BREAKING! 3 Officers Injured Protecting President Trump’s Motorcade

BREAKING! 3 Officers Injured Protecting President Trump’s Motorcade
BREAKING! 3 Officers Injured Protecting President Trump’s Motorcade

(Liberty Horn) – This is a developing story.

According to news reports, President Trump’s motorcade was involved in an accident in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Interstate 10.

The Secret Service says four officers were involved, and three of them were taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Although the President’s vehicle is ok, three officers were injured. White House correspondent Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg News reported,

“I saw 3 officers down on Interstate 10 near Lake Charles as Trump motorcade headed to Hackberry.

One in grassy ditch, sitting up. One flat on his back on highway shoulder, bleeding.

A third standing up, bleeding from his arm. Our whole side of highway was closed to traffic.”

President Trump traveled to Louisiana to tour and give a speech.

Liberty Horn would like to take this time to thank all of our law enforcement officers for keeping our President and our communities safe.

We appreciate EVERYTHING YOU DO!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

~To Liberty and Justice For All!

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  1. Praying for our President and the men and women protecting him,they are heroes. I cannot belive the people that listen to or allow them to post signs aobout our country. My feelings are if you don’t like our country and what our forefathers wrote to make this country what it is then get out . Go find your Island make sure you take Nancy Pelosi the most ignorent person in this country and the crooked Obama and there great friend Hillary with them and they can do whateverthey want. Make sure it is far,far away. Maybe another world. Thank You Mr. President Trump

  2. This article is not at all informative. What happened? Was the motorcade attacked. Do the officers not know how to safely ride motorcycles.

  3. The breaking news received on Nov. 13 2019 is dated May 14 2019. Seems to be a full 6 months late. How about some clarification on this breaking news! Sounds very serious and id like to see the full story to prove to me your not FAKE NEWS. If the story i have read is true, it appears to be lacking some important details. Just confused.

  4. Thank YOUU for presenting anything happening to our President. It is getting very difficult to protect him and the Trump family.My prayers are with all of you. Thank you for protecting President Trump!

  5. Thanks to our enforcement officers and the guards of the of the president to protect our president. We appreciate your heroic action to day and everyday

    • I agree one hundred percent. Nobody realizes just how difficult their job is as well as all of our law enforcement people. I will continue to keep our President in my prayers. God bless

  6. What caused the accident?
    This what I called incomplete. It might be that you’re embellishing the story or just being fake news. Journalism isn’t what it use to be. It’s to bad no one can not rely on news to get the truth.Dale

  7. We LOVE your police officers who were hurt while protecting THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

  8. am very thankful that they were not seriously injured . did not hear what caused it but sure do hope it was just an accident not some a–hole out there wanting to make a name for himself.

  9. Anyone who has ever been security for a US President knows his/her life is expected to be given in exchange for that President. With the extra venom and sheer lunacy of some of our population towards Mr. Trump, the people guarding him should have our deepest gratitude and thanks. Thank you!!

  10. Thank you for protecting President Trump!!!!! I pray your injuries were not extensive. We have your backs. Keep up the good work!

    We are praying for your quick recovery. God bless you!!!!

  11. Glad the officers are ok. Throw the book at who ever done this. The democrats like Obama started this. Well we’re on last days before Jesus comes and we all know the ones not going to make it to heaven and will burn up in Hell. They must think that the bible is fake. I hate to be in there shoes when this happens. We are all ready seeing the last days coming by what the bible tells us what going to step by step and the steps have started

  12. I thank God Our President is ok. I am praying for the three officers who were protecting him for their speedy recovery.

    God bless you all.

  13. Thank you for protecting our President at all cost to your self. I am so sorry you were injured while protecting him. I pray all of you will recover quickly.

  14. Thankful for the service of protection the officers provide for President Trump. Sorry they have been injured. Thankful none suffered serious injuries. Wish all a speedy recovery.

  15. What kind of stupid article is this? How about a few more details about the accident,I am sorry to overlook the victims but ,WHAT HAPPENED?

  16. This is incomplete reporting! We know the what ,but where is the WHY??? Four down and three injured is not a minor mishap! Was the motorcade under attack and, if so, by whom? Incomplete!!!

  17. All police officers should be given the respect they deserve. They are there to protect us.Thank you ladies and gentlemen.

