Awesome: This Anti-Globalist, Pro-Family Swedish Teenager Is The Anti-Greta

(Tea Party 247) – You’ve heard of the angry, scowl-faced teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, because she’s been adored by the establishment media and the Hollywood green glitterati for her propaganda-pushing activism.

But have you heard of Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi, the “anti-Greta,” who has been advocating for traditional values, nationalism, and gender norms?

You’ll love this girl.

From Sputnik:

Runet is witnessing a conservative activist, 16-year-old Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi, gaining more and more appreciation and backing online.

The Gothenburg-based traditional values campaigner of the same age as Greta Thunberg is quite famous back home, and is increasingly being compared to the eco-activist, although she hasn’t directly touched upon the environment in her campaign.

In an interview with a public group on the Russian social network VKontakte, where Nilsson Jarvandi even created a personal account, she said she is occasionally blocked by Instagram. She also lamented her Twitter page once being suspended on the grounds of her being not old enough to have an account there, although she provided documents at the time saying she was 15.

She said this would never happen to Greta Thunberg given the leftist establishment’s support for her.

“She is talking about the same things as mainstream media, schoolteachers, big corporations, and celebrities. It goes without saying that she will always enjoy support”, Izabella noted.

Nilsson Jarvandi is the daughter of a Swedish mother and Iranian father born in 2003, the same year as Greta.

She has become a bold voice against Sweden’s pro-immigration policies, calling to attention the fact that so many migrants continue to live among each other and fail to assimilate to Swedish culture.

Most taboo of all, she also campaigns against the rapidly changing attitudes towards sex and gender that are being pushed in Swedish schools and the public arena.

Although she does not directly address climate issues, Nilsson Jarvandi nonetheless has earned the well-deserving nickname of the “anti-Greta”.

Sputnik notes:

On 3 December, the activist took note of one of Thunberg’s posts she made while on a yacht describing the land she caught sight of, as she was making her way to North America to a United Nations climate action summit, on a low carbon footprint boat.

“Don’t people fly to this part of land to take the boat back [Greta is traveling by]?” Nilsson Jarvandi quipped.


  1. Greta is a disabled climate pimp. She’s funded by the sorosmonkeys and the globalistmonkeys. If they could, they’d put her on her back making them money in between speaking dates. Someone wrote that if the pigs in the pen had an election for a leader, they’d vote for the farmer who fed them, even though he will be the one who will slaughter them. You’re a useful idiot Greta who they are feeding now, but you won’t last long among the globalists.

  2. Common sense should prevail. Actual facts should be be published not the propaganda of the left. Oh and John Smith, you are just a silly being parroting the stupid talking points fed to you.

  3. We need more people like Isabella Nilssen Jarvandi. A majority of the American
    people support her and feel as she does. I salute her for her strength and bravery.

  4. Greta ,is another emotionally disturbed, low information, low IQ ,socialist loving ,child murdering Democrat in the making,they have to invent a new Fake icon to every so often to maintain there mental illness called liberalism.

  5. I love this girl, but don’t see the humor of her quip regarding Greta Thunberg’s post which closes this article. Is she–as I believe she is–rightfully calling Miss Thunberg a hypocrite for making a big show of coming to America for the UN climate conference on a yacht with a low-carbon footprint, when planning to return to Sweden on an overwhelmingly CO2-emitting passenger plane?

  6. i am amazed at the common sense this young adult has and maturity over and above many of the liberal adults in this world

    • I agree with you. Izabella Nilsson is a breath of fresh air from the leftist funded Greta. What’s wrong with family values, men and women getting married an having children? The left will try to destroy her, call her every name under the sun and put her down for loving the LGBT. I support Izabella Nilsson, not Greta.

  7. Thank you for the voice of reason and actually representing the intelligent factions of your country.
    You, unlike she has respect and responsibility for persons of all callings whereas she is all about the ME factor.
    Your head is on straight, hers is in the cloud, and probably all coked up as well, she’ll not last long anyway.

