Biden Admin Openly Admits To Flying Illegal Aliens From Southern Border To Red States… Using Your Tax Dollars

(Tea Party 247) – If you have been stunned to see how quickly President Biden’s open border free-for-all dissolved into a full-on crisis with no regard for COVID-19 protocols or the comfort of unaccompanied migrant minors, you may find it makes far more sense to consider that this was all by design than Biden’s incompetency.

Of course, Biden himself does seem to be extraordinarily incompetent on his own. But of course, he’s a puppet of a shadow government to whom the border crisis is, indeed, all by design.

The Gateway Pundit notes that everything these people do is for power.

“Everything they do is a step toward America’s destruction,” they add.

The outlet explains that Biden’s border crisis is a carefully orchestrated effort to irreversibly transform the political landscape of our nation to their advantage.

Now, they report, the Biden administration is flying the illegal aliens currently flooding border facilities to red states closer to the Canadian border.

On the taxpayer dime.

That’s right—they’re very likely trying to import their own blue-for-life voters to red states to influence elections for decades to come as they float the carrot of government handouts and amnesty before the noses of the illegal immigrant community.

After all, what else are they promoting aggressively? Loosening voter ID laws and other policies meant to protect the integrity of elections federally…forever.

The Democrats’ playbook is wide open right now—and what they’re up to could be the biggest existential threat our nation has ever faced.

This week a source sent TGP data on just how crippling the border crisis is.

Border sectors are seeing well over 100% and as many as 271% increases in numbers vs. Fiscal Year 2020 with tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing in each so far in Fiscal Year 2021.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have requested plane support from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) following the crossing of 1,000 migrant families and unaccompanied minors into South Texas across the Rio Grande on Friday morning.

This was told to the Washington Post by officials from the Department of Homeland Security.

Border agents had yet been able to process an additional 1,000 migrants when the report first came in, by the way.

CBP’s backup has been worsened significantly by the nearly 4,500 unaccompanied children being held in detention centers and tent sites along the border, many far past the legal limit of three days.

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  1. The “migrants” should be flown back to their home countries, not deep into the U.S.

    I’m tired of BOTH the Dems AND GOP flooding our country with people who have absolutely no allegiance to this country and don’t plan to assimilate into our culture or learn English.

  2. This administration took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the US. This is not what they are doing and this is against our laws. This administration has no right to DICTATE THEIR OWN LAWS. Resign or get impeached. However, who has the guts? Pelosoli and band of satan worshipers are pushing this to destroy our country and make it a 3rd world country where they are the dictators. Treason. They will have to answer to Jesus Christ on the last great day.

  3. Is Biden trying to start wars in our Country as well as around the world. This man is a nut case. I guess he thinks if he lets enough of these illegals lose in RED states, they will turn them Blue. This is a very dangerous situation.

  4. We have retards running our country…this administration is the most un-organized i have seen in 63 years!!!…MAGA!!!

  5. This is what America is coming to. Those of us who work to earn an honest living, are paying taxes to the govt. so that they can use our tax dollars to reward illegals, and people who want free stuff handed to them without having to work! The goal is quite clear, and I fear that most Americans are clueless to it. The country will become dominated by people who who will vote for Democrats, and even then, the elections will be rigged for the Democrats anyway, as the election for Biden was! Welcome to the Socialist States of America, folks!

  6. The illegal aliens biden intends to fly to red states will end up in blue states anyway, as we in the red states aren’t promoting the “free stuff” the illegals have been promised…


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