Biden’s Pick For Civil Rights Has Made Jaw-Dropping Racist Statements About Black Superiority Over Whites

(Tea Party 247) – As an undergraduate at Harvard, Kristen Clarke wrote that not only does one’s race determine their destiny, but that black brains were physically, mentally, and spiritually superior to those of whites dude to their larger amounts of neuromelanin.

Clarke, WND reports, is now set to serve the incoming President Joe Biden as head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Had Clarke been herself white and written a similar statement about white brains being superior to that of black brains, it would be abhorrent, offensive, and sick.

She would be widely condemned, and it would be well-deserved. She’d never have a career and would only be taken seriously by fringe groups of ideological racists.

Yet she’s now set to head up a department of the federal government tasked with ensuring that all Americans are treated equally based not on the color of their skin (or the neuromelanin in their brains) but on the content of their character and actions.

This woman has views that are antithetical to that of “justice.”

On Monday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reported that while Clarke intends to “close the door on discrimination” through the enforcement of federal civil rights laws, her previous statements point to her true intentions.

He pointed to her claim, made publicly, that “melanin endows blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities.”

Clarke issued a letter to Harvard’s newspaper, the Crimson, in 1994 when she was serving as president of the Black Students Association on campus to share her racialist ideology.

“Please use the following theories and observations to assist you in your search for truth regarding the genetic differences between Blacks and whites [sic],” she wrote.

“One: Dr. Richard King reveals that the core of the human brain is the ‘locus coeruleus,’ which is a structure that is Black, because it contains large amounts of neuro-melanin, which is essential for its operation.”

Yeah, this is eugenics, a progressive, humanist ideology that was used to justify things like forced sterilization and interracial marriage bans in the 20’s and 30’s in the United States and later inspired Adolf Hitler.

It’s sheer racism and completely immoral.

“Three: Carol Barnes notes that human mental processes are controlled by melanin – that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities,” the then-undergrad continued.

“Four: Some scientists have revealed that most whites [sic] are unable to produce melanin because their pineal glands are often calcified or non-functioning. Pineal calcification rates with Africans are five to 15 percent [sic], Asians 15 to 25 percent [sic] and Europeans 60 to 80 percent [sic]. This is the chemical basis for the cultural differences between blacks and whites [sic],” she continued.

“Five: Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities – something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards.”

WND notes that Clarke did suggest that, aware that her ideas were clearly highly racist, she didn’t necessarily believe what she had proposed.

However, just a month later, she invited Tony Martin, a Trinidadian known anti-Semite, to speak on campus.

At the time, Martin was a professor at Wellesley and author of a self-published treatise called, in case you doubted the claim to his antisemitism, “The Jewish Onslaught.”

The work detailed an “escalating Jewish onslaught” against black people perceived by Martin.

The professor, who retired from Wellesley in 2007 and passed away in 2013, targeted both Jews and the religion of Judaism itself.

In his later years in life, he gave speeches to Holocaust denial groups on issues such as “tactics of organized Jewry in suppressing free speech.”

Clarke and her cohorts sound a lot like the socialist “Squad” already firmly established—and growing—within the U.S. House.

She told the Crimson of Martin, “Professor Martin is an intelligent, well-versed Black intellectual who bases his information on indisputable fact.”

And yes, she’s fully on board with the progressive pop-politics of the day that many characterize of thinly-watered down racist black supremacy.

Last year, she called it “madness” for the federal government to side with Asian students denied admissions to certain colleges on the basis of the color of their skin.

Actually, for a school to discriminate against someone on the basis of the color of their skin is racism.

Clarke currently serves as president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law and is a former prosecutor with the Department of Justice.

She’s been a vocal proponent of the Black Lives Matter movement and its controversial stance on policing.

“I advocate for defunding policing operations that have made African Americans more vulnerable to police violence and contributed to mass incarceration, while investing more in programs and policies that address critical community needs,” she wrote for Newsweek last year.

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  2. Here comes the Biden era!! Then again, I don’t think he has much say about anything to do with his administration.
    Then again, he might get to appoint his son either Sec. of State OR Sec. of the Treasury!!

  3. Remember “Jimmy the Greek” who was asked why so many Blacks were so good at sports. His reply was that growing up in the jungle only the strongest survived and those with wee traits died off. That was considered racists because he was saying that one race was better than another and they should be equal. He lost his job and forced into retirement.

  4. Truth is black are trying to play on are minds, to look big in a white mans world, that’s is why they are sucking in all these wannabe blacks and, trying to remove all of white history, down the road accouple generations from now, they can clam they invented things that white man did and no one will be able to argue because history will be rewritten putting them as the achievers.

  5. If blacks are so smart why are they rioting and burning down their own communities.The truth is had they not had the opportunity to come to areas where white people are, they would still be in loin cloths chucking spears ,at wild boar for their dinner.They need to kiss our asses that they got the chance to live with whites.

  6. How typical of someone indoctrinated instead of educated. Take the skin off of everybody, and we are all pink inside. There is no reason to take these racist mental midgets and put them into positions of any power. Once that happens, we have witnessed for ourselves all last year what will happen. Communist tyranny is imposed for a made up crisis over a minor virus that would have never even made the news if it wasn’t for the communist run news outlets spewing their propaganda.

  7. Well this is a loaded article!!! And this person is liaded too…with CRAP!!! If blacks are so smart why do they account for disproportionate amount of crime? That’s real smart to sit your ass in a jail cell!!! If blacks are so smart why are african countries some if the worst places on Earth? It was Europeans who colonized many of those countries and left them in a way more advanced state then they found them. Well, the black natives preceded to trash most of them once again. Most recent example South Africa. They’ve turned it into a war zone. They (blacks) have done nothing but take revenge 9n whites there by confiscating their farms and then are begging for the owners to come back because they are starving because they have no clue how to run a farm!!! Ya I can see how they’re oozing with intelligence!!!
    Boy are we in trouble! Oh sorry I should have said “man” are we in trouble. Or can I even say that anymore?


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