Bombshell: Prince Andrew And Ghislaine Maxwell Still In Touch, Meeting Secretly?

(Tea Party 247) – Alleged madame to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, is reportedly still close with Prince Andrew of the UK, sources say.

Maxwell, a one-time girlfriend of Epstein’s who has been named by several of his accusers as the recruiter to his sick and twisted underage sex ring, has been in hiding since the financier was arrested in August of 2019.

Epstein, of course, met an untimely demise when he “hung himself’ in a Manhattan correctional facility where he was awaiting trial for several charges of underage sex trafficking.

Laura Goldman, a longtime friend of Maxwell’s told The Sun that the notorious socialite is in hiding and protected by “wealthy connections,” yet continues to stay in touch with her friends, including Prince Andrew, who was accused of having sex with a then-underage girl, something which Ghislaine had organized.

What’s more, the 57-year-old Maxwell is reportedly confident that she has enough ‘dirt” on powerful people to be able to evade prosecution and restore her name.

Maxwell still “adores” Prince Andrew, Goldman said. The Mercury News notes that “Maxwell credits the 59-year-old duke with helping her to return to high-society after the controversial 1991 death of her father, publishing magnate Robert Maxwell. Maxwell also reportedly introduced Andrew to Epstein, whom she dated for several years in the 1990s.”

Goldman said that Maxwell is still not about to come out of hiding right now and offer up any information that would clear Andrew’s name as he receives the brunt of the negative publicity for his involvement in the scandal, something which wasn’t the least subdued by the terrible interview he gave in December.

Goldman said: “(Maxwell) adores Prince Andrew, they’re still in touch now, but she won’t come out of hiding, even for him.

“She’d only reveal herself if it was in her best interest, which it isn’t yet,” Goldman continued. “So she’ll be staying out of the limelight for now and leaving him to fend for himself, despite her huge affection for him and the fact that she could have taken some of the heat off him recently.”

In another huge twist, the Sun reported in early December that Andrew had a secret meeting with Maxwell at Buckingham Palace in June, and has maintained constant contact with her by phone and email since!

Since Andrew’s awful interview, he stepped down from public duties and has remained out of public.

Meanwhile, the FBI is seeking to interview Maxwell, who it is believed is hiding out in a safe house in Israel, where her late father had a sordid career in intelligence.


  1. After all the confessions saying he regrets the associations with Epstein and under aged girls. This guy is only sorry he was caught. To keep in touch with the chief enabler of Epsteins operations is not the action of someone who said he is sorry.

  2. Monarchies are an aborition. Like said above they are decendents of barbarians who raped and pillaged the ancestors of the ruled country. They should all be removed and put in regular jobs to earn pennance for the deeds of their families.
    Royals are disgusting.

  3. This article makes it sound like she is in total control of the situation. If true, this is further evidence of extensive corruption in the FBI.

  4. Maxwell has either great death insurance (has a way of getting info out in event of her death) or is an info. asset.If she wasn’t she would have disappeared by now.

  5. Of course she is in Israel where the Mossad will keep her secrets safe. Epstein had enough dirt on Bill and Andrew, etc to threaten all kinds of blackmail to get state “secrets”.


    • I must be very creative or delusional, but I don’t think Epstein hung himself. I don’t think he died at the hands of a murderer either. My experience in movie making tells me that all of the evidence of how he died reveals a concocted scene. His life was not terminated. He was extricated from jail. It only took paying off a few people to pull it off. But the plot thickens with the autopsy. The body double he used for security purposes while still free, may have been used for the autopsy too. Hummmm. I wonder why my posts don’t make it to the internet?

  7. If the whole truth about the Epstein-Maxwell criminal enterprise ever comes to justice, it would only happen because Maxwell was taken alive! The appropriate authorities had better act fast, though, before she has time to have a fatal “accident”. Anyone for calling on Seal Team Six to do the job? They come highly recommended!

  8. In another huge twist, the Sun reported in early December that Andrew had a secret meeting with Maxwell at Buckingham Palace in June, and has maintained constant contact with her by phone and email since!

    Ok let me get this straight this woman is suppose to be sought after by the FBI is able to fly to England & back, hide all over the place with her friends keep in touch with everyone etc etc etc and we are to believe the FBI wants to talk with her or can’t find her, LOL RIGHT.


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