Bombshell: George Soros Under Investigation…It’s About Time!

(Tea Party 247) – Wherever there is a far-left, globalist, progressive, or Marxist political movement, there’s a very good chance that, somewhere down the line is a whole lot of money from one particularly notorious billionaire.

George Soros.

This man has poured so much of his vast fortune into trying to take down the west from within, from backing mass migration causes to anti-police riots, to the pro-abortion, LGBT agendas, so it’s no wonder that he was working hard to try to prevent Brexit from coming to fruition.

Now, however, he is being in investigated.

The Daily Mail reports:

The billionaire financier known as ‘the man who broke the Bank of England’ is facing a possible investigation into nearly £3 million that his foundation channelled into a campaign aimed at bringing down Boris Johnson.

Tories have called for an urgent Electoral Commission probe into George Soros’s American organisation after The Mail on Sunday discovered that it funnelled money into a campaign trying to block Brexit at the ballot box.

His New York-based Open Society Foundation sent the money to the pro-EU Best for Britain group via a London outpost, circumventing a ban on foreign donations to political organisations.

Best for Britain (BfB) has designed a website telling people how to vote tactically for Remain-backing candidates, which, if successful, would wipe out Mr Johnson’s hopes of a majority.

The development comes after Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru formed a ‘Unite To Remain’ pact not to stand against each other in 60 seats, to give the best chance of a Remain candidate getting in.

BfB describes itself as a ‘fellow traveller’ with the alliance, which is expected to utilise its data.

Hungarian-born Mr Soros helped to build his fortune by betting against sterling on Black Wednesday in 1992, causing panic in John Major’s Government and earning him his notoriety.

He says that his love for Britain led him to campaign against the ‘tragic mistake’ of leaving the EU. He said recently that the funds he has given for anti-Brexit activity were ‘not used for partisan or electoral purposes. They were used to educate the British public’.

Yeah, right. Why does this man spend so much money and energy in causes that would destroy the borders and sovereignty of the West’s greatest and most powerful nations?

It’s about time he was investigated, and we can only hope that this happens quite a bit more in the future.

Since 2017, BfB has received £2.7 million from Mr Soros’s foundation. The sums have been revealed in the accounts of the foundation’s London branch, which shares an office building in Westminster with other anti-Brexit organisations, including Open Britain and the European Movement.

Both of these groups have played a critical role in the People’s Vote campaign for a second referendum.

Familiar story! How do you think “The Squad” rose to power?


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      He is the sickest example of a human being!
      Saddest part is he has a son who will take over his corrupt ways!

  14. He also “got his start” as one of Hitler’s little boys. He “helped” in the repatriating of Jewish Art and Valuables. He has been slimy from childhood. I will be happy when the USA brings charges against him, beginning with the damage he caused in Ferguson, MO. He should be required to reimburse the citizens of this country for damages he has caused.

  15. I am not defending this SOB but he is an american citizen. 1st revoke his citizenship. 2nd GS deports back to Germany after we freeze all his assets, including his families. 3 Investigate all of Soros EXPENSES and ties, reverse all transactions 1 year prior to deportation from freeze . .follow the stream it will land fish.. Much easier after we take all his asserts. This guy is bad news and has been. We need to stop the presses on this menace and crush him instead.

    • I totally agree with you. You mean send him back to Poland where he was born and where he denounced his Jewish roots. He joined up with Hitler and then he cleaned out the Jewish People’s homes that were sent to the concentration camps and made millions, that is how he started with MILLIONS on his denounced Jewish roots and his fellow Jewish people. HE IS A TRAITOR AND THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN IN THIS COUNTRY AS HE IS TRYING TO BRING US TO “0” LIKE HE DID 5 OTHER ECONOMIES.

    • Absolutely agree with Patriot’s comments. Also QUICkLY investigate and prosecute for his racketeering, RICOH actions with regard to so called news Media.

  16. All it takes is 1.1 amp and it’s lights out the world became a little bit better now if you get rid of ignorant shit bag democraps the world would be great, when you get rid of problems everything is just great.

