Bill Gates: Philanthropist Or Medical Tyrant?

(Tea Party 247) – In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Bill Gates has seemingly gone from tech billionaire philanthropist to the most regarded, unofficial virologist and epidemiologist in the United States and possibly the world. It’s amazing that the world is listening to Bill Gates considering he stands to make millions, possibly billions, of dollars should a vaccine he has heavily invested in become the coronavirus “prevention” standard.

It is truly insane when you stop and consider how the left viciously attacks President Trump if there is even so much as a whiff he might stand to profit from one of his many businesses or investments whilst in office, yet they have no problem taking medical and world health advice from someone who is unqualified to dole it out and who also stands to massively profit if the world just did what he said. It truly boggles the mind.

It’s no secret that Bill Gates contributes millions of dollars to the development of vaccines and Big Pharma in general. The great vaccine seems to be his solution for every disease known to man. It should be no surprise that Gates is now suggesting that the world will not be able to go on as usual unless a vaccine is found. It shouldn’t even be shocking that Gates is suggesting a monitoring system in which people would be required to show proof of vaccine history in order to maintain life as usual in the United States.

These are some seriously disturbing thoughts and the left has been emphatically giving Gates a platform despite the fact that he is not an elected official.

According to a report by Mercola, we have some good reasons to be downright concerned about the impact Bill Gates may have on the United States of America and our Constitutional freedoms.

Here are some alarming excerpts from the Mercola report:

…The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed $100 million to fight the global COVID-19 outbreak. As much as $20 million will reportedly go to agencies such as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to be used for front-line detection, containment and treatment efforts.

Another $20 million is earmarked for at-risk populations in Africa and South Asia while the remaining $60 million is to be used for vaccine development, diagnostics and other treatments.

Vaccines are clearly one of Gates’ mainstay “solutions” to most diseases. Gates has gone on record saying the U.S. needs disease surveillance and a national tracking system that could involve vaccine records embedded on our bodies (such as invisible ink quantum dot tattoos described in a Science Translational Medicine paper.)

In fact, he’s stated that life will not go back to normal until we have the ability to vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19. Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), has echoed this exact sentiment as well, as if they’re reading the same cue card.

It would not surprise me if they were, seeing how the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation collaborates with both the NIAID and WHO “to increase coordination across the international vaccine community and create a Global Vaccine Action Plan.”

Gates influence over global health policies has been criticized for years, yet nothing has been done to limit it. If anything, his power has only grown, and warnings that his corporate interests may undermine public health policy now appears to have come true.

According to statements made by Gates, societal and financial normalcy may never return to those who refuse vaccination, as the digital vaccination certificate Gates is pushing for might ultimately be required to go about your day-to-day life and business.

Again, vaccine producers stand to make enormous amounts of money from any given pandemic, and the Gates Foundation is both funding and making investment profits from vaccine makers. Is it any wonder then that Gates is trying to indoctrinate people into thinking there are no other answers? When asked by Anderson about the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gates says:

“It is really tragic that the economic effects of this are very dramatic … But … bringing the economy back … that’s more of a reversible thing than bringing people back to life. So, we’re going to take the pain in the economic dimension, huge pain, in order to minimize the pain in disease and death dimension.”

In other words, if we are to believe Gates, we’re sacrificing the financial stability and sanity of hundreds of millions of Americans in order to prevent the infection rate from hitting 1% of the population.

Bill Gates truly is the most dangerous “philanthropist” in the world. Though not qualified in any way to be an expert in medical matters, he is set on making himself the biggest medical tyrant in the world.


