Brand New Poll Of Young Americans Reveals An Absolutely Terrifying Truth That Will Make Liberty Lovers Weep For The Future

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve been paying attention to the news in America over the last decade or so, then you’ve likely noticed an alarming trend unfolding before our eyes that demonstrates the future of liberty in this country is in a whole lot of danger.

Kids, the future of our nation, are growing up in government public schools where they are being indoctrinated with progressive ideology that is shifting them toward socialism at an alarming rate. Kids these days are actually advocating for more government interference into their personal lives, wanting the system to provide cradle-to-the-grave care through bloated entitlement programs and universal health care.

Now, a new poll has been released that states that a terrifyingly high rate of young Americans would happily vote for a socialist candidate for president.

So this is how liberty dies…

Via Summit News:

A new poll conducted by Rasmussen has discovered that 42% of Americans aged 18 to 39 would happily vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

“Forty-one percent (41%) of Democrats say they would vote for a presidential candidate who identifies himself or herself as a socialist, but only 19% of GOP voters and 16% of unaffiliateds agree,” Rasmussen notes.

Americans in that younger age group are also twice as likely to prefer socialism to capitalism, according to the findings.

The finding that almost a fifth of Republicans would support a socialist presidential candidate comes a day after President Trump again vowed that the US would never become a socialist country under his watch.

The findings in the latest poll are not isolated, given that two previous surveys this year have uncovered similar sentiments.

In March, a Harris poll revealed that almost 50 percent of young Americans would like to live under a socialist government.

The Same poll also found that two thirds of all Americans believe the government should provide universal healthcare, with over half again saying that it should provide tuition-free college.

A further Gallup poll from May found that 47% of all Americans would vote for a socialist presidential candidate. The poll noted that among Democrats, the support for socialism is even higher, with 70% declaring it would be better for America.

Young Americans might feel differently if Starbucks disappeared and their iPhones quickly run out of batteries with no electricity to charge them. Bread lines also aren’t so cool.

Senator Rand Paul issued a Thanksgiving message Thursday, with a telling reminder that the first Thanksgiving “only happened when the pilgrims rejected socialism.”

We hear the radical left all the time talking about how the greatest threat to our national security is climate change. This is borderline insane and is evidence that a mental illness is at the root of most liberal thinking.

The truth is, socialism is the biggest threat to our national security. What’s worse is this is not an outside threat from some foreign country that wants to invade ours and wipe out our culture. It’s a battle for the heart and soul for America from within her own borders. That makes the fight even more critical and, at times, more sinister.

The enemies of liberty are our friends, neighbors, and co-workers. This means that the battle to preserve our country and its values will mean lost and destroyed relationships, lost job opportunities, and alienation, similar to what the founders went through when birthing our nation.

Pray for strength to stand boldly in these times, but also work toward removing the federal government from the public education system. We need our children to be taught how to think, not what to think.



  1. National health care and free college DOES NOT = Socialism. Y’all been playing that scare since the McCarthy Era, look how well that worked out for that TRAITOR!

  2. I don’t know whether to be mad or sad, angry or just pissed off, frustrated or psychopathic. I spent 20 years in the navy after having a normal education. You know, the kind before they took God out of the schools in 1965. Now, the “new norm” scares the hell out of me and I feel powerless to slow it down, much less stop it. My voting group is diminishing daily, as verified by the obits pages in the paper, and the younger voter groups are growing by leaps and bounds in spite of the moronic left and their lackeys, Planned Parenthood. “Ya don’t know whatcha got ’til its gone.” is not just a line in a song, and I’m afraid our younger generations won’t find it out until it’s far too late because they aren’t being taught to cherish what they now have and what it took to get it and keep it. I am so disappointed in what I am hearing about the surprising number of our younger voters who are willing to give away what their grandfathers and great-grandfathers paid for, many of them with their lives. They don’t seem to have enough respect for their own family to honor those sacrifices.