  17. Read the story of George Soros Alias, Gyorgy Schwartz the Hungarian Jew that joined the Hitler Youth and turned in Jewish Families to the Gestapo. His family changed their names before the Germans invaded Hungary and claimed they were Catholic. He is the DEVIL’s Advocate. Anything that will bring down the West….you can bet Geroge Soros will be involved.

    • Amen, Tommy…. I’ve read his book…. He is SOOOOOOO evil and not one bit remorseful for turning on his own people…..SOROS US A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person… Someone should put a pair of cement shoes on him and help him join Jimmy Hoffa… Wherever he is

    • Above the law!!! Well our current President at least tells the US he is above the law. Remember the news cast where he said, I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and I would get away with it. Wake up people and to all you Trumpers, make sense to me of the 13,000 documented lies he has told since in office. Haven’t you heard at least 1,000 of them. I HAVE!! He tells sooo many lies that he doesn’t know the truth. What about the three men involved in his campaign that are serving prison time for lying to Congress. Paul Manafort ring a bell? And why won’t the men who listened in on the infamous phone call testify? If they know the truth, why won’t they tell their story? Maybe they don’t want to end up like Manafort! Why won’t Trump release his tax returns? More to hide? I could go on and on but most of you quit reading this long time ago because it is too close to the TRUTH for you!!

    • What about Democraps lying and hiding things and you are paying taxes on the impeachment America is falling on its economic face and illegals and Democrats are the blame..

  18. Now anyone who has an open mind knows Soros is no better or worse than David Koch, of the Kosh Brothers supporting Conservatism, to make people live how theythink that people should live even if it takes away their rights.Now England leaving the EU is what mpost did not want, so it is amazing that ti put Johnson back in, now most are just tired of the back and forth of it all. Those that think Nationalism is the best way of life are in for a huge shock, now a lot of states thought that when the USA was being formed but found out the hard way it was better to be part of a Union of states than to be alone, without power to discuss trade agreements which no country can live without. This is an upward mobile World and will not stop just like the USA was years ago persons going where they could get the best jobs or the most benefits, those that stayed home did not fair as well. Now it is immigration which made this USA the great country it is and has been, so to want Nationalism to stay within the borders of aany country is just plain stupid.

    • Robert, you apparently don’t know the difference between racism, nationalism and immigration laws.
      My grandparents were immigrants. The difference is they waited in line and came in legally.
      All countries have immigration laws, and they have them for specific reasons.
      The only country in the world where they are ignored by certain people for political or economic reasons are is here in the U.S. According to Justice Dept. records 64% of Federal arrests in 2018 were of undocumented aliens…. law breakers. That is a fact. Trump was elected not because of racism, but because US citizens have been lied to and misled since the Reagan amnesty of 1986. For grass political and economic reasons, by open border globalists, who don’t care about the U.S. or it’s citizenry.
      Try sneaking into Mexico illegally without going through customs and having a proper visa and see what happens to you….

  19. 12 years ago, I said George Soros was the most dangerous man in the world, next to Barack Obama, these two demonstrated ideologues and anarchists have done so much to ruin this country and others than anybody else you could point to.

    • Every election for dems, should be overturn, due to this fraudulent crimes against our right to elect those whom WE THE PEOPLE vote for. This is crime against America sovereignty.

    • boy do I concur with you! Enough of this btard destroying nationas and their economiic systems of gvernment!

    • SOROS. is an. Example. why. there. was. A. Final. Solution. . In. Camps. Jew. George SOROS. was. Labeled a. “COMPROS”. =. “TRAITOR”. By. Other. Jews. In. The Camp—

    • This is my third comment which this llefftist site has eliminated. And yes! SOROS must my done away with! STOP censring common sense voices! COWARDS!

  20. I’ll believe this is true ONLY when justice is served to this evil monster. He and his three sons need to be tarred and feathered and ex communicated off the planet. The perfect place for them is a galaxy far far away.

    Why he and his sons have had the privilege to remain here is a puzzle to me. He and his sons are possessed by satan and no one should have the right to mold the world to what they want it to be. To them, no one has the right to be what, and who, they want to be, or to live their life the way they want to live it.

