Baptist Church In Michigan Cancels 9/11 Event To Appease Terror-Backed Group. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – It’s no secret that the ultimate goal of Islam is global domination. They are spreading throughout the Western world like wildfire despite the fact that they despise our way of life. Now liberals, in their infinite “wisdom” with their perpetual bleeding hearts, have created an atmosphere in which Muslims are victims and therefore Islam is untouchable from scrutiny and criticism.

America seems to be growing more and more lukewarm when it comes to religion, period. Christians are straying from the word of God and Biblical convictions which is paving the way to an apathetic attitude towards ideologies that are opposed to God, like Islam. This is leading to Christian churches bending to the will of Muslims and caving in, rather than boldly standing for truth in the face of adversity.

The latest victim to fall under the pressure of Islamic bullying is Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church in Michigan. According to Clothesline DC, the church was set “to host a two-day event called ‘9/11 forgotten? Is Michigan surrendering to Islam?’ on Wednesday and Thursday.” Unfortunately, CAIR got ahold of the church and intimidated them into canceling the event.

WND reports:

A Michigan church canceled a 9/11 event critical of the interfaith movement and Islamic supremacism after complaints from the Council on American-Islamic Relations and politicians.

Bloomfield Hills Baptist Church (pictured below) was to host a two-day event called “9/11 forgotten? Is Michigan surrendering to Islam?” on Wednesday and Thursday.

A former Muslim who has become a popular speaker, Shahram Hadian, was to speak Wednesday on “How the Interfaith Movement is Sabotaging America and the Church.” And on Thursday, Jim Simpson, a former Office of Management and Budget economist to three presidents and an investigative reporter, was to speak on “How Islam is Destroying America from Within.”

The event was planned by a group called the Detroit Coalition for Freedom.

In response to the cancellation, the organization United West will feature the two speakers in a webinar on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern time that can be viewed online through registration.

Last week, the Baptist church’s pastor, Donald McKay, defended the event in an interview with WJBK-TV.

“Islam is a growing threat in the United States of America,” he said. “We don’t hate Muslims, we hate the ideology they are identified with.

This is how all Christians should feel. We don’t hate Muslims as people, we should want to see them meet Jesus and turn from the wicked ideology that is Islam. That being said, we should absolutely hate what Islam represents and that would be the destruction of Christianity and Israel.

They do believe in world domination and they have proven time and time again that they will resort to violence when needed. They believe in conversion or death for the infidels; us being the infidels. Sure, there are Muslims who are not “devout,” just like in Christianity the same can be said about Christians but by-and-large, Muslims agree with the superiority of Islam and the need for Sharia law to be implemented worldwide.

Americans are blindly and naïvely voting Muslims into office, Muslims who are even openly anti-Semitic (we’re looking at your Ilhan Omar). This will be to our peril if we continue down this path. We’ll leave you with the words of Robert Spencer, of Jihad Watch, who perfectly explains the hypocrisy in American when dealing with Islam versus Christianity:

“The jihad threat can emanate from anywhere the Qur’an and Sunnah are preached and believed. But saying that in America eighteen years after 9/11 won’t result in any public consternation or calls for the monitoring of mosques; it will only get you defamed as a ‘racist’ and an ‘Islamophobe,’ to be dismissed and shunned by all decent people. Meanwhile, one imam in Georgia recently stated: ‘There has not been another 9/11-such attack in America because Islam is winning.’”

Be vigilant, fellow Americans. Islam is winning.


  1. Islam is trying to take over America from within and destroying the Christian faith is their first step.
    They are infiltrating our government on a daily basis.

    What has happened to our people, the descendants of the builders of our nation. Stand up and say no.


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