Biden College Roommate Drops Bombshell: Former VP Attracted To Children

(Tea Party 247) – Perhaps it’s not much of a bombshell to hear that Joe Biden is attracted to children.

After all, while he sure likes to smell and grab grown women, there are plenty of moments caught on camera in which he says and does highly inappropriate things to clearly uncomfortable children.

After being confronted with his awkward touching before announcing his 2020 run, Biden sort of half-apologized for it, vowing to “listen” to women more, or something, and likely his version of listening includes leaning in really uncomfortably close.

It wasn’t long before he was right back to uncomfortably touching grown women and even hitting on a young girl, most recently.

Now, a former college roommate of his from his time at Syracuse University College of Law has admitted that Biden is, in fact, attracted to children.

According to recent reports, Paul Tatchell, Biden’s former roommate, said that “He used to say it was his ‘civic responsibility’ and that if he didn’t choke the chicken’ or ‘clean the hosepipe’ before spending time around children he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off them [children].”


Tatchell continued, “His attraction to children is also the reason he became a teetotaler,” said Tatchell, explaining that “he realized he couldn’t control himself in public with a few drinks in him.”

The report details Biden’s other encounters with young children:

The news that Joe Biden’s sexual interest in children was well known on his college campus comes after footage has surfaced of the former Vice President touching young girls inappropriately in the White House. On one occasion, a microphone picked up Biden whispering in a young girl’s ear, “Do you know how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me?”

Leaning against the young girl so that she is pressed against his groin, Biden continues whispering to her, “Speak to my daughter Ashley about the film”, before aggressively lunging in for a kiss, causing the 13-year-old girl to pull away from his grip.

Biden married fellow law student Neilia Hunter, from an affluent background in Skaneateles, New York, while still at college, “overcoming her parents reluctance for her to marry a young man with Joe’s dubious reputation,” according to Tatchell.

No wonder Jeff Sessions abruptly ordered Joe Biden not to touch his granddaughter when they had the misfortune of running into the former Vice President at the Senate swearing in ceremony in 2016.

There is endless footage of Joe Biden taking advantage of young girls and touching them up while their distracted parents meet and greet politicians in D.C.’s corridors of power.

Dr. Eowyn from the blog Fellowship of the Minds vetted this story, and confirmed:

Joe Biden did attend Syracuse University School of Law and graduated with a J.D. in 1968, 76th of 85 in his class. The next year, he was admitted to the Delaware bar. (Wikipedia)

Biden did meet Neilia Hunter while a law student at Syracuse. They married in 1966. In his autobiography, Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics, p. 37, Biden claimed that he had to overcome Neilia’s parents’ initial reluctance for her to wed because he’s a Roman Catholic. Neilia and their daughter, 1, were killed in an automobile accident in 1972.

Just like Mia Marie Pope pointed out the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, “portrayed himself as a foreigner,” and yet the media and our government ignored it, so they are doing the same with Joe Biden.

He adds an admonishment that:

It’s time we cleanse the land of pedophiles once and for all instead of electing them to office.

Furthermore, even if Tatchell isn’t telling the truth about Biden, it is clear that Biden simply cannot keep his hands off of women and children and making inappropriate remarks to them.

Do we really want someone even more disgusting that Slick Willy was in the White House? I sure don’t.


  1. Sorry, but there’s way too many episodes of him being inappropriate to women and children so you can not make me believe that hes not a pedo, the proof is in his many actions!!!

  2. know it is bullshit for this is a lie

    On one occasion, a microphone picked up Biden whispering in a young girl’s ear, “Do you know how horny I am to have a 13-year-old girl standing right next to me?”

    and I happen to know his roommate


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