Black Minneapolis Bar Owner Left Grief-Stricken After Rioters Do The Unthinkable To His Business

(Tea Party 247) – What started out as reasonable protest over the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd, a black man who died as a result of being pinned to the ground by Officer Derek Chauvin, has devolved into utter chaos and senseless violence and destruction. Despite the officer being fired immediately and arrested Friday, violence, looting, and destruction have continued.

This kind of “protesting” only further hurts already hurting communities and the recent riots are no exception. Rioters in Minneapolis vandalized and ransacked a bar owned by a black former firefighter Wednesday night.

The National Review reports:

Korboi Balla had invested his life savings in the bar and was planning to open it before the coronavirus pandemic caused mass business closures. Balla then moved the opening date to June 1, when Minnesota plans to lift restrictions on restaurants, but the bar has since been wracked and looted in the riots, CBS first reported.

CBS was filming a segment at the bar when looters entered through the back of the establishment to try to steal Balla’s safe.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do,” Balla said in an interview. “It hurts, man. It’s not fair, it’s not right. We’ve been working so hard for this place. It’s not just for me, it’s for my family.”

Balla’s wife Tywanna said that the bar was not insured.

“Yes people are mad and upset, I get that and I understand the protest, I’m hearing people say F*** the business they have insurance WELL WE DON’T AND THIS IS ALL OUT OF POCKET!!!” Tywanna wrote in a Facebook post. “Let someone come run in your home and loot for the cause then and let’s see you be ok with it!”

How does destroying the livelihood of other black people vindicate the unfair death of another? It doesn’t. It just creates more black victims in already struggling communities. Not only had Balla diligently saved his money for years and years in order to see his dream come to fruition, he is a former firefighter. A man who had previously served and protected his community and this is the thanks he gets?

These “protestors” do not care about “justice.” All they care about is destruction and devastation. If they did care about justice they would most definitely not be victimizing black business owners in an attempt to bring attention to the unfair police treatment of another black man. There is absolutely no logic in that.

Not only have they hurt a fellow member of their community, they’ve made their own neighborhood a very undesirable place to do business in the future.

Summit News points out:

The clip once again emphasizes how rioters are burning down their own community and destroying the lives of other black people, supposedly in pursuit of justice.

In reality, they’ve trashed their own neighborhood and made it highly unlikely that any new businesses will want to set up shop to serve the community there ever again.

Some business owners placed signs that said “minority owned” in an attempt to deter looters, but that obviously didn’t work for this bar owner.


  1. This is America, and I can tell you this riot would not go on this long in some third world country, destroying and looting large chain is bad but your own and their livelihood is heart breaking to watch. They have turn so many small business owners into beggars “go fund me” like we have never seen before us popping up every where on the enternet . We have black politician who were in office for eight years and vp and they didn’t do a damn thing to address the problem and now they have the solution, this is either a joke or a bad dream. The reason this is going on for so long all over the country, there are evil people funding and fueling this riot (politician, so called actresses and actors – celebrities, uncessful presidential candidates, liberal governors and mayors) etc. they are ready to rip this country to shread and then turn it into a socialist country, if we let them with one agenda, get President Trump out of office and replace him with someone who seems to be in some stage of dementia which is deteriorating before our very eyes every time he in visible. Trump haters don’t respond to me because you are wasting your time.

  2. These people have no intention of stopping their rioting, ever. I read in a news article it is in their own social media that they intend to hit Portland, various cities in Washington state, and also in Los Angeles, CA. Look if this was about the guy killed by a cop, it would have stopped when the cop was arrested and being brought to justice. No these evil people getting violent have some other treacherous agenda they have had all along. They were just waiting for the right time cause it’s “their time.” Add insult to injury they rioted on MLK Blvd. Look MLK was very much against violence during his protest. He stressed always peacefulness and non violence during the Civil Rights protests.

  3. I wish they would just finally arrest George Soros since he’s funding all of this on behalf the global bank cartel.

  4. This is what needs to happen. The FBI needs to investigate every single police department in the entire nation. Captains like the one who said “suckers” when she had no intention of allowing her officers to protect the private property of white citizens should be forced out and any other corruption. Much of the corruption in the police departments is a legacy of the Bush and Obama eras because how the Department of Homeland Security took over training our police through their seminars and conferences when they give federal grants to local police departments. But the police, according to the US constitution are supposed to be funded and trained by local governments and police, not by the federal government. Another issue is because the FBI is corrupt, we may never see that happen in any ethical manner.

  5. Since I have been paying attention to the riots of old and now. there is a pattern I recognized. It happens in black neighborhoods and the people living there say that they aren’t the ones doing it. That was on the west and east coasts.During the 60’s riots we were in a restaurant at a cross road on our way to a worlds fair. when 4 buses loaded with young black men went through. 2 going to one city and 2 to another city. the waitress said 4 more buses came through earlier. The next day riots broke out in both cites. I was in Southern Calif. during the Watts riots. I remember more about the 2nd one, I was an adult then. After the riots started, the news reported there were no cops present and people I knew drove there to join in the looting.That adds credibility to the statement” we are not the ones doing it” Same thing can said for that poor bar owner. It wasn’t him that destroyed his bar.There is a lot more to these riots then what meets the eye.

