Breaking: Shots Fired As Antifa And Trump Supporters Face Off

(Tea Party 247) – On Saturday, several brawls erupted at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia as pro-Trump patriots and far-left Antifa members faced off.

The tense confrontations, which are not uncommon to cities in the Pacific Northwest, erupted in gunfire.

The Gateway Pundit explains that Trump supporters had gathered at the Capitol to protest restrictive COVID lockdowns as well as show their support for POTUS, who is currently challenging the results of the 2020 election that have, according to highly questionable official counts, declared Democrat challenger Joe Biden the winner.

Antifa, who profess to be “anti-fascist,” showed up to confront and attack the Trump supporters.

Their rally was called “Squash Fascists.”

Right, squash fascists by…protesting their free speech?

Let the irony of that sink in for a moment—these people claim to fight fascism, yet they consider speech violence and show up to attack people whose hate they consider “hateful,” i.e., violent.

They’ve made a regular habit over the last several years in cities like Portland, Seattle, and Berkeley of showing up at patriotic rallies to provoke and agitate, and this is not the first time it’s ended with blood—or gun fire.

TGP notes the incident was captured by videographer Andrew Duncomb, aka Black Rebel, who posted it online.

“Patriots are tired of being attacked by antifa and they are starting to fight back,” he told the Gateway Pundit.

TGP explains that one man was arrested for firing his weapon.

There have been conflicting reports on where his loyalties lay, however.

It does appear, based on social media accounts and arrest records, he was a member of the pro-Trump group.

He was booked on felony 1st degree assault and 2nd degree assault, according to the Thurston County Jail Roster.

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  1. People are pissed off that the theft was so ridiculously obvious and the courts are refusing to do anything about it. They want Trump out and one of their boys back in office. All hell is fixing to break loose because we will not allow our country or freedoms to be taken from us.

  2. Next time when you get an Antifa person down strip off their mask and take their picture. Then post the photos on line to out the person.

  3. ALL Antifa need to be exterminated down to the last individual! A free society cannot exist indefinitely with domestic enemies such as these. BLM can also be considered for like or similar dispatch.

  4. The tactics being used by Antifa and BLM and The Democrat party are the exact same same tactics used by communist and Nazis. They haven’t missed a step. Their rhetoric and violence is ripping apart this nation. Liberalism is total control and that includes our lives and our speech. Under liberalism we are not allowed to have independent thought that differs form their collective. If we do the thought police will put a stop to this and punish us. The Constitution protects us from these controls and this why the democrats want to rewrite it .If don’t think the democrats aren’t communist, Better read history. The communist party change their name to the progressive party back in Franklin Roosevelt time. Today many of the democrats are claiming they are Progressive. What doesn’t seem to be realized is Liberalism is a police state. That is how they maintain control.

  5. Stand your ground Patriots!!! Do what you gotta do during the daytime. Stay calm but carry a big stick. It isn’t the fist time that Patriots have to protect their ideals and constitution. Good job.

  6. This scum Antifa and the blm are filthy COWARDS they are like little girls always have to have a gang they haven’t the guts to take on one on one always like COWARDS they should be dealt with any way to make them stay away for good, this is America and we cannot let these pure hate gangs destroy our way of life WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK HARD.

  7. The fact is that the people who went to the site to confront the protesters should be charged with inciting an altercation. Just because a person disagrees with another is no reason to confront them violently.

    • These fascist antifa militants were likely sent by the Mayor or one of his staffers. These fascist antifa are the paramilitary wing of the demonRat fascist party. They know that even if a cop has the balls to arrest one of them the DA who is also a traitorous antifa member will simply drop all charges up to and including murder. Just look how when that rat bastard antifa thug assassinated that innocent unarmed rally attendee, you did not see any local police or state police anywhere in sight. It was Federal officers that had to be sent in to bring this murderer to justice. This dirt bag fascist antifa thug was so brazen, and thought he was so immune that he was doing TV interviews bragging about his assassination of that innocent unarmed man who have the audacity to disagree with the demonRats hate-filled belief system.

  8. This is all just following the script written by the Soros/Obama cartel! Keep provoking people till they react the way you want them to. And we all know antifa is nothing but cannon fodder!

  9. Well, what did you expect? They were let run rampant for too long and when they were not quashed at the start. Now people are tired of them and the things they do. So get ready for more clashes.


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