Benjamin Netanyahu Puts Iran On Notice. Here’s What He Said.

(Tea Party 247) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu put Iran on notice Sunday when he said that enemies of Israel that cannot be negotiated with, will be killed.

The prime minister was clear when addressing students on their first day of school in Elkana, Israel faces a unique kind of enemy, and despite the attempts to mask its involvement, much of Israel’s threats can be traced to Iran.

The Jerusalem Post quoted Netanyahu as saying “A new empire has arisen with the goal of defeating us,” he said.

“They build proxies in Lebanon in the form of Hezbollah, in Gaza in the form of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. They are trying to entrench themselves in Iraq to turn it into not only a country through which it can transfer arms to Syria and Hezbollah, but also to turn it into a launching pad for rockets and infiltration against us.”.

The threat facing Israel, Netanyahu says is radical Islam, which is rooted in antisemitism and external opposition to the existence of the state of Israel.

He goes on to say of the unique threat, “And this is the main point – you can negotiate with an enemy that has decided to stop being your enemy. They always say, ‘You make peace with your enemies.’ Peace you make with enemies that decided to stop being an enemy. But enemies that continue to fight against you, who say openly that they want to destroy you – there is only one way to deal with them: If someone rises to kill you, rise up and kill him first, and prevent him from getting game-changing weapons.”.

Netanyahu said that Israel is fighting Iran on all fronts, especially preventing Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.

The prime minister noted that while not all attacks could be prevented before they occur, the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) prevents an average of two attacks daily.

“A willingness to fight” is what Netanyahu credits for this success, noting that the last five years have had the lowest combined civilian and IDF casualties since the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel can be thankful that they have a leader like Netanyahu, who faces the threat of Islamic Jihad head-on, instead of wasting his country’s resources and energy on promoting multiculturalism or carbon neutrality.

And the world can take note of Israel’s success in its defense, while we watch countries in Europe fall apart with acid attacks, no-go zones, record sexual assaults, stabbings, grenade attacks, and all while European taxpayers feed, clothe, and house their invaders.


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