Burger King Panders To LGBT For Pride Month With This Obnoxious Gesture But Look Who’s Offended

(Tea Party 247) – The world is literally falling apart around us. The coronavirus scamdemic has upended life as we know it and it doesn’t look like the madness is going to end anytime soon. Our economy has crashed and unconstitutional decrees have become the rule of the land.

Many major American cities are being destroyed by raging domestic terrorist Antifa and Black Lives Matter mobs. Our history is being desecrated right before our eyes all in the supposed names of “justice” and “equality.” America is being destroyed from the inside out.

Yet, still, the show must go on and it’s pride month.

In celebration of pride month (since we are all in the celebratory mood) Burger King has altered its’ name and logo in several Hispanic markets to depict a Burger “Queer” wearing a “rainbow” crown.

Natural News has more:

Similar to what McDonald’s did with its black trans propaganda campaign aimed at Americans, Burger King’s Latino division joined up with an on-demand delivery service known as Rappi to push the LGBTQ propaganda south of the border.

The company’s Facebook and Twitter pages were both changed to reflect the new photo, which prominently features “rainbow” imagery and other “queer” themes. Burger King’s French fries and sandwich boxes were also redesigned to reflect the ‘pride’ motif.

“Let’s celebrate love, because we are all the same inside,” the company announced in one of its tweets.

Customers who purchase a combo meal at Burger King Mexico will reportedly be given free pride crowns with their orders, as well as “a special surprise.” What that “special surprise” might be remains unknown.

“Is this a joke?” asked one Facebook user, confused by the changes.

“Better go to Carl’s Jr.” instead, wrote another.

This is, however, 2020 and even when trying to celebrate and “honor” a particular group of people, you are likely to actually offend them. Natural News reports that some who identify as LGBT have, in fact, been offended by Burger King’s pandering and their use of the word “queer” claiming the word has been “re-appropriated.” Oh brother.

The word queer apparently became part of the LGBTQ lexicon after the 1969 Stonewall Riots, where activists chanted, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it.” But the word “queer” apparently makes some LGBTQs feel uncomfortable, which has led to some backlash for Burger King.

Since Corporate America has decided to get involved in politics instead of just doing business, it has become a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” scenario. Due to the fact that they have brought the entire situation on themselves, since they could choose to remain impartial, unbiased, and bi-partisan, we can’t help but be utterly amused when their disgusting pandering to special, fringe interests groups backfires.

You can’t possibly please these people without offending them. Our outrage culture has made that literally impossible. Now, words themselves are offensive no matter their actual meaning. Everybody is looking to create the next controversy.

It’s really time for Americans to take their money to businesses who are committed to simply doing business rather than supporting hot-button political movements that are sure to alienate a major chunk of their customer base.

If we ever hope to see actual change in America, we need to start using our wallets to make it happen.

Featured image credit: Mike Mozart – flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/14303984071


  1. Be REAL careful if you order from an LGBTQ “friendly” restaurant (not all of them are). There is NO TELLING what these people will do to your ORDER (NASTY stuff like spit in your food, or WORSE). May have to COOK your OWN BURGER over your OWN charcoal grill if this NONSENSE keeps up. One Wary and THOROUGHLY Disgusted Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  4. Good thong I don’t eat there and my occasional whopper will never happen anymore. Chick filet and others are gone too.

    • Sad but true. Chick Filet screwed the pooch with Sandy shining Lacraes shoes. Fewer options for us but more $ for those we do go to.

  5. There are many alternatives when it come to fast food. No one is forcing anyone to eat at Burger King. Do like me – Just go elsewhere.

    • Every time I decide to give Burger King another chance, I regret it.
      Something in their food always makes me sick. Never had that
      problem with Wendy’s or MacDonalds.

  6. Yes…..i too had my last Chick-Faley after it was announced by the owners of their new found alliance. Now i’ll never darken the doors of a BurgerKing again long as I live. F…n all of them.

  7. It is sad that you cannot enjoy the simple act of buying a burger without being reminded of the friction and politics going in the country. The rot that is going on is seeping into every aspect of living. It’s like you have to eat sleep and breathe someone else’s way of life.