    • If all posters can visualize Krushev at the UN
      Pounding the podium with his shoe saying..
      « WE WILL BURY YOU, STARTING WITH YOUR CHILDREN ». And they are. They couldn’t start with the adults since he knew we were resilient and religious and very
      patriotic, but knew children in schools will
      Listen to liberal teachers migrating to America’s shores soon after WWII. Kids were captive audience in schools. So goes history

  3. Check out the multi millions in endowments of the Ivy League the/source of this money cOmes fromAmerican Capitalists what about. That inconvenient truth

  4. Those wanting socialism / communism must first subject themselves to the taste test. Have their teeth re-arranged. All due respects to the Warmbeir family for what they went through. But we, in the free world must learn from the past.

  5. These young Americans need to read their WORLD HISTORY BOOKS and see what “Socialism/Communism” does to a country and their citizens, it’s not a pretty picture like they think it would be.

    • Robert, What History books????? The young Americans don’t have History books, for that matter, no past History prior to Vietnam is ever mentioned, definitely NOTHING about Socialism and it’s sister Communism.. I spent a bit of time in Czechoslovakia and Hungary during that era. What I wish, had they had field trips to those countries for high schoolers, they most certainly would denounce these evil and slavish governments. Movies of those times DO NOT show the living Hell those people lived in. I was shocked to see how my relatives and my husband, who left that country in 1938, had to endure the hardships and lack of even bread and other staples. And people believe it’s a good way to live. You don’t know unless you live it, even for a month. Sanders and AOC paint glowing pictures and brainwashed these kids. THERE AINT NO SUCH PARADISE!!!!

  6. There’s an old saying we can relate to those who think they want socialism: “Pay me now, or pay me later.”

    By the way, as an aside, I’m glad you spell the word, co-worker, this way, instead of, coworker. “Coworker” (no hyphen) implies a pronunciation that suggests going out into a pasture and “orking” cows.(!)

    • So true. These “wannabe” socialists need to spend a year in a truly socialist country and then tell us if they still want socialism here. And calling themselves Democratic socialists is such a laugh.

  7. I am almost certain that the taxpaying citizens of this country will be more than willing to fly (one way without their US passport) any and all of those that were polled in favor of socialism to any countries around the world that are currently practicing this type of government.

    • The One: On a personal scale, I’d be proud to supply as many as possible, with F-ANTIFA masks to help “ease” themselves into their new Utopia’s idea of freedom.

  8. I have the idea that our kids of today do not know what it is to protect our FREEDOM ! Therefore I suggest that we bring back the DRAFT to teach our kids the meaning of responsibility and the meaning of what it takes to protect our Freedom. The kids are not being taught how failed socialism is and it’s utter disgrace it is on any society!

    • John J. I agree with you. When Obama first started his first campaign, many times I posted ALL hi school grads should serve 2 yrs in National Guard in any way needed, esp natural disasters, or any other military use. That can be applied toward education
      Credit. And toughen up mentally and physically the kids into adulthood and serving the country appreciating this great country.

  9. Pray to keep our Constitution & Bill Of Rights & not encourage socialism. Our country is operating on credit & can’t pay off the credit. Socialism will bankrupt the USA.Socialism will dictate whether you can have your medical operation or not – your life will be in the hands of the government.

  10. I don’t think any of these young people have ever spent any time at all in a socialist or commie country. They are just Pete/repeaters & lemmings who have no clue what they are asking for. Stupid know nothings.

  11. Government provided heathcare and tuition appeal to millennials saddled with student loans, and to low wage earners, but the trillions it will cost will bankrupt the US treasury. “Socialism only works”, as Margaret Thatcher astutely said, “until you run out of other people’s money.”

  12. The only problem is, the “cradle to grave” care that these kids want won’t materialize . . . To much $$$. However, the GRAVE part might come in MUCH sooner than they think (Firing squad, public hanging for dissidents, etc.) just like what happens in ALL Socialist/Communist countries. These young people BETTER think these things through and look into the PAST histories of other countries, the SAME history that the LEFTISTS are trying to erase that hides their agenda. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  13. I don’t remember which philosopher made this statement “NO DEMOCRACY CAN BE CONCURRED FRO THE OUTSIDE BUT WILL BE DESTROYED FROM WITHIN”. This republic of ours has been a wonderful experiment. Unfortunately, we are seeing the results of neglect of our systems. WE neglected to monitor the education system allowing the invidious insertion of socialism in and the lack of open debate rejected…anymore now the “snowflakes” that will be expected to be the future leaders in industry,government, and society cannot even handle a “different”idea w/o melting down!!! They instantly scream hate speech or racism or any of the other “isms” and run to a “safe space”. It is long past the time for action!

