. Soros and his elitist Jews are heinous. If we don’t get voting under control. It’s over for American as we know it.

  2. There will be all kinds of folks no longer around voting for Democraps. Any the Demorats want is NOT good for America. It is always about them.

  3. This is not going to stop, until Soros is Rotting in Hell. This guy stole everything he has, and should be sent back to Germany to face his Enemies. Death will be too good for him.

  4. I read every day something about George Soros. Is Soros running the Democrat party? Is he now the voice of the Country? Is Soros now running the United State Government with his money? The Republicans better wake up and send George Soros packing or if the Joe Biden wins Soros will be running this Country.

  5. Deport him . . . PERMANENTLY! He’s a TREASONISTIC TRAITOR as per the U.S. Constitution, Guilty of Treason and SEDITION. Team Trump And his allies 2020.

  6. This Soros guy only lives to create chaos around the world and to try and destroy America. WHEN WILL THIS DEMON DIE!!! Hopefully sooner then later!!!


    • You are the furthest thing from a realist. THERE IS NO “DEEP STATE”! Get that phrase out of your vocabulary right now, because it’s nothing but Russian propaganda from the republicunt party.

  8. You’re my opinion George Soros is 10 times worse than bin Laden and George Soros should be eradicated from the earth, but he won’t be because he’s part of the one world order billionaires and you’re not gonna read to keep one of their own that’s helping take down America, and besides that he violates the campaign laws continually! Oh that’s right you want to get busted if you’re conservative you put $.50 too much and do a one party then the other.

    • It is good Soros is spending gobs of money to help the democrats. All his money is keeping many Republicans working. Keep it up Soros, you are looking very old vulnerable and will soon be gone. Who will get your money then.

  9. The dems push for anyone to vote and try to destroy voter ID, update of voter rolls, illegal immigrant voting. They KNOW the only way they can win is to change the rules. Oh, and don’t forget, they want to change the electoral college. Scary. One more term for Trump will help but if a dems is elected, we are doomed. You can see from the dem “rescue” plan that all they really care about is how to get people to vote for them. They talk about helping the “little guy” but then give millions to Kennedy center (like all those without a job and not able to pay their bills will be going there every night???). They even want to retroactively change back the tax laws to allow the 1% to have their taxes subsidized by everyone else – SALT.

  10. 1. Please Bing search history and origins of the ACLU and the founders!
    2. Please Bing search the NAZI history of G. Soros. His rank and responsibility to Hitler, and the Socialist Party created by Hitler.

  11. George Soros could be called the third beast but he shouldn’t be; he is a crass old man, who sold his soul to Satan and is just one the of ten ten diadems of the many headed beast. He tries to do everything in secret but we won’t get to see the 4th Imam or beast for a thousand more years, but these present then beasts will all be slain, soon by the sword, which is the truth. the trouble there are too many who don’t see these beasts with diadems but they are among us and one will show his true colors come this late August, early September and they too will be slain by the truth that the people hold.

  12. Most Democrats are Soros puppets. This fraud (increasing the death rate & # of infected) in order to threaten our safety, is a lame excuse to get the country to accept mail-in voting is all about their, “Vote Harvesting” scam. Stay strong conservatives!!!

  13. Soros owns, controls and dominates the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party, News Media, Social Media and the entertainment industry. He tells them what do to destroy our Economy and country. It is not unreasonable to think that the Coronavirus was stated here by Soros. He makes his billions by manipulating nations economies. Sadly, This virus is something he would do to manipulate economies to make things worse. He must have complete control over the U.S. to make even more money. He is promoting and encouraging Progressive Socialist Communism by offering freebies. It’s the perfect bait to indoctrinate people. Once he controls everything and everyone he will spring the trap. It will be the end of freedom, America and will be
    The beginning of a one world Government. Voting on line, by mail and without voter ID to prove American citizenship the progressive socialist communist fascist racist Democrat Party will get control. They will win by fraud, deception, lies and slander. This is what faces America. Vote by mail is just the beginning of the end. First: Remove God, Second: Most important control the education to indoctrinate, system Third: disarm citizens. Soros is using Hitler’s playbook to conquer a nation.

  14. Unless a voter has a physical problem that prohibits them from voting in person, then they should vote n person. That way the poll workers can verify the voter’s ID against a voter registry. We need to stop voter fraud. Plain and simple.

  15. I only have One thing to say about Him…My Wish is for Soros to live to see …My President Trump be sworn in as #46 President of the United States of America…and then off with Soros to Gitmo…but it my deepest thought I sure hope they visit Al Gore and check out the crack in his driveway…so annoying…and then off with him to Gitmo…Hallelujah…that is My Merry Christmas Wish!

  16. voting by phone or mail must never happen. It is the democrat’s way of calling in or mailing in their votes to get what ever number needed to put them in power. They must be stopped, they have tried every trick in
    their books to get rid of Trump. Pelosi even drug voting on the 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill on for a week.
    this caused many more deaths from the Coronavirus. Had she not shown up during the vote Chuck Schumer would have voted on the bill and it would have passed. How much more blood can she have on her hands before the Democrat’s say enough is enough. At the time of a world crisis’s we need to get to gather and get this country back.

    • Not even in his wildest dreams. He bears the mark of impeachment upon him, and the Coronavirus has exposed his corruption and ineptitude down to the core. Biden doesn’t need this imaginary “Soros” character to help him win. Traitor Trump has already destroyed himself.