    • Wow…..Sandra love your post. You are spot on and i’m sick and tired of pandering to another’s political bent. They are the ones that should shut up and live their own sordid lives as they want, and stop trying to change everyone else into thinking that their lifestyle is mainstream. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with their political correctness and am ignoring them as i live my life according to my desires.

  8. You Know that most of you that have had derogatory remarks about the LBGQT Comunity probalbly have a daughter and or son or relative who fits this gender. Especially Joey P. who I think I know him from a Bar outside of a city (which I will not mention on Line). So basically button-up as you can’t do anything about what the African-Americans are going through and I am sure they will agree that we don’t have to put up with your Anti-Faggot responses. So shut the F-up and eat somewhere else.

  9. Gross. And stupid. All they’ve done is offend EVERYBODY. Good goin’, BG.

    Buy a pound of hamburger and fix your own.

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  11. Why these companies pander to this nonsense is beyond me. It’s not their place to state what their politics are.All “we” want is some good fast food, no political signs & let us “get in & out” fast. These “boycotters” have built nothing ,but want to destroy “what” works.Since the Columbus statues went GONZO, maybe Pizza is next? I don’t see anybody picketing a “rib place”! THESE MARXISTS ARE NUTS! The worst part of all of this IS that most Americans are CLUELESS! These “whackos” are in Congress, local govt.s & rioting in the streets! When you need a “cop”, who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

  12. Why these companies are getting embroiled in cultural/socialist pandering is beyond me. Stay neutral & your company will flourish.No matter what ,these Marxists will burn, pillage & destroy. Just WHAT have “they” done to build up anything.? Do any of “them” work or are “they” getting paid to riot & BY WHOM??? They have too much time on their hands, no goals & deny free speech. Their goal is to DESTROY everything that the USA was built on. Strongly suggest that “they” go to Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela OR any other “place” that would give “them” the freedoms that “they” have in the USA. If “we” are so bad & rotten, then WHY ? does everyone want to come to the USA?

  13. I really thought this was a satire story from The Onion or The Babylon Bee. Are people in America this deranged?! Well, I will now be boycotting Burger King along with Chic-Fil-A, since Chic-Fil-A’s owners came out and donated money to anti-family queer groups, pandering to the LGBT…Whatever their anagram is now. I support ‘Firehouse’ Subs as a portion of their profits go to First Responders, Fire Fighters, Police and other Law Enforcement and Medical personnel such as Paramedics, Mobile Doctors, etc. ‘Firehouse Subs’ was founded and run by former Firefighters and they give back to their own community of First Responders, and to Hell with anyone who doesn’t like it!

  14. Is Complacency the New Normal? We hear about the dismantling of the Police Departments. We hear about the destruction of our history and our heritage. We see the rioting in all of the major cities – the looting, the destruction, the literal tearing down of everything we, as Americans, hold sacred. Every night we turn on the news, whether on Fox or CNN, and we get angry as hell. This is not the America we know and love. This is not a picture of a country that we have the utmost pride in. We remember the line from the movie, “Network” – we’re mad as hell and we don’t want to deal with this again.” As Americans, we have GOT to stand up and start screaming – Stop this Insanity!!! Black Lives Matter are taking over the USA. We see what they are doing and we laugh because this can’t be real. But it is real and unless we do something collectively real quick, the animals will be taking over the zoo. We have seen what Pres. Trump has accomplished and because of the Corona Virus, everything that he has done that was making America great is circling the drain. We have to stand up and be counted and we have to stand with Donald Trump. If we want to live in a Marxist country where free speech no longer exists, where capitalism no longer exists, where unemployment coupled with higher taxes is the new normal – then vote for Biden/AOC/Pelosi and Schumer. I don’t want to live in a country governed by these lunatics. I’m proud to be an American and I hope you are too.

  15. You are absolutely correct. I f I want a burger or shake or whatever, I really don,t care about the company politics. however, if all of these companies feel they have to pander to certain groups rather than everyday
    Americans who are not pushing n agenda then it’s time we hurt them in their wallets.No I m not a racist and yes what happened in Minneapolis and elsewhere was a terrible crime, but so was the looting ,violence and destruction that followed. Let us just be Americans and try to fix this problem together and defunding the police and sacrificing our safety is not the answer. Let us work together and be kind to each other.

