Breaking: Britain Confirms First Royal Coronavirus Diagnosis…Here’s Who It Is

(Tea Party 247) – The novel coronavirus currently ravaging the globe has no regard for status.

Everyone from faceless and nameless citizens of Communist China to NBA players and politicians has proven to be susceptible to COVID-19.

Even royal blood won’t keep you safe.

On Wednesday, Clarence House confirmed the news that Prince Charles, the eldest son of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II and heir to the British throne, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

The 71-year-old Prince of Wales saw his 93-year-old mother on March 12th.

On March 18th, the royal also attended the WaterAID meeting with Prince Albert of Monaco and both men contracted the virus.

As you can imagine, this calls into question how the coronavirus could impact the crown itself, or rather, who wears it.

Prince Charles is already of rather advanced age for a future king.

Conservative Katie Hopkins, however, is confident. Both about the health of the royals and humankind’s ability to triumph over the virus.

Featured image credit: Dan Marsh –[email protected]/7597030944


  1. So. The vast majority of people who get recover after a few days and most never really know they have it. At Charles advanced age it might be a problem if he susceptible to pneumonia. Which is the real killer. Even now he has a better chance with COVID-19 than with the flue. The normal flue has lead to death of a few thousand people in the US already. It is pneumonia that is the killer there to. That is old news and doesn’t fit in with the mass hysteria narrative being pushed by the Media.


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