Big Pharma’s Grip On America Grows Ever Tighter In The Most Medicated Country In The World

(Tea Party 247) – The Pharmaceutical companies in America are one of the most powerful industries in the country. Many Americans, manipulated by fear and pushy doctors, have fallen prey to this multi-billion dollar industry. Power hungry and greedy, Big Pharma continues to hurt more people than they are helping.

According to a new survey from the National Center for Health Statistics, 46% of all Americans have taken some kind of pharmaceutical drug within the past 30 days. That is almost half of the population and makes us the most heavily medicated country in the world!

Just like illegal drug dealers, Big Pharma is making big bucks and leaving a wake of victims in their rearview. According to a report by Michael Snyder of SHTF Plan, on average Americans spends around $1,200 a year on prescription drugs. This is just an average so keep in mind that some Americans spend A LOT more than that while others spend much less or none at all.

Recently there has been outrage over the excessive prices of pharmaceutical drugs especially ones that are medically necessary for survival, such as insulin. This year alone prices have risen on around 650 drugs and there is no reason to believe this trend will slow down.

So many doctors are blinded by the incentives and bonuses offered to them by Big Pharma for pushing their drugs that prescribing medication often becomes the first line of action. Most doctors believe they are really helping people but in reality so many of these drugs are doing mental, physical, financial, and/or emotional damage in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Insurance companies are of little help either. Forcing high deductibles, outlandish co-pays, and refusals to allow specific brands or types of drugs.

Of course, there are certain drugs that people genuinely do need but those scenarios are seemingly becoming the exception rather than the rule.

It has been estimated that Americans are spending somewhere around $200 BILLION a year on prescription drugs they do not need. Think about that for a minute, 46% of Americans have spent around $200 billion dollars per year on drugs that many of them do not even need. Someone is getting rich at an alarming rate!

Looking at specific sub-sections of Americans the statistics vary greatly. For example, a startling 85% of Americans over the age of 60 are currently taking at least one pharmaceutical drug regularly. For those under the age of 60 it appears antidepressants are being taken more than any other type of drug.

Considering the fact that nearly all mass shootings can be linked to some kind of mood-enhancing or mind-altering drugs you would think Congress would have intervened a long time ago. The debate nearly always goes immediately to gun control after a mass shooting. What about pharmaceutical drug control?

Then you have drugs like opioids that are some of the most addictive, difficult to stop using, drugs around. Their over-prescription has led to the destruction of countless lives across America, oftentimes by leading people onto harder, illegal drugs.

As previously mentioned Big Pharma continues to raise prices on many drugs and it is perhaps most troubling when it comes to medications people actually require to survive or maintain quality of life.

A study published in the Journal of Neurology found that “the average out-of-pocket costs for people taking medications for multiple sclerosis had risen the greatest over the past 12 years, costing 20 times more in 2016 than in 2004.” We aren’t talking a couple dollars here and there.

Another case of extreme price gouging is Catalyst Pharmaceuticals raising the price of a drug that literally makes it possible for people with Lambert-Eaton myasthenic syndrome to be able to walk and live normal lives up to $375,000 a year. That is absolutely criminal!

Luckily there was so much backlash over the move the FDA actually intervened in that particular case.

The medical industry has gone from an institution that helped people and did no harm to a profits-driven machine aimed at getting as many people hooked on as many drugs as possible.

You have the right to tell your doctor ‘no.’ Do not be afraid to ask questions and research all prescription drugs recommended for you. We have to take control of our health in this country because Congress is not going to step in and help us. There is too much money to be made being a shill for Big Pharma.


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