  1. Bill Gates spoke before a large audience (I have the video) a number of years ago about the need for a major reduction in world population (he believes no more than one billion people should be on this Earth) and said that “vaccines” would be the key. In 2015 he predicted the advent of a coronavirus that could kill 30 million people. Not long after someone discovered he had gotten a patent on a coronavirus and published a copy of that patent (which I downloaded). He has used “vaccines” in India (with deaths and autism of children), in Syria (anti-polio “vaccine” that used live polio) resulting in cases of polio in a country that had no polio, in Africa with a “vaccine” for women that actually contained a sterilizing agent (resulting in the sterilization of some 500k women ages 15-35 – childbearing years). There is much more but it is now alleged by experts that the COVID-19 “vaccine” actually carries the virus itself. If it is mandatory for all, exactly what do you think would be the result? Could it be massive “depopulation.” ? Evidence shows two people of importance invested a lot of money in a Wuhan bio-lab, Bill Gates and George Soros, and also another surprise: Our previous marxist President. In August a new 700-page compendium of world and national affairs hits the bookshelves, titled: World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor. Read it BEFORE the elections. Don’t believe me; find out for yourself. I did. It just took a lot of research.

  2. Bill Gates spoke before a large audience a few years about the need for a major reduction in world population and said that “vaccines” would be the key. In 2015 he predicted the advent of a coronavirus that could keel 30 million people. Not long after someone discovered he had gotten a patent on a corona and published a copy thereof which I have a copy of. There’s much more to be said but it appears the “vaccine” he wants mandatory for everyone may actually contain the virus itself. Evidence shows two people invested a lot of money in a bio-lab, Bill Gates and George Soros, and our previous Marxist President. In August a book hits the bookstores and online titled: World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor. About 700 pages connecting dots of some major happenings. Read it BEFORE the elections.

    • Forget this version: I didn’t think it went through, so I edited what I wrote and resubmitted. Can’t delete on this website. They need a link for author to edit or delete.

    • This tattoo to determine participation is right out of the Biblical Book of Revelation. This is a very terrifying description of the mark of the Beast.

    • Right.
      As very young children in the 1950’s we all were vaccinated for the polio, chickenpox, measles, mumps.
      Still have the scar on my left shoulder. Our parents were mandated to submit proof of immunizations before start of school.
      Now they have the shingles vaccination & they inject that virus. Said when you turn age 60, should receive the vaccination.
      What a joke!
      As my mother n law had shingles at least 4 times before she passed away.
      My aunt has experienced shingles at least 3 times.
      So what good is a vaccination for any virus.

  3. Gates is noble and genuinely interested in helping humanity trying to defend it from disease.
    Fauci is indeed the “smartest person in the room.” He is a straight shooter who has mastered analytics and immunology.
    These are the guys who can save lives.
    “As smart as Trump” Ridiculous comparison. There is no great conspiracy. Just alot of uninformed and poorly educated.

    • Jim – Are you are a one world government Communist shill?? Or just a moron able to use your Mom’s computer while she is out of the house shopping for your adult depends?
      Asking for a friend!

    • So, I ask if the vaccines are so great… why does Gates not vaccinate himself, his wife or his children. Maybe he and his family should be the first guinea pig to get his vaccines.

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  5. Just because he’s a philanthropist doesn’t absolve him of mistakes, makes him invincible forever.
    Great that he revolutionized the digital age but he’s still human, bleeds & gets sick as anyone. Roman conquering heroes at their laurel parades were admonished-remember that you are only a man. Hubris cannot consume an individual’s persona no matter how huge the achievements .

  6. Have Gates state that any profit that is made on a vaccine for this – to be all go to the Health and Emergency centers!Lee

  7. Philanthropists like Bill Gates are trying hard to find a cure to Covid 19 or any other diseases for that matter. They invest their Money and Time so, it is just only fair for them to get some returns in their so called Investments which in turn will plow back into their own Foundations. If any critic unjustly criticizes these people, he or she must reconsider their views more carefully before condemning these good hearted people. They are doing their best, what have the Critics done aside from Fault Finding?

