Black Students At Syracuse University “I Hate It Here!” As They Demand This…

(Tea Party 247) – College campuses are ground zero for liberal hysterics and lunacy. The effects of leftist ideas and indoctrination are having a really negative impact on what should be educational environments. Instead of being focused on academics, students are consumed by their precious feelings and making outrageous and idiotic demands of university leaders.

Look no further than Syracuse University for the latest example of students being completely triggered by nonsense and throwing tantrums in order to get coddled by the university. According to InfoWars, black students have apparently overtaken a building on campus and refuse to give it up until the university institutes segregation. These students are demanding the school allow them to opt-out of rooming with white students in the college’s dorms.

But conservatives are the racists?

The irony is that these black students are liberals and don’t even see how damaging Democratic policies have been on their communities. Instead of thinking freely, they just continue to conform to the left and be the reliable, lock-step army of outraged citizens the Dems want them to be. I digress.

“The general consensus is that black students, and we’re talking specifically on behalf of Black students, may feel safer and better rooming with other Black students rather than saying the same race has an implementation of a profile system or a portal system. That includes interests as well as race,” an individual representing “#NotAgainSU” declared during the mass tantrum.

Where are the statistics to back up these student’s claim that they are in fact safer rooming with only other black students and that they are actually in danger rooming with white students? Sure, they can say they “feel safer” rooming with only black students but where is the evidence to suggest there is merit to their feelings. In 21st century “woke” America, all one has to do to be validated is simply feel a certain way. Feelings suddenly equate facts. No, feelings trump facts.

In the real world, outside of college campus bubbles, feelings are constantly dismissed on the basis of facts because feelings really don’t matter. Colleges are literally training students to believe that feelings outweigh facts. As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez so ignorantly put it, “There’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.”

This is the flawed thinking taking over college campuses. Morals are subjective while truth and facts are objective. That is why we have laws (objective) instead of just allowing everyone to act on their own “morals” or feelings (subjective).

InfoWars reports:

In a sad example of how liberal indoctrination at American colleges can negatively affect students, a female student admitted, “I get anxiety attacks, I have panic attacks and this university took my mental health. I was one of the happiest people before I came here.”

“I hate it here,” she added. “I hate it here! I’m from Miami just like her,” a male student chimed in, causing an extremely odd and frantic chain reaction by the crowd who echoed, “I hate it here. I hate it here.”

The students act as if they’re prisoners of the university and that they didn’t volunteer and pay to attend the school.

In a seriously twisted take on reality, a white student who was allowed to grab the microphone called Syracuse University “pretty racist” for not allowing black students to opt-out of rooming with white students.

Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud says he’ll work with the student protesters and that they have “good reason to fear” roommates who “harbor views of racism,” according to Campus Reform.

How far will students go once they realize they have power over their university’s leaders?

It’s complete lunacy. If the students hate it so much at the college they have freely chosen to attend, why don’t they leave? If being at Syracuse University has been so emotionally and mentally damaging for them, why are they still there?

The answer is simple: they have been trained to believe the world should conform to their feelings versus them learning self-control in order to manage their feelings when confronted with the facts and reality of the real world.

This is the future of America, folks.


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  3. I graduated from SU in 1981 with an MBA degree. I thought the campus was beautiful and the professors were knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. I ended up with a great 2d career (21 yrs military prior to attending SU). We had all mixtures of students, black, white, Asian, etc. At no time did I ever experience this type of bulls##t. I can state unequivacably that these “students” are going to regret these actions when they eventually graduate and enter the real world.

  4. Sickeningly Sad and ridiculous. The new generation of “feelings” will soon wake up to the reality of “this is the way we do it here; these are the Laws that governor our job and the United States”. Obey them or pay the price. If you want to change the way things are done at school, at work or in the United States; get an education and seek that position that makes the rules; start your own business or run for Congress. In the meantime we don’t care about your “feelings”. What about the feelings of the people that are paying for your education? Stop your whining and grow up.

  5. all hate crimes are black on whites.all racism is from blacks towards whites.another example of the loony left calling everyone else what they themselves are.just called marxist projection.this is what happens when you feed the animals.

  6. Blacks that want to go to white schools are stupid. Blacks have some of the best universities over the country. They are called HBCU’s. Not only that, it has been proven that some whites has to cheat to get in school. There’s nothing better than an HBCU. Black students stay in your lane.

  7. The bottom line is they should be going to an HBCU University they wouldn’t have any problems. They wouldn’t have the racism issues. Blacks don’t have to go to any white university to get a good education. As it has been proven, a lot of whites has to cheat to be excepted in a university like Syracuse .

    • “a lot of whites has to cheat” – apparently your education is lacking…. Your entire rant sound like a black just mouthing off.