    He has taught the demonRAT party the way he wants our world to be. The devil is running this world and the Christians don’t have a clue what is about to happen to them if they do not stand up for God, stand up for that which is right, and stop letting the demonRATs, the mainstream media, Hollywood, comedians, rappers, and George Soros spoon feed them lies, propaganda, and poison, and brainwashing them, indoctrinating them, and manipulating them to destroy ourselves FOR them..

    • Amen Greta…. I’ve said this for a long time…. He should be thrown in prison to rot. He is Satan’s minion and does Satan’s work

  21. Soros is a communist and should be tried here for sedition because he is interfering in the elections for District Attorneys around this country who allow people to get off with no sentences for drug and abuse crimes. Why do the police even bother arresting people if the law is not enforced. Soros got one of the District Attorneys in the Bay area elected who now does not here cases involving defecating on the streets where Typhus, Typhoid Fever, and hepatitis A has been breaking out…and recently the Black Death…plague. All that needs to happen now is for some homeless person to get plague into his lungs and starts coughing and plague will be spread like the common cold which decimated Europe. Another 4th world country disease. Isn’t Soros wanted in Hungary? Why don’t we send him back there to face justice?

  22. It’s amazing that white Americans call everyone else Satan except themselves especially with the racist in the White House now and wow “white house”and have the nerve to talk about another race when demons are your ancestors but you call them forefathers give me a break!!!

    • You can always find a place more suitable to your cultural-Marxist standards.

      The walls we have here in America, are to keep the drug dealers, human smugglers, etc. out……not to keep citizens in…if they decide they would prefer life elsewhere…how ’bout that my friend???

    • It’s amazing there are people like you who call anyone they don’t like a racist. Is it because you’re too void of facts or knowledge to say anything else? You call him racist because why? He wants to enforce the immigration laws in place. Name calling is the argument of the lazy.

    • Dude, you idiots keep calling him racist, when you don’t have a shred of proof! Even when you think you do, the stuff you show is maybe a 5 second snippet, and doesn’t show the whole thing to put in proper context. It’s just constant accusation after accusation, with no proof whatsoever. And what white Americans call everyone else Satan? I sure don’t. That’s such a cheap accusation as well, lump all white Americans together, so you can create a straw man that you can burn in effigy? And demons are our ancestors? ROFLMAO And who are your ancestors? Might explain your disdain for white people, and expose you as the racist. ;-p

    • What kind of people do you hang out with? I don’t personally know any white people calling others demons because of their race. Only those who bear false witness and accuse without any knowledge of wrong doing gets that comdemnation. Give me an example of racism from Trump. You would be the first. I’ve been asking for proof for a long time. If you can’t do that, then you fall into the demon category.

    • there are two angels worse than satan for you to worship. so there is the good chance, you are worse than satan.

  23. The world struggles, as we speak, from the fallout of Soros’ nefarious, underhanded meddling. He is a dangerous man hell bent on destroying America. Soros’ money is behind the chaos. INVESTIGATE SOROS!

  24. Trump is the same as this man you all seemingly hate so he should be dragged and shot just as you all said his billions that’s the coward,racist,draft dodger trump!!!!

    • Truth, Bull shit! Trump is America first Soros is self first,last and always. Soro is convicted felon granted sanctuary here terms of which he has broken over and over. Man should be deported or shot which ever is most convenient.

    • I notice how you won’t use your name and you hide behind a word Truth , that you don’t know the definition of.

  25. Soros is satan in disguise! He is very close to achieving the destruction of the west! Trump is all that stands in his way!
    Saul Alinsky is all you need to know about the evil, vile scum!