    • bill gates and his wife are not good hearted people. they are in for the money and for that only. there motto is: DO UT DES… GIVE TO RECEIVE MUCH MORE THAN WHAT THEY GIVE…

    • Bill Gates is not a nice person. He want a New World Order with population control. These vaccines will have chip like ability to track you. If this doesn’t sound like Hitler I don’t know what else does. He has been involved with Fauci and the Wuhan labs. Whose to say they didn’t created.

  8. On the Chris Wallace show on ‘Sunday several weeks ago, Gates was a guest. I’m sure most people saw it. He stated, and Wallace confirmed it, that he forecasted in 2015 that this would occur. Sure, he knew because he owns the lab in China that was responsible for this virus. He is extremely brilliant and Microsoft is proof of that. He has more money than the USA and will use it, no matter who it harms, to feather his own nest. Trump stopped the funds to the WHO from the USA for those crooked people, so that should be some assist.This guy will be hard to stop. He’s as smart as Trump. Hard to manage evil people like this.

    • Thank You Richard!!!!! Yes he knew plus India and Africa said he caused harm with his vaccines over there. Soros is also involved with Gates. We need to send them to Africa and keep them there.

    • Richard – you are an imbecile

      Go back and look at the tape

      That might bring up facts

      Something you are likely afraid of!

  9. I heard that Dr Fauchi funneled 4.5 million to the lab in Wahun China. Gates, Fauchi, Chi are in this together trying to gain global domination. We need to stop this unless we all want to walk around as chipped servants to the communist party!

  10. Simple question, what is the value of a human life? The loss of your life, or that of a loved one is priceless to most people. Forget about actuarial charts,statistics,or plain wild guesses. Would you be grateful if Bill Gates investments saved the lives of you or a loved one? I for one don’t care what the return to Gates is if precious lives are saved due to his foundations philanthropy ! Our Government is unable to find a cure in any timely manner as more and more are dying by the hour. If I had his wealth, I sure as hell would want to be doing what he and his wife are doing ! If any of these investments save you, shut the hell up, be grateful that your prayers are being answered, and hopefully be able to enjoy the remainder of your life!

    • You are so right about this. Thanks for stating a so fair opinion. Some people just don’t have the brain or their brains are full of hatred and jealousy. They often blame the society for their problems but they themselves are problematic, public enemies.

    • If you and everyone else is interested in saving lives, how about starting with the abortion mills. It’s amazing when Gov. Cuomo said that if we can save just one life with all we are doing during this pandemic, it would be worth it. Yet, he says nothing about the thousands of lives lost through abortion.
      Now, if you want to disagree with me do so. But, do it in a civilized manner – don’t resort to name calling or other sophomoric tactics.

  11. I am not aware of any cure for any virus, we can treat the symptoms. What makes it difficult is a virus is not bacteria.That is why there is no cure for the common cold which is a virus and year after year thousands die from the flue. If someone can come up with a vaccine for a virus, they are going to make billions.That is the bottom line. As the old saying goes,”follow the money”.

  12. Time for Gates and Zuckerberg and Fauci to take their agendas and leave our country. They are for themselves and their controlling ideals will destroy the US

  13. Hillsdale College on line offers a free Constitution 101 course that anyone should take if they are interested in how to save America from those who want to fundamentally change America into a different government. Over time, we as citizens have lost sight of what the founding fathers had the insight to see what is going on right now and built into the Constitution ways for us to stop it.

  14. Pray that Almighty God will intervene in this matter, and that He will bring His glorious light to expose the darkness and evil of Gates, Obama, Pelosi, and all the rest who want a one world government, currency, and religion. God have mercy on us and this great nation! Amen!

  15. I will NOT receive ANY CHIP or TATTOO on my person, which is AGAINST my religious BELIEFS. Or, there will be a VERY expensive LAWSUIT (Tens of Millions $$$ ?) against him, and to have that SATANIC chip removed medically. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. Well gates looks like your going to make more money but this time it’s off of sick and dying people hooray for you but don’t count your chickens yet dud, you never know what on the other end of this. There are those of us well we just don’t like what you have to offer only because we know their will be a price to pay in the end. You may have put up money for this vaccine but it doesn’t make you the author of this story. Money can’t buy everything like you know decency, respect and humility.