    • HBCU mean: Historical Black College and Universities. To name a few. Norfolk State University, A&T University, Grambling Univ., Alcorn State Univ., Bethune Cookman Univ., Hampton Univ., and Howard Univ., just to name a few. I still say blacks don’t have to any white school to get a good education, to be treated like crap. Blacks stay in your lane. You are smarter than the average white student anyway. They no how to cheat better.

  8. Conservatives don’t give a damn what anyone says or thinks. Unlike progressive liberals. Progressive tolerant liberals/oxymoron are the ones trying to stop free speech because they don’t like what someone says. That is the very definition of fascism. You damn fool.

  9. HOIST ON THERE OWN PETARD – sorry but could they be anymore STUPID then what they are proving to be. They are destroying their lives & then they will blame it on the White Community.

    • Most of the minority students couldn’t afford to pay 10% of the tuition to a place like Syracuse.

      They are on pretty much of a free ride with BEOG Grants and anything things else that allows them to skate free…..and they are STILL psst off about everything.

      Good luck with any of them getting jobs in the real world, ha!!

    • ChuckLynch – They are there in the name of ‘diversity’, not due to outstanding academic excellence. Remember – ‘diversity is our strength’!
      Of course, they will eventually get jobs. They will also be promoted and make their way up the corporate/government ladder – after all, anyone denying them promotion will be labeled a ‘racist’. Who will take the chance?

    • I am close to 70; I was in my teens when I was part of the huge civil rights movement and can’t help but wonder if Martin Luther King Jr. would say if he was dropped back here In a time machine!!! These kids are trying to undo and twist everything Rev. King stood for !!

  10. Lots of opinions from InfoWars ad TeaParty 247. I found only one written quote from the article:

    The Chancellor seems to validate the student protests.
    “Syracuse Chancellor Kent Syverud says he’ll work with the student protesters and that they have “good reason to fear”
    roommates who “harbor views of racism,” according to Campus Reform.”

    As for the “Love it or Leave it” option, why? It sounds like these students are voicing a situation that isn’t acceptable and they want to make it right. Systemic racism? Check. So, the answer folks here suggest is to walk away and let someone else fix it? Or the issue is imagined, just get over it? That’s a snowflake and/or cowardly move. If you advocate giving up, to move on to greener pastures, then do so. It’s a free world. As for these students (i.e. customers) who paid tuition to attend this university, if it’s a valid complaint, the appropriate thing to do is to try and fix it, not run away. That’s for snowflakes and websites who prefer an alternate form of news.

    BTW, here’s the official response from SU. No demand for segregation, only relief from racist dorm partners, faculty and campus policies.

  11. If the students really hate being at the school, then go somewhere else. There are hundreds of other colleges and universities out there for them. As a family member who has had relatives as graduates of the school I can attest it is one of the best around. As for calling for a segregated learning and living environment the students demonstrating don’t seem to know much about the civil rights movement and the sacrifices that were made by both white and black people of all back grounds to prevent it. They need to understand that when and if they graduate the world is not too conducive of such antics. They will soon be unemployed if they try this in the real business world. The real working world doesn’t offer safe, calm, non threatening environments. Get real and understand this.

    • You are correct , however the way things are going the rest of society including the business world , will cave in to this lunacy. Progressive ? Hardly. That was when we for integration , not segregation

  12. Get a job. Then you won’t have the time to worry about dumb s*** like this. I suppose they’re all going to be living with their parents until they’re 40.

  13. oh puleeeeeze ! ! !
    it was AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that got you there and is causing all your fear . . .
    perhaps brown university was a better choice after all

  14. i read all this crap, and in my opinion WHITE is a racial slur, we are polish, irish, german portuguese, english, irish etc. i have never seen a white person, there is no such thing. i am darker that a lot of blacks. why then am i considered white. many many so called african american’s have so called white blood in them. they say they are proud of their heritage, but iot see,ms only part of it. if they do a family tree, do the just leave the space blank where the supposed white person entered the mix. slavery was not a good thing. but it is alive in africa, right now also other countries. some of their leaders sold them into slavery and it wasn’t just WHITE people that were slave owners. the first slave owner in this country was a BLACK man. if you went back and had no slavery all of you african americans would not be here, you would still be in africa. you could have been or still could be a slave. think about it!

  15. great statement sarge. i was in the military on a ship with 5,000 sailors, funny thing, no racism. everyone doping their job for the same cause. thank you for your service

  16. Pretty easy in my opinion to see what happens in a society that turns its back on truth to embrace the lie. No accountability and everyone becomes a victim. God help us!!

    • I wouldn’t call them snow flakes. Look at the pics. As for their whining about being at a first class institution? This is what you get thanks to AA! Free lunch, free tuition handouts. Not good for the future either.

