Biden Promises Elite Bankers ‘Nothing Will Change’ If He Is Elected President

(Tea Party 247) – The Left has never been any good at hiding their actual agendas, which are typically bad for average Americans. They are puppets for wealthy, powerful corporations and industries that use lobbyists to buy preference in policy-making. Wall Street is one example of this and Presidential candidate Joe Biden is playing right to their tune.

According to Summit News,

“During a fundraising event at the Upper East Side Carlyle Hotel, Biden explained to a room of New York’s financial elite that he had “got in trouble” with some people on his team for being too friendly to Wall Street, but that this wouldn’t change his approach because ‘you guys are great.’”

“The truth of the matter is, you all, you all know, you all know in your gut what has to be done,” said Biden. “We can disagree in the margins but the truth of the matter is it’s all within our wheelhouse and nobody has to be punished.”

“‘No one’s standard of living will change,’ added the former vice-president. ‘Nothing would fundamentally change.’”

Talk about playing to the crowd. This just goes to show how full-of-crap the Left really is. They will say anything if it means a vote. What they actually believe, no one actually knows. Their policies are based entirely on who has paid the most for their influence. In this case, clearly Wall Street has paid nicely to ensure that Biden will not say anything to disturbing to their elites.

Some of the elites in attendance at the event hosted by Eric Mindich, chief executive officer and founder of Eton Park Capital Management LP, included Rodgin Cohen, senior chairman of the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, Stan Shuman, senior adviser of Allen & Co. LLC., Stephen Scherr, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Goldman Sachs Group, and bankers Robert Rubin and Roger Altman.

What was Biden supposed to say to this crowd? That Wall Street is corrupt and in need of tighter regulations? Nay! That’d be bad business for Liberals, whose only objective is to get votes at any cost.

Dems talk a big talk against the “top 1 percenters” but when the rubber meets the road they are all about supporting the demographic with the biggest bankrolls. Average, working-class Americans are left duped again by the Left. Although by now, if they haven’t caught on to the liberals chicanery they likely either never will or are willfully blind to it.

“Perhaps America needs a new America First Party similar to the Brexit Party if we truly want change for the better,” comments Chris Menahan. This might be the best idea yet. If the Left and Right can’t seem to get along, we need a new party that can actually bring about change.

Sadly the system is already too rigged. Big corporations and industries, like Wall Street, are already too wealthy and too powerful. Washington D.C. politicians are already bought and paid for. The American people are too divided and will likely stay that way leading to a sure defeat for any 3rd party competition. We’re just stuck with candidates like Joe Biden and his empty promises for a better America. Though we already knew he was full of it.



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