    • That’s written in the Bible that they would put the mark of the devil to be able to do anything. Those with it will not go to heaven. Of course the left only wants control. Big Pharma is going broke and this is a way to replenish them. Gates didn’t want to have his own kids vaccinated. Those who get will find themselves in the hands of the government after they cheat to win presidency and senate. That’s why they want mail in voting so they can win. Everyone with common sense knows this. Gates isn’t even a Dr. He is part owner with Soros in the lab in Wuhan. He and Fauci predicted this virus in Trump’s presidency. How can you do that unless you planned to release it and install this chip to monitor you. This was backup plan when they all knew they were goi g to lose. To sink economy and unemployment. DO NOT GET THIS CHIP! As a free citizen we have a right to deny just like the flu shot. As far as I’m concerned they’re all murders who are trying to blame Trump. Furthermore no vaccine will prevent any virus. The kicker of this is that they Blamed Trump for recommending the medicines he did(forgot names of 2) because he had stock. Trump showed he had $99 in this stock, like most has a diversified stocks. Most don’t know half that I have. He has a lot. To say that about him and recommend Gates who has ownership in it is hysterical and condescending.

  17. This is insanity. The flu vaccine doesn’t keep our people from getting the flu. And to be embedded with a mark is straight out of the Bible-mark of the beast. Beware people. Do we want to continue to give people like this a platform to make more and more money so they can buy their $24,000 ice cream holders, private jets, walled in mansions nd castles, and world economies and governments? Friends, please come to your senses. It’s the middleman and lower that suffer greatly. Let’s not continue to let this happen. They always say follow the money, well here it is.

    • Karen, some Bible study is in order. Scripture says the mark is in ones forehead. What is IN your forehead, your brain. So the way you think would be the mark. Scripture says the mark is in the hand, this is referring to your acts. The way we think and act is the way of Christ or the beast. In the last days we will either follow Christ or Satan. It is important to know which one comes first and which to follow. Do you follow the traditions of man or the word of God? Most professing to be Christians follow the traditions, Christmas,Easter,fake Reverends, Priests and beggars wanting tithes and never know the true word

  18. Why can’t our government leaders see this. I have known this for years and have been frightened that he will have his way. He is the most evil creature second to George Soros. Everyone should be writing to the President and their legislatures to stop Gates in his tracks. Our lives depend on it.

    • Because the media crucifies those that speak out. The unaware are unaware of being unaware. Patriots can be made to look quite silly and some are but they are heads above most because they at least know something is wrong.

  19. When someone so idiotically absent minded writes dribble like this they should stop and look in the mirror, and see the uneducated person who wants to sow discord into this USA, at every chance. Now Gates has given more in philanthropy than any other person in this World going to any and everything which would help all Americans not just one political party, as this article aims to do just discredit a person who has done so much, but disagrees with what Trump and his supporters are broadcasting. So now Trump supporters have to vilify Gates in any way they think might work.

    • When Jackasses like you, can’t see the forest for the trees, there is no longer ANY hope for you! I can see you’ve already been brainwashed, but fair warning, there WILL be an uprising if Gates tries to have his way with these implants!

    • Some good advice for all. Stop focusing on what they give and look at what they take. I think your mind is to narrow to look at what and when he is investing and what is truly being given. A hundred million is nothing when you have billions and you give it over time especially when dead. Get a clue dude, you have fallen for propaganda. Gates and his ilk are evil.

    • There was a meeting……about 15 years ago…..Gates participated. So did a Rothchild, a Bloomberf, and a Rockefeller. They also invited Oprah Winfrey. The meeting was to discuss the biggest threat to the globe at that time. Do you care to guess what was concluded? Over population. Word has it Oprah left the room sickend and threw up, but over the next 10 years 37 Billion was put in place by these scumbags for vaccine research. Ask yourself….Why would money be put into vaccines if you want to drecease world poplutation? Also, in Kenya, a whole generation of children were given a Gates vaccine and ended up sterile.
      Well, Robert, go ahead and let them stick that shyt in your arm, but not me. Gates is a monster in a monster tribe of evil blood sucking satanic maniacs.

