Bombshell: Mike Pompeo Hid Damning Evidence From Trump At CIA About “Hacked” DNC Emails

(Tea Party 247) – According to a recently circulated internet report states that cybersecurity expert and NSA whistleblower, Bill Binney shared information two and a half years ago with then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo that he had evidence that it was not in fact the Russians who hacked the DNC in 2016.

Now, according to a report out this week, Pompeo, who is now the Secretary of State never shared this information with the President.

From National Report:

NSA whistleblower Bill Binney told then-C.I.A. chief Mike Pompeo there was no Russia Hack at the DNC. Three years later, Mike Pompeo is still sitting on that crucial piece of information.

William Binney, a 30-year former intelligence official with the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and high profile whistleblower, spoke with National File recently about his October 2017 meeting with then-CIA director, Mike Pompeo, which was called between the two at the direction of President Donald J. Trump.

Even though Binney boldly informed then-CIA director and now Secretary of State, Pompeo that he had proof and his own investigations that Intelligence agencies were lying to Trump about the Russians, Pompeo has not introduced Binney’s expert claims to anyone at Capitol Hill three years later.

As a result, the actors pursuing President Trump have been able to continue in their persistence that there was a Russian hack, a rhetorical feature which allowed the Russia Hoax to drag on for as long as it did.

At the end of that October 2017 meeting, Pompeo asked Binney if he would report his expert forensic evidence, which included hard data disproving Guccifer2 was Russian, and the claims that Russia hacked the DNC, which are the foundations of the numerous Democrat investigations by Trump and his administration related to Russian tampering.

“The President had suggested that he [Pompeo] talk to me and that was [Pompeo’s] opening statement to me. That the President wanted him to talk to me,” Binney told National File.

“The meeting was for Pompeo to learn the facts about Russiagate. So I said that I would tell him exactly what I know. I had been able to find out from open-source information that was posted by the Guccifer 2 alleged persona. I told him all of that. I told him that the agencies were lying to him. That it took me a few hours time to determine download speeds from open source material after they have sent billions of dollars, and they can’t find the same? Something is very wrong there is what I told him,” Binney told National File.

As the Gateway Pundit shares, they’ve been reporting on Binney’s claims for some time.

According to Binney, the cover that Russia hacked the DNC emails and shared their findings with Wikileaks is a complete lie.

This week, longtime Trump ally Roger Stone was indicted after being charged by the Mueller gang based on accusations stemming from the quest to answer the question as to who provided the DNC and Podesta emails to Wikileaks.

The corrupt FBI and Mueller team claim the emails were hacked but neither entity inspected the DNC server which was supposedly hacked. Stone was indicted related to this claim.

The DNC instead hired a firm Crowdstrike, with connections to Mueller and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who provided a redacted report to the FBI and Mueller stating the emails were hacked by Russia.

Former NSA whistleblower Binney claimed he had evidence that the DNC emails were not hacked, but most likely copied to a flashdrive or some other device in an interview shared on Twitter:

TGP writes:

Bill Binney, is more than an expert, he is “A Good American”. Binney developed a system for the NSA that would have identified the 9-11 terrorist attack before it occurred, but the NSA shut down his project. This is all documented in the documentary “A Good American”. We encourage you to watch this video about Binney’s work with the NSA and their subsequent follow up after 9-11 below –

For some reason Pompeo never shared the information from Bill Binney with President Trump? (Not that it’s also been reported that Pompeo as Secretary of State argued against the termination of Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch a year before she was eventually terminated.)

What is Pompeo thinking? If true, his actions prevented the termination of the Mueller witchhunt and the Ukrainian scam impeachment.


  1. Sack Pompeo “NOW”!!! Another snake in the wood pile !!!! If he sat on the info for three years, and did “NOT”notify the Prez, then he is covering somebody’s butt and manipulating international relations to satisfy his communist/socialist peers! He is a traitor thru and thru!!!

  2. Pompeo needs to stop sitting on the fence. Is he with the president, the Constitution and the American people, or is he with the Deep State traitors? He needs to answer for this.

    • Yet, he’s better than anyone the dems can offer. An aging socialist. A confused and stuttering two time loser. A proven liar, opportunistic scold of a former “Native American” professor. A failed mayor. And the rest so low in the polling they don’t matter…except, maybe, Tulsi. She might have actually been the one to give the dems a shot to unify the party and give the dems a shot, but she was dismissed, ignored and patriotism put into question by the lib propaganda machine and the high witch Hillary. So, go ahead and stew, and rage,and prop up your weak candidates, barely a patriot among them (save Tulsi). The rest of us will stick with Trump, who may talk simple, and sometime crude. But he gets results. And THAT’s what America has needed and still needs now.

    • In what way? It seems to me he is upsetting the swamps apple cart so they are doing everything they can to stop him. I don’t know if I would like Trump on a personal level, but I think it is great he is rubbing the establishment raw.


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