      If they don’t like being in NY State…. They can move to CA take up residence on the streets and live with the mess there that Adam Bull Schiff & Nancy Pill-0si don’t do a donkey’s rear with. That same donkey’s rear, is also their official demonRat Mascot.

  17. This lunacy is not limited to the universities, nor is it limited to the United States. It appears Western Civilization has lost the sense of its own values and, therefore, its will to survive. Perhaps this is merely the latest historical cycle – every civilization rises, reaches its apogee and then declines. It’s rather arrogant to see ourselves as the end of history, permanent – above and beyond, so to speak. This may be only a modern version of the Tower of Babel.

    • This is one place I agree with Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict) when decades ago as a professor , he warned that the biggest danger facing us is Moral Relativism”

  18. Why did they come in the first place??? Just ‘go home’ – choose a different university??? NOT ‘adult’ enough to do that???? 🙁 🙁

  19. In the end they will determine this was all a staged event & the racial slurs were done by one of their own in another desperate attempt to promote their “hate & divide” agenda! The same as the smollett charade! In this day & age I really believe whites have moved beyond these racially motivated antics, and if there is a whitey that feels this way about blacks he or she is the minority, probably 0.0001% of whites think or would do something so stupid and dis-respectful. If the hateful, racial, asinine painted slurs were actually done by a whitey, then shame on them & I hope they are caught & punished severely for it. Not a slap on the rest like smollett got for creating such a terrible, racially motivated, act of violence! For America to move forward, “ANYONE” regardless of race or skin color should be held equally accountable for their hate crime! Hanging one American but letting the other one go unpunished for committing the same crime, is racism in itself and this rhetoric being passed along that “it happened to us 200 years ago, so they only fair way is to have it happen to someone else now” is ludicrous at best and does nothing to resolve the real issue. It only adds to the problem! Some people need to actually look in the mirror and ask themselves if they really want to resolve the problem or be part of it! These students that demand an “ALL BLACK DORM” only add to the problem, they know it, and it’s actually what they want”! Wake up America, we are being played by a bunch of rich, overpaid, politicians that fully understand that “UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL”

  20. If they’re so afraid of rooming with white students, there are Black colleges available. Then the other colleges would be for everyone else. This way they wouldn’t feel threatened. I thought Martin Luther King fought against segregation, to keep freedom for all.

  21. It’s really sad that those students are reacting this way about Syracuse University. I bet they do not even know what they are talking about. I bet they don’t even know who is running for the nomination for president in the Democratic Party. This are young adults that have been brainwashed my the fake media n the far left. Both my son n granddaughter graduated from Syracuse, doing very well, we’re involved in its activities and loved it there. My experience Wes that there was communication between the faculty, the students and the parents. We come from what’s called, “ minorities “ and no one will ever experience discrimination, or fear for their safety. My recommendation to the University is to let them know, they will not change their rules, because before they know, everyone will be demanding for any little thing to the point that I’ll cause dams to the great institution that they are. I feel that if they don’t like it, then to go to another institution, such as public institutions Where they will let them disrupt other students learning and voicat.

  22. I have to LOL at these snowflakes, just wait till they graduate (if they can) and go out in the real world that is not made up of all black students. They may have the need to interact with a white person who may not share their views.

  23. This is the biggest epidemic not able to cope with diversity or adversity at the university. Take some time to get to know the mind and hearts of each other of all colors . This is your choice, make it count.

  24. I was born in a renovated concentration camp used to house refugees after the war.
    My parents (father was a Polish POW, mom’s whole family was Ukrainian) were deported to the Fatherland during the conflict to work as slave labor.
    They met in a camp and were married after war’s end.
    Father started the process of immigration and got permission to come to America in September 1949.
    There was a glitch: The final paperwork was due in late May and required the names of his children.
    Dad told the immigration officer his wife was pregnant and they hadn’t named the child yet because they didn’t know its sex.
    The officer suggested “We’ll put down its name is John if it’s a boy, Joanne if it’s a girl,” assuring father it was only a minor technicality that could easily be resolved on the date of departure.
    Mother had twins.
    Fortunately, father had some dealings with the immigration office and managed to fix the paperwork to include me. The officer in charge commented, “That’s another one for the Army.”
    Sure enough, my brothers and I were drafted during the Vietnam War and served honorably.
    I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.
    The “I hate it here” Syracuse University students, on the other hand, feel entitled.
    Blessed is he who expects nothing…For he shall not be disappointed.
    God Bless America.

    • Thank you Spider for a very thoughtful post and thank you for sharing a very poignant and personal story. Your parents should be very proud of you and your brothers, they raised a fine family of Americans. Your love of your family and your country is the best way of thanking your parents for their sacrifices. God Bless.