    • Entirely correct, sir! Who remembers the hateful little communist Samantha Smith of the nuclear arms-freeze era?

  8. So far no disagreement with Miss Izy, but considering how much she’s looking for attention, I’m sure she will end on the other extreme! Remember! The biggest enemies of Communist were the Nazis. But if you stop and think they were not so different. Both killed to get in power, and when they couldn’t find more of their own citizens to kill, they went at war with each other. You can sum that for WWII in Europe. Fortunately for Sweden she wasn’t drag on that madness then. Too bad now because they don’t have memories of what can happen when perfectly normal citizens fall for the crap of sociopaths!


  10. I’ll be watching for this young lady; sounds like her parents did an outstanding job with her and she’s well on her way to becoming a responsible and productive woman. Now that I’ve been made aware of her, I’ll be following her accomplishments.

  11. Greta is ALREADY BEATEN DOWN! . . . It’s taking the Left Leaning Globalists to “prop her up”. She has been known to support a LOST CAUSE – The “Climate Change Crisis” which is a HOAX and a LIE based on UNPROVEN “Junk Science”, but is only a means to usher in GLOBAL Socialism/Communism . . .There are many (especially MYSELF) who disapprove of this 16 year old clueless TEENAGER who has NO way whatsoever to prove this “junk science”, only talking points from LYING “talking heads”. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • Conservative women are universally far better looking than their socialist counterparts. I attribute it to ALL liberals are UNHAPPY and have little self confidence.

  12. bunch of losers.. cannot beat down greta.. so.. they INVENT some attention seeker of their own.. cant beat them, join them?? losers

    • Now be careful here… We don’t need another Joan d’Arc here. Not a martir, just expose her for the fraud is it. Like Hillary …and Biden…and Adam Schiff…
      You know, crap always decays, and sooner or later everyone will smell the putrid odor. Just give it some time!…

  13. Well, Comrades: If this does not splash Russian propaganda, nothing does. Source is Sputnik??? Russian interview??? But yet Trumpniks blare and bleat there is no Russian interference at all. Tea Potty is Putin’s piano, just like Twumpy and Moscow Mitch.

  14. God bless this young lady, and protect her from the “woke” idiots in the Swedish school system and government. If she wants to come to the US and appear before the UN, we should help her.

    • She’s protecting from “woke” already herself, otherwise you wouldn’t hear about her. If she wants to appear before UN, I suggest GET RID OF UN!!!
      No offense, but since when UN has became our God?… Did you actually read what you’re posting? Why appear in front of UN is so important to you? What does that mean?!…

  15. this girl needs US and GLOBAL, backing and support, and begin peeling away the socialist communist filth and disgusting excrement covered robots on the left, yes that means Dumb berg as well she obviously has been brain trained to spew vomit to the media who just sop it up, filthy pigs. can you say manchurian dumbo!!!

  16. In the interest of balance and fairness I’m certain the MSM will cover this lovely and well mannered version of Greta. NOT! That would take either a gun to their heads or a miracle.

  17. I already like Izabella. I pray God continues to bless her and as far as Greta the Goon is concerned, Hell will be too good.

  18. Bravo! For Nilsson! Our freedom of speech is being trampled on. We need some legal recourse. Recently both my FB and IG accounts were “disabled”. They gave me no reason. I asked and FB answered they cannot tell me for “safety and security” reasons.

  19. God’s speed, Izabella! Could tell she was the anti Greta immediately, she didnt have that look of painful constipation on her face!😡

  20. liddle greta, poor girl being used by the left/Soros/globalist devils, will be cast onto the trash heap when she is no longer of value. greta has already been revealed as a liar. But, that is a requirement if you are a climate changer-moron and a lefty.

  21. This young lady has my vote. She shows her intelligence more so than Greta Thunberg ,who is nothing but a political puppet.

  22. How long before she gets a) de platformed from all social media sites and b) criminally charged with hate speech or the Swedish equivalent??? Those are the weapons of the leftists who only hate,try to change nature by adding genders or change them, and screech loudly when they get called out. No facts just noise!!!


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