    • Donald,
      You are correct… Soros has been working on pulling down America for a very long time.
      Our NATION’S education has been under attack as well, to destroy our NATION,dum down our children to control the population.
      Soros is a threat & should be tried for Treason. I am tired of people spewing
      the talking points of the George Soros, Clintons, Obamas anti God, anti America & Pelois video educationing the press how to educate voters, out of her mouth we will (the dems) make an accusations about someone & then the news repeats what the Dems are saying. We are watching their game plan in full view & needs to stop. This is Saul Lewinsky plan who trained Hillary.
      Goggle Nancy its out there, its all lies to perpetuate crimes against our freedoms.
      Soros money, to destroy America is TREASON! Those of you who are calling everyone who do not agree with your demonice views, that people are racists,which is not the case. Its crystal clear you have no knowledge of History or were taught truth, but have become a puppet to the lies spewed so you will not or can not think for your self.
      This why our Foundating Fathers put Term Limits into our Constitution. You serve your term, go home. Its the Peoples Government, not Soros, Obamas, Clinton’s or Senators or House Reps, but the PEOPLE. Everyone who are elected are servants to the people not RULERS OVER THE PEOPLE.
      This applies to both partys.

  26. Soros has supported only radical political groups. He is anti-Trump and anti-Republican. I hope Soros is investigated thoroughly to discover all the hate groups he has personally funded. Could not happen to a deserving chap such as him.

  27. I hate this man he is the devil on earth!!!! I wish he would go to his maker the Devil! He’s evil and wish we could throw his out of the USA like Hungry threw he out👍

  28. George soros controls 30 to 40 news organizations in the USA. He wants America to become like the European style socialist government and he is behind the liberal democrats trying to oust trump.

  29. I used to work for a company funded by George Soros, and I also knew the late David Koch – and I would say to both the Right and to the Left that neither was the villain they have been portrayed to be by their enemies. The Soros Open Society Foundation has done a tremendous amount of good combatting repressive regimes (which the Right would usually like), and David Koch was a libertarian of the first order who believed in very small government. Both have run very successful businesses, and in my view, have made important contributions to society, mostly good.

  30. Soros is a traitor and a spy and a communist. He helped Hitler to steel from the Jews but claims he was only doing his job. Time to find a cozy oven for him and his family. Why he has not been convicted of dozens of crimes makes no sense, but then again neither does all the is going on today. As for 911, this was an inside job, otherwise we would have the 8 flight data recorders that have been missing removed kept hidden. 100% impossible to have 8 flight recorders missing. Each plane carries 2 recorders. Wake up! Nothing is as it seems.

    • Everyone sees what is happening to our great nation that men and women have given their all the Ultimate price when are we going to have to stand our ground to protect our nation and not let their ultimate sacrifice be for nothing may God be with us in these trying times I do not believe the socialist backed democrats will ever stop trying to take down our country could this mean another civil war in our countries near future hopefully not but it could happen I do believe this is the true reason the dems push gun Confiscation agenda so hard they are very worried about a civil war I do not believe the great citizens of this great country would ever allow our country to become a socialist country and let all past sacrifices be for nothing it is scary times right now but I have faith and hope for our great one of a kind Nation we must never allow our nation and our people to lose our freedom or our Constitution – In God We Trust

    • Rob, Since the Holocaust he stoled millions from these innocent people and millions from other countries. That’s why these countries kick his A** out. And our Government should do the same!!! But as long as he supports our Democrats he’s not going any where. So once they proven him guilty locked him up throw away the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For years. He also funded Cortez for the House of Representatives. He’s evil and cruel to Christianity and America which he hates but lives on Long Island N.Y behind walls for protection from the Government that protects him.

    • The end justify the means, even if it means civil war. Now where have we heard that before? Could it have been from Saul Alenskys book Rules for Radicals?

  31. America is falling from within; They are placing the illegal immigrants in the Red states to get socialists elected into congress, etc. All the illegals need is a drivers license to vote AND ” Democrats to Rapidly Gain Political Power From Anchor Baby Population KEEP READING…”
    Then they will try to get rid of the electoral college another protection from mob rule.
    This all takes money .

  32. Sure seems like he has chronically abused/violated our 501(c) laws. Send the IRS after him? It also seems, however, we’ll have to take down his “wingman”, communist/muslim sympathizer, John Brennan – the CIA has “co-operated” with Soros and his orgs in covert destabilizing operations in several countries (look it up, but not on Google).

  33. So they investigate Soros. What exactly can anyone do to this creep. They won’t be able to nail this guy anymore than anyone has been able to convict Hillary of anything.

