Bombshell Report Reveals British Government Staged Muslim Response To London Terror Attack

(Tea Party 247) – Whenever there is a terror attack perpetrated by an adherent to “the religion of peace,” the progressive tends to try to drown out the shock with screaming reminders of #NotAllMuslims.

Well, as it just so happens, the ever-progressive British government was so desperate to convince us that the 2017 Islamic London Bridge car attack didn’t represent all Muslims that they staged a “protest” from Muslims just to show us how spontaneously compassionate Muslims are.

A bombshell report from the London-based Middle East Eye reveals how the British government orchestrated the event, right down to the hashtags, to create the illusion that there had been a “sense of unity with strangers” rather than “reacting with violence or anger” in the wake of the attack.

You may recall that after a man claiming allegiance to ISIS plowed his car into several pedestrians on the London Bridge, a video went viral of what appeared to be a staged “protest” by Muslims holding signs saying “#TurnToLove,” “#LoveWillWin,” and “#ISISWillLose,” who were guided to stand in front of TV cameras by policemen in what appeared to be an obvious publicity stunt.

It seemed most likely at the time that CNN had staged the event. As it so happens, it was actually the UK government itself that set the whole thing up, and it wasn’t even the first time.

Ian Cobain of the Middle East Eye explains:

From the Middle East Eye’s May 22, 2019 report, “‘Mind control’: The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning”:

The British government has prepared for terrorist incidents by pre-planning social media campaigns that are designed to appear to be a spontaneous public response to attacks, Middle East Eye has learned.

Hashtags are carefully tested before attacks happen, Instagram images selected, and “impromptu” street posters are printed.

In operations that contingency planners term “controlled spontaneity”, politicians’ statements, vigils and inter-faith events are also negotiated and planned in readiness for any terrorist attack.

The campaigns have been deployed during every terrorist incident in recent years including the 2017 London Bridge attack and the Finsbury Park mosque attack.

Within hours of an attack, other campaigns are swiftly organised, with I “heart” posters being designed and distributed, according to the location of the attack, and plans drawn up for people to hand out flowers at the scene of the crime, in apparently unprompted gestures of love and support.

The purpose of the operations, according to a number of people involved in their creation, is to shape public responses, encouraging individuals to focus on empathy for the victims and a sense of unity with strangers, rather than reacting with violence or anger.

[…]Examples of “controlled spontaneity” within the UK that MEE has identified include:

– a media campaign that was swiftly deployed after a number of British and American aid workers were beheaded by Islamic State militants in 2014.

– the use of hashtags, posters and vigils after the London Bridge attacks of June 2017 in which eight people were murdered and almost 50 injured.

– a Twitter, Facebook and mainstream media campaign that was employed later that month, shortly after a man drove his van into a group of people outside a mosque in north London, killing one person and injuring 10 others.



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