Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Caught Red-Handed! Will Justice Finally Be Served?

(Tea Party 247) – America is the land of the free! Especially if you are a corrupt liberal politician. It seems as though Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could literally get away with murder at this point. They have plenty of fall guys below them that they could simply pin it on one of them. Although they wouldn’t even need to do that considering the Department of Justice will never go after them.

Earlier this month, news stories broke exposing criminal activity that would put any other Joe Schmoe in jail but since the perpetrators are none other than Obama and Clinton, justice will never truly be served.

A story has emerged indicating Barack Obama accepted over 20 million dollars in foreign campaign contributions. This is illegal under current laws. Will Obama be prosecuted for this? I wouldn’t hold your breath. The story hasn’t even made its way through the mainstream media and it likely won’t. Just another perk of being a liberal political leader.

According to a report by Shepherd Ambellas:

“According to reports circulating at the highest levels in Washington, former U.S. President Barack H. Obama’s political campaign received at least $21.6 million in illegal foreign campaign contributions during the runup to the 2012 presidential election.

The U.S. Justice Department announced on Friday that Malaysian businessman Low Taek Jho and former Fugees rapper Prakazrel “Pras” Michel have been charged with conspiracy after allegedly funneling tens of millions of dollars into Obama’s campaign fund.”

You can check out the full DOJ report here.

Always a follower of her hero Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton took her turn at illegal activities. As it turns out, Clinton accepted money from her close friends at the NXIVM sex cult. The NXIVM is making their own headlines lately as their sex-slave utopia is coming crashing down around them.

Clinton is by far not the only politician involved with this cult but she is the one we’d like to see in jail the most. Will this be the thing to bring her down?! Doubtful.

According to a report by Ethan Huff,

“A former publicist for the infamous sex cult NXIVM has come forward as a whistleblower to tell all that he knows about the evils he witnessed while working for the group – and perhaps more importantly, to reveal the identities of some of the corrupt politicians who were also involved.

During an exclusive interview on The Campaign Show with Patrick Howley, which airs on Patriots Soapbox, Frank Parlato discussed the trial of Keith Raniere, NXIVM’s cult leader and top dog. Parlato also talked about how Raniere and other NXIVM leadership were very closely aligned with Hillary Clinton, having given “illegally bundled money,” to quote Big League Politics, to her 2008 presidential campaign.”

Well, there we have it! Clear evidence of illegal activity that are punishable by jail time. The worst part is that we will never see Obama or Clinton held accountable for breaking the law.

The American people voted for Trump under the impression that he was going to put a stop to this political corruption. One of his campaign promises was that he was going to “drain the swamp.” While he has made good on many of his promises this seems to be the most frustrating one. Are Obama and Clinton that untouchable? What is it going to take to bring them both to justice once and for all?

Liberal leaders like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters demand that President Trump be impeached without evidence of any wrongdoing but the corruption within their own party goes on unchecked.

Liberals have zero credibility when it comes to integrity and ethics.


  1. We the people should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this criminal activity go UNPUNISHED. The “PEOPLE” have the power to bring these criminals to justice. We argue amongst ourselves and that is the problem. These “FOSSILS” have there own puppets and its “we the people”. SHAMEFUL


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