  34. Nothing will ever happen to him. Pathetic nation destroyers such as him always get away with their crimes. Just look at the democrats in the U.S.

  35. A question for anyone in Congress: “How much money have you or your campaign received
    from this man or his affiliates? If you have received any money from him. you are a co-conspirator
    and you should resign from office (before you are investigated and indicted)”.

  36. About time!! I suppose everything must end sooner or later. How come we have never done anything in the USA? God bless the United Kingdom

  37. I’m impressed by the level of discourse in the comments on this article. It’s refreshingly more adult, articulate, and well thought-through than what I usually in polo always forums.

  38. Sedition.Indict Indict Indict with no bail.NY has a “safe” cell available.RICO works.Without money he has no freinds, and can’t buy any.The assault on THIS country has to stop and End.America is the one block in the way of the NWO communist world takeover.They are not after Trump,they are after us,he is just in the way.Anyone who accepted his money are co-conspiritors and as such traitors.Hence the fear,not Hate of Trump.Is Julliani really that busy?His familiarity and experience would surely be an asset along these lines.

  39. I will believe it when I see his Dog Ass Behind BARS, he has been on the Path to the DarkSide of the Force for so long doing his best to undermine our Government, ‘The Dark Sith Lord Darth Soros” has so many 🗣RINOs & Liberal DeMONcRATic Puppets in our SHITHOLE Congress that we will need to CLEANSE that Shithole out in 2020!🤔💭🏴‍☠️

  40. Need someone familiar with the RICO statutes to fully investigate and prosecute.Anyone come readilly to mind?Gee whiz I seem to recall a Rudy somebody. Ah New York maybe?

  41. Soros,a criminal on the run so to speak.Wanted in France for his crimes against the country but America won’t allow the French to extradicte him.We should send this Criminal there and revoke his citizenship here

  42. People of George Soros and his Sons, Deserve more than Prison. Only with their execution and forfeiture of
    all wealth to the countries they have damaged will justice be achieved.

  43. Soros has declared he does not believe in God.

    Therefore he belongs to Satan.

    But we all knew that, eh?

    Sadly, this means that evil piece of sh*t is not going ANYWHERE until Satan calls him to his Bar B Q.

  44. Fuk “investigations”. We know he is guilty of a dozen or more crimes punishable by death. He should be dragged from his fortress estate and simply shot.

  45. It’s not just England banks been destroyed by Soros. He did it in Russia, and before it he did it in Hungary. And all his Pacs and agencies, all of them organised to do harm to the West.
    Antifa, Black lives matter, all these murderous groups are financed by Soros directly or thru others. Ukraine scandal was organized by Soros. Arab Springs “revolutions” were done by Hillary and Obama, but it was Soros behind it. How long this evil man will go unpunished??? He is globalist, he is looking for his evil Power . And do not think he is Jewish. He helps Palestinians to kill the most Jews as possible, he openly hating Jews. He always says it was the best time in his life when he helped Nazis to collect murdered Jews possessions in 1944!

    • You are right about soros in every way. I won’t even capitalize his name because he is so unworthy of humanity. He fights for evil in every way he can and he is a destroyer, murderer, thief, traitor, and worse. This individual, I’m not even sure he’s human, has done his best to create a broken world. He has, unfortunately, been quite successful because too many people want to be on the popular side of things. What’s popular isn’t always good, sometimes it’s a very destructive thing. I wish people would wake up and use their common sense to see and acknowledge what’s really going on around them. But as of now, they are blind. I pray that the Lord steps in and corrects it.

    • Spot on Olga. And when asked why he did it to these banks? His lovely answer was……….. Well. i am in it to make money. So he cares nothing for others. As long as the greedy slime gets his.

  46. He should be exiled from are country for ever!!! No body wants this piece of crap in their country!!!You can bet that this man is going right to hell when he passes away!!!


    • I agree!!! get something useful done for us by a country we helped “save” in ww2, they owe us, as does the rest of the world, but WE are too weak minded to collect.