  25. When are colleges and universities going to stand up to people that are not so smart. The colleges will not lose anything to standing up to these students. There are plenty who want to attend these colleges. If you feel unsafe or hate a school leave and go somewhere else. No one makes you go there. It is a priviledge for you to get in and go there. Take them out of the building and kick them out of the school.
    Who are the racist here?

  26. I don’t know what their parents paid for the tuition of these students. If these students can’t cope with the stress of college. How are they going to work in the real world? Their parents are wasting money on them!

    My son worked at various jobs and went to local extension colleges. He picked courses in a field he liked. Mommy and Daddy didn’t hold his hand We showed him how to work!

    My son makes around $150k a year working 40 hours a week!

  27. This is the plan of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party to divid and conquer America. They took over education by forming the
    Dept. of Indoctrination Education 1st college and Universities, then High Schools, now from kindergarten. The parents are ordered to accept whatever the Dept. says without objection. If they try to object in some states, they are accused of being unfit parents and threaten to have they children taken from them. Anyone with a brain can see the impact it has had on our society and it’s going to get much, much worse. The African Americans against segregation now the want it. Talk about dumb and dumber. The world is ready for the 4th Reich and one world government.

  28. This article is terrible, but it is coming from Infowars so that figures. It states nothing about the 12 negative racial and threating incidences that have occurred there in the last week. This article suggests that these are just spoiled kids, when in fact they are being harassed by white supremacist.

  29. Sure sounds more like those black students are the racists and non-black persons would be safer from their attitudes by not rooming with any of them! I’d love to see how a floor of rooms for only black students would eventually end up. Studious, peaceful, or raucous?

  30. So, these By lack students are fighting to go back to Segregation- the thing their grandparents fought so hard to end. They are afraid of rooming with White students because they feel “unsafe” – If a white student had said that about rooming with a black student they would be shouted down as a Racist!
    They take over a building and demand the University give into to their emotional rants and mentally unstable demands or What? they will sit for another week in the building whining about how much they Hate the University they chose to go to?
    Then the fool of an administrator coddles these irrational morons by supporting their Racism saying they are Right to Fear White People who he assumes are all Racist! What a f-ing Racist they all are including the Chancellor!
    The Chancellor should be fired and every one of these childish snowflakes should be expelled from the university and have their credits rescinded.
    Tosing these idiots out of school would be the best lesson this university could give them to prepare them for the real world! Your freaking bosses will not give into you if you form a sit-in in the cafeteria and demand they make sure your racist asses do not have to work with White people because you imagine you are not safe. Go home children, back to your self-segregated communities, work hard to avoid anyone who does not look like you and definitely those who do not think like you, live in your racist bubbles but while you do it don’t you ever Dare Call Anyone Else Racist!

    MLk is rolling in his Grave!

  31. “Normal” for these coddled toddlers is “throwing a fit at perceived wrongs.” If it isn’t this, it will be something else. “Limited food choices” in the cafeteria (“Why we be gotta eat White food?”. Being required to take finals (“Examinations are elitist and racist!). Being “forced” to demonstrate learning (“Ain’t we be persons whether or not we learn something? We be paying tuition here so we oughta be FREE to learn or not.”)

    Temper tantrums, brought on by decades of college administrators interested more in “feelings” than achievement, “coddling” more than standards. Every step in this direction ruins true education for those who truly want to learn, whatever their race.

    The sooner these toddlers are sent out into the real world, the sooner they will learn that “the world doesn’t care about how you feel.” Sadly, they will be ill-equipped to succeed in that world because they “didn’t feel like studying,” and expected an A anyway.

    The Left used segregation in the 1920s as a battering ram against the US. Not because they cared for Blacks, but because they were intent on destroying America. Social evolution brought about a rejection of the KKK and integration in the 1960s. Through special programs, Blacks were integrated into all institutions of higher learning.

    But now the Left is opposing “integration” and celebrating “segregation,” not because they want Blacks “safe,” (97% of Black murders are done by Blacks) but because they continue to foment discord in order to destroy the fabric of America society.

    Whatever creates discord and warfare between people groups (gender, economic, political, social, sexual) — that’s where you’ll find Leftist agitators and activists. They do not want the problems solve; they want to exploit the problems for their own power. It’s what their father, Lucifer, has taught them to do. Just as Saul Alinsky.

    • What about the abortion rates……genocide there, and all supported by the Democrat party who couldn’t care less about these poor people!!

