Biden’s Likely SCOTUS Pick Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

(Tea Party 247) – While speculation about who will fill the seat vacated on the Supreme Court by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has largely surrounded a potential Trump nominee, there still exists the possibility that Joe Biden will somehow secure a November win and get his chance at filling that seat.

So, who would he pick? This is a very important question, especially when you consider the fact that he hasn’t even released a list of who he may nominate should he be elected, unlike Trump.

According to a professor of American studies in Boston, Biden should pick none other than former First Lady Michelle Obama.

All to “honor” the life of Ginsburg, the most liberal justice the court has ever seen, of course.

In a piece for The Hill, Dr. Roger House, Ph.D., a professor at Emerson College and publisher at, an African American history and culture website, has declared that Biden needs to quickly announce Michelle would replace Ginsburg on his ideal SCOTUS bench.

“The nominee must be someone who advances the cause of racial and gender justice and quells Republican efforts to bum-rush a replacement,” House wrote.

Consider those carefully chosen words: he wants someone who is going to be an radical activist, not a fair and reasoned constitutionalist.

“What it means is that the Biden campaign cannot simply propose to nominate a woman of traditional qualifications for the court. If it is to make history, then it must spotlight a woman who embodies the dream of the civil rights movement. That person is former first lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama,” House wrote.

BizPac Review explains of the former First Lady:

A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, she worked for a few years at a Chicago law firm, Sidney & Austin, where she met future husband and president, Barack Obama. While at the firm, Michelle Obama specialized in marketing and intellectual law.

Later, she would take a position as an executive at a local activist organization tied to President Bill Clinton’s AmeriCorps, and then as an associate dean at the University of Chicago.

They also explain that, before taking her place beside her husband in the White House, Obama did sit on a number of boards, but she never sat on a bench as a judge and has little litigation experience.

So again, this would surely just be a political appointment.

“As the nation grapples with protests for racial justice, Obama is best positioned to symbolize the Afro-American promise. Her roots in the authentic experience of the Black urban migration connects her story to the story of pioneer civil rights figures such as Mary McLeod Bethune,” who “rose from humble origins on a cotton plantation in South Carolina to found the Bethune-Cookman Institute in Daytona Beach, Fla., and to become an adviser to former President Franklin Roosevelt during the Great Depression,” House noted.

He went on to declare that Mrs. Obama is “singularly qualified” to replace Ginsburg due to her “her well-known intellectual acumen and dedication to the goals of equal justice with fairness.”

Of course, for all her radical rulings, Ginsburg distinguished herself as a qualified member of the high court by having been one of the first women to attend and graduate Columbia law School and was extensively experienced in the federal court system before she was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton.

She also spent 13 years on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit after being nominated to this post by President Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Say what you will about Ginsburg, no one would contest her legal expertise or intelligence, and indeed, even her political opponents have been praising her as such as tributes pour in following her death.

Have you ever once heard anyone praise Michelle Obama for being an experienced, trailblazing lawyer?


I don’t think House cares about any of this, of course.

He cares about three things: her gender, skin color, and expressed political radicalism. This is honestly a disgrace to the Supreme Court, which is supposed to carry out blind justice in adherence to the Constitution of the United States.

Intersectionality and politics should have nothing to do with an appointment.

“As the only African American first lady, Obama fostered one of the most welcoming and inclusive White House cultures in history and spoke out frequently on behalf of the rights of women and girls,” he argued.

“Moreover, she brings insight as a Black woman of dark complexion who struggled to be confident in a society that values whiteness and lightness,” he continued.

“The Biden campaign must appreciate that proposing Michelle Obama for the Supreme Court would ignite enthusiasm in the Black community and among suburban women. Moreover, it would put pressure on vulnerable Republican senators who might be solicited to support yet another problematic Trump nominee to the Supreme Court,” House noted.

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  1. Right, pick a disbarred lawyer. Think about that for a minute. To be disbarred means even the other lawyers can’t stand you. The lowest of the low.

  2. Neither of the Obamas are qualified to sit on the Supremes.Both lost their licenses over criminal/Corruption in Chicago.They are not even good enough to be DOG WALKERS

  3. This is a NO-GO, big time. The best thing this nation could do is to get as far away from the Obama administration as possible. That means Biden, himself, and Michelle, the weight lifter. Obama’s legacy has already been Trumped and we should continue on negating the man himself until such time as the Historians rate Obama as the worst president this nation has ever had.

  4. Michelle OBAMA lost her law license. She was given choice to release it or be taken from her! Obama lost his law license too! They were crooked before they even got into White House! No way would Michelle be qualified! Obama signed into Senate. Meetings and didn’t even attend according to Senate records! The two of them were opportunists! They even bragged a boy burning our AMERICAN flag. Disgusting human beings!

  5. How can Michelle Obama sit on the Supreme Court when she surrendered her law license in 1993 to escape prosecution on charges of insurance fraud ? This is the kind of person you want on the Supreme Court ?
    The socialist media tries to cover for her by saying she was never charged with any crime. That is true, but is only true because she wasn’t charged BECAUSE she surrendered her license.

  6. Our society must change. We must end social problems, taxation and vote buying. Balance our budget, mitigate abortions, answer reparations, create more freedom and end socialism and communism forever. Please read this new conservative idea that wealthy people use every day. . Put money to work, protect your principle and operate like an endowment. Done everyday at Universities like Harvard and for University athletic endowments. Use money over and over again. Low cost and non-inflationary. Print money per generation of population growth., put it to work then get it back for the next generation. Please read Birthloop Economics. Thank you.

  7. The democRATS do not care about qualification.. he’s pandering to get the black vote… nothing more… people need to wake up and pull their heads out of the butts of the democRATS and stop listening to their garbage…. they WILL destroy this country and the American people…. they are pandering with their lies … the ONLY ones tearing apart this country are the democRATS with their evil vicious lies and extreme hate for the conservatives.. they have gone as far as blackmail.. vote for me or else…. Lyin’ Biden refuses to take questions from the press unless it is scripted so he knows what to say… This is NOT the kind of person we need in the White house…. President Trump has done so much more for the country and the American people than Biden did in 47 years… WAKE UP…. their lies and hate are appalling.. nauseating to listen to

  8. Michelle Obama lost her license to practice law and should therefore be not qualified to set on the highest court in our land.

  9. Totally unqualified. It’s a joke publicity stunt. Not even an assistant US attorney much less a US Attorney. Just like Biden to pull some stunt. But, of course he was not smart enough to think it up. It was some other radical nemrod.


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