    • His looks alone could destroy nations! Is that why nothing seems to please him more than disrupting a nation’s government? He actually looks like a creature from the underground. He’s unhappy 24 – 7 for some reason. I’ve never understood a person with his his money wanting to destroy so much. Well, maybe Hitler, but he was still a small fry compared to Soros.

    • Soros should be in prison and his assets seized so he has no money left to use as a.weapon against the people on planet earth.

  47. The evil keep going. Their money talks no matter what.
    But in the end the Lord will give Soros his dues.
    Money won’t buy him grace

  48. Soros is a fourth reisch Nazi socialist progressive , who assisted the the third REISCH Nazis in Hungary too persecute Hungarian Jews he should be brought too justice and all assets frozen until he is brought too trail !!!!
    Joseph St.Clair

    • Yes, except that He was born Jewish and that is a terrible type of Nazi. Those were the Jews that gave up other Jews during the war. Real SCUM!! Soros is the worst element of Society. Can’t believe He tried to take Boris Johnson down. I knew all along that His money was behind everything evil. He’s a Socialist and trying to destroy the fabric of our Country!!

    • It is time to deal with Soros and deal him the damage he has already caused here in America and around the world.

    • Soros is a thug piece of shit .put his Romanian Jewish ass in jail . What this bum did to his people should put him in the gallows hang this scum bag and his son with him. You and I would have been under investigation 10 years ago and incarcerated . Get this bum …….

    • To not too. Too means also. Reich not reisch. Hard to make good points when the grammar is so bad. Then the left lasts is for being dumb.

    • You are so correct!!!! Not many people know this. He is satan himself, and so are his three sons, they are working with him to take our country down for communist muslim take over

  49. I would bet the ranch on it that his money is also behind the impeachment of President Donald John Trump as well. One thing I have come across in reading Edward Klein’s book All Out War The Plot to Destroy Trump is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s connections to George Soros and his Democracy Alliance. No wonder she wants to bring more impeachment articles against President Trump. Think about that. Soros definitely needs to be investigated.

  50. It’s about time someone investigated him, he is the head with Obama the tail of the same satanic evil anti christ.
    George Soros started his evil ways selling out his friends parents to the Nazis, finding wealth easy that way started working with the Nazis selling out the Jews until such time as he was put in charge of the fortunes of those sent to the gas chambers.
    There are countries where he will be arrested if caught anda couple wanted dead or alive.
    He was and still is responsible for most all political hated and division in this country over the past several years.
    He is also responsible for the idea of “One World Order” with him and Obama running everything.

    All his holdings and money should be confiscated and him turned over to other countries for prosecution. Obama living on Marthas Vineyards should be treated the same way he is just as evil and full of hated for this country and its people.

    • I hate to say this but, I have often wondered if he was shot if he wouldn’t die because he IS either the beast or the Anti-Christ. Of course there is the chance he has been able to procure body parts from his buddies in China and N Korea to extend his life…but, shouldn’t he be dead by now if he was a “normal” human being?

    • Great comment Robert! Long overdue for Soros’ evil to be exposed with all his connections to the Dems & anti-American hate groups like Antifa!

  51. EU = top officials stealing enormous amounts of money for themselves and giving a pittance of money to the people which in many cases isn’t there at all. Obama, Ryan, McCain, Romney, entire Democratic Party are pro EU because they want the USA to eliminate our government and become Globalist. Globalism is a term that is identical to any government or empire in the history of humanity that tried to rule the world. Always, ALWAYS ends in blood and death. Then it disappears for twenty years and the pathetically sick humans who NEED it bring it back under a new name – Nazi, Soviet, Radical Islamic, Roman Empire, and on and on.

    • I have met Hungarians in Europe and have told them that Soros is in the U.S.. do you want him back. NO THANKS. You can keep him, they said
      Now that is someone the IRS should investigate!

  52. This SOB makes the bad guys look good! He has tried to manipulate more elections than they can keep track of! There are more than just a few countries out to get this maniac. He should have never been able to be here but stupid moron Bill Clinton knocked down all kinds of favors getting him accepted into America and made a citizen when he should have been tossed to the sharks!