  18. I rode Motors with the LAPD for 10 years & 2 months. Motor Officers “go down” for more reasons than there is enough space to give them.
    You can’t take any reason & give it to show cause in this incident.

  19. im a very good in ideas , my advice to add sensors on these bikes and use the same airbages that lifts cars on the side of theses bikes to blow out before impack with steal plates on the end of them…

  20. Too many people are getting away with TREASON today in Washington and other places, it is time that anyone trying to ruin our country is tried for treason and the penalty is death. If I had done what some people did while I served in Korea, 81/53, I would have been lined up and shot for treason. Hanoi Jane, Kerry, open up the records on McCain and find out why Nixon gave him a pardon, and there are so many today it would take to long to name them all, like pencil neck, pee-loosey, etc.

  21. Wishing for a fast recovery for the officers, injured. Thank you for your service to our President. Thanks to all law enforcement for being there when we need them. You are appreciated.

  22. I thank god everyday for our law enforcement sisters and brothers. Also thank god for the best president we’ve had in decades. And liberty horn. Com. Now if we could just get the democrats to cooperate think how much greater president trump could make America!
    God bless the

  23. So happy that President Trump and his people are safe. Praying that the officers will be better soon and go home to their families. TMH Blessings to everyone.

    Thank you,

  24. It is time for the legal system, if we still have one, to catch and punish all those who try to hurt the President this is so wrong. These people who are deliberately trying to destroy him are traitors. all of this being fueled by those democrats that should be put out to pasture. They have been there for years …..what have they done? I know, lived off the land and taken advantage of every possible chance to fill there pockets. we are a sad group if we continue to let this go on.

  25. I hope these officers are OK, for these kind of things do happen!!! But leave it to these corrupt bias news stations they will always try to make something out of nothing!!!

  26. No one holds dear our law enforcement officers and all first response personnel like President Trump. I pray the three officer’s injuries were minor and mend quickly.

  27. We LOVE our Police, Military and other officers who protect not just our President, but we the common folk are also recipients of their brave service.

  28. More details please! Was it an attempt on the presidents life or some fool making a wrong turn? Motor cops are brave to be so exposed to attack and deserve our greatest respect!

  29. It would be nice to know how they came to be injured. Did it involve the secret service? A vehicle not associated with the motorcade? Did the officers cause the accidents themselves? This article leaves a lot to be desired.

  30. so sorry to hear that, but happy you are all okay. Be safe and thank you all for protecting our beloved President. God bless and protect you all.

  31. Special THANK YOU to all law enforcement officers. They work hard to keep up safe and they desire our thanks and support every day.

  32. No cause given for the “accident”. What caused it, how did it happen, was someone actually trying to harm the President ?. inquiring minds want to know.

  33. Why in God’s name doe some individuals find it necessary to harm, harass and basically feel it’s okay to act this way. What happened to honor they neighbor and be kind and considerate to all. Treat others as you would want to be treated. When will all this hate, etc. stop!!!! God Bless the 3 injured police officers.

  34. Thank you to all the police officers who put their lives on the line everyday and thank you Libertyhorn for the article that no one else printed.

  35. Thoughts & prayers go out to the family & friends & the injured officers ~ may the injured recoup quickly & completely from their wounds; & may their loved ones find comfort, peace, & strength during their healing ordeal. Thank You, Lord, for sparing lives ~ especially our president!!

  36. They have my thanks and prayers. These officers put there lives on the line every day. It woulded matter if it was the president or us the officers would still put themselves in harms way.Again they have my thanks and prayers and I wish them a speedy recovery.

  37. These things happen all the time during escorts of world leaders. It is high speed dangerous riding for Motor Officers but we do it gladly as just one part or our oath “TO PROTECT AND SERVE”!!!

  38. Thank God everyone was good. Thank you to all the Police Force, for protecting our President of the United States. You all are very much appreciated, by all the good people of these United States.

  39. God bless our President and protect all our men and women who serve. Police and firefighters as well as our military. THANK YOU as you are all brave and courageous. Thank you Mr. President we pray for your continued stamina and are disgraced by our Congress and their treatment to you and your family. They need to be FIRED! They are not serving the people.

  40. I am so sorry to hear these law enforcement protecting President Trump were hurt. They give so much to protect him. I hope they will mend quickly and be all right physically. Thank you law enforcement officers for protecting all of us. You are giving your lives to do this dangerous work but we are so thankful for you. We can’t express enough thanks for all you do.


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