  17. Been saying all along, dems know voter fraud is the only way they might be able to win in November. Who better to engineer something like that than “Emporer” Soros?

    • As l was reading the article, it would say Soros funded…..what a bunch of hooo.! The Democraps will do anything to cheat, anything.

  18. We can not allow any changes like this to occur, be sure you are mindful of such preposterous ideas being embedded in Coronavirus legislation or as stand alone legislation.
    Remember just recently our Senators and Representatives who were home self quarantining were not allowed to vote remotely on the Economic Relief Bill, but yet they want all of Americans to vote digitally? A hackers dream come true!
    I think we need to do away with absentee ballots, with the exception of military over seas. If it’s important enough for you to vote then get your sorry ass to your registered polling place. Raise the voting age to 24! By twenty four you should be out on your own and understand how much of your pay check goes to taxes, you understand the importance of health insurance, and hopefully the idea of not paying for everyone else’s
    Healthcare, college, or others college loans. 18 year olds are still living with parents, for the most part, under parent’s health insurance, and certainly don’t understand that “free” isn’t really free, it’s just a term for higher taxes. The exception to this age requirement would be any one in the military, if they are willing to fight for our freedoms then they deserve the right to vote.
    We should demand voter I.D. I need an I.D. for just about anything I do. Yet the most important thing we do as Americans doesn’t require it? It is not Racist!
    No early voting prior to Election Day. And the absentee ballots are not counted until Election Day.
    We also, need to be wary of them pushing to do away with the Electoral College. It was a brilliant idea for the less populated states to have a fair say in who will be our President.
    Be informed keep up on proposed legislation and VOTE!

    • Dad was born in 1905; he remembered when voters elected the members of the Electoral College (EC), Congressional District by District, rather than choosing a President by direct vote. Until comparatively recently, Electoral College votes were allocated to the Presidential candidate who prevailed in each individual Congressional District; the State-by-State winner-take-all corruption is a recent aberration. Unhappily, most States are populated by voters who don’t realize they have the power to put things back on track.(And, yes, it DOES take money). If you would see exactly how a corrupt voting system can be created by a State Legislature, read California’s latest election laws. But …. Do so on an empty stomach.

  19. If the penalty for voter fraud was very harsh possibly we could stop voter fraud.
    First time striped of all rights as an American and fined $50,000.00 second offense death by hanging at the court house where the offense was committed. All family members deported to a communist nation.
    No plea bargaining.
    This may sound harsh, just think of what they were trying to accomplish.
    This country was founded by patriots who did not want Government telling every fart to let.
    America is more than a country It is a mindset. If it was so bad why do so many want to come here ??

    • You realize many of the confirmed cases of voter fraud were committed by republican voters?

      Like the Mexican immigrant who voted straight ticket republican in (I believe) Texas in 2016. She wasn’t a citizen but was here legally. She got like 5 years and will be deported when she’s out.

      Then there was the woman in Florida who went to several polling locations to vote for trump.

      This shit almost never happens, but it’s usually to the benefit of Republicans.

    • Re: Robert and the voting laws and that it benefits Republicans!
      I lived in the city of Chicago and they admitting say vote early and often. They also joke about the dead voting.
      It has been ruined by Democrats. I could give you many examples however before I finish, it would be 2021.

    • Last Dem racket’s massive ballot harvesting not requiring only voters to submit personally as well as over-distributed mail-in than registered voters in Ca, Nevada, Va., Fla., likely other states regained the lower House to Pelosi wielding her corrupt leftist agenda to topple successful MAGA policies. Trust the GOP won’t be outmaneuvered again & is on to those machinations assaulting the sacrosanct American vote.

    • Not a fact at all Reta, her name is Rosa Maria Ortega and she never voted in 2016. Very few voter fraud cases are found in Republican voters. She probably checked the wrong box. Why would a Mexican immigrant vote Republican? You libs are desperate and losing more ground daily.

  20. Thank you Mr. Altee for your informative posting herein regarding our voting rights. The power brokers in DC have focused ONLY on investigations ad nausem of the President and have done very little in representing their constituency === a waste of taxpayer money let alone vile and unwarranted disinformation. When will our people understand the harm and utter disrespect to the office of Presidency? Perhaps never. It is imperative that we exercise our right to vote in November. Socialism and then the progression into Communism is not far away for us. We will rue that day if it happens !!! V O T E!!!

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  22. The current voting laws/rules have worked for many years. There have been numerous attempts by the Democrats to change the laws/rules or procedures for voting to enable non-registered, illegal immigrants, and even people who have died (some for many years) to vote. They have been proven to stuff ballot boxes with illegal ballots. Their desire is to conquer and become more powerful. Soros deeply encourages the efforts of the Democrats, and heavily funds practically all agencies/activities that follows his leftist desires. Most of the Democrats have been so brainwashed they no longer can think intelligently – they only want power! The House of Representatives is controlled by a majority of Democrats. They are supposed to support their respective states and help govern the United States of America. Yet, they have done practically nothing of value or interest to neither their respective states or our Nation. They spend some of their time on matters that are idiotic, then they recess without further ado. In short, the Democrats in our Congress have averted doing anything of value to our Nation, they are power hungry and will not even discuss matters that are not their own ideas. Their leadership in Congress and all of the committees of the Congress have openly proven to be corrupt and misleading to the public. A change to the current political appointees is necessary before our Nation becomes a communistic state. This can be affected in November – VOTE…VOTE…VOTE!


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