    • That is so true. The Philippines President threaten this SOB Soros that if he put his foot in the Philippines land, this Philippines president will send this old ugly Satan straightforward to the HELL where he is belonged to…



    • I agree with you Hugh and all of you. The Democrats only let him come here because they knew he would support their campaigns. It’s my understanding that Soros stoled this money from the Holocaust people along with others. He’s been kicked out from other countries and like all of you said he needs to be kicked out from our country.

  55. The West would be better off without the likes of Soros and his dastardly attempt to do away with western society. Why do people like this live and thrive? A massive CVA or heart attack leading to his incapacity or worse would be welcomed. God damn him, literally.

  56. This piece of shit should be taken down instead of President Trump. He is a thorn in Americas side and needs to be eliminated. Am getting tired of waiting for him to drop dead on his own. He needs his citizenship revoked and deported back to his own country.

    • The problem is even if he were to drop dead tomorrow, he has sons that are more than willing to carry on from where he left off, and they are even more radical than he is!

  57. You can bet that it was George Soros who funded all of those busloads of very poor people who appeared at all of President Trump’s rallies during the 2016 election cycle in order to start fights with people attending the Trump rallies!!!!! You can also bet that it was George Soros who funded those massive migrations of immigrants recently who appeared at the southern borders of America. Those people with their small children did NOT walk hundreds of miles to our borders!!! AND…if George Soros isn’t stopped, you can bet he will have his evil hand in our 2020 election!!!!!!!!!

  58. Geo Soros has dual citizenship, he should be deported.

    All these leftist politicians probably got plenty of dough from this commie

  59. This guy should have been in prison a long time ago. He’s behind nearly every nefarious action that takes place politically in this country.

  60. Maria Bartiromo interviewed him and asked him a bout his wily ways.he said since the nazi times and as a child he found that he loved playing with Nations and People to cause chaos.

  61. I agree it’s time. I’ve written several articles outlining how Soros works to undermine America & its freedoms from funding anti-gun groups to funding anti-law n order DAs & prosecutors in such cities as Philadelphi and San Fran. He & his children are pox on our society. No wonder his home country Hungary has banned him from entry.

  62. Soros is the head of and financier of the deep state, and he surely is funding and accomodating all the Trump hate, the obstruction and the impeachment of Trump.

  63. Name any godless, left-wing cause extant, and chances are it’s been financed largely by George Soros. The man (and I say “man” only in the biological sense) betrayed his own people to the Nazis when he was 14 years old! There are no depths to which he will not sink, and no cause he will not underwrite to the detriment of the USA 🇺🇸 or any other country that strikes his fancy! He is presently 89 years old and has lived far too long! Anything that might accelerate his departure (untimely or whatever) from this earthly plane would indeed be a blessing to all humankind!

  64. Yes! The USA should be doing the same but he owns too many of our Congressman and women. Look at who he’s contributed to and also investigate them.

  65. We need to find out why he never runs out of money and why our national debt is 200 trillion.
    Those two questions have the same answer and the same financiers… the American tax payer.


  67. I just want to see him lose his citizenship here, deported to Hungary where they will welcome him with open arms and police bracelets. Have him stand trial for collaborating with the Nazis against his own people. And Investigate his son to, he’s just as rotten as his father. His son may not stand trial for collaborating with the Nazis, but I’m sure they’ll find other crimes he’s committed. They are disgrace to the Jewish people all over the world.

  68. It is part time to investigate and send him out if our country. Soros has been lining the pockets of Democrat / Socialists, Clintons, Bidens, Warren, Pelisi, Schiff and others for years. All America knows it.
    But, did you know that Chelsea Clinton is MARRIED TO SOROS’S NEPHEW? Did you know that Schiff just MARRIED SOROS’S SISTER?
    Humm. Lots of DIRT and SOROS’ MONEY in our politics.

    • Why would you totally lie on your comments. Adam Schiffs wife is not related to George Soros. She comes from a Cathlic family . It only belittles your other comments which are just as unbelievable.

    • Same with Chelsea Clinton. That bogus tale popped right up when googled. This all makes you look partisan and ill-informed.