  32. so sorry children when i left high school almost our entire class joined the military to go fight in viet nam ,, or we were drafted .we were killing others and being killed at 18 and 19 years old . so sorry you don’t get to be segregated in school well a fact for you GET USE TO IT THE WORLD IS A UNFORGIVING AND DANGEROUS PLACE.. YOUR FEELINGS ARE GONNA GET HURT A LOT SORRY GET OVER IT .. or your not going to make it in the real world.. mommy will not be there to protect you for ever …

  33. dam bunch of niggers,they are the cancer of the USA, easy fix do them like the animals they are,put them on the west coast and whites on east coast, they act like wild indians,treat them the same it worked back in the day.then build the wall through the center of the USA

  34. These children are destroying everything their great-grandparents fought for! Non-segregation. Sure they felt safer not going to all-white schools. But, by joining and working and talking with people not in their cultural and color mode…helped both sides. Yes, both sides were uncomfortable. It’s called growing and learning. These teachers and college leaders must hate them a lot to try to destroy everything that has been achieved and fought for by so many. Sure kids feel unsafe when they leave the nest of familiarity and go off to college. If we all stayed in our little cocoons we would eventually die. This generation brings a lot of heartache and sorrows with their swayed and manipulated thinking. It’s more of a cultural belief from the past that has been festering and finally arisen. No logic or sanity.

  35. These children are destroying everything their great-grandparents fought for! Non-segregation. Sure they felt safer not going to all-white schools. But, by joining and working and talking with people not in their cultural and color mode…helped both sides. Yes, both sides were uncomfortable. It’s called growing and learning. These teachers and college leaders must hate them a lot to try to destroy everything that has been achieved and fought for by so many. Sure kids feel unsafe when they leave the nest of familiarity and go off to college. If we all stayed in our little cocoons we would eventually die. This generation brings a lot of heartache and sorrows with their swayed and manipulated thinking. It’s more of a cultural belief from the past that has been festering and finally arisen. No logic or sanity.

  36. If you hate it there. LEAVE, go home to where ever it is you call home. No one is forcing you to stay at this horrible college. But before you leave, stop, try to think why you went there in the first place. Was it to learn? Was is to be coddled because no one understood you? If it was the first, you obviously didn’t pay attention to the school while you were checking it out. If the latter is your reasoning, you may need to seek psychiatric care and leave everyone else alone till you get your poop in one basket.

    • Nobody is forcing you to stay there. Just leave and get a job. Stop looking for a baby blanket. Life’s tough. Grow up and deal with it.

  37. Room with who you want, I for one agree from the Racist ungodly liberal words but you speak for a small majority where most see under Trump a better country, economy, and jobs for all races, no one race is special only racist like yourself whom Gods word says to love one another if not Salvation is in jeopardy.

  38. I think students should be able to pick their roommates. If students think race is an important factor in their safety, then let them put that on their application for housing. In this way blacks will likely get to room together, as most of the white kids will opt out of having black roommates, due to statistically relevant crime rate difference between black and white college age kids. Let’s see if any college kids, or professors for that mattter, can find any fault in the logic of the above statement.

    • Richard: Are you kidding?? The only thing these dingbats should be entitled to is to learn a skill at college and to figure out a way to find somebody who gives a s— about how they feel. If my child went to a microphone or anywhere and demanded that
      he/she be housed with students of their own race (white), I would stop paying for that idiots tuition immediately and bring them home to get a job and find out what the real world is all about and find out if anybody cares whether they like it or not. THIS IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

    • They don’t need to find the fault in your logic, they just react by default…you’re racist. That’s their standard response to any facts.

  39. The ghosts of the KKK are smiling. These students grandparents fought for desegregation, some died in that cause yet liberal democrats have convinced this generation segregation is desirable. Go figure!

  40. You made the point but missed the factual cause for these types of occurrences. The factual reason for civil unrest in America and blatantly moronic behaviors is the Progressive Socialist Democrats and all the factions in their political party who’s motto and belief is that “Perception is Reality” (a marketing, promotion, and advertising theory). Once the college professors get you to believe in that you are mentally mush and believe anything you are told.
    I saw today coming like a slow motion train wreck from the late 1970’s onward. By the 1990’s look at what Bill Clinton was allowed to publicly get away with? I had a boss in the 1990’s that firmly believed that “Perception was Reality” and that “Loyalty” was the number one trait she demanded. That boss would lie, steal ideas, backstab, change statistical facts, and so whatever it took to look good and the expense of everyone else. Anytime the boss was caught they would offer up someone who was not loyal or their junior most loyal subject nd let them suffer for their disgusting behaviors.
    Not surprising that boss was a democrat from New York who transferred to California. Now what was the Democratic Party is now the Progressive Socialist Democrats as the party whole heartedly supports socialism and the sad thing is a full half of their registered membership doesn’t even realize it!
    Anyone that actually believes “perception is reality” and champions “loyalty” over integrity and honesty is either a con artist, a criminal, or a moron.

  41. If they were putting their education (reason for colleges) first they would never have time for this kind of foolishness. They would be too centered on learning. Perhaps they want the grades without their learning.

  42. These students are so brainwashed they are useful idiots for the left, but when they have no clue about history this is what happens. Sad, very sad

    • yes, teach and learn history of our country. Teach the Constitution and civics. Then these useful idiots will be informed and take pride in what is so exceptional about this country….our country.