  14. So sad that our children have turned into sheep and will follow their friends right off a cliff. Something needs to be done with our schools, they are supposed to teach our children things like math, english, history etc, but the teachers are trying to get them to be liberals and commies and this needs to stop.

  15. Next year in Jan or Feb comes a must-read book titled: buy it, read it, and you’ll understand clearly what is going on and what to do. Title: World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor. Heading for publication soon. A second one is: Islam: Neither Tolerant Nor Peaceful. Islamization is a World Threat and USA is in its crosshairs.

    • Nope; The threat is from the socialized indoctrination centers called ‘higher education’. They have more control, with the ‘fake news’, than either party does!

  16. These unfortunate badly informed youth have know idea of what the do or think. They haven’t lived or really visited other countries, especially 3rd world countries to realizes that the USA has slaved hard for the freedom and standard of living. Let’s face it. If they cave, they will be the future the rest of hard working will be burdened to pay for. Prayerfully, God/Lord/Jesus will arrive to settle ALL scores and all bets will be off. God speed, Gary G. Cramer

  17. I am at the last decade or two of life and I am just sitting back and watching our once great country implode thanks to rampant corruption on both sides of the isle.
    Young people find the economic ladder almost impossible to climb these days. While incompetently runned banks secretly receive free bailout money almost on a monthly basis totalling hundreds of billions of dollars. Our economic system is collapsing and nobody seems to give a rats ass about it. Things are going to get very ugly in the not too distant future regardless of who is running the country.

    • I’m with you Charles. I am scared to death for my four teen-age grandkids and what they’re headed into in their lifetime. They have no idea what they’re getting into, and shame on our schools allowing teachers (not all teachers) for spewing this nonsense. We’re doomed as far as I can see……

  18. They claim the reason they want Socialism is because the wealth gap is widening between the rich and poor. That is because of the Globalist policies that have been sending our jobs and wealth overseas for the last 40 years in pursuit of their pipe dream of a one world government uniting everyone in peace. Now we have a President who is trying to revert back to Nationalistic policies and the Globalist Dems are trying to impeach him with lies, rumors and innuendo and anything they can turn and twist to try and make him look bad. A pathetic situation to say the least.

  19. What I want to know, are where in the hell are these kids parents? If they are democrats/liberals, I guess that answers the question of why these kids are so STUPID! The parents have allowed their kids to be brainwashed by the liberal teachers that have invaded our school system, and are not educating them, they are indoctrinating them to believe their propaganda. I feel sorry for the kids of today, that their parents don’t care enough to see what they are learning in school.

  20. When I hear talk of Socialism I’m always reminded of what Winston Churchill said about it: “Socialism is the philosophy of failure the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy It’s inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. How true!

  21. In the year 2025 if man is still alive, if woman can survive, wont need no brains, wont need to think; some bureaucrat is doing that for you.
    In 2030 if our nation still exists, wont need no education, wont need no job; the government is taking care of everything for you.

  22. These young people have no idea what they are asking for. They will be the first to complain when they find out the truth about socialism.

  23. This finding about youth’s opinions about Socialism is called “Biting the Hand that Feeds you.” It is no surprise. China sends people to re-education camps so they can be properly indoctrinated. We send our kids to public schools and greedy colleges and Universities to accomplish the same thing.

    • So they think that education shoud be free and the same for housing etc. These young people know not what they wish for. They really need to get an education outside of school.
      What they don’t seem to realize is our Colleges and universities that they say are too expensive are run by and benifits all the liberal and Marxist educators. They are also filled with foreign students and many that game the system to get an education for free, such as Obama who filled as a foreign student and got all of his education paid for by American tax payers.
      The jobs that would have paid a good wage are filled by foreign workers that work for 25% to 50% less. Just look at Silicon Valley where 74% are foreign workers run by your liberal hero’s that run Goggle, Apple, Facebook etc etc.
      Then many of these foreign workers when the get naturalized bring their whole extended families that then get benefits.
      When foreign both legal and illegal come to the US it creates shortages in housing, schools, medical because like supply and demand that most didn’t learn then effects everything. It’s one thing to help others in their own countries but quite devastating to our country when we allow our country to be overrun.
      All these young people that want all this free stuff will never get it because it’s all ready been spent by their leaders to flood this country, again Supply and Demand.