  69. Why does this individual get away with his nefarious manipulations in a number of different countries? He is a vile, evil tyrant who needs to be fully investigated by England and the U.S. An appropriate first step would be to freeze his finances to prevent any further activities on his part. In my opinion a life sentence in a maximum security prison would be fully justified.

    • I think he is about to examined, harshly with veterinarian gloves like the ones that go alllll the way to the shoulders. Like Any other animule.

  70. What I want to know is why the USA has not ever attempted to stop this crook. He has been the financial supplier for the ugly Democrats in all the demonstrations, rioting, attacks on Trump supporters, and anything else to defeat Trump by the socialist Democratic Party. Why is it that
    England or Great Britain are the ones going after him. The United States should have been on this for the last three years. Thank you England or Great Britain for going after this miserable excuse for a human being. Take a lesson USA.

  71. This guy needs to be sent back to the country where he came from! He’s a trouble maker for most of America! Spend money on real things like poverty you old coot!

  72. Soros needs to be indicted and imprisoned for the rest of his unnatural life. Unfortunately, his two sons and nephews will continued his agenda for world dominance.

  73. I have always said SOROS has been the source of all ANTI FI CRIMES AGAINST OUR PEOPLE. It’s not guns… it’s an organized take over of the US by that COMMUNIST/MARXIST SOROS, who developed power with the aid of BARACK OBAMA AND HIS REGIME! DOWN WITH BOTH AS THEY ARE STILL WORKING TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY THEY “HATE” FROM WITHIN. Where are the assassins????

  74. Good news for GB but when do we investigate his seditious and traitorous activity in the US and immediately give him a vacation in gitmo with the rest of the domestic terrorists?

  75. Ironical that the wealth created within a free capitalist system is being used to destroy the social fabric that benefits the most (within a free capitalist system).

  76. I am sure if you dig into Soros past to find out where his money came from it most likely nazi loot from WWII since he was working with them. Then you could get him on war crimes as well.

    • Soros readily admitted in an televised interview that he stole money, jewels, etc. from Jews who were sent to the death camps. He even turned on his neighbors and reported them to the Nazis. He exhibited absolutely no remorse.

  77. Shooting is too good for the low life SOB> He should be put in a place where he can be tortured unmercifully for as long as he lives if he should live very long being tortured. He should also take Hillary and Bill and Obama with him as they are a part of his corrupt lifestyle.

  78. Lock him up! . . . We’ve got ENOUGH MARXIST trolls doing the work of the DEVIL without adding a WICKED, evil BILLIONAIRE to the mix. DEPORT this JERK immediately, ASAP, if not sooner. Why not see if we can keep his fortunes (through SANCTIONS?) from EVER influencing politics again. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  79. Backing “Best for Britain” isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to what soros has spent trying to wreck America.

    soros has his finger prints on so many treasonous acts here, it shouldn’t take any time at all to investigate him and indict him for a thousand counts of treason against America.

    Hell, if we started now we could have that communist strung up in the hanging tree before lunch.

    The only thing holding us back is our own fedgov who LOVES soros.

  80. This miserable individual and his companies needs to be banned from the US. He’ll do anything to bring down our government.

    • Since Trump signed his executive order taking away our free speech, I believe most of the comments here falls under Trumps definition of antisemitism. Since Soros is a Jew I mean, we aren’t allowed to blame him for ANYTHING…yes that applies to even when it is a true statement.
      Trump is one of them. His own book, Trump talks about his Kabbalah teacher. You can’t be Christian and Kabbalist both. He works for Israel. The Bible doesn’t warn us about Muslims. It warns us of being taken into the Synagogues, arrested and beheaded. Jesus said they were of their father the devil. Clearly not Muslim. It’s not a New World Order, it’s a Jew World Order. Oops, that wasn’t anti Semitic was it?

  81. The man should’ve been in prison long ago, the reason he’s not is the same reason he’s involved in our politics now….his billions!

    • SOROS. is an. Example. why. there. was. A. Final. Solution. . In. Camps. Jew. George SOROS. was. Labeled a. “COMPROS”. =. “TRAITOR”. By. Other. Jews. In. The Camp—

      Bravo. Dennis. !


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