    • They’re bussing the protesters in. I bet anything George Soros is paying for it or maybe the Democrat Party.

  6. This is all leading up to pushing socialism. Civil unrest, owning the media’s and bankrupting the country. All moves to take a country toward socialism.

  7. I am a proud American. My country isn’t perfect. My government isn’t perfect. Most people family came from other countries and started and built America from the wild to the modern. Some are holding a grudge over the past. Best to let the be. It will kill you. Some are already dead but still breathe. The devil has your soul. Mess with my family an friends, I ll have your ass.

    • Hopefully it won’t come to that. But yes, I agree that families will rise up to protect their own from Antifa.

  8. My heart breaks for this man. I know what it’s like to pour your entire life into something you can call your own and the anticipation of enjoying the fruits of that labor. This is just plain wrong and it’s time the government understand we are NOT the servants, THEY ARE. They are petty dictators getting their rocks off (save Whitmer) from the power. WAKE UP, take your country back and STOP VOTING LIBERALS INTO OFFICE!!!!!
    So much “black lives” mattering. Proof positive this has nothing to with black lives, or George Floyd, or anything other than the scum of the earth taking advantage of a situation. Remember, “never let a crisis go to waste”?
    There is one very small, very powerful solution to stop these looters and rioters once and for all. It’s about 1 1/2 inches long, 3/8 inch thick, and made of steel and is a permanent solution. It’s time the police started using that solution on anyone looting, burning, or destroying property.

  9. Bro, go purchase you a democrap stopper, an AR15, when they screw over your business get it out and empty the magazine you’ll alot better

  10. This says it all for the legitimacy of the riots and those destroying
    their community. Or was it the members of their community doing
    the damage. Could it be that others were imported in to do the rioting,
    burning, robbing, and harm to others? Or do the communities have
    a lot of low-rent useless people? How can those who live in a community
    allow outsiders or local losers to create hatred toward you? Those doing
    the damage just make viewers think you are nothing but savage animals.

  11. These violent protesters are well organized and financially supported by Liberals. Their job is to destroy. They should not be allowed to protest.

  12. How was it even a “reasonable protest”? The offenders were fired immediately and the cop that actually caused his death has been charged with murder! Exactly what did they hope to accomplish? I would venture to say that most if not all of them, set out hoping to rape, pillage and plunder! XMAS in May!

  13. The black Lives Matter group doesn’t give 2 hoots for the killing of black men in Chicago every weekend. A white murderer seems to be their go ahead to destroy and loot businesses. They don’t care about the black man. They just like to loot and get free stuff. They are ruining our economy and the opening of businesses.. Tearing down America is not American. The cops should shoot rubber bullets or get the fire department to hose them down and clear the streets. Maybe each violent person should be put into the Army and they can fight and destroy our enemies.

    • I agree with you comments. And why has this been allowed to continue for as long as it has? I believe the President had it right when he told the Governors they were being soft on the protesters. The Governors should have locked up their cities right away and waited for almost three days to do something. Call out all the branch of services and put this madness to an end. You want to flight and destroy things – join the military!

  14. The criminals only care that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They like being victims so much that only they matter.

  15. I am so sorry that you experienced such destruction. Thank you for you serving as a fireman and my prayers go out to you and your family. I am sad that the man was killed by this police officer and yes he was arrested and I hope he gets his deserved sentence. I am not sure why so many people are rioting and not doing a peaceful protest. I think someone put them up to this type of malicious destruction. Is there that much hate that one black would hurt his black brother. I suppose there are whites that do this too. So so sad. Democrat Politicians have gotten away with so much and just for votes, they have gone to be so politically sensitive to the criminals and illegals. Democrat Politicians and Some Republicans no longer care for the American people. GOD HELP US to wake up and start doing something to SAVE AMERICA.

  16. ANTIFA in the employ of that Goddamn Atheist Marxist b*tchf*ck George Soros is responsible for MOST if not ALL of the damage and destruction caused in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by the police! Such actions and instigations on the part of ANTIFA can only be met realistically by the actions of American patriots bent on the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of ANTIFA and by making George Soros the guest of honor at a terminal necktie party! What GOES around COMES around! This CANNOT be allowed to go on!

  17. It seems like this is happening more and more. Soros backed liberals show they have no respect, dignity, or care for anyone. This isn’t about a honest avenue for improvement it is about destroying whom ever is trying to be successful. What a shame. A minority that comprises 15 % of the population doing violence to their own and anyone that tries to uplift themselves.

  18. He’s just one of the business owners who will not be there after this bulls*it. And the same good for nothing’s who destroyed his dream will be back in the street before the holidays screaming that there are no stores!

  19. Where are you Paul Simon (NDRI)? Your too old in the tooth now, so your not in the front lines anymore. Your ass is safe somewhere hiding.