  16. This is yet another reason why I dont go to BK. Their impossible whoppers and impossible breakfast sandwiches are made with coconut oil and I am deathly allergic to coconut…and yet the stupid morons dont even bother to warn people about this. Wonder how long they are going to be in business if someone gets sick eating their “food” because they dont warn them

  17. YES, I truly enjoy a BK flame broiled burger, especially their deluxe versions that are on and off the menu here in the Philippines. My family treasured those mall visits that ended with a final stop to eat at BK. Well, we have another choice and it is call Jollibee. Most of the time. our young troops ask for fried chicken anyway and JB offers Chicken Joy witch is a Filipino fast food favorite. Burger King can keep their PC adverting, cute little food boxes and my former favorite, a flame broiled burger. I guess I am offended.

  18. These people demand change to what they want but then don’t shop at those business even after they change and your customer base is upset with the changes. They shop or eat at the business because they like what you have. Do what your base wants not the radicals.

  19. Companies that pander to the LGBT minority will do Anything to appear “woke” but their only concern is to make a buck. In the end they will fail.

  20. Over the years I have seen the the burgerking commercials. That King, by the stuff they had him doing and how he looks, I can understand the use of the word Queer, because that really describes him. All said and done, is there any word or monument out there that doesn’t offend someone. Have we as a nation gotten to that point where we can’t say anything, can’t have or own opinion and can’t live our own lives without causing hate and discontent. without being assaulted weather verbal or physical.Have we move so far away from the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution that document almost ceased to exist. It is time to go back to the Constitution or this country will be lost.

  21. I agree with the last two main paragraphs of the article. We have seen the stupidity of big business in supporting anything blowing in the wind whether good or bad. They are dumping on the majority of Americans that do not support their opinions.

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  23. Yes! I have no desire to associate with a company that caters to a small percentage of the population, especialy when the group is not condoned by a majority of us. Bye

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  25. I will no longer patronize Burger King and tell all my friends the same.
    They can depend on their Q’s to buy their product

  26. So sad that our society is so entrenched in the sickness of perversion that they can’t or won’t do what is right. Judgement of and from God is coming soon! Everyone must turn to God and repent to escape it. God (Jesus) help us.

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  28. Fast food is bad for you stay away! Also would you trust anyone working at a fast food place to make your food without tampering with it. Think about it!

  29. I would like to see fast food restaurants use logo that supports the USA – not logo that infers culture to support any type of race, religion, or nationality – other than the USA. The extreme leftists and their fellow members – the Democrats, are trying their damnedest to convert the USA into a communist country, and many of our businesses that cater to the public are openly supporting the communistic culture. The management of facilities such as McDonalds, Burger King, etc., are losing their customers because of the radical services they offer, and it will not be much longer before they become bankrupt. They should have known better than to get into a racial/culture disagreement; they deserve to go bankrupt. I believe that if you live in the USA, work in the USA, and enjoy the many benefits offered to citizens of the USA, either support the USA or get the hell out of our country. That belief applies to everyone in the USA, whether you are a citizen of the USA or not, and regardless of race or religion. Run the damned Democrats out of office and let us make things better for everyone in the USA. Vote Republican…

  30. Tell the FAGGOTS to do their OWN PERVERTED thing with each other and leave us “Normal” People (whatever that is, nowadays). One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  31. BK should change its slogan to home of the Pussies and Fudge packers. See folks how the Democratic Communist want to control everyone and everything.

  32. Not that my agreement or disagreement is worth a dollar but…
    There is a reason why the poor hate work. Systematic programming, it limits the competition.
    It is not an accident that non-work days are called Holy Days.

  33. No breakfast for me from Burger King I will go to a company that does not pander to LGBTG. There are enough stupid groups out there running this great country.

  34. The last time that I ate Burger King, the food was very cold. Another customer returned her food because it was too cold to eat. They should try to make their food eatable not get into politics. I will not be at Burger King again.

  35. I am done with Burger King and McDonald’s, they are supposed to be restaurants where everyone eat,they have gone political- what a shame and disgrace!!! I will encourage all my family and friends not to buy or eat any longer!!!

  36. All of these groups have a ‘Poor Me attitude.’ – Go back to work, be productive, get on with living your life. Stop wining and playing the victim. – How would these groups survive in real Marxist countries. Let them move to China, lets see how their complaints are dealt with over there.


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