Convicted Murderer Turned Activist In Baltimore Wants The City To Pay Criminals Not To Kill

(Tea Party 247) – Baltimore has been ruined by Democratic politicians and progressive policies and laws. This could not be more obvious than when you look at the city’s devastating murder crisis.

One ex-convict and rapper thinks he has finally arrived at the solution to bring an end to the city’s grizzly murder problem.

Tyree Moorehead, who spent over a decade in prison for a second-degree murder conviction from a shooting that take place when he was 15-years-old, seems to think that the city should just pay would-be murderers to stop them from killing.

Moorehead seems to be genuinely concerned about the city’s violent reputation and has spent years doing what he can to encourage an end to needless murders.

For years he has established hundreds of “No Shoot Zones” all around the city in an effort to bring awareness and discourage gang-bangers and would-be shooters.

“There are nearly 200 No Shoot Zones across the Baltimore area, most of them sprayed by Moorehead… Some are incredibly detailed, like Zone 3; others are subtle and understated, like the generic zone near the corner of North Patterson Park Avenue and Preston Street,” local station WJZ reported in 2019.

Moorehead shows up at scenes where a child, woman or multiple people have been murdered and turns the scene into a “No Shoot Zone” in the hopes that he can get “the shooters [to] listen.”

The “No Shoot Zones” have proven to be not very effective. So far this year alone Baltimore has experienced dozens of shootings and just earlier this week a 16-year-old was murdered.

Despite the fact that this work has mostly been futile, it proves Moorehead is genuinely concerned about the murder rate in Baltimore and is doing more than most about it.

Unfortunately, his latest idea might just be a doozy. He believes that shooters “want money” and WBFF-TV reported after an interview with Moorehead this week that he’s suggesting a plan to “pay killers to stop killing.”

“I can relate to the shooters. Guess what they want. They want money. I’ve talked to these people, I’ve seen the shooters, it’s a small city, I know who the hustlers are,” he said this week to the local television station.

He is all too familiar with gang violence as he is a former gang member. Moorehead says that between the ages of 13 and 15 he shot about 20 people and even had a shootout with police when he was 15.

Since he was released from jail in 2012, Moorehead has been an activist in the city trying to bring an end to the violence and death.

While we applaud his enthusiasm, paying would-be murderers to not kill just doesn’t seem like the right path. As Baltimore Police spokesman T.J. Smith pointed out, “It could make it easier for people to get their hands on guns because they now have an influx of a different level of cash.”

A better approach would probably be for the residents of Baltimore to stop electing do-nothing Democrats who only ever give out empty promises. What Baltimore needs are leaders who are ready and willing to get tough on criminals.

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  1. Convicted Murderer Turned Activist In Baltimore Wants The City To Pay Criminals Not To Kill
    This is thr biggesr pile of manure i heard, blakmail people to stop the killing?


  2. It seems that he is behind the times. They already pay them with room and board, meals, a roof over their heads, free wardrobe etc. There are a lot of people out in society, who don’t shoot people, that don’t have this much so they are getting a very good deal.


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