  20. I would not be surprised that many of these “protestors” are paid by George Soros or a George Soros funded entity to create as much hate and discontent as possible. These protestors say they want justice…what is the cop being fired almost immediately and charged with manslaughter within 48 hours if not justice? Where is Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other Black leaders who should be trying to quell these riots? Jackson, Sharpton, and others make their living off of the discontent in the Black community and they are doing their best to incite more rioting. Rev. King is turning in his grave. MLK tried to show the Black community that change could be achieved through peaceful protests and hard work. He almost accomplished this until people like Jackson and Sharpton came along and with Obama’s help fired up the hate for political and monetary purposes.

  21. If the idiots think that the major stores and small businesses will return to the areas they looted and burned , they are crazy. Looters were not protesters but are criminals who deserve to be treated as the looters were in California by the Asian community during the L.A. riot in the 80’s and 90’s.Owners shot the looters at many businesses as the looters entered the store to steal their stocks on the shelves. This is was a lawful act by the business owners and helped the lawless riot. Arson and criminal acts must be Stopped. Lawful protests will accomplish more than which demean the purpose of the protest and cause more hardships on the Community seeking justice and the death of the victim.

  22. Remember the Asbury Park, NJ riots in the ’70s? The rioters were NOT from NJ and they destroyed a very large portion of the black community buildings and businesses. A good portion of the homes and businesses, that were there, were never replaced. The people who came to the riot were only there to steal and destroy everything. Then they got back on their busses and went back to their home states.

  23. when you have organizations like ANTIFA fueling the fires, we cannot have a free society
    #MAGA, semper fi

  24. This is horrible, shameful, and indefensible. This is why the standing order for hundreds of years is “shoot looters.” Without such a harsh response to protecting private property during rioting/civil unrest, when governmental authority is unable to protect citizens from a mob, anarchy will ensue. This is NOT “political disagreement.”

    • Yes. If the police won’t or can’t help, you should be allowed to protect yourself and your property from vandals and thieves with firearms, just like in the wild west.

  25. So sad – then in the future – like in LA – the communities damaged will wonder why there are no new grocery stores or other businesses – Peaceful protest is OK but not when it turns into open season on the innocent business owners in the neighborhood. Looting and property damage serves no purpose!!!!

  26. Death angel doesn’t matter,the creator JESUS is going to return and the whole world and America is going to be destroyed with FIRE.

  27. the way to stop this stealing and distruction is to turn it over to the military and let them take prisoners of war and treat them that way. give them military justice and not from some left wing judge that will slap them on the back of the hand and turn them back to mommy and daddy. Give them some mandatory justice. You will find that when it cost them more than they get from some outside source it will stop.. This stealing and burning and killing has to stop some time and the sooner the better and the people responsible must pay a price.

  28. Seems to me that the ones doing the ones doing the damage to any bussiness are the ones came from out side the cities. There for outsiders are destroying your town and you aparintly don’t care bout it . Or is it the community where this happened was being peaceful till the outsiders come in . Stop the outsiders up or get the out of the cities and towns.

  29. from the riots in LA to Minnanapolis and the rest of the places that rioting is destroying for the name of justice just takes away from the real issue. Police need to be held accountable for their actions and any criminal act by them should be treated as a criminal offense. many(almost all)of the times these are swept under the rug or never brought to lite

    • I think the murder of Mr Floyd is horrendous.
      I think the destruction is equally horrendous.
      How does the destruction make up for the murder?
      It doesn’t.
      All it does is show ignorance and hate.
      I thought the idea of the protest was to show how wrong the officer was, not how much hate can be added to the already brewed hate.
      If hate keeps getting added to the already brewed hate we can expect more not less of the Floyd incidents.

  30. It would be nice if modern day authorities had the smarts of Pontius Pilate.
    He gave Jesus to the crowd for execution to prevent unrest.
    That should have happened to the killer of George Floyd.

  31. The protesters did not do the destruction. The rioters and looters caused all of the destruction, burning looting and harming other people, because they don’t give a damn about anyone other than their own selfish greed and choose to be an unauthorized judge, jury and executioner while daring law enforcement to put a stop to their lawless destruction. The time will come in which lawful and patriotic American citizens will come forward and put such cowards and animals six feet under and end their evil destruction permanently.

  32. Is it possible to set up a fund to rebuild Mr Balla’s business? This would be an excellent thing to do. Show that some good can come out of this tragedy. Show America as a land of justice when so many want to destroy this justice.

    Also, encourage patronizing of Mr Balla’s establishment when it opens.


    • Yes I think there would be many people willing to donate to help him get back to where he was before this atrocious tragedy. Count me in.

  33. This happen to my father bar in Chicago riot 1968 he lost everything from our own people where is the love

  34. the far left only cares about the far left. LOOTING and RIOTING is what they believe in. I feel for this guy and his family. Life is not fair and when you keep pushing people to do the bad things that the far left does. There are lots of losers and no winners. Hope someone starts a go fund me page. It may not replace what was lost but it certainly wont hurt

  35. Liberal ANTIFA tries to destroy America and are using this tragedy to achieve Democrat goal to unseat our President. Don’t let them destroy America – Build up America! #MAGA

  36. This is tragic. So sad. And indicative of who is behind the senseless looting and destruction of personal and public property. My heart goes out to the Balla family.


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