  43. What these BRATS want to do, is to go back 75 years to SEGREGATION ! There is NO reason why White, and Black students cannot be friends, and room mates. They want to go BACKWARDS, Not forward !

  44. According to Acts 17, we are all 1 blood. The race that matters is the face in Gods image from a sonogram to a bum on the street. I’m a racist because I love my own humans. Be a racist like. All other creatures are already ok. They arent fallen from grace. Satan is not a racist. He hates us all. He and dems use color to kill. How stupid he thinks we are. Pride is slavery. Jesus is love.

    • Yes Steven ! When God created Adam and made Eve from one of Adam’s ribs the two were of the same race (Homosapien). Male and Female…2 sexes…Not more. A man is a man no matter what HE thinks. A woman is a woman no matter what SHE thinks, We are all still of one race. When God confounded the languages at the tower of Babble when they found someone that they could understand they “grouped” together. These groups are the various “ethnic” people of the world.

  45. I agree with Sarge but I would NOT include any organization other than our military except for those who have a real medical/psychological handicap. Nothing can replace good military discipline in instilling self respect,respect of others, and true confidence in yourself. I truly wonder if any of the snowflakes at our colleges and universities are getting an education. The foriegn students enrolled seem to be “eating their lunches” going to class (when the prof chooses to show) but then they go home to their own countries with a real education. Some of these countries then have mandatory military service for these returning students. These countries profit greatly from these kids. Also, if these American snowflakes, black, white, brown, etc. would get a real education they could qualify for the high paying high tech jobs that corporations demand rather than having to give an “unlimited” number of special visas to foreigners to fill these jobs. Now all these pukes have time for is crying and complaining. It is far past the time to straighten out this problem at our institutions of higher learning so that it can filter down to our high schools.

  46. it’s tough to give a rational reply to such irrational thoughts! I would say, please leave, as you are clearly becoming hysterical and being consumed with irrational hatred!

  47. I suspect that many are attending Syracuse University for free, using some form of scholarship, which may or may not be related to scholarship but rather just racial make-up. When I was in the Army we roomed with white guys, black guys, Hispanic guys and we all got along just fine, but some of the black guys could not get along with other blacks, especially those from the South.

  48. What’s next? A separate graduation ceremony? Separate classes? Separate dining halls? Where does it end? The university needs to take control of it’s campus, and tell all students this is an institution of higher learning, not a “safe space”. If you want an education, that is what they are offering. If one of my kids wants to protest, I would stop paying their tuition, and make them get a job.

  49. Interesting? If white students took over a building and demanded to room only with fellow white students, THE CRY OF RACISM WOULD BE DEAFENING AND AL SHARTON WOULD BE LEADING THE CHARGE! Racism is racism!

  50. Teaparty247 got this news report from Infowars? Has any mainstream news org. or local news source corroborated this? If so, please include/replace with future articles that cite Infowars as a source. That suggested policy will help confirm the veracity and accuracy of your reporting (re: Infowars on Sandyhook massacre).

    • Sherwood, did you watch the video? Stupid much? How many retractions have main stream media sources done just this year? CNN and MSNBC have got more wrong in the last three months than Infowars has since its existence. Do you ever question them? News is meant to be verified not indoctrened. Wake up.

    • So the actual video of these poor snowflakes crying racism isn’t enough for you? Now you want to attack the source of the story to delegitimize it because it’s showing what a rat’s nest of liberalism Syracuse University is turned into? Just want to make sure that was your point. It’s the sourcing of a video versus the ridiculous behavior of a bunch of emotionally crippled college students?

  51. Can you imagine white students would do such a thing and demand to be put in a room with only whites?
    Racist.That is what they would call them.Getting sick and tired of this!
    Who is the racist here!

  52. Okay I get it so why don’t y’all just leave su and go to a all negro school, or wise up and deal with life? I have for almost 80 years, nothing will change until Jesus Christ returns. Just to give you a little heads up whites will respect you for not caving and all you have to do is what every one else does “work hard and show respect for others even when they don’t deserve it”.

  53. Wait till these precious gems get out into the world of business and commerce – then we’ll see how far feelings get them….

  54. As an alumni, I find this another reason why not to financially support the university. the inmates are running the asylum. I would suggest to these whiners, if you don’t like it at SU, go somewhere else. Pretty easy solution to your worse than childish whining

  55. Sure, but have a white student say they don’t want to room with a black student and the world will end, they are racist, bigot, the scum of the earth! But it is ok for blacks to say they don’t want to room with a white student, they can all piss-off!!!

  56. I agree with the black protesters and I am white. They want to live in a “white free zone” as I want to live in a “knigger” free zone. We agree. Ain’t that wonderful.

