Bombshell: Guess Which Big Tech Mogul Helped Jeffrey Epstein Funnel Millions To MIT

(Tea Party 247) – In just the latest bombshell revelation into how recently deceased billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein spent his life, it has been revealed that the notorious financier worked with none other than tech mogul Bill Gates to funnel $2 million dollars to MIT for unspecified projects.

These were donations that the research lab tried to cover up.

“Epstein appeared to serve as an intermediary between the lab and other wealthy donors, soliciting millions of dollars in donations from individuals and organizations, including the technologist and philanthropist Bill Gates and the investor Leon Black,” the New Yorker reports.

“According to the records obtained by The New Yorker and accounts from current and former faculty and staff of the media lab, Epstein was credited with securing at least $7.5 million in donations for the lab, including two million dollars from Gates and $5.5 million from Black, gifts the e-mails describe as ‘directed’ by Epstein or made at his behest.”

This all took place after Epstein was known to be a pedophile after being convicted in 2018 for soliciting a minor for sex acts.

So, MIT tried to cover-up this connection.

“This is a $2M gift from Bill Gates directed by Jeffrey Epstein,” wrote MIT Media Lab Director Joi Ito in an October 2014 email.

The former Director of Development and Strategy for the lab, Peter Cohen, replied, “For gift recording purposes, we will not be mentioning Jeffrey’s name as the impetus for this gift.”

The New Yorker does not specify where the money went, although both Gates and Epstein had been involved in projects related to transhumanism and population control, Gates being rather notorious for such interests.

Summit News explains:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded numerous programs aimed at population control in third world countries, including “family planning programs” in Africa.

Epstein previously donated to Humanity+, a transhumanist group that promotes the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and “aims to expand human capabilities that further human physiological functions and extend the maximum life span.”

Gates also attended numerous ‘population control’ meetings with other billionaires at which he discussed the need to curb overpopulation (despite many experts now admitting that the ‘population bomb’ scare was a dud).

It is not known whether Epstein attended any of these meetings with Gates, although he did meet with Gates in 2013 to discuss how he could increase his philanthropic spending.

Like other top elitists, Gates is also known to have flown on Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express” for a trip to Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein was based.


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