  24. I would suggest that these young fools, and that is what they are, leftist educated, low-information fools, not necessarily visit but do some research on any of a number of socialist-leaning nirvanas, i.e. Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and even Canada; they aren’t all butterflies and song birds, and in fact much the opposite. Free stuff ain’t necessarily free.
    Remember “There is no such thing as a free lunch!” ‘Learn it, know it, live it.’

  25. I have read all of the comments and they all are true. Until we change our education system, it will only get worse. I believe that Trump was a last chance gift from God. Until we (Americans) turn back and truly seek God’s guidance, it will only get worse. May God continue to Bless US and change the hearts and minds of naysayers. Reinstate the draft!!!

  26. The Soviet Union in the 1960s claimed that if they ever got control of four aspects of American life that they could conquer the USA without firing a single shot! Those four aspects are education (public & private, elementary to post-graduate), communication (the media), transportation (restriction of voluntary mobility), and the labor unions. I conservatively estimate that the communists are approximately halfway in their quest to overthrow our Constitutional republic, considering the inroads they have made in the aspects of education and communication. American children and young adults are being brainwashed in our schools and universities, and the media will invariably lie to the people while their trolls and other shills will swear to it! Who and what to believe? “There are none so deaf as those who WILL not hear, and none so blind as those who WILL not see!” -Author Unknown-

    • The Soviet Union (now just Russia) skipped some of those steps and went straight for the prize. They managed to install a Kremlin agent right in the Oval Office! No need to infiltrate, subvert and no need to fire a shot!

  27. I am glad i don’t believe polls are honest, but if they were real, i wouldn’t fear old age and death because i would rather be dead than live in a world controlled by the democrat idiots.

    • The Democrat Idiots – want to Euthanize the Useless eaters – read that as be rid of the defenseless retirees – the Kids who demand Socialism are OK with that..

  28. Amen! Our youth is being brainwashed by the “progressives”, especially in our schools and especially our colleges and universities. This country needs to reinstate the “draft” and orientate them so they will have a real understanding of our system compared to a socialist system.

  29. The public school system is the major problem. When I was being educated in the public school system, we where issued “Dog Tags ” in case of a nuclear attack. Any teacher that was a Communist was booted from the school. I was dam lucky to get a very good basic American education. The morning pledge of allegiance it a thing of the past thanks to political to correctness. The prayer in the beginning if Assembly is also gone so not to offend any one. If America wants to stay tops on high tech, the education system has to get better. The children that come from poorly or non educated parents have to get what they need to get an education in which the can function in a high tech fast moving world. If Warp Drive is ever invented I hope it’s done in AMERICIA.

  30. Would sentiments change among those in favor of socialism if they clearly understood how living under a socialist government would impact their lives. I would bet that a majority of those in favor of Socialism think it simply means getting a bunch of free stuff at zero cost without any impact on their financial assets.
    They are ignorant as to the true cost of Socialism.

  31. Love the reality comment of iPhone or Starbucks disappearing could happen under Socialism. The anxiety attacks of youths without their phones , better then a crash

  32. We need more new legal immigrants in the forefront explaining the dangers of the democratic socialism. It’s an oxymoron to allow the elitists to fool people into oligarchy with the promise of free stuff. It’s the readon many come to the US. we, in particular, need more chinese and scandinavians to speak out against this. We need to take over the universities. It’s where all all rhis idiocy starts. Students are no longer taught how to think, but to regurgitate

  33. The problem is parents give-gave too much to children and now they feel entitled to free free free everything. the government loves this because Americans will secum to the New World Order so much faster. The Soros gang and Muslims he uses will take over so much faster. Stupid Americans are voting Muslims into office and all because Obozo brought them here in the millions and our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren will get their free stuff until American turns the tables and they become slaves to the New World Order

  34. Socialism benefits only those in power and their lackeys. They control the lives of the people. Joseph Stalin’s rein of terror is a great example of what happens under socialism, which is a slow road to communism.


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