    • How is he helping all Americans? By vaccinating
      us all to kingdom come ? Oh wait, I meant by poisoning us all to die in some other way while
      accomplishing his globalist agenda to bring the
      world population down to 500 million and make
      a killing financially at the same time . Yes , he is
      one of the most evil persons alive . His
      philanthropy is crap as far as I’m concerned.
      Ask the 700,000 dead from his vaccines in
      Africa and South America …

  20. Well, let’s see what the left has to say about “my body, my choice” now. It’s interesting how that’s a constant mantra for abortion, but not for seatbelt laws, helmet laws, and maybe this moving forward.

  21. Bill Gates is a globalist elite. He is not a doctor and the only thing he wants is profit and bottom line. Why people listen to him is beyond me,but sheeple will follow right along. I would not trust this globalist at all and no will not take his vaccine or any of the pharmaceutical involved with him.

    • I certainly wish that profit was his end goal. His end goal is decreasing the population of the world – and the sooner the better. Evil does not describe Bill Gates. However, as someone said; he is needed to fulfill the end times prophecies.


    • Only in that he owns the patent on the Corona virus and the millions of dollars he has put into the Chinese lab that had an oops accident releasing the virus into the world platform along with his team mate Dr Fauchi and lest we forget the millions donated into it by George Soros, other than that he’s not killed millions with his vacinnes, he’s been thrown out of India because if it.

  23. It’s about untold wealth, too much time, a dose of megalomania and that unrelenting quest to achieve a lasting legacy. Think George Soto’s, Jeff Bezos.

  24. Gates has funded alot of research into population control over the years. The US being sovereign and us having privacy are not in his best interests so a mandatory vaccine would be to his liking. A vaccine against a virus that mutates is a losing battle.

  25. Bill Gates is not in it for just the money, he genuinely cares about life in America and the world. He is not offering anything that is not genuinely beneficial to Americans and the medical community. He is genuinely a good person especially when he donates millions of dollars to benefit the world and Americans. If you want to trust anyone in these dangerous times, Bill Gates is truly a great American philanthropist who has proven himself over and over again. Definitely opposite the personality of Trumpism.

    • Used to think highly of Bill and Melinda Gates as philanthropists. All they ever did was to self enrich. Whatever donations they made were fully compensated to them on their tax returns. They are in a league with Soros and Bezos, et al. Time to clean the swamp and send them all to exile in Elba.

    • Carl
      Consider lQQking at life through the small end of your funnel! You WILL see things/life much differently!

    • That Kool Aid is pretty sweet and your dumb ass sure likes it. People like you make holocaust’s possible.

    • You are so off base . So uninformed to the truth about Bill Gates. Beware He will kill us all or see that we are controlled by a one world system

    • No one puts up this kind of money without strings attached or without an agenda. The vacinnes Gates has promoted in past have millions of dead bodies to account for. But you are free to follow him as you like, but as for me, the more he tries to finagle his way into a position of authoritarian medical dialogue the less he can be trusted . Just like with Microsoft, the programs were written with inherant bugs and viruses needing to have a program you purchase to delete and eradicate them, same is true with the viruses Corona (which he owns the patent on) he’ll create and sell you the antidote. So trust him if you choose but be warned to research and ask questions don’t follow blindly. Start with check US Patent office on Corona Virus.

  26. Very disappointing to hear this. But after reading several articles, I don’t trust the vaccines anymore. More I read the less I trust them.

    Our. Gov need to investigate these Depts of. Gov, God. Bless this Land we love that evil will be expelled & our. Land of the. Free will be. America again.


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