Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner And His “Girlfriend” Have Some Very Strange Plans For Their Future

(Tea Party 247) – Transgenderism is vogue right now. The LGBT mafia has hijacked societal values and is forcing us to accept gender confusion and sexual deviance as the new norms. Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner has been the poster child for the transgender movement since he infamously “came out” as a woman in 2015 pioneering the way for countless other gender confused individuals. Since Jenner’s transition into a woman, by the name of Caitlyn, it seems as though transgenderism has been daily news.

Now Bruce is back in the spotlight. Reports have surfaced that Jenner and his boyfriend, Sophia Hutchins, want to become moms together. Only problem is, they’re both men. Hutchins, 22, is also a transgender woman born as Scott Hutchins. We know this can be so confusing so here’s a quick breakdown to help you follow along. Bruce and Scott were both born biological males and have decided they prefer to pretend to be females. For the sake of sanity, we will only refer to them as men, and their birth names, since that is who truth and facts dictate they are.

Jenner is now 69-years-old. The idea of an almost 70-year-old having a baby is disturbing. Let alone, two men who live as women. Jenner already has six biological children, four step kids, and fourteen grandchildren but now he’s ready to take the plunge into “motherhood.”

Speaking to Closer magazine, a source said: “Caitlyn and Sophia have spoken about starting a family together for the last year or so, and while Caitlyn’s already got ten children, she’s never had the chance to bring a child up in the role of a mother, which she’s always dreamed of doing.”

It’s hard to even take this all seriously. It’s actually a really sad state of affairs. Jenner and Hutchins have been in need of mental help since they were children and instead of getting that, our culture has propelled them into the transgender lifestyle and patted them on the backs for it. Now they truly believe they can be “moms.”

This story highlights one of the biggest problems with the transgender movement and that is the blatant disregard of reality, in terms of others who do not wish to subscribe to this ideology or who aren’t given a choice.

We are all expected to just play along and call Jenner and Hutchins by their female names, and be supportive of them wanting to become “mothers.” It isn’t fair to demand society sacrifice truth, facts, and science for the sake of feelings yet that is exactly what is happening here in America today.

Not only are we being asked to play along and pretend that gender dysphoria is simply a lifestyle rather than a medical condition, but now these disturbed people are being encouraged to have children. While Jenner and Hutchins cannot physically make a human, they can use a surrogate and that’s a disturbing prospect. Should they decide to do that, an innocent child will be brought into the world forced to live under the lies and fallacies of transgenderism resulting in yet another confused person in society.

Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder and, as a society, we need to start encouraging those who suffer from it to seek real mental health care instead of celebrating their decisions to live within the realm of their delusions. This circus has gone on far too long. It’s time to shut it down.


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