    • Come on dude, no need to go there. Point out the childish behavior without resorting to personal attacks. All they’re going to focus on is your racial epithets and not the more valid point of their own racism.

  57. Does this even make sense??? If a white student said they refused to have a black roommate they would be called a bigot (at the very least!) There are so many aspects to this story that are just bizarre.

  58. Blacks are killing blacks by thousands, I don,t understand why in the hell the black students would want to room with only other black students. When ever I would throw a tantrum My Mother would giving me one hell of a spanking. these blacks going to one of the most prestigious, colleges in the country,should think about the thousands of very intelligent black children, that cannot afford to go to any college.Be thankful for what you have.

  59. Im sure a lot of other races want nothing to do with such stupid people. No doubt they are glad to hear they may not have to room with them. And they will be all the smarter for it in the end. Study rather than be immersed in a culture of idiocy.

  60. Why don’t y’all just leave the school and attend an all negro school, or wise up and deal with it like I did and still do almost 80 years later.

  61. Problem is, you never know who is being honest anymore or being paid by George Soros and the DNC to cause division and violence among Blacks and Whites. The communist have to divide us to control us! Wake up people before it’s too late.

  62. It is so obvious that Liberalism is a mental disorder and that the liberal Syracuse University administrators will give in and let the inmates run their asylum.

  63. Did they forget their ancestors fought against segregation. If the University only roomed Black Students with other Black Students they would be labeled Racist. I guess they never heard of Chicago were Blacks shooting other Blacks is a big problem

  64. I attended SU In the 60’s, and not trying to use a cliche, some of my best friends at college were black. I don’t harbor any bad feelings against them.

    My advice is to stop feeling like the underdog, get your education and leave SU as an advocate for people you think need a boost.

  65. Did they forget that their ancestors fought against segregation. If the University had roomed Black Students with only Black Students the School would be labeled racist. They say they feel safer rooming with other Black Students. I guess they have never heard of Chicago where Blacks shooting other Blacks is a big problem.

  66. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government, I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory.

    • You are 100% right Steve Johnson! It’s constant communist indoctrination going on in colleges and schools for decades now and they are seeing the fruit of their propaganda sprouting now.

  67. I shudder to think what kind of “citizens” these “people” are going to be when they get out in the real world, aside from being perfect democrats (or perfect victims).

  68. This is the result of putting the prisoners in charge of the prison, the animals in charge of the zoo. Total lack of discipline, manners, self control and respect. If the management caves in to these demands, it is all over but the crying. Discharge the disruptive complaining students, restore order and get on with the educational process or you will fail, and the country will fail.

    • There are plenty of black colleges out there if you feel safer with only black students. I give you Bowie State, Winston-Salem State, Howard University, North Carolina A & T, Delaware State, North Carolina Central, Fayetteville State, Grambling, Coppin State,….. to name several.

  69. I watch Syracuse university football and basketball games on tv. I see blacks and whites working together to win the game. The SU student body can learn something from that. If any student regardless of race doesn’t like their school, they can drop out and learn a trade. Any not so sophisticated student with racist attitudes needs counseling and to be held accountable for his attitude.

  70. Universities are a place of learning or so I’ve been told. You there to get training in a field of your chose so you are prepared for the job market when you graduate. That is what you and the school should be focused on. In the real world different races have to work together,by mixing in college a person is more prepared to work with other races in the work force. It is time for those young people to decide why are they there and if they don’t like it then there are hundreds of other colleges they could go to. One other thing work place wants results and don’t care about yuor touchy feelings

  71. We SHOULD STOP FUNDING – LIBERAL ARTS COLLAGES’ , LIBRAL-ANYTHING …let the lgbtqrixP-whatevers & obozo , corry , camela , support them..!! commiez-socialist-fags

  72. we have said all along that the ‘ Liberal – Demon-RATZ ‘ ARE THE RACISTS.. obozo made it clear to all the blac people, groups like , dnc ,blm, chair, & blac students programs..thats what they want..!!!!

  73. If the students don’t like it there go somewhere else….We are Sick and Tired of these kids everywhere trying to take charge and change everything to their liking….Go somewhere you do like…A bunch of lib brats,,

  74. If the college gives in to this demand, then students will believe they rule the college and just have one demand after another demand. I’m sure there are measures taken in college if there is a problem with a room mate and can make changes. The odds of all these students having problems with their roommate is crazy. College should tell them they will work with each person who has a factual reason for a different roommate, but if they don’t release the building that police will be called in and they will be arrested and dispelled from the college.

  75. The thugs all want to bunk together. And who is the racist here?
    If you don’t like it there go to an all black school. There are plenty of them in the US. Displaying your ignorance is unbecoming but normal for a liberal.

  76. Good thing I am no longer in college – I am SURE I would be demanding I NOT room with a black person. Wonder how well that would be received?

