Big Pharma Boasts Major Profits Since The Latest ‘Public Health Scare’ And The Media Is Happy To Provide The Assist

(Tea Party 247) – Big Pharma stands to make big bucks off of disease and illness. A healthy society is just not good for the bottom line. Media-manufactured medical crises are one of the most effective ways at driving up profits for Big Pharma companies, especially vaccine producers. Merck, being one such company, has made millions off the most recent measles scare and they don’t mind that the science doesn’t support their toxic MMR vaccine.

Humans Are Free reports:

In May, the pro-mandatory vaccine push reached a new level, as the Washington Post published an article calling for the arrest of those who choose not to vaccinate. Now we are seeing the result of said hysteria and it comes in the form of massive pharmaceutical industry profits.

On Tuesday, the pharmaceutical giant Merck said consumer demand for its measles vaccine skyrocketed thanks to the “outbreak” which helped boost sales in its second quarter.

According to CNBC, sales of children’s vaccines, which includes the New Jersey-based company’s MMR vaccine, for measles, mumps and rubella, jumped 58% year over year to $675 million, Merck announced in its second-quarter earnings report Tuesday.

Merck, which is the sole U.S. supplier of measles vaccines, said the strong growth was due in part to this year’s measles outbreak, which was the largest in the U.S. since 1992.

Merch [sic] Chief Commercial Officer Frank Clyburn even mentioned the coverage in the news specifically.

“There was some buying to the private sector within the U.S. this quarter based on some of the measles outbreaks that you read in the news,” Clyburn said in a post-earnings conference call with investors. “And we do believe that we’ll continue to see growth for our pediatric vaccines going forward.”

So, a teeny, tiny percentage of the population gets the measles and Merck, who runs the monopoly on the measles vaccine, makes over $675 million. That is mind-boggling, especially when you consider the fact that of the 1,164 cases as of July 25, most of those people were vaccinated.

Merck is making literally millions upon millions of dollars and producing vaccines that don’t even prevent people from getting the disease they are vaccinating against. What other product are people allowed to sell to the masses despite it being ineffective and even dangerous? Aren’t there laws against false advertising?

The truth, that Merck is hoping we’ll all conveniently ignore, is that the MMR is responsible for at least 5,700 seizures each year and those seizures can trigger all manner of neurological disorders, such as epilepsy. Add to that the fact that the MMR is the most likely vaccine to turn a perfectly healthy child into an autistic one in need of round-the-clock care for the rest of his/her life, and you can see that the risks greatly outweigh any potential benefit of this particularly dangerous vaccine. Also, keep in mind that of the 1,164 cases there has not been one single death. A child is more likely to die from the MMR than the measles.

The scariest part of the whole situation is just how hypocritical the left is. When it comes to abortion they are vehemently pro-choice under the guise of a woman’s right to autonomy yet these very same people are demanding everyone be injected with dangerous, toxic chemicals that can inflict life-altering injuries on people. All for the “greater good” they claim.

What exactly is the greater good? A world in which the population is reduced and controlled for the benefit of the ruling elitist class? That’s the exact goal of powerful progressives. They are exposed by their blatant hypocrisy on matters of personal liberty and choice. It seems they always support the way in which the most people could be murdered (abortion) or made to be dependent on the state (serious vaccine injured).

The vaccine companies continue to get insanely wealthy while being assisted by the leftist propaganda media and their ability to incite fear among the masses, and yet, Americans ironically continue to be chronically sicker with more auto-immune diseases and mental health disorders than ever before. Something isn’t right here. Could it be Big Pharma turning a profit on our suffering all while telling us they have what we need to survive and be healthy? It’s mind-blowing.


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