Biden Says Amy Coney Barrett Said She Wants To Get Rid Of The Affordable Care Act But Here’s The Truth

(Tea Party 247) – Day 1 of the Senate Confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett has shown us one thing very clearly: it is the Democrats indeed who are interested in transforming and using the United States Supreme Court as a political weapon to enact their anti-American, pro-socialism agenda and to silence any who oppose.

The opening statements of all Democratic Senators were marred by lies, disproven narratives, and shots at the President. One of the biggest themes for the Dems was the Affordable Care Act and their supposed concern that, if confirmed, Barrett would somehow seek to end it. Of course, this is all just propaganda, fear-mongering, and political grandstanding.

Though not present at the hearing, Joe Biden has said his own piece about Barrett and has asserted that she has actually said that “she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.” Of course, this is a patent lie.

Breitbart has the details:

Former Vice President Joe Biden told reporters that Judge Amy Coney Barrett, now going through confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “said she wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.”

That is false. Barrett has never stated an opinion on the law, and her judicial philosophy is that judges are not lawmakers.

What she has done is criticize Chief Justice John Roberts’s decision in NFIB v. Sebelius, in which he rewrote the statute to save it.

In a law review article in 2017, she wrote:

Chief Justice Roberts pushed the Affordable Care Act beyond its plausible meaning to save the statute. He construed the penalty imposed on those without health insurance as a tax, which permitted him to sustain the statute as a valid exercise of the taxing power; had he treated the payment as the statute did—as a penalty—he would have had to invalidate the statute as lying beyond Congress’s commerce power.

She also quoted her former mentor, the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who dissented:

Justice Scalia, criticizing the majority’s construction of the Affordable Care Act in both NFIB v. Sebelius and King v. Burwell, protested that the statute known as Obamacare should be renamed “SCOTUScare” in honor of the Court’s willingness to “rewrite” the statute in order to keep it afloat.66 For Justice Scalia and those who share his commitment to uphold text, the measure of a court is its fair- minded application of the rule of law, which means going where the law leads. By this measure, it is illegitimate for the Court to distort either the Constitution or a statute to achieve what it deems a preferable result.

Barrett never said that the statute should be overturned; she criticized the method by which it was upheld. Biden’s claim is false.

The Democrats are grasping at straws in the face of an impeccable Supreme Court nomination. Judge Amy Coney Barrett would be an exceptional addition to the SCOTUS and even the Democrats know it. Instead of focusing on her and her nomination all they can do is try to distract the American people and impede the process by continuing to sling mud at President Trump and make up false accusations against her.


  1. How she feels or what she believes about an issue is irrelevant. She will not make a judgement about something that isn’t before the court. If a case regarding Obamacare comes up, her judgement will be based on the Constitution and the law. There are a thousand ways a case could present that would make a difference in how a Constitutional Justice decides. The Democrats are just blowing smoke. She will be confirmed.

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  3. Biden is NOTHING but a liar… his campaign ads are based on vicious evil les about Trump.. he don’t tell people what he is going to do and his policies.. He attacks Trump constantly!!! The man is a liar… He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him in the face… He’s a hateful person… he is a disgrace… You have to be some kind of EXTREMELY stupid to vote for the man… His policies will be bad for our country…
    You may night like Trump because you choose to listen to the lies of the democRATS and the media, BUT his policies are good FOR America and the American people… Trump Loves this country and the people… American First.. He works for us all for Free.. he takes NO salary.. donates it all ….

  4. Amy Coney Barrett was so impressive during the Senate Confirmation hearings today. She was unflappable, never interrupted, gave down to earth explanations of her judicial opinions, and didn’t even need to take notes. She had a blank piece of paper in front of her with only US SENATE at the top., She never had to take notes. I thought Kamala Harris was very rude and tried to get Amy to say whether she would vote to get rid of Obama Care or Roe Vs. Wade. She refused to comment on any future case she may have to adjudicate.

  5. Biden constant lies. Lied about pre-existing conditions not being covered under Trump, Lied about Social Security and Medicare, lies about fracking, lied about Judge Barret, claims she said she wanted to do away will Affordable Care Act. LIE LIE LIE. Doesn’t know where he is half the time, Hell he doesn’t even know what he is running for half the time. I would bet my life on the fact during the first debate he wore a wire. He cheats, he is corrupt and he is a dam liar.

  6. Constant lies from Biden. Lies about pre-existing conditions, lies about Social Security and Medicare, Lies about Amy Barrett saying she will wants to get rid of Affordable Care Act. Every one of his ads on TV are full of lies. He is disgraceful and not mentally fit to run this country. AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY. TRUMP2020

  7. This seems to indicate she does not accept decisions on ACA so far. I think that is fairly indicative that she is not in favor.


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