  77. Do these jackasses think they will get hired for a job in the real world? HR depts see these videos and no way in hell are they employable.

  78. According to Jack Tatum pro football defensive back, in his book “They Call Me The Assasin” ; Syracuse in an effort to woo him into being their player provided him with a hooker during his campus visitation. How much more acomodating can this University get???

  79. Fighting against segregation is what Martin Luther King,Jr. fought to end. Laws were passed to end segregation but now they want to be segregated. MLK must be turning over in his grave.

  80. Climate change! Racist blacks and sympathetic whites and other people of color have lost their mental marbles because of “climate change”. We need to move the northern and southern ice packs to the equator and cities like Detroit and Chicago and Miami and Los Angeles to cure this mental illness. The socialist movement is due to climate change, just like the pro-abortion nuts. Oh my God, even the anti-God illness is due to climate change. We need huge air conditioners to cool the planet, and huge heaters in preparation for the next ice age in 2030, oh it’s so terrible!!!! The scientists said so.

  81. There are plenty of predominantly black colleges who can provide them with a good
    education where they can feel comfortable and then demand more things too. The irony of this is that they don’t realize apparently how hard people fought for equality and now they don’t like it. They are going out into an open society where they are expected to be able to deal with this. They are also being selfish ignoring how this must make their roommates feel and totally ignoring their feelings too. Everyone wants, wants, wants – but no one is ever willing take a moment to look at the consequences of their actions. For everything – anything we do – there are always a consequence of some sort. Get used to it and GROW UP ! Very few things
    in life go anywhere close to 100% of what we want vs what actually happens.

    • Intelligent people learn to work with whom ever. In the real world that is how it works. That is how you learn how to negotiate to get what you need. That experience is needed to function in the real world.


  83. I’d like to have a PHD from Syracuse hanging on my wall, but I can’t afford to go there. So it’s only fair that Syracuse send me my degree without me having to invest time and money and study into working for it. Besides, I’m afraid that some black protester might bash my head in simply because I’m while and old.

  84. I am a negro, I mean colored, I mean black, I mean African American – How about I am an American who served 23 years in the greatest Army on the planet, where I was told to look at the person to the left and right and remember that the only color I should see is green, the color of the uniform! This nation is polarized beyond all belief-what do you call a black snowflake? I do not know either, but I do believe that the cure for all of the anxiety felt by America’s young people, is a stint in the military of their choosing or compulsive service, like they have in South Korea and Germany, or some volunteer or service organization. When you serve others you will find there is no time to serve yourself and you soon forget the trivial things in life, that you may complain about, and the world will be better off for all!

    • I agree with that. It’s all of us that have to survive and make a living. It takes all of us to survive in combat.

    • You certainly are an American, a real American that I would support in any endeavor. Skin tone has so little to do with anything.

    • HATS OFF to you, Sarge! I’m a Brat who grew up intending to serve, but was turned down at the physical. This 4-F Brats DEEPLY appreciate (and envy) those healthy enough to be accepted into the Military.

  85. No one is keeping these students at Syracuse,or any other school. If they “hate it here” they are free to leave. The students should not run the school, no one will get an education.

  86. This all started years ago when the federal government got in charge of our local schools common core and liberal thinking teachers for The past 20 to 30 years have all been the cause of what we deal with now liberalism and the attitude of what you do is OK is wrong there is no room in this country for this bullshit any longer kids nowadays disrespect their elders on a daily basis they have no respect for anyone not even their selves and they can no longer think for their selves this is completely unacceptable remember Hitler and the Nazi‘s were less than 10% of the population of their country and look what they did to the world and look what it cost the world millions of lives This liberal socialist bullshit needs to be stopped now get out of our schools get out of our government get out of our lives

  87. I have already stopped giving to Penn State University for their decidedly leftist propaganda promotion in their Penn Stater magazine.

    If I were a Syracuse University alumni I would withdraw all of my financial support if the University kowtows to these ignorant easily triggered black snowflakes.

  88. The simple solution to this is to enforce the laws the racist blacks wanted. Integration and if the snowflake racist disagree with the law than expel them from the college. Education is what they say they want and if they don’t agree with the law kick their socialist racist A out.

  89. And .. you want us to include blacks in every part of our lIves??
    Blacks are not satisfied unless every event is taken over by black “majority”
    They hate whites and don’t want to be with whites.A black professor was invited to our party and the first thing that came out of his mouth was “I am the only black man here. That’s what’s wrong with this party!” It could take another World War to change that.

  90. Nevermind talking about Black or White students, What counts is their total lack of discipline, self-control, rational thinking.
    This is the MISERABLE future of America!

  91. I remember when blacks were complaining that they weren’t accepted by the white community. This is a step backwards and in the wrong direction.


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