Breaking: Joe Biden Expert Claims The President Has Lost 50% Cognitive Ability

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since Joe Biden began his campaign to become president it has been clear something was not right. Some of the tools are definitely missing from Joe Biden’s toolbox.

While he was just a presidential candidate, we could have a good laugh and go about our lives never really believing someone like that could ever become president.

It’s not so funny anymore, however, now that Biden sits in the Oval Office.

We never should have underestimated the power of the Deep State and their need to install someone in the White House who could be controlled like a mindless drone. That’s exactly what Joe Biden is now.

It’s really quite sad when you think about it. Joe Biden is ruining America and he’s doing it in his name on behalf of the Deep State Cabal.

Joe Biden has absolutely no cognitive ability left to be making any kind of decisions for an entire country, let alone the United States of America. Yet, here we are.

The Deep State is using Joe Biden as their puppet and if you’re wondering how anybody can allow themselves to be used in such a way, one expert is claiming that Joe Biden is literally halfway gone mentally.

Over the course of 2020 we’ve watched as Biden stuttered through interviews in which he was obviously using teleprompters. He often looked confused and lost and made numerous remarks that seemed to be completely irrelevant and disconnected to whatever was being discussed.

In one particularly perplexing video, Joe Biden imagined that he heard rain at a campaign event and proceeded to invite the attendees of his “rally” to come in from the rain.

Everyone in the room looked visibly uncomfortable because they were all already indoors. Had anyone pointed this out, however, they would have lost their jobs. It’s the media’s job to protect Joe Biden and make him appear to be mentally competent.

On Monday one expert on Joe Biden made the claim on Steve Bannon’s War Room that Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities have decreased by a whopping 50%.

That’s no small number and certainly not an insignificant fact for the man who now holds the nuclear code for the United States.

The Deep State had better be keeping a tight leash on Biden before something even more catastrophic than his disastrous executive orders happens.

Meanwhile, the American people are being forcefully threatened and bullied by the left into forgetting all about the clear and obvious fraud that took place in the 2020 election.

If you dare suggest that there’s no way Joe Biden won 81 million votes, surpassing both President Trump and Barack Obama, Democrats will call you a domestic terrorist and threaten to destroy you.

If the election was so free and secure than why are Democrats so viciously trying to ensure there aren’t any closer looks into it?

Their behavior and the fact that Joe Biden is halfway gone is enough to convince any reasonable person that the 2020 election was stolen.

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  1. I had a brief conversation with Joe Biden over 20 years ago at a time when he was running for President After that conversation I kept wondering, how did this guy ever get elected to the US Senate.

  2. It is Jill Biden who should be ashamed of herself for pushing Joe. He is a laughing stick, a stoodge for the Democrats and a puppet. He is stumbling in his speech. So Trump was out snd this bumbling stoodge is in. We need prayers

  3. That is the strategy. In a few months he will leave the presidency for health reasons. Then Kamala and the leftists will take full control of the country

  4. As one who has lived with someone with Alzheimer’s/dementia for the past 7 years, it is tragically obvious that Joe Biden is well on that downward spiral! His handlers may be able to screen and control his limited appearances, and even try to convince you that he’s OK, but the truth is he is far from OK! The stress of his office alone will only accelerate his decline. I suspect within two years he will need help to even find the bathroom at the White House! This is a tragic abuse of a senior citizen and should not be tolerated !

  5. The big difference between Joe and Obama is that Obama knew what he was doing in destroying the Republic and Joe does not know Obama is still destroying it.

  6. You all dont understand, as long as he’s still able to read whatever Obummer writes, he’s gonna stay in the oval orifice!

  7. ‘Sleepy” Joe is the Dems version of Colonel Henry Blake. They just put things in front of him and he signs them without mostly knowing what they are.

  8. You mean that 80 million ballots were found to have favored a senile old fart that couldn’t fill a school classroom over someone who filled every large venue with enthusiasm? For this to be news means the socialists are ready to move Harris up.

  9. Does it mean that the American voter is so stupid? Probably the answer is yes, thanks to the left who has killed our education system. The US could not be defeated by any other power but itself

  10. Joe Biden Expert Claims The President Has Lost 50% Cognitive Ability? Huh… If you look back at his actions over the last 49 years of Public service I’d be assured to say he never had 50% to loose!


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