Border Crisis: “They’re Everywhere,” Hundreds Of Illegals Flood Border Towns Daily

(Tea Party 247) – While the corrupt Washington DC elites and the wealthy corporate wokies insist that America has some kind of moral obligation to open our borders and allow suffering migrants to roll in seeking a better life, the reality of the situation along the border is much more grim.

There are real Americans living in towns and communities along our southern border and the impact of a porous border and nonexistent immigration policies is being felt hard.

Daily invasions of illegal aliens is becoming the “new normal.” In the small border town of La Joya, Texas, an estimated 200 illegal immigrants arrived during the night. This occurrence is becoming standard.

Border officers rounded up illegals crossing the Rio Grande all throughout the night on Tuesday, into Wednesday, as reported by Border Report.

“They’re everywhere,” said a Border Patrol agent. “If you drive back there you might hit someone.”

According to the report, many of the illegal aliens flooding across the border are families or “unaccompanied minors” and all of them have claimed to have come from Central America.

The migrants who claimed to be under the age of 18 were loaded onto a bus and transported to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processing facilities.

One migrant woman said that they have “been affected very much by the hurricanes and we want a normal life,” she went on to say that the education system in Nicaragua “does not offer a good education” and said that it’s a place where “life is not sure.”

Unfortunately the US cannot simply take in every single migrant from South and Central America who wants “a normal life.”

What’s more troublesome is the fact that these migrants come to the US and then have access to all manner of social and welfare programs paid for by hardworking US citizens via our tax dollars.

What happens when the approximately 350,000 illegals that have already been apprehended crossing the border in the first three months of 2021 and the more than 100,000 that have entered unimpeded, all get on welfare services?

How many more have slipped through the border cracks? How many more will come? How can the US possibly support this astronomical influx of illegal aliens?

Border Patrol Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz told Fox News earlier this week that technology helps give an estimate of just how many illegals are getting away with crossing and evading apprehension by Border Patrol.

“I can tell you that, so far, it’s been way over 100,00 people that have gotten away from us this year. The Border Patrol agents, as well as our law enforcement partners, are doing everything we can. Our resources are just stretched awfully thin right now.”

Imagine how thin resources for all Americans are going to be stretched if this level of illegal immigration is allowed to continue.

Americans are just supposed to shut up and fork over their hard earned dollars so that illegal immigrants can live a “normal life.” We’re supposed to feel good about it, too, like we’re saving the world and doing our part to be “moral” humans.

This is absolute insanity and it needs to be stopped.

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