Black Rapper Calls For Whites To Be Shot – From The Comfort Of His Home …In Sweden?

(Tea Party 247) – Racism. The most ill-defined, over-used, obscure term on the face of the planet. In a day in age where facts no longer matter, we certainly can’t expect the definition of words to bear any influence on the way in which said words are used. Racism is just a loose term, really. It can refer to anyone from an actual racist person to someone who is just simply a conservative, for example.

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the word “racism” has three potential definitions. Although these definitions are purely subjective in 21st century enlightened America, let’s have a look, just for fun:

1. A belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

2. A doctrine or political program based on the assumption of racism and designed to execute its principles.

3. Racial prejudice or discrimination.

As you will notice, what is not included is the “fact” that you can’t actually be racist if you aren’t white. At least not according to Nigerian-born, Swedish citizen, rap-artist Jesse Ekene Nweke Conable, who has recently called for his black fans to “shoot” white people. Don’t worry though, it’s ok, he can’t be racist because he isn’t white.

Summit News reports:

The comments were made in a rant posted on a closed Instagram group called Barasvarta (“Blacks only”), according to news outlet Samhällsnytt.

“We, blacks” will “become number one and take over these whites,” said Conable, adding, “Like these whites took us as slaves we should take them as slaves and treat them even worse.”

“We’ll take their bitches and we’ll take their money,” he continued. “To be perfectly honest, we will be the best race ever. We are African warriors, they are not on our level. This is just the beginning, black power.”

Making the shape of a gun with his hand, Conable asserted, “If any white guy or white girl is trying to talk shit about you, shoot them! If they talk shit about your family, shoot them!”

The rapper appears to think he has carte blanche to make violent racist threats against white people, posting a meme that says, “You cannot be racist if you are not white.”

After Conable’s comments were reported on by the media, he announced that he would ‘delete’ the “snitch” who leaked them.

Conable, who emigrated to Sweden in 2008 and now has citizenship, has a combined total of 280,000 subscribers on YouTube.

First of all, it’s almost too painfully obvious to even bother pointing out, but that’s exactly why it must be pointed out. If Conable hates white people so much and they are just the worst humans on planet Earth, why immigrate to a country that is by far predominantly white? It would seem as though someone who is this adverse to white people would want to live somewhere like Africa, perhaps? (Ironic) Seems slightly out of line with his cause to live in Sweden, of all places.

Obviously, the other problem with this rant is the fact that he is calling for violence against people literally because of the color of their skin. We can’t call this racism because he isn’t white, but obviously it’s racism. It’s also hate speech and extremely dangerous, but never mind that, he’s not white so it’s OK.

What utter rubbish.

The violent diatribe this unhinged “rap-artist” goes off on is completely despicable. It truly exposes the blatant double standards and outright hypocrisy of society, which has been hijacked by the left. No one will call this lunatic out for his disgusting rhetoric and calls for violence. Imagine if a white person said this about any other ethnicity on Earth. There would be outrage, marches, protests, Antifa would be burning down cities. There would be no end to the outrage.

Conable talks about how awful whites are from a predominantly white country where he is free to have a platform on which he can speak about whatever he so chooses. Faux-oppression at